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Fashion 2013


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BA (Hons) Fashion Design BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Fashion Management 6

BA (Hons) Fashion Futures 40

BA (Hons) Printed Textile Design 50

Studying Fashion at UEL 71

Thank You 73

Welcome This summer marks the second anniversary of the existence of the School of Arts & Digital Industries at University of East London. The School continues to grow and flourish as a vibrant, creative community encompassing disciplines as diverse as fashion, textiles, film, fine art, journalism, advertising, graphic design, photography, animation, illustration, digital and multi-media arts, games design, music, theatre, dance, creative writing, media, cultural and heritage studies. Between these specialisms, we develop and nourish interdisciplinary collaboration and innovative approaches to learning and making. Many of our academic and technical staff are research-active, industryengaged and experienced professional practitioners; our alumni frequently return to provide added experiential value to our provision, and we maintain close links with employers and leading organisations across the arts, cultural and creative industries. This year’s Graduate Fashion Week showcase is especially exciting for us as we welcome our new Head of Fashion, Ms Dorota Watson, to the University of East London. Joining our team in March 2013, Dorota has initiated significant curriculum development within Fashion and Textiles at University of East London. In the context of University of East London’s Centre for Excellence in Women’s Entrepreneurship, continued UEL Knowledge Dock support for fashion business incubation, and ascendance of Stratford’s Westfield as a major retail and commercial hub, UEL Fashion’s presence at Graduate Fashion Week marks the opening of a significant period of refreshment and rejuvenation. Our fashion graduates are poised on the very edge of their futures as designers, stylists, retailers, entrepreneurs, buyers and so on. They are ready for launch. Please join me in congratulating them, and wishing them great success at UEL alumni and the fashion graduates of 2013. Professor Catherine Harper Dean of the School of Arts and Digital Industries


In March 2013 I was delighted to take up the Post as Head of Fashion at the University of East London at a time of great change for the department that will present fantastic new opportunities for students and local industry. The Fashion department nurtures creativity and business skills for emerging professionals; these skills will provide a key underpinning for new course provision. It gives me great pleasure to introduce this year’s final year BA cohort; the work showcased on the stand celebrates work from the graduating students from Fashion Design; Fashion Design and Management; Printed Textiles and Fashion Futures. Students have achieved industry ready creative proposals, which have amalgamated their learning whilst at UEL, that includes a period in industry on a placement. Creative solutions are evidenced through the catwalk presentation, textile interpretations and ‘alternative practice’, which include magazine and business proposals. The Fashion department at UEL has excellent resources that include a dedicated machine workshop, screen printing facilities, access to a digital bureau and studio space. Collaborative projects are encouraged between students within the department and more widely across the school. The students’ learning is facilitated through a dedicated staff team, which includes visiting tutors who add industry currency; other staff members are either full time or part time and are either research active or practice based. I very much look forward to the year ahead.

Dorota Watson Head of Fashion


Find out more about ADI at Find out more about Fashion at


Fashion Design Fashion Management With

Jazz Gina Brar Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07557 969 285 twitter

@GinaSplendid Jazz Gina Brar


Industry Placements Your Coffee Break Jenny Packham Hey Trends

She was the last queen of France, both vilified and exalted for her decadent lifestyle, her essence captured in this collection. Through a vibrant palette of pinks and blues, seventeenth century silhouettes are dissected into playful separates. Corsetry is reinvented. Her rebellious attitude is reflected in subversive latex trims, bold and irreverent, offset against intricate pleating and luxurious brocades. Bloomers and chemises are worn with nonchalance under a sumptuous frockcoat. Off-key prints, blurred, distorted and magnified are splashed across cascading layers on voluminous skirts, embracing a certain joie de vivre, all inspired by a fun frivolous and vastly extravagant personality.


Charles Chambers Fashion Design

07854 769 483 twitter @Libertine1926

Industry Placements House of Harlot – Latex production Vauxhall Fashion Scout Lady Lucy Latex

This collection has its roots firmly embedded in the fixed gear cycling community, one that is widely noted for its strong street style and philosophy. Innovative use of fabrics, prints and materials combine with simple and exciting designs to create this look. Taking inspiration from the streets of East London, performance fabrics and classic British tailoring are juxtaposed with relaxed, understated shapes. In one look, a structured tweed jacket is combined with square shorts layered over fluorescent printed leggings. Functional, performance sportswear is transformed by the integration of hidden pockets, reflective highlights, reinforced seams and ergonomic shapes.


Tameka Clery Fashion Design

07903 550 189 twitter @TamTam_Cleashay

Industry Placements Vauxhall Fashion Scout Stylist Assistant for singer Tally Koren

Victory and Triumph explores the powerful warrior women of medieval history, such as Joan of Arc and Boudicca, who inspired this collection. Strong structures and silhouettes reflect the concept. The processes of cording, pleating and laser cutting techniques along with the use of accent trims create a medieval look with a contemporary twist. Luxurious fabrics are mixed with leather and suede, incorporating a rich colour palette of soft silvers, browns, beige, cream and stone.


