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University of East London

Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy 2017-2022 Meeting the Urgent Challenges of a Changing World

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The Current Context


Our Vision


Our Ambition


Flagship Challenges

10 Knowledge Exchange 14 Our Research Expectations 16 Key Commitments

18 - Investing in People

20 - Research Excellence

22 - Building a Research Environment

24 - Investment

26 - Partnership & Collaboration

28 - International Reach

30 - Research Informed Teaching

32 - Professional & Cultural Values

34 Investing in our Research 36 Supporting our Research Community

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London


Foreword As we head into 2018 with a

research and knowledge transfer,

renewed corporate plan and a

and that has a profound and lasting

clear focus on our key priorities, we

impact on its location and its reach

are in a strong position to affirm our

into wider global contexts.

research strategy and guide our Colleges in establishing coherent

This strategy will be a living,

research and knowledge exchange

working document to take us

plans for the coming years. This

through the next five years. I hope

comes at a critical moment in

that in both its message and

the development of UEL, where

design, it will offer our research

external challenges are coalescing

community an opportunity to

around frameworks for TEF, REF

inform and shape their respective

and the newly formed KEF. This

disciplinary ideas and plans,

strategy aims to position UEL

ensuring our collective drive

research to meet these demands,

towards a coherent and exciting

and secure a well-articulated

strategy is realised.

route map in which we might help our academics, students and

Dr. Lisa Mooney

collaborators to navigate a clear

Pro Vice Chancellor


Research & Knowledge Exchange

I am extremely pleased to be sharing this document at a time when we are preparing our principles and practices in the lead up to REF2021. We have an opportunity to build solid foundations that will take us beyond this period, and help us secure a long term positioning of UEL as a centre for outstanding


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

The Current Context During 2017 UEL underwent one

Our strategy will focus our

of the most significant transitions

attention on our flagship strengths

in restructuring its academic

in key areas of research excellence

portfolio and refresh its Corporate

and act a positive guide to action,

Plan to strongly align with new

adoption and implementation for

developments and a powerful

our three new Colleges. We have

focusing on our future. This has

shaped our investment around

offered a great opportunity for our

this mission in order that we can

research and knowledge exchange

collide, convene and collaborate

strategy to emerge at an equally

with business and the wider

significant moment, helping to

community, in order to realise our

define the role and contribution of

ambitions in partnership.

research and knowledge exchange in a new strategic vision for UEL.

The underpinning tenet of this strategy is our commitment to the

This strategy seeks to present

four principal pillars of scholarly

a strong alignment with the

life (Boyer, 1990) that should guide

institutions vision and strengthen

us through to successful research

our role as a civic anchor for

and knowledge exchange. In

research and knowledge exchange

defining more clearly the research

in East of London, meeting the

‘ecosystem’ at UEL, we seek to

local and global needs of our

bring clarity and consistency to

geography, defining our strengths

what UEL expects of its people,

and reframing our significant

collaborators, environment and the

contribution to wider society.

outcomes of our research.

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London


Our Vision Excellence in research and

making a difference to people’s

a commitment to getting East

knowledge exchange at UEL is

lives and one with deep rooted,

London into work. At UEL we take

evidenced through our impact

core beliefs around real-world

the lessons learned in our ‘living

on the key challenges that face

relevance, fairness in education

laboratory’ into the global context,

society and industry today and in

and transformational impact.

bringing people, knowledge

the future. UEL is committed to

and industry along with us. The

meeting these challenges through

We are a highly ambitious

profile of our current work already

close alignment between research

university, taking both fundamental

evidences our excellence in

enquiry and the application of

and applied research into the heart

delivery on the UN Sustainable

knowledge in the real world. This

of East London to establish our

Development Goals, and we intend

is no more evident than in the

location as our living laboratory - a

to build on this track record to raise

expertise and skills of both our

place where research, business

the visibility and impact of what

academics and our students,

and communities can convene

we are achieving in the local and

and the extensive networks of

and collaborate. Teaching, learning

global context.

partnerships and collaborations we

and research coalesce within and

bring together to work with us. At

beyond our location, to resonate

UEL research is deeply embedded

in a national and international

in what makes us such a unique

setting, whether through research

institution, one committed to

projects, industry challenges or

Visual representation of Dialogues Day 2017 workshop


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

Our Ambition By 2022 UEL will be the transformational centre for outstanding research and knowledge transfer that has a profound and lasting impact on its location and its reach into wider global contexts.

