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Visiting Crits: Phyllida Mills, Mark Power, Michael McNamara, Anna Minton, Maria Alessandra Segantini Special thanks to: Renee Tobe, David Buck, Anurag Verma Special Theory Lecture for the MA Urban Design Architecture and Urbanism in India - Anurag Verma has presented a range of thinking concepts about perception and interpretation. He used these concepts to illustrate urban and architectural history in India.

“The neatness of architecture is its seduction; it defines, excludes, limits separates from the ‘rest‘ - but it also consumes. It exploits and exhausts the potentials that can be generated finally only by urbanism, and that only the specific imagination of urbanism can invent and renew.” Rem Koolhaas, Whatever Happened to Urbanism, SMLXL



MASTERS urban design

Students: EMA Urban Design: Lucy Fineberg, Zuo Bin Go, Tom Green, Su Vin Lau, Matthew Rust, Liam Woods M Architecture: Dhiren Appadoo, Sara Salim Karama Y4: Megan Barratt, Christopher Bishop, Stefania Chalakatevaki, Rosaleen Commettant, Ioanna Drakaki, Akira Imai, Megha Menon, Sagal Muhumed, Lim Tze Vonn Y5: David Adjei, Chiara Amato, Jason Boamah, Yi Ching Chu, Vasco De Mello Raposo, Stefania Solomos, Amir, Jafar, Nhu Thi Yen Le, Blaine McMahon, William O’Brian, Darren Scott Robertson, Ravjeet Virdee, Yankah Mitchell

UEL yearbook 2015  
UEL yearbook 2015