Catherine Handford Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07966 021 082

Industry Placements Diesel Yellow Door Vauxhall Fashion Scout

A woodland walk inspired the collection. The dull, wet forest was gloomy and a flash of orange caught the eye. Orange fungus was highlighted from the dull background. Ideas have been developed from an image of this. The sloping hoods of the mushrooms reflect the dropped shouldered silhouette. The oversized umbrella heads are too large for the slim stalk. The inner mushrooms intricate design is reflected in the pleated details throughout the collection. Black; in various fabrics which come together to exaggerate the variety of textures and shades created, with the vibrant flash of orange that initially caught the eye.


Elizabeth Harrison Fashion Design

07989 456 468

Industry Placements Qasimi Alexander McQueen M&S (Dewhirst) Tze Goh

“U.O.NOTT’’ (Under Over Knott) The knotting of childhood paper-chains and the doodles of Spirographs on a math book were the original starting point for this clever and simple concept. Fluid, curved lines are inspired by the soft 3D movement of light and geometry. The use of simple, flat and light fabrics is a reflection of this childlike approach. Some are bonded to create a fuller feel and a clean contrast in colour, whilst effectively manipulated overlays provide sculptural details. These elements create an effortless feel to this intelligent collection.


Batool Hassan Fashion Design

07838 144 456

Industry Placements Bunmi Koko

Women who cover themselves modestly, starting from the headscarf to loose clothing, first inspired this collection Modestia. References have been taken from women of various faiths, be it Muslims or Orthodox Christians, with the common concept of covering. Dressing modestly is now seen as being more interesting; the aim of the collection is to deliver a message that this can in fact be fashionable, fun and creative whilst looking dynamic. Prints and laser cutting are used to suggest pattern and lace, and style lines take influence from wrapping, using the unexpected asymmetry of drape in a more controlled way.


Francesca Holgado Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07816 212 343 twitter @MissHolgado

Industry Placements Vauxhall Fashion Scout Diesel Ted Baker

The house at the end of the lane has been abandoned for years. The gate is overgrown with ivy and the iron is rusting beneath. The trees in the garden are hundreds of years old and bare from the perils of winter. The branches sprawl along, tumbling down, forming intricate patterns as one intertwines with another and another....... The silhouette is bold and strong. It creates contrast; mystery lies within the parts that you can’t see, hidden within the blurred lines. Fabrics are luxurious but timeless. Silk, wool, and leather have been aged with subtlety and integrity, through print and surface processes.


Loriane Jacquemart Fashion Design

07711 079 788

Industry Placements Les chiffoniers

‘One approach to understanding the role of sleep is to study the deprivation of it’ Inspired by the feelings and hallucinations of a sleep-deprived being, this collection is the 3D representation of those irrational moments when falling into a REM sleep. Sleep itself becomes a fantasy, the creation of a new dimension of desire. The unusual association of texture and feelings is represented using the transparency of organza and chiffon, fused with the heavy draping that rests against the metallic structure. As a whole, it embodies illusion and fluid sensitivity through the faded palette of grey and blue.


Marietta Kalvi Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07867 682 646 twitter @mariettakalvi linkedin Marietta Kalvi

Industry Placements Preen Roland Mouret Yellow Door

Exploring changes in modern society, DNA and the merging of races; this concept raises a question of identity – will we still be unique in 50 years time? Embracing the identities of many, the focus is on creating a collection of separates for the strong modern urban citizen. Design lines create a dialogue between fluid asymmetry and clean geometry. Flaming red trumpeting subtle surreal pencil-drawn prints, reflects the merging of the distorted crowd. Pencil skirts combine with strong jacket shapes to evoke elegant effortlessness. Clever details accentuate the grown-up feminine feel. Fabrics are modern and sharp, with digital prints and embellished beading.


Kinga Kovacs Fashion Design and Fashion Management

07872 622 350 twitter @KK_KingaKovacs

Industry Placements Vauxhall Fashion Scout UK FMM MASC Studios

Trees and bees are the two key inspirations emerging through this collection. Linear style lines, geometric shapes and prints are combined together to blend into an array of simple sophistication. Colour and print compliment the sharpness of the classic, neat and minimalist cuts that give this collection a refined look. Black, cream, mustard and aubergine, are used in conjunction with an edgy geometric print which has been inspired by the structure and the pattern of beehives. Fabrics are lightweight but strong and able to carry the structure of the pieces within this Spring/Summer 2014 womenswear collection.


Alicia Leckie Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07791 704 356 twitter @alicialeckie linkedin Alicia Leckie

Industry Placements Vivienne Westwood Hallett Retail Urban Outfitters

This collection is inspired by the harsh reality of an eating disorder, which can leave the strong angular lines of the skeleton visible to the eye. Harsh awkward shapes are created around the joints - the shoulders and hips, which influence the use of tucks and gathers to create an organic, sculptural silhouette. Shapes are further enhanced by a dynamic print, complemented by the use of laser-cut detail, which mimic the print shapes. These techniques have been used though out the collection, created both digitally and naturally, providing depth to the garments with a powerful aesthetic.


