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about UEBERLABEL At UEBERLABEL we provide a marketplace for independent designers to show and sell their products. We give upcoming brands an international presence and you the ability to get your hands on their fresh and innovative styles first. Here you can discover new Italian lingerie-makers, relaxed Nordic clothing labels and the hottest accessories from Berlin amongst many other fresh ideas. From fashion to interior, UEBERLABEL seeks out distinct and cutting-edge brands, so you can set the trends instead of following them.

THE IDEA - Born as an idea five years ago,

alternative and helps build up new brands to give

UEBERLABEL was founded in 2011, based on the

you a better choice.

realization that the world was full of innovative de-

The UEBERLABEL Style Council hand selects each

signers and brands which lacked nothing except a

of our featured designers and brands to bring you

platform on which they could get themselves noti-

this incomparable collection of original design.

ced. Our passion for original and remarkable de-

Made up of discerning design and fashion profes-

sign drove us to develop one seamless marketplace

sionals, the Style Council filters out anything ave-

where like-minded style conscious people could

rage. We bring you only the best, so you can wave

experience a host of the coolest brands, irrespective

the mainstream goodbye.

of physical borders. Tired of the usual High Street monotony, UEBERLABEL wants to offer you an


Secret Pal fashion of creative individuality in a world full of conformity

‘Secret Pal‘ stands for feminine fashion that is focused on dresses. All women who have imagination and originality as well as a sense of uniqueness in their minds and attitudes, will be appealed. ‘Secret Pal‘ knows the secrets of a concise fit and understands to tailor it with outstanding precision. The dresses make their wearer appear feminine-nostalgic combined with the scent of a mystic secret. The clothes refer to fashion from the twenties with a dash of modernity. The use of high

quality materials like silk, lace and leather underlines the designs. This selection of materials emphasizes the classy character.

Bon Matin clothing, accessories and paperworks made with love

‘Bon Matin‘ was founded in 2010. It is an original label that produces clothing, accessories and paperworks made by hand. Their specialization is silk screening. Through this special kind of production every piece they produce is unique. In addition ‘Bon Matin‘ makes only use of fair trade materials and has an eye on the way of production to ensure social and ecological fairness. Due to this all textile printing is free of unhealthy and harmful che-

mical softeners. Items featured in the ‘Earth Positive‘ collection are produced climate neutrally. Other products are made from Tencel Lyocell, the eucalyptus fibre. It is the most environmentally friendly manmade cellulosic fibre available today.

The Velvet Room vintage couture inspired lingerie

‘The Velvet Room‘ is a genuine inspiration. A soft and delicate, daring tailoring project, a romanticism icon born from the passion for manual ability and small things. The most simple things. The most precious things. This is exactly the strength of this brand: To combine creativity together with tradition, sophistication and sumptuousness. ‘The Velvet Room‘ collection takes inspiration from vintage couture. Each item is absolutely individual and exclusive, never equal to

another because it is handcrafted in limited editions. Femininity and care, grace and romanticism, quality and detail refinement are the trait d’union between every single article. The carefully selected materials are enriched by ribbons, laces, pearls with unique colours and design that captures the body and the heart. Lingerie to be shown as an original clothing item!

Danielle Vroemen characterized by simplicity

Danielle Vroemen has made a career within a short period of time and created her own minimalistic code of shapes. She studied from 2005 to 2009 at the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht (NL) and graduated in 2009 with a degree in Jewellery Design. In 2010 she came out with her first collection: ‘Geom‘. The ‘Geom‘-collection is inspired by platonic solids, as geometric shapes are a great inspiration. Light and shade intertwine in a perfect and unique

manner in Danielle Vroemen‘s jewellery. Besides she makes her items by hand in her own studio in Southern Netherlands. All in all jewellery by Danielle Vroemen is kept simple, with a modern design, but does still make a statement.

