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Our key funding mechanisms: Quality Research Allocations

Enterprise Education

Strategic Investment Fund

to all Schools and Institutes


This fund invests in our research

Funding directly allocated to

The purpose of activity is to

infrastructure and our research

colleges and institutes

Increase awareness and uptake of

leadership and development, It

entrepreneurship and increasing

will be a competitive process and

Enhanced Support

the number of businesses started

will be judged by an invited set of

We are investing in enhanced

by UEL students and alumni.

panellists drawn from amongst our active research leaders.

specialist support for bid writing, impact and developing new IT

Undergraduate & Postgraduate

solutions to significantly improve

Research Internships

New Initiatives Fund

our repository, ethics management

This is an annual competitive fund

This fund is led by the Directors

and PhD supervision.

whereby academics and their

of Research and is specific to

students present an opportunity to

institution-wide investment in

Knowledge Exchange &

undertake a joint research project

strategic initiatives to improve

Enterprise Fund

to make a difference to their

productivity, quality and impact.

This funding will provide early

discipline, community or industry.

This includes support for early career academics and our

investment as leverage for sustainable partnerships, co-

Research Excellence

financing collaborative ventures


and increasing the contraflow of

This is a strategic investment

knowledge between academia,

focused on building the

society and industry. This is a

foundations of our flagship

competitive process with a call for expressions of interest annually.

institutional sabbatical scheme.

research themes through our postgraduate research base.

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London


UEL Research & Knowledge Exchange Strategy v12  
UEL Research & Knowledge Exchange Strategy v12