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diploma Y4&5 unit 9

9.12 Life from Death - Underground Promession center, burial site and urn storage, West Brompton Cemetery, London, Project by Konstantinos Palantzidis, Level 4 Connection between funeral room, promession room offices 9.13 Atmospheric Artists, 15 Campden Hill Square, Kensington, London, Project by Oliver Taylor, Level 4. The section shows the existing elements situated at the top of the building, characteristically small in scale, contrast to the larger chapel like space below allowing the South light in from the rear garden. 9.14 Catharsis - Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Centre Kensington Graden Square, LondonMaria Damianidou, level 4. Section through accommodation in the existing terraced houses and the treatment centre in the gardens below 9.15 CWTCH - A PSYCHOLOGICAL RETREAT, Borough of Royal Chelsea and Kensington , London, Project by Raghav Dixit, Level 4. Layering of the scheme. 9.16 The Vortex, Sloane Square, LondonProject by Sofia Ichtiaroglou, level 4. The Vortex is a project that serves 3 main causes. AS A READING

RETREAT: The first and primary one is creating an underground reading retreat. AS A PASSAGE: It provides protection from the above ground world and in this case connects mystically an overcrowded site while providing a glimpse of its character. AS AN UNDERGROUND SPACE TO SLOANE SQUARE. 9.17 Museum of core samples, Scientific research programme, Science Museum, London, Project by Marius Emanuel Coste, year 4. Section 9.18 Steamulation Project, London, Project by Anna Zacharaki










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UEL yearbook 2015