Wear Positive eco-friendly and multifunctional pieces

Getting our skin in touch with positive thoughts and words combined with eco-friendly and locally sourced fabrics is the idea behind ‘Wear Positive‘. Michaela and Ricarda, the two girls behind this brand, designed a fascinating cape that can be worn in 25 different ways and a scarf which can be worn in even 50 different ways. Due to this their special items can not only be worn in the known traditional way, but as a skirt, as a sleeveless shirt, as a wrapped dress

and many more. Besides, ‘Wear positive‘ makes only use of high-quality organic cotton. Through this it is not just an extraordinary design, but also an eco-friendly piece made with love.

Floppy Buddha the balance between Scandinavian and Asian nostalgia

The design of ‘Floppy-Buddha‘ is based on a modern and graphic style as well as on eco-friendly production. The whole collection is made from certified 100% organic cotton. Besides, all printing and dying is oeko-tex certified, which is recognized as a recommended standard for environmental friendly printing. By producing in an ethical and sustainable way, ‘Floppy Buddha‘ wants to educate about

eco-wear. Whereas the nostalgic inspired design prints should tell a story as well as bring fun and enjoyment to the children that wear ‘Floppy Buddha‘ and their parents.

KLUE by Kelly Ann a glamorous day-to-night approach

‘Klue by Kelly-Ann‘ is a contemporary fashion label designed by creative director Kelly-Ann Garforth, based in the UK. Kelly-Ann’s philosophy is based upon her love for classical forms. In her search for contemporary elegance, she aims to create a truly individual style with a mixture of colours, fabrics, textures and silhouettes, often bringing together contrasting materials or elements. The main idea behind her perception is a

transseasonal timelessness and a glamorous day-tonight approach, envisioned to form an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Nara Saca original jewellery with lots of authenticity

Designs by ‘Nara Saca‘ are trendy and show their own character. The collection is the result of a search for the right mixture of colours, materials, trends and surroundings - with a great balance between fun and fashion! The colour combinations are always very unique: striking and balanced at the same time. ‘Nara Saca‘ only uses natural materials, such as semiprecious stones, shells and leather for her creations.

The most famous piece is the knot necklace, which is as simple as it is beautiful. Exactly what we would like to wear ourselves: original jewellery with lots of authenticity.

Electronic Sheep patterns gone wild

Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany are the spirited Irish design duo behind the graphically patterned knitwear label ‘Electronic Sheep‘. Their combined disciplines produce detailed jacquards - knitwear with strong visuals and inventive use of colour. They specialise in accessories – particularly hats and scarves – and their knitted triangle scarf has become a global favourite. The graphic style is inspired by the notion of an idle life of splendour. With a characteristically bold use

of pattern and colour, featuring titles like ‘Tartan Theory’, ‘The Planet Garden’, ‘The Alchemist’s Foxtrot’, and ‘Eccentricity City’, the complex and often contradictory visual collages suggest the creative play of the unbounded imagination.

Naledi Copenhagen luxury with a conscience

Design by ‘Naledi‘ is driven by the philosophy of luxury with a conscience - the coveted Danish label continues to win hearts worldwide. Loved by many for their sleek styles and exquisite materials, ‘Naledi Copenhagen‘ is the go-to brand for sophisticated modern accessories. The core of the collection consists of exquisite bags and accessories in genuine ostrich leather, designed in Denmark and handmade by talented local craftsmen in South Africa.

Don’t leave home without the label’s signature clutches, ueber-cool iPhone holders and luxurious silk and cashmere scarves, and look out for the new classic design bags in textured leather.

Labor Limae feminine styles with strong attitude

The girls behind ‘Labor Limae‘ are Angela Rado and Manuela Ferilli. They both transform stories that are the source and inspiration for their design, into shapes and forms. ‘Labor Limae‘ is a name that in itself reveals the purpose of the project. It is the inspiration and modus operandi of who operates behind it. It is a patient refining, assiduous and meticulous job. It is the elimination of the unessential. It is the syn-

thesis of the new and old contamination. The essential and precious designs, the geometric cuts, the colour crafted materials and the protruding volumes, synergetically create unique items that both pose and offer a strong identity. cool collectibles

‘‘ is a playful label for happy feel-good babies, kids and cheeky parents. The real heroes of their items are the animals, such as Flap the rabbit and Xixi the friendly panda bear. The collection consists of colourful basics such as tshirts, sweaters, hoodies and many more. Cuddles, puzzles, do-it-yourself items, bracelets and a wallpaper collection turn the label to a real life style brand. All items are produced with fair trade materials and

in a sweatshop-free environment. All printing and assembling is done in the Netherlands. Dressing up simply has to be fun!