Our Guiding Principles We are guiding our academics and Schools to align their research and knowledge exchange around three key principles that sit at the heart of everything we do at UEL. • Building critical mass around our excellence • Designing research to have impact and relevance • Capitalising upon interdisciplinary practices that bring about innovation

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London


Flagship Challenges UEL will focus on our key strengths

repositioning research to have the

in order that our research and

highest impact with industry and

knowledge exchange is innovative,

the wider community, ensuring it

relevant and impactful. We will

is one of its key priorities to sustain

ensure that these flagships are

growth in the next five years.

highly visible, focused and have access to investment and support. In line with Government’s Industrial Strategy, Higher Education Green Paper and our local economic regeneration priorities, UEL is

Dialogues Day 2016 - bringing together over 100 academics to identify our key themes as represented below.


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

Tackling real world challenges is

our research community can

at the forefront of UEL’s research

convene, learn and adopt new

and knowledge exchange strategy

and innovative approaches

and reflects our challenge

that enhance our current work,

driven, cross-cutting agenda.

building partnerships, generating

We will highlight and focus

income and working with industry

on three Flagship Challenges

and wider society.

in the first three years of our strategy, to provide a coherency

Over the last year we have sought

for our academic disciplines to

to define, test and articulate

convene, collide and collaborate

where our research expertise has

around centres of excellence

a powerful alignment with the UN

and investment. These are the

Sustainable Development Goals,

foundations of an aspirational

which UEL’s mission resonates

agenda that will promote new and

strongly with. The Flagship

emerging areas to build expertise

Challenges are the key drivers for

and profile, such as elite sports,

delivering on UELs commitments

sports science, and a growing and

to Social Mobility, Social Justice,

global focus on tourism.

Social Innovation and Social Cohesion. We believe that our

UEL is at an important juncture

Flagship Challenges reflect our

where the building of critical mass

corporate, academic and research

is imperative. In the changing

mission, demonstrating clearly

landscape of Higher Education

that we are ready and equipped to

it is paramount that academics,

build on our expertise to positively

institutions and partners join forces

impact upon the real world.

to build the knowledge required to tackle major challenges faced by industry and wider society, both

Society, Health & Wellbeing

People, Sustainability & Place

Data, technologies & creativity

Sports performance & leadership

locally and globally. Our Flagship Challenges have emerged directly out of a series of dialogues and debates convened amongst our academics, students and professional support staff during 2017. Our commitment to this process is a positive call

Tourism, culture & heritage

to action through an annual programme of opportunities and interventions, whereby Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London


Knowledge Exchange Our new Knowledge Exchange

Our strategy is built around ten

strategy and approach is one of

core mechanisms to enable

few nationally to be commended

academics, students and the

by HEFCE. Our 5 year plan aims

wider community to collide,

to establish UEL as a leading

convene and innovate. These

university in London for social

funded mechanisms will provide

innovation and entrepreneurship

early investment as leverage for

by creating a sustainable platform

building sustainable partnerships,

for connecting and engaging

co-financing collaborative

business, academia and the third

ventures and increasing the flow

sector in East London and beyond.

of knowledge between academia, society and industry.