Idelle Maignan Fashion Design

07804 320 793

Inspired by the natural and physical ways of been trapped, “Let Me Escape” is the 3D translation for the individual not wanting the moments experienced whilst in routine places. Escaping becomes a dream, the surrealism of new dimensions of choice. The association of texture and feelings is represented using the transparency of silk and denser cotton fabrics, fused with the indefinite ribbons that accentuate the long days. As a whole, it manifests illusion and fluid sensitivity through the plain white to the absorbant black colour palette. ‘Let Me Escape’- A surreal collection intense in delicacy created for tenacious women.


Shay Malt Fashion Design

07415 108 976

Greco Roman sculpture and Art Deco architecture in London is the foundation of this collection. Post-modern references build on this, creating an unusual and unique approach to women’s-wear. The bold geometry of Art Deco is juxtaposed against the broken lines of ancient ruins creating a striking visual that challenges normality. The somewhat boisterous technical shapes are balanced with softer frills and pleats. Neon tweed adds texture and depth, resulting in a statement collection that remains ultra feminine and wearable.


Florence Mariscotti-Wyatt Fashion Design

07446 902 880 linkedin Florence Mariscotti-Wyatt

Industry Placements The Collection Design Studio

Frail Existence, Certain Demise. Life is precious; this shouldn’t be underestimated. We as individuals are damaged so easily, both emotionally and physically. Death is the only certainty we face in this futile cycle. This collection focuses on these two key elements; using ridged boning and structure, shapes are inspired by corsetry, coupled with delicate embellishment detailing to underline our decaying frailness. We move through life on a backdrop of washed out and dark colours that create a mystery around the garments and the subject matter, creating an eerie ambience.


Indira Massekele Fashion Design

07446 951 470 linkedin Indira Massekele

Industry Placements Jaeger Head Office

A fusion of male and female clothing from the 17th century inspires this collection, Take Me Back. The focus of the collection is in the use of techniques such as layering, gathering and the contrasting of different fabric textures, such as wool, knit, satin and corduroy. Influences are huge silhouettes, layering of fabrics, men’s tailoring and the mixing of key classic pieces such as waistcoats. A sense of soft tailoring can be felt, as the simplicity of the look is accentuated by the clean but interesting cutting. The colour palette is strong, using only deep burgundy, reds and warm purple.


Shelby Moncherry-Desfosse Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07507 657 928

Industry Placements Green Baby Trading Ltd

Inspired by religious and customary garments worn by Jews during special festivals, Orthodox is based on hidden aspects of Jewish life. Lineage can be dated back to biblical times, their strength and endurance is what unites this culture; fellowship and tradition. This reflects the mood of this collection. Encompassing a rich and intriguing heritage the collection uses soft tailoring in a rainbow of black, greys and stripes with white accents. Menswear-inspired silhouettes are combined with softly draping trousers, contrasting layers, and tightly wrapped belts to create a powerful yet feminine feel. Fabrics include traditional woven stripe shirting and textured wools.


Ayumi Morita Fashion Design

07528 628 131 linkedin Ayumi Morita

Industry Placements Gareth Pugh

Does a robot dream to live like a human? Not only repeating it’s routine, but enjoying life with emotions and love? This classic Sci-Fi story can be seen in modern society. Solid black British wool and neatly lined binary embroidery, on crisp tailored jackets and huge Japanese trousers, give a strong robotic persona to the collection. This gradually transforms to a soft and subtle silhouette and colour palette, imitating how life changes when people find true love. Smooth skin-like silk and voluminous, richly layered organzas are hand dyed to mimic human skin and eyes. Round silhouettes accentuate the female form.


Rochelle Mullings Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07852 173 690

Industry Placements Allison Rodger Designs Ltd Lauraine Bailey Styling Arcadia Group Ltd, Dorothy Perkins FAD Summer school

Cut Me to See Who I am‌ an aristocratic infused collection which explores the serial murders committed by Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel, London 1888. The identity of this calculated murderer is still unknown, which allows for this concept to be explored. It uses cutting lines and folds that represent the uniquely identifiable fingerprint and shapes that were carved into the victims’ bodies, combined with the hourglass silhouette. Fabrics and prints reflect those worn by both women and men at this time, in deep red, brown, mustard and grey tones to depict the eerie dark atmosphere of Victorian East London.


Estela Nevinskaite Fashion Design

07974 146 246 twitter @stellanevins linkedin Estela Nevinskaite

Industry Placements Sarah Baadarani

This collection is influenced by a spiritual belief that every human being has a soul, which evolves from our actions in previous lives. Some minerals and especially geodes are parallel to our souls, as they are formed in similar ways. These Earth’s treasures have inspired this concept - a hidden beauty beneath an ugly surface. The collection is experimental and focuses on texture, using an innovative technique of ‘burning’ to create a strong organic look, which is combined with clean and sharp lines. This evident contrast plays a crucial role in the overall collection’s silhouette.


