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Welcome to this year’s edition of the Architecture and Design Yearbook. I hope that you enjoy the work that is on show at this year’s exhibition. I’m sure that you will. We are extremely proud to be situated as an anchor institution at the heart of east London and, for the last forty years, we have been at the forefront of pioneering community design solutions and working in collaboration with local practices. Ours is an engaged curriculum where students learn by doing and participate in a unique form of exploration using advanced materials and processes. Students have the chance to work internationally as well as nationally across their years of study. This year our staff and students will be working and running workshops in Milan to coincide with the Milan Expo. At Docklands we also host the regional RIBA hub for East London Architecture. Taken together, this series of achievements makes UEL a beacon for innovation in Architecture and Design. My sincere thanks to those colleagues, practitioners and alumni who continue to work together to make architecture the award-winning subject that it is.

Professor John J. Joughin Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive University of East London

Dear Colleague, ACE is an award winning school which aims to give our students the best experience possible and ensure they are ready for their industry. We do this by working and engaging closely with employers and architecture practitioners. We carry out research which transforms lives and society. Architecture is a flagship subject for UEL and I am thrilled with the quality and standard of the students’ work. This year book presents a comprehensive profile of our students, reflects creative thinking, and a holistic approach to design. I am grateful to staff who have worked very hard to develop a rich diversity of talents. I wish all graduates a very successful and bright future. We hope you will remain in touch with us as you forge ahead in your careers, remembering that it all began at the University of East London. Best wishes

Professor Hassan Abdalla PhD FRSA Dean Architecture, Computing and Engineering

UEL yearbook 2015  
UEL yearbook 2015