Through our Knowledge Exchange work we expect to generate a number of outcomes which are underpinned by excellent research such as:



new industrial and third sector partnerships


contract research




Knowledge Transfer Partnerships


Industrial and economic development funding


commercial exploitation of intellectual property


enhanced impact for research


CPD for industry


Use of facilities, equipment & labs by industry

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

How we are supporting our academics and students with Knowledge Exchange Short term academic placements

Global Scholars for Business

Development of a Knowledge

programme linking our business

Exchange Data Observatory

Enterprise Fellowship Programme

alumni and their global markets to

working with external partners to

promoting action learning between

East London business.

make outcomes accessible and

industry and academia working on a project of mutual interest.

usable to business, communities UEL mini Knowledge Transfer

and stakeholders.

Partnerships (KTP) for SMEs as Enhanced Academic Training

a developmental springboard to

Impact for knowledge exchange;

Programme where significant

larger KTP or other collaborative

a communication strategy that

step up in business knowledge is


addresses the value of knowledge


exchange to research and Enterprise Education packages to


Innovation Vouchers for match

build the entrepreneurial capacity

funded interventions for early

of students as a pipeline between

Knowledge Exchange showcase

stage proof of concept with

undergraduate, postgraduate and

and collaboration events,

industry and the third sector.

applied PhD’s with industry, third

including ‘hackathons’ aimed at

sector organisations and the wider

resolving global challenges and


building critical networks.

Knowledge Dock Business & Innovation Centre Our Knowledge Dock Business &

collaboration and breakout space.

We aim to develop and grow

Innovation Centre is home to 40

The centre is also home to industry

our expetise into real business

SMEs and start-up businesses

facing research institutes and

ventures and encourage relevant

in the tech, health, sustainability

equipment creating a dynamic

SMEs to join us in a vibrant

and professional services sectors.

environment where students,

co-working space.

We have recently undergone a

academy and industry can ‘collide,

refurbishment creating amazing

convene and innovate’.

Student Enterprise Enabling our academics and

enterprise activity including the

Knowledge Dock Business Centre

students to harness their

E-Factor business ideas and

these fledgling businesses are

entrepreneurial flair and dynamism

Haberdashers growth programme

directly connected back to the

bringing the curriculum to life and

provide opportunities for new

university where they can take

creating employment opportunities

businesses to be created and a

advantage of the best student and

are key themes which underpin

supportive environment in which

staff talent and expertise.

our enterprise work. Our flagship

they can grow. Located in the

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London


Our Research Expectations The Four Pillars of Scholarly Life In bringing together a guiding

The four pillars of scholarship will

strategy we must also enable and

form the basis of UELs Annual

equip academics to evidence and

Research Review, where research

deliver on the ambitions of that

contracted staff will be required to

strategy. At UEL we have clear

present the evidence that they are

expectations of our academic

contributing and meeting these

community, and provide the

expectations. This process will

support and investment to meet

allow UEL to align its expectations

and realise these in an enabling

to our Corporate Plan and this

and positive culture. In offering

Strategy, as well as close alignment

such clarity, we believe our

with the Research Excellence

academics will be enabled to

Framework criteria, increased

embark upon the research journey

requirements for evidential data

with a sense of purpose and

and a regular check-in to the health


of our disciplines.

These expectations are also aligned to our approach to recruitment, performance and promotion, aiding us to plan more effectively the continued development of our growing research and knowledge exchange portfolio.


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

Outputs & Quality

Income & Investment

To commit to a sufficient volume of high quality

To develop and secure a high quality income

peer reviewed outputs

generation profile

Teaching & Scholarship

Leadership & Impact

To evidence the value of research and

To develop scholarly esteem and impact

teaching in curriculum and research design

through high profile activity within and beyond academia

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London



Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

Our Key Commitments to Sustainable Excellence Enabling our academic community to achieve our ambitions

Investing in People Research Excellence Building a research environment Investment Partnership & Collaboration International Reach Research Informed Teaching (RIT) Professional and Cultural Values

