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The idea of my paper form was inspired by a samurai helmet or armour which is designed for protection same as a shelter . The task was to investigate different shapes and forms to create a space made out of one single plywood piece with the proportions of 2:1 as the full length of the plywood sheet. We scaled down the size of the form to 2 squares of 300mm, as the plywood sheet for laser cut machine is 600 x 300mm. After the paper form was approved, we needed to prepare the laser cut file. The file was prepared first in Microstation and converted to .dxf file with specific layers for cutting the inside lines or the outsides. In the laser cut workshop the file was verified and than converted to specific file for the laser cut machine. The plywood sheet of 600 x 300

with a 1.8mm thickness was loaded in the machine and the cutting process started. Once the laser cut is complete the form is removed from the machine and is soaked for at least 4 hours in lukewarm water. Upon soaking, the plywood is bended in the desired form and is stapled and connected to the final shape if is possible. I used also clamps to force the plywood to dry and get the shape that i needed. After 10 hours the form was dry and with the required shaped.


Tokyo Project Task

UEL yearbook 2015  
UEL yearbook 2015