Poonam Osan Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07956 111 756

Industry Placements Giles Deacon Urban Outfitters Diesel

Weapons, destruction and armoury have inspired a collection based on modern conflict. A combination of panel cuttings and diaphanous textures gives the feel of a strong yet luxurious look, with defined lines shaping around the body to enhance the powerful feel. A colour palette of browns, khaki greens and bold, strong gold has taken the military look to another level of extravagance. Chain mail and pieces of metal have been added to the fabric palette to give a more substantial feel of destruction, keeping the clean cut lines for a neat look of luxury.


Anu Raat Fashion Design

07583 447 157

Digital ghosts. This collection is inspired by blurred faceless people wandering in cyberspace. Busy anonymous bodies that are stretched or multiplied by technology,so that they end up being confused images of data. Covered silhouettes combine asymmetry and distorted shapes. Solid coloured flat fabrics are used to accentuate the print inspired by the endless amount of data surrounding us. Layered transparencies blur the detail whilst the solid construction details are enhanced. Colours are neutral. Black, white, beige.


Tieona Venessa Roberts Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07930 309 209

Industry Placements Geoffrey Mac

Caged Freedom, explores the fusion of emancipation and liberation, similar but yet so conflicting. The inspiration stems from the anatomy of birds; their body form, their structure and the manner in which the neck moves as it turns. Smocking plays a key role in the collection emulating the feeling of movement and formation, combining synthetic geometry with nature’s delicacy and strength through form. Alluring sturdy silhouettes are created using strong fabrics. Sharp cuts give it a dynamic feel. Black and white enhance the form, effortless colours that work like magic giving strength and depth to each outfit.


Francesca Steed Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07540 178 102 twitter @FrancescaSteed

Industry Placements DOLL Creative Events Agency LOOK Magazine Exposure PR Vauxhall Fashion Scout

INUIT - translates - THE PEOPLE. INUIT inhabit the Arctic regions, their lives were traditinally centered on hunting, building homes of snow, fashioning clothing from animal skins, and carving tools of bone. To help them in a harsh climate, THE PEOPLE must adapt, THE PEOPLE must survive. Encouraging a modern take on the INUIT. With soft silks, subtle embellishment and timeless silhouettes that reflect a luxurious approach on THE PEOPLE. The look combines simplicity with techniques that lend earthy grit, to create an AW’13 statement. Clothing that reflects a culture, a lifestyle and raw sophistication.


Leshia Thomas Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07852 755 572 twitter @LeshiaThomas linkedin Leshia Thomas

Industry Placements M&S, Menswear Design Teatum Jones Stella Magazine, Telegraph Diesel FAD summer school

Would you die for someone you love? What about someone you don’t even know? That is SACRIFICIAL LOVE. Based on the crucifixion of Christ and inspired by the methods used to inflict bruising and lacerations such as ‘Cat O’ Nine Tails’, this collection is also inspired by the architecture of religious buildings and the covers of leather bound ancient bibles. SACRIFICIAL LOVE is a collection of cathedral etched leathers, gold chain embellishments and bruise printed silks that reflect this beautiful ordeal.


Joanne Tse Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07771 954 942 twitter @Joanne_Tse_ linkedin Joanne Tse

Industry Placements Jaeger London The Collection Design Studio Diesel Suzie Turner

The Modern Orient. Inspired by elements from the Far East, this collection combines the key features of traditional Chinese clothing along with modern Asian architecture. Sculptural seam lines enhance the female form, using a combination of plain and digitally printed fabrics, where scale is used dramatically for a surreal and contemporary look, to define silhouettes. A pastel colour palette consisting of powder blue, blush pink and peach is complemented by deep midnight blue to accent detail and frame these powerful shapes.


Bianca Williams Fashion Design

07940 466 155 twitter @BiancaLove88

Industry Placements New Look

Evoked by the deep, intense feeling of sadness and the continuous struggle for survival, the word ‘BROKEN’ has inspired a mature and contemporary collection. Mismatched cutting lines give an edge to otherwise classic pieces, accentuated by the use of contrasting textures and subtly asymmetric silhouettes. Fabrics are luxurious in fibre and diverse in their finish; ranging from fine silk jerseys to boucle wools. Shades of warm tones, cream and deep orange have accents of black to define the palette of these very desirable clothes.


Susanna Yi Fashion Design with Fashion Management

07414 166 803 twitter @susanna_yi linkedin Susanna Yi

Award ‘Best of British’ George Award winner at GFW’12

Industry Placements George House, ASDA Ladies wear PROSE Studio Olsen GmbH & Co. KG

Euphonic-Behind the wall is the Echo; a collection which expresses self-reflection in the origins and identity in society. Silhouettes are inspired by traditional Korean costume mixed with the military, a reminder of the separation of North and South, and of the historical border of East and West Germany, where the designer was born and raised. Through plain fabrics and multi-coloured landscape prints a personal journey is explored and utilitarianism and sensitivity are juxtaposed. The contrast of earthy tones and pastel brights reflects the reality of being disassociated in the same territory, alongside the significant fall of the Berlin wall.