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London



Investing in People To foster a positive culture that attracts and retains the best and most diverse leaders in world class knowledge. Recognising and developing our staff, students and professional support, providing them with the opportunities to gain the skills, competencies and characteristics of a

highly effective workforce committed to critical thinking, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Key Performance Indicators Creating & disseminating knowledge and ideas that make a difference


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

How this aligns with our Corporate Plan: Learning by doing Developing People

The academic priorities this supports: • Peer to peer support

• Developing talent

• Instilling entrepreneurship

• Ensuring inclusivity

• Ensuring an excellent academic portfolio

• Enhancing research leadership

• Enhancing the student experience

What Success Looks Like: • A staff profile reflective of our equality and diversity mission • Our capacity to undertake research has increased • A robust support for reward, recognition and promotion is firmly in place • A high level of staff and student satisfaction • Progression and completions are significantly improved • Early career researchers are receiving dedicated support, investment and recognition • A stronger University brand is evident in all our materials and marketing • Adopting the Vitae Researcher Development Framework for all research staff and students.

Internationally excellent research outputs: Achieving the scale, impact and quality of outputs eligible for our REF2021 submission Value of research and commercial income: Meeting income targets to reinvest in people, infrastructure and development

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London



Research Excellence To produce high quality research outputs that have a profound impact upon society and industry.

To extend the tradition of academic publishing to reach beyond our institution in order to have real impact on real world challenges, and to make more visible the outcomes of our research with users, investors and policy makers.

At UEL we are committed to exploration and inquiry that demands of us a highly interdisciplinary approach to building research teams that can respond to complex challenges.

Key Performance Indicators Creating & disseminating knowledge and ideas that make a difference


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

How this aligns with our Corporate Plan: Creating & Disseminating Knowledge & Ideas Learning by doing Developing our infrastructure

The academic priorities this supports: • Connecting and developing East London

• Transformational impact

• Transforming the curriculum

• Partnership and collaboration

• Supporting postgraduate education

• Instilling entrepreneurship

• Real world relevance

What Success Looks Like: • Our research reflects the diverse and vibrant community of practice at UEL • Recognised peer review principles and practices • A leading advocate for Open Access • Global reach with impact and opportunities for greater mobility • We have an evidence base to support research excellence • We have clear evidence we are improving on participation and diversity • The quality of our research is reflected in our knowledge exchange • An annual check-in to the health of our disciplines (Annual Research Review) • Building and promoting research centres and groups that reflect our strengths

Internationally excellent research outputs Achieving the scale, impact and quality of outputs eligible for REF2021 Evidencing good practice on ethical integrity & research governance

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London



Building an Innovative Research Environment To ensure our academics, students and partners have the best environmental conditions to coalesce and thrive in an interdisciplinary context. UEL is promoting and developing world-class facilities where collaboration and leverage of investment is paired with a high level of preparedness to meet the demands of a changing world. We ensure that our facilities and spaces offer an ecosystem where researchers and industry can collide, convene and collaborative effectively.

Our research centres and institutes, along with our student communities, coalesce to form a strong campus identity ready to invite the outside world in.

Key Performance Indicators Creating & disseminating knowledge and ideas that make a difference


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

How this aligns with our Corporate Plan: Creating & Disseminating Knowledge & Ideas Developing People Civic Engagement

The academic priorities this supports: • Hosting high-profile academics and colloqium • Raising the profile of our academics and students

• Ensuring inclusivity • Building the interactive campus • Flagship themes and focused investment • Academic and business partnerships

• Transforming the curriculum • Supporting postgraduate education

What Success Looks Like: • Academics and students choose to come to UEL for the positive research culture and environment • Our space and resources are highly visible and accessible to academia and external partners • PGR students are completing excellent work on time and their expertise is retained • A diverse portfolio of successful income generation • Researchers and students are aligned to our flagships and research centres • A positive workload for research is in place to recognise and define our research contributions • Supervisors are supported with excellent training • Staff and student satisfaction around their environment is positive • We are a vibrant ecosystem for our stakeholders, investors and partners

Value of research and commercial income Meeting income targets to develop and improve infrastructure and resources Postgraduate Research Completions Taking action to improve the postgraduate experience and timely completion Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London



Investment To establish a highly joined up approach to income generation, ensuring it underpins innovation, creates opportunity and leverages further investment. Investing in our academics, and generating income for the institution, we have chosen to focus on our strengths and what we do best. Our Flagship Challenges help us to be

clear about our investment and income generation choices, enabling us to attract the best partners and leverage the most appropriate funds.