Elephtheria couture garments handmade in the UK

Midlands based print and fashion designer ‘Elephtheria‘, combines high-end fashion with her exclusive vintage inspired print designs. ‘Elephtheria‘ derives from a Greek word meaning freedom. The ethos of the brand is that it gives you the freedom to design your own clothing. All dresses can be customized to suit - whether you want to lengthen sleeves, shorten a hem, add or take away sleeves – there are so many ways you can choose to customize your clothing.

‘Elephtheria‘ also gives you the freedom to choose what fabric your dress, top or skirt will be made from. All products are handmade, which allows to ensure the highest quality in the production. Quality is maintained throughout all processes to ensure a feeling of luxury. All garments are produced in the UK.

Juli Juli welcome to the urban jungle

Making a difference is the motive that formed ‘Juli Juli‘: being sweet, cool and extra sustainable! In times of growing monotonicity due to the increasing robotic production that aims only at the biggest possible profit, they fear that a feeling for value will be the missing ingredient. And that is why ‘Juli Juli‘ manufactures in Berlin, using fabric only from the most reliable sources based in Germany! The team consists of four people: two managers and

the two designers, Juli and Juli. The two girls aim to represent a certain positive attitude to life. That’s why they created these beautiful animal prints. Each one of them has a name and represents a certain character, like a sort of ‘soulmate’.



Concrete Home Design concrete at its best

Since 5 years ‘Concrete Home Design‘ and the two designers behind it deal with concrete. But it is warmer than most of us consider it to be. The clear and elegant designs declare a warm and emotional appearance. Besides, every piece is unique with its own cut and shade due to the handmade production. The materials are sourced mainly from Germany. In addition they only make use of eco-friendly packaging materials.

Caleb‘s Hill fair traded organic cotton

‘Caleb’s Hill‘ is specialized in fair trade bath textiles. For every sold item ‘Caleb’s Hill‘ donates an equivalent product to a needy person: ‘one to one‘. This makes each purchase a specific act of assistance. Based on the ‘one to one‘ number on the label every customer is able to recheck the entire production process of its product and the related support information about the charity project. This tells a beautiful story of each of the products and makes the people behind it move into the foreground. All products are made by fair traded organic cotton and even the colouring is so gentle that the products are very skin- and allergy-friendly.

Gilges stylish, useful and remarkably different from random

Florian Gilges discovered his affinity for wood long before his apprenticeship as a carpenter. His passion for furniture design intensified while he studied architecture in Hamburg. He began to develop design and construction processes and transferred them to furniture. This lead eventually to a very individual style: surprising functionalities combined with the distinctive stylistic vocabulary that is typical of Florian Gilges‘ work. He is all about creating unique designs, unusual shapes and unconventional projects. He uses his creative perspective to uplift traditional squares and rectangles to transform them into trapezoids and triangles, he also replaces black and white with rich brown and cream.

Marfelieu brings the forest to your home

At ‘Marfelieu‘ it is all about the forest. Natascha and Mathieu Maraval are the ones behind this unique interior label. Through the handmade design they try to capture the harmonic feeling of the forest for everyone‘s home. And it is easy to say that they do so! Bringing the forest into your home doesn‘t mean that Marfelieu‘s furniture loses its comfortability; quite the contrary! Flexible beechwood and cozy cushions provide the perfect comfort zone. Besides all products are made of certified beechwood.

Kathrin Jilg Design interior made with love

Kathrin Jilg founded her label ‘Kathrin Jilg Design‘ after her studies in Münster and Milano. She designs livingaccessories and wonderful pieces of porcelain. Kathrin Jilg‘s designs are perfect as a present and also great for one‘s own usage. Her collection makes your home feel comfortable while providing an elegant appearance. All items are made in Germany and Poland. Besides, all materials are hand-picked and processed with high quality.

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Ueberlabel Brandbook No.1  
Ueberlabel Brandbook No.1  

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