Surraya Constable Fashion Design with Fashion Management Fashion Alternative Practice

07930 004 873

Over the last 8 years a knife or sharp instrument has been the most frequently used weapon in teenage murders representing 68% of fatalities, accounting for 864 victims in London alone. The goal is to convey first-hand awareness about knife crime looking at the ins, the outs, the background, the reasons and the views. The focal points are The Kiyan Prince Foundation, a non-profit organisation helping those affected by knife crime and Robyn Travis who wrote ‘Prisoner To The Streets’, a book on gang culture in the streets of London.


Charlotte Dennis Fashion Design with Fashion Management Fashion Alternative Practice

Industry Placements

07813 898 765

Goldie London New Look

twitter @char_dennis

Successful business plans require marketing knowledge and the deployment of numerous research methodologies to ascertain the viability of an idea. The Charlotte Rose capsule collection has been created with research and consumer needs as its primary driver with the trends for A/W 13 as the focal point. The brand identity, labels, swing tags and pattern work have all been designed and produced with a 360 vision for the label’s market position. Aims include buying and merchandising roles in the fashion industry.


Sophie Dentith Fashion Design with Fashion Management Fashion Alternative Practice

Industry Placements

07791 067 911

BBC Drama Press Office BBC Eastenders Press Office Portas John Lewis Betty Jackson Design

twitter @SophieDentith linkedin Sophie Dentith

Following on from an industrial placement in PR with Mary Portas’ retail communications agency, BBC Eastenders and BBC Drama, the experience and knowledge gained has been put into practice in the shape of a magazine. The concept is to incorporate marketing skills by creating a customer magazine for a homeware store based in Cheshire. It is “your guide to a more urban rural”. With this USP in mind, the magazine aims to cater for the town’s upper class consumer, offering a guide into the area’s most current activities and events.


Rachel Leeson Fashion Design with Fashion Management Fashion Alternative Practice

Industry Placements

07715251 394

Vivienne Westwood Handmade and Found Boutique Blue Nile Madame Tussauds Wardrobe Assistant Assistant Stylist to Beth Buxton

linkedin Rachel Leeson twitter @EDENfashionlife

E.D.E.N Magazine (Environmental Designs with Ethical Notions). Set up with the realisation that there is a growing market of consumers with ethical, environmental and social awareness as an integral part of their lifestyle. The key Eden consumer is young, female and fashion conscious and holds a keen interest in environmental and ethical issues. Eden observes fashion and lifestyle, focusing on quality sustainable design, whilst noting brands and products that abide to a similar ethos. Articles discuss the philosophies of understanding and respecting the environment, whilst promoting a unique contemporary design aspect.


Catherine Lister Fashion Design with Fashion Management Fashion Alternative Practice

Industry Placements

07825 873 770

Whistles Diesel Mary Portas – Living and Giving LFW backstage 18 AND EAST

twitter @catlisterLDN linkedin Catherine Lister

As a fashion marketer, Catherine has worked in collaboration with the brand 18 AND EAST. The brief was to research and implement an integrated marketing communications plan. Working closely with the design and marketing team, innovative ideas were explored and applied across the 18 AND EAST marketing platforms for S/S13. This project established a thorough insight into working with a small, newly set up brand still finding its feet. The experience, combined with that of larger brands such as Whistles and Diesel, has helped reinforce a future career pathway in Fashion Marketing.


Krystle Udofia Fashion Design Fashion Alternative Practice

Industry Placements

07961 407 877

New Look press office Eskimo PR Young British designer Styling for the Independent Essex fashion week

twitter @krystles_world

With extensive experience in PR at New Look, customer relations at Eskimo PR and the database management at Young British Fashion Council Krystle’s sights within the fashion industry have expanded towards styling and customization. The design ethos combined with a marketing training gives an understanding of trends, management and co-ordination of individual looks and collections. Recent collaborative ventures in the music industry have inspired me to further my interaction with artists and to utilize my creative skills to push my styling and management boundaries.


Fashion Futures

Ursula Casserly Fashion Futures

Industry Placements

07883 160 870

Fluorescent PR Styloko

With intuition at the heart of the research and a BA in Fashion Futures, the unique approach and natural interest in analytical thinking is Ursula’s driver. With experience in photography and strong interests towards fashion and painting, Ursula’s forthcoming film work with Families Need Fathers will enhance her understanding and passion for the moving image. Inquisitive and curious by nature, new experiences and challenges are her motivation. Passionate about all things creative, she loves nothing better than being involved with a project or pursuing her own. Career-wise she does not have a definite direction, she just wants to work hard at something she loves. 41

Chan DelValle Fashion Futures

Industry Placements

07917 859 282

Topshop Trendstop Style LOVE Magazine

Thinking the unthinkable, doing the impossible and knowing the unknown have been the key drivers for Chan’s inspiration as a trend forecaster. Her work is best described as imaginative, innovative and unpredictable and features a spectrum of social, cultural and ethical trends. She has acquired a range of skills and knowledge in numerous research methodologies, which have afforded her extensive internships and professional experience. Building on this, the aim is to envision the future and project the visible and transparent to less observant people.