Key Performance Indicators Creating & disseminating knowledge and ideas that make a difference


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

How this aligns with our Corporate Plan: Connecting student, staff & communities Developing People

The academic priorities this supports: • Enhancing research leadership • Supporting postgraduate education • Partnerships with business, government and the wider community • Responding to growth priorities

• Alignment between investment, research & curriculum development • Building resources and infrastructure • Instilling entrepreneurship and developing our expertise

What Success Looks Like: • Our academic community are developing high quality, peer reviewed projects that attract investment • Our own investment in research stimulates a positive and highly valued research culture • Increased income from a range of diverse and sustainable sources • We are investing in completion of major works for REF through a coherent and inclusive sabbatical scheme • Increase in industry partnership and co-financing • A pipeline of aligned investments from undergraduate to academic, from institution to industry

Value of research and commercial income Meeting income targets aligned to investment in our flagship challenges Investing in collaborative studentships aligned to our flagship challenges

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London



Partnership & Collaboration To generate innovative and highly valued partnerships across UEL, as well as with industry and the wider community. Establishing effective gateways and interventions between academia and industry, and fostering an ethos for co-production and co-creation relevant to implicating upon wider society and our civic engagement mandate. This will require our Colleges and Schools to draw together around our Flagship Challenges and refocus our efforts in building highly interdisciplinary and crosssectoral teams ready to partner locally and globally.

At UEL we believe that interdisciplinarity often leads to innovative approaches and outcomes readily sought after by investors and funders, and therefore a keen part of our forward looking plans.

Key Performance Indicators Creating & disseminating knowledge and ideas that make a difference


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

How this aligns with our Corporate Plan:

Connecting student, staff & communities Creating & Disseminating Knowledge & Ideas

The academic priorities this supports: • Real world relevance

• Enhancing research leadership

• Ensuring excellent academic portfolio

• Transformational impact

• Developing the talent

• Lifelong approaches to upskilling the

• Pursuing new areas of inquiry • Transforming and informing the

workforce • Instilling entrepreneurship


What Success Looks Like: • Our investment in our people has increased their mobility into industry and community settings • Innovative impact on our economic, social and cultural partnerships in East London • A continuum of diverse, cross college collaborations tied to successful income • A closer alignment between our teaching, research partnerships and civc engagement • A diverse portfolio of businesses in our Innovation Hub aligned to our flagship research • Investors and collaborators are recognising UEL as a viable investment and partner of choice • A network of global partnerships underpinning our flagship themes

The value of commercialisation activity Increasing income from commercial partnership with industry & the third sector Internationally excellent research outputs Achieving the scale, impact and quality of outputs eligible for REF2021 Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London



International Reach To enable our academics, students and collaborators to extend the international impact of their research and knowledge exchange outputs and collaborations. Developing our networks of knowledge on the global stage will enable UEL to stablish stronger ties with institutions, collaborators and co-authors. This will aid us in widening and diversifying our income streams, testing the applicability of research in new global contexts and opening the doors to new opportunities for both staff and students, as well as inviting global collaborators to East London. At UEL our

academics, students and Alumni all bring a unique perspective to our work as global citizens in their own right. Whether it is research implicating upon healthy communities, climate change or the creative industries, our ability to mobilise our community to reach out from East London across the globe, is critical to our ambitions.

