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True West By Sam