Haris Ioannou Fashion Futures

Industry Placements

07570 778 732

Typokreta Printers Stylesight

linkedin Haris Ioannou

Fashion Forecasting has changed the way that Haris looks at the world. She now sees the intricacies of people’s lives and discovers patterns, which will determine their future paths. By researching the past and present, she now has the ability to foresee what trends will come and can successfully promote these ideas through innovative creative ways. The final project targets Generation I and how technology will become more interactive in order to keep up with their demands. With new ideas and foresight, she will have a small hand, in influencing the future generations.


Jakub Koziel Fashion Futures

07534 506 469 linkedin Jakub Koziel

The nature of his degree course has taught Jakub how to combine his creative skills with the academic approach. Conducting many independent researches, requiring initiative and self-motivation, he has learnt how to use not only qualitative and quantitative research methods, but also to understand how to exploit his senses and intuition in order to predict macro and micro trends in various sectors, including fashion, food or technology.


Ewa Kubianka Fashion Futures

Industry Placements

07943 588 341

IDOL Magazine linkedin Ewa Kubianka

Ewa is passionate about identifying new trends using various research methods from ethnographic research through to cultural brailling. Her “sixth sense� enables her to identify those emerging micro-trends which are not yet obviously visible or recognisable through standard research methods. With a keen interest in consumer behaviour patterns and market dynamics she is a proficient user of blogs and social media platforms. Her involvement in a number of projects has enabled her to gain knowledge and expand her network into the fashion industry. As a regular contributor to Polish fashion website, her styling ideas have been featured on numerous street style websites, including 45

Lydia Oni Fashion Futures

Industry Placements

07450 271 551

Kharis Francise The London Style Journal Raw Edge online Boutique Alexander McQueen

twitter @diamondlydz linkedin Lydia Oni

Lydia’s BA (Hons) in Fashion Futures allows her to recognize unique and outlandish elements within fashion and the world around us, and to predict and understand emerging future groups and dominant hubs. The extensive internship experience in the creative, styling and studio arenas together with her role as a Selfridges denim and contemporary wear stylist, has given her skills in communication, teamwork and has challenged her imaginative visions. In particular, communication with the Future Laboratory and WGSN has developed research and forecasting skills and has enthused Lydia to pursue further goals in forecasting. 46

Regina Resch Fashion Futures

Industry Experience

07710 252 725


Regina’s creative way of working has changed immensely in the last few years as new views and new people have inspired techniques, outlook and her degree of creativity. Experimental photographic darkroom time has been an important key to creating new aesthetics and understanding the discipline. Experience at a modelling agency has stimulated an amazing insight into the fashion industry and, together with her training in trend forecasting has provoked exploration and broad thinking. Kayla is looking for new challenges and new experiences within the fashion industry because fashion is not just fashion.


Kayla Richards Fashion Futures

07809 458 301

Experience in trend forecasting research techniques and a training in photography at the University of East London gives Kayla the ability to visualise findings and outputs with a high level of intuition and originality. Being London based, with a broad network of contacts she has first hand experience in numerous fields of the creative industries including working for a modelling agency, as an assistant photographer and in a PR company. During her time working in these areas she has been able to work with many different people and build on my own portfolio.


Eili Skriverik Fashion Futures

07761 328 617

Industry Placements Design Insight Intern at PDD Stylesight

linkedin Eili Skrivervik

Eili is looking for new opportunities for growth as a trend forecaster. She is a curious and driven person motivated by trying to be and do my very best. Through past internships she has researched macro and micro trends across numerous fields and industries. Together with her degree training, this has spiked her interest in trends on a macro level, specifically consumer psychology. A desire to find work in forecasting in one of the world’s mega cities will offer her the ultimate opportunity to smell, see and hear another culture up close.


Printed Textile Design

Molly Austin Printed Textile Design

07528 158 628

Industry Placements Insley & Nash

A fashion print collection for S/S 14 inspired by a mix of natural textures, microscopic organisms and colour references taken from the Rio carnival. Molly’s work is fun and vibrant, expressing abstract layering of colour and surface qualities. Whilst considering forthcoming trends, she has produced a commercially viable digital print collection for women to wear.


Dulon Begum Printed Textiles with Fashion Management

07795 830 523 twitter


‘Say Something’ - we all have something to say - our immediate surroundings communicate a message to us. The aim of Dulon’s final collection is to capture the beauty of random images taken from a wide variety of interior and exterior environments. By recording “found compositions” using photography and mixed media she has created a series of fashion prints aimed towards a high-end womenswear market. As a textile designer she constantly seeks to find inspiration from looking at everyday things; exploring pattern, colour and aesthetic within discarded and unwanted objects.