Key Performance Indicators Creating & disseminating knowledge and ideas that make a difference


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

How this aligns with our Corporate Plan: Creating & Disseminating Knowledge & Ideas Connecting student, staff & communities

The academic priorities this supports: • Pursuing new areas of inquiry locally and globally • Enhancing the student experience to consider international contexts • Supporting postgraduate education, mobility and partnership • Fairness in education for all academics,

• Building the interactive campus to reach out to the global community • Real world relevance and impact • Working in partnership to build global networks • Summer Schools that connect East London worldwide

students and collaborators

What Success Looks Like: • A varied portfolio of international research partnerships to compliment our academic portfolio • An international profile for the UEL brand and our academic community • Increase in international co-authorship, exhibition and partnership • International mobility with positive outputs • That our international teaching partnerships become foundations for our research partnerships • A high-profile lecture series attracting speakers and audiences from around the world

Internationally excellent research outputs Increasing international partnership, co-authorship and impact Value of research and commercial income Increasing income from and with international funders & collaborators Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London



Research Informed Teaching To embed our research and knowledge exchange into our teaching and curriculum, in order to guide our students confidently through their learning journey and into meaningful employment. At UEL our alignment between research and knowledge exchange will evidence our research informed teaching practices. Integrating work-based learning and engagement with industry for all students at all levels across the institution, ensuring new enterprising and innovative programmes are highly relevant to a changing economy. We will enable our

students to have first-hand experience of research, not only in the lecture space, but also in projects guided by industry and the wider community. Those studying at UEL add a vital energy to the curriculum, and preparing our students to contribute fully to society in whatever career path they chose to embark on, has to be central to our research ambitions.

Key Performance Indicators Creating & disseminating knowledge and ideas that make a difference


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

How this aligns with our Corporate Plan: Learning by Doing Developing People

The academic priorities this supports: • Delivering student success • Ensuring an excellent and relevant academic portfolio • Enhancing the undergraduate experience

• Pursuing new and innovative areas of inquiry • Enhancing research leadership • Instilling entrepreneurship and strengthening external collaboration

What Success Looks Like: • Our curriculum and learning environment is informed by research and knowledge exchange • Students are accessing a rich programme of opportunities and engagement • The student experience is informed by inspiring research and knowledge exchange that underpins excellent progression and completion • Progression from undergraduate to higher level study is growing • We have a diverse portfolio whereby our students have multiple ways to engage in research • The experience and knowledge of our students’ is feeding back into our research

Internationally excellent research outputs Evidencing research informed curriculum design and delivery Value of research and commercial income Increasing income from continued professional development opportunities Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London



Professional & Cultural Values To instil the value of personal and professional integrity when pursuing and conducting high quality, impactful research and knowledge exchange. UEL is committed to the UKRIO Code of Research Conduct that guides an institution on the principles and practices of good governance and behaviour associated with research. This code underpins our personal and professional approach to research, and establishes a clear and consistent guide to the quality and value of the work

and partnerships we pursue. In establishing the code at the heart of our research and knowledge exchange strategy, we believe it sends a strong message about our committed approach to professional and cultural integrity in all that we do.

Key Performance Indicators Creating & disseminating knowledge and ideas that make a difference


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

How this aligns with our Corporate Plan: Developing People Creating and disseminating knowledge and ideas that make a difference Civic Engagement

The academic priorities this supports: • Developing student success • Developing talent • Instilling entrepreneurship

• Ensuring inclusivity and fairness in education • Enhancing research leadership • Working in partnership

What Success Looks Like: • A responsible and reflexive understanding of ourselves as researchers in the world • A suite of best practice case studies that evidences our professional and cultural values • All our research reflects the highest level of ethical integrity • We invest in people to enhance their professional approach to research and knowledge exchange • Our partners are our best advocates and promote our professional integrity

Internationally excellent research outputs Investing in researcher development for all staff & students Evidencing good practice on ethical integrity & research governance

