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DEGREE Y2&3 unit H

h.0 Right Junction model (Ilir Kabashi) h.1 View towards Rye lane through the remaining gate of old cinema entrance. (Farhia Mohamed) h.2 Peckham reclaimed resources map. (Farhia Mohamed) h.3 Investigation of ignored spaces in Bussey building (Ryosuke Minagawa) h.4 Exploratory collage of the journey across Rye Lane and fragmented spaces (Mohamed Shoble) h.5 Exploratory collage of urban passage. (Folayemi Adebayo) h.6 Investigation on discarded cardboard on Rye lane (Ilir Kabashi) h.7 Cast and frame models for exploring the interstitial space (Ali Rashid) h.8 Exploratory model of ignored spaces (Ryosuke Minagawa) h.9 Investigation on dark spaces in relation to the roof scape at Copeland industrial estates. (Oluchukwu Judith Okonkwo) h.10 Investigation on the sequential views along the corridor in multi storey carpark (Anna Kokkota)





UEL yearbook 2015  
UEL yearbook 2015