Sulema Adeela Bibi Printed Textile Design

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Adeela’s final print collection combines a variety of historic architectural styles and decorative motifs. She combines traditional references from the Renaissance to classical French fleur-de-lis to create her contemporary textile collection. Using strong illustration skills throughout, the aim is to develop a trompe d’oeil effect within her work. The final result is an intricate hand drawn re-working of classical imagery and colour.


Karen Valeria Carrillo Vega Printed Textile Design

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The aim of Karen’s final collection is to create a series of digital prints that promote a warmth and calming effect to the wearer. Inspired by Japanese art and origami - photographic and hand drawn elements add a contemporary feel to the final prints where she focuses on flowers, plants and bird motifs to create her designs. The use of birds within the collection symbolises freedom and reaching for life’s goals. The final result is a contemporary collection of harmonious yet bold designs that promote wellbeing and happiness.


Jaya Gurung Printed Textile Design

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Industry Placements Colorfield Insley & Nash

Born in Hong Kong and originally Nepalese, print designer Jaya Gurung specialises in drawing and translating through Photoshop and silk-screen to project her designs. Her CAD skills further enhance her interpretation of the pencil and brush. For her final collections based on “Underwater” she has mixed devoré, foil and digital print using deep colours with accents of brights.


Sabira Haque Printed Textile Design

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Sabira’s concept is based on the escape from the everyday into a place of wonder and distraction. Initially inspired by her recent personal journey and spiritual pilgrimage she has created an abstract contemporary collection of fashion prints. Lines and dissected blocks of colour work effectively on a range of digitally printed silks.


Jamie Khan Printed Textile Design

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Industry Placements UEL Print room Mirjam Rouden

Jamie Khan’s designs are an exploration of both digital and hand printed techniques. Her current A/W13 collection consists of ethnic inspired imagery originating from mid and south east Asia. Her prints are handcrafted using traditional print techniques, which are brought to life using the exploration of reactive chemical textile processes. Her concept mixes cultural imagery, textures and a range of base materials. The final result is a print collection comprised of richly embellished luxurious silks with foil and metallic accents.


Jamea Tahmina Khatun Printed Textile Design

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With references from simple swirls used in wrought iron work to extravagant gate designs seen at Buckingham Palace, Jamea has created an ornate and historically inspired print collection. Hand drawn silhouettes, line drawings and layered textural backgrounds are transformed into a series of engineered and repeat prints that have an overall classical feel.


Fatu Konteh Printed Textile Design

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Fatu Konteh’s textile collection ‘Africa’, fuses motifs inspired by her African background with imagery and colour taken from every day life. Using these geometric patterns and block colour shapes she has created a vibrant S/S 14 fashion print collection. The collection reflects her love of colour, surface embellishment and drawing skills through the use of both hand print techniques and Photoshop and illustrator. Fatu enjoys combining the above elements to create a contemporary African inspired design collection. Her main influence for the collection is born from observing the structure and style of Yinka Shonibare’s fashion pieces and art installations.


Tracey Lee Printed Textile Design

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Working with a vibrant colour palette Tracey has combined butterfly motifs with ink and paint mixed media to produce her S/S 14 print collection: “Whirl in Butterflies”. By observing the movement and spectrum of colours found on butterfly wings her aim is to visualise this on her final designs. The inks used in her prints have a similar fragility and delicacy to butterflies – the bright colour palette enhances the overall contemporary look and feel of the collection.


Laura Martin Printed Textile Design

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A concept focused on the exponential growth in technology, Laura’s fashion print collection for A/W 13 incorporates her interest in the exploration of both old and new technologies. Through her visualisation of analogue and digital ideas she has created imagery using both traditional hand print methods and digital processes. Her final prints mix hand drawn motifs alongside surface textures and bleached backgrounds. Inspiration is taken from a wide variety of sources including wiring, binary coding, vintage cameras and computer keyboards. Her aim is to integrate digital with traditional in a series of quirky fashion prints.


Giulia Masutti Printed Textile Design

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Inspired by natural forms and in particular leaf textures and patterns, Giulia has created a retro textile print collection. She utilises a pastel colour palette inherent in the wallpapers and fabrics of the 1950’s to produce a fresh and commercially viable collection. Hand drawn images are developed into linear flat pattern – these are then superimposed onto block colour grounds using photoshop computer software.


Harsha Meghani Printed Textile Design

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Industry Placements Colorfield Daniel Heath Mirjam Rouden Hand and Lock Indigo, Fabpad Duchamp

Harsha’s print collection is inspired by the dynamic colour and imagery sourced from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Penang. Using both hand painted and digital patterns she has created a final collection of prints suitable for both menswear and womenwear. She enjoys experimenting with handcrafting, drawing, print embellishment and digital processes. Her final collection is colourful, contemporary and aimed specifically at the commercial end of the textile print market.