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London


Investing in our Research


The University has developed a

These funds are set out with

transparent profile of investment

clear expectations on return, and

across the whole of its research

specifically, leverage for further

and knowledge exchange portfolio.

income generation, the production

All Quality Research funds are

of quality outputs and impact,

made available to our Schools, as

research studentships and to build

well as a number of strategic and

partnerships with business and

targeted investments driven by

industry. This is in line with our

a competitive process for active

research expectations and requires


all of those in receipt of funding

These funds are set out with clear expectations on return, and specifically, leverage for further income generation, the production of quality outputs and impact, research studentships and to build partnerships with business and industry.


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

to demonstrate evidence of such impact, as well as a commitment to the continued development of our research community.

Our key funding mechanisms: Quality Research Allocations

Enterprise Education

Strategic Investment Fund

to all Schools and Institutes


This fund invests in our research

Funding directly allocated to

The purpose of activity is to

infrastructure and our research

colleges and institutes

Increase awareness and uptake of

leadership and development, It

entrepreneurship and increasing

will be a competitive process and

Enhanced Support

the number of businesses started

will be judged by an invited set of

We are investing in enhanced

by UEL students and alumni.

panellists drawn from amongst our active research leaders.

specialist support for bid writing, impact and developing new IT

Undergraduate & Postgraduate

solutions to significantly improve

Research Internships

New Initiatives Fund

our repository, ethics management

This is an annual competitive fund

This fund is led by the Directors

and PhD supervision.

whereby academics and their

of Research and is specific to

students present an opportunity to

institution-wide investment in

Knowledge Exchange &

undertake a joint research project

strategic initiatives to improve

Enterprise Fund

to make a difference to their

productivity, quality and impact.

This funding will provide early

discipline, community or industry.

This includes support for early career academics and our

investment as leverage for sustainable partnerships, co-

Research Excellence

financing collaborative ventures


and increasing the contraflow of

This is a strategic investment

knowledge between academia,

focused on building the

society and industry. This is a

foundations of our flagship

competitive process with a call for expressions of interest annually.

institutional sabbatical scheme.

research themes through our postgraduate research base.

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London


Supporting our Research Community Our Research OďŹƒce The university has a

As the complexity around regular

comprehensive support structure

review of research excellence

for research and knowledge

increases, we ensure that our

exchange that extends across the

research office is working in

institution, including the Research

partnership with roles as close

Office, where our research

to the disciplines as possible,

excellence roles reside alongside

ensuring our academics are able

our pre and post award team. This

to fully inform the way we shape

team supports the development

our research offer, and importantly,

of bids for income generation, and

ensure our research is of the

offer a high level of professional

highest quality, has the highest

support around constructing

visibility and is highly relevant to

partnerships and navigating the

the world around us.

increasingly complex criteria of investors and funders. Our Research excellence roles form part of a network of roles that span across the institution, supporting academics as REF unit of assessment coordinators, impact champions and annual review panel members.


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

Our Graduate School Our Graduate School provides a

interdisciplinary opportunities. Our

vital link between our disciplines

students are increasingly gaining

and our institutional ambitions

access to industry and third

for research and knowledge

sector collaborations and it is our

exchange. They bring added

ambition to develop the Graduate

value to the postgraduate

School as a vital component in the

experience through a rich training

drive to convene, collaborate and

and events programme, and

collide with partners committed to

increased opportunities for our

the application of knowledge in the

students to convene around

real world.

Our Services Whether we are opening

from across our professional

our research up to the wider

service departments is critical.

world through our online

Through closer liaison, we are

repository, raising the profile

able to ensure that research and

of our work through press and

knowledge exchange is well-

communications, or embedding

understood, and acts as a vital

our research and knowledge

contributor to the life and vitality of

exchange into the curriculum,

our whole institution.

the partnership and support

Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London



COMES TO LIFE See our interactive strategy at


Research Strategy 2017-2022 University of East London

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