Megan Nicholson Printed Textile Design

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Industry Placements Prilly Lewis

A range of digitally printed textile prints for womenwear S/S 14. Inspired by Arabic script, graffiti and Islamic architecture Megan uses mixed media to layer photographic with hand and spray painted imagery and pattern. Her final collection encapsulates a modern take on East meets West and is reflective of her East London surroundings.


Samantha Phillips Printed Textile Design

07946 822 275 twitter @SammyPhillips01

Industry Placements Caramel Rock

A fresh contemporary S/S 14 textile print collection inspired by pop art and florals. Samantha’s collection combines textile techniques including stencilling, rendered textures, linear drawing and painting. Aimed at a young target market of women aged 20+, the collection is commercial and suitable for a wide range of fashion accessories including scarves.


Jade Roman Printed Textile Design

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Jade’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ print collection takes a fresh look at traditional watercolour floral imagery and combines this with stitched elements. Using her stitching and hand painted flowers and foliage, she constructs digitally printed designs suitable for womenwear accessories. Her colour palette is subtle, sophisticated and feminine and is reminiscent of days gone by. The overall aim is to create a classical collection with a contemporary twist.


Natalie Sykes Printed Textile Design

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Based on the concept of city constructs and architecture this collection of digital prints draws inspiration from a recent trip to New York as well as an interest in the changing cityscape of London. Using both drawing and photography as a starting point imagery is digitally manipulated to create the final designs. The collection aims to capture the vibrancy and scale of the city.


Nicole Takooree Printed Textile Design

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The initial concept for Nicole’s print collection came from the birth of her son and from this she reveals a personal journey. Using special memories based on key dates and times she has created an illustrative and playful series of print designs. Inspired by the work of Grayson Perry and Tracy Kendall, her designs use hand drawn, mono print, collage and digital processes - resulting in a fun and quirky final collection.


Folashade Omodele Thompson Printed Textile Design

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Industry Placements Photography UEL

Shade’s collection focuses on colour, texture and surface qualities based on the concept of natural disasters. She finds beauty in the visual investigation of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and the cracks and splits created in the earth’s crust. By using drawing, photography, mixed media, and digital processes she has created a final fashion print collection aimed at the high street.


Elizabeth Tsegaye Printed Textile Design

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Surface texture, print and the nature of textiles has informed Elizabeth’s creative and individual style of working. Her final collection focuses on her identity as a black British citizen and provokes her “identity” collection of print designs for fashion with an exploration of mark making, surface textures and digital processes. The final outcome provides her with a strong cv of textile designer and illustrator.


Studying Fashion at UEL 2013 - 14 Creativity, innovation and enterprise

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

drive fashion education at UEL.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design at UEL has an international reputation for

We provide a contemporary, relevant

producing creative and enterprising

and rewarding education experience

graduates. Students explore the

for our students and we produce

design research process which

graduates who are ready to shape

underpins creative practice and

the future of the fashion industry.

learn the skills to develop and realise design collections. Students learn in a fashion studio environment with access to leading edge specialist facilities. Teaching staff are experienced experts and bring a wealth of industry contacts.

BA (Hons) Digital Fashion

BA (Hons) Printed Textile Design

The exponential growth of

Printed Textile Design at UEL is

technology is causing a seismic

future-thinking, inter-disciplinary,

shift in the way fashion interacts

commercial and illustrative. Students

with former craft disciplines. In this

learn practical and creative

programme fashion is defined as

practice skills through studio based

viral, appified and digital, with 3D

project work and are encouraged to

printed garments and digital retail

develop creative and experimental

experiences. Students are given the

design solutions which are informed

opportunity to study fashion without

by commercial considerations and

making clothes. The programme

questions of sustainabilitry.

reflects the new digital fashion environment, providing students with the skills and know-how to enter a wide range of occupations in the growing fashion industry.


MA Fashion

MA Print Design

The MA Fashion programme at

The MA Print Design programme

UEL offers an exciting opportunity

at UEL offers a unique opportunity

for students to deepen their

for graduates from art and design

experience and understanding of

backgrounds to further develop their

fashion, working within a creative,

creative practice in the medium

interdisciplinary framework. Students

of print design. The programme

have the opportunity to develop

provides an interdisciplinary studio

their creative design practice

based learning experience which

and explore new methodologies.

enables students to experiment

Students have access to studio

with new materials, processes and

and specialist design facilities and

environments. Students benefit from

are taught by a team with active

UEL’s digital print bureau “Fab Pad�

research and industry experience.

and have access to fully equipped specialist screen print and dye workshops.

MA International Fashion Management School of Arts and Digital Industries

This programme provides students

University of East London

with the opportunity to gain a

Docklands Campus

sound theoretical and conceptual

University Way

grounding in the processes, models

London E16 2RD

and metrics of fashion management. Find out more about ADI at

Students will develop skills in

understanding trend prediction, product development, sourcing and supply chain management, buying, merchandising, integrated marketing communications management, branding, brand management, and international business strategy in addition to personal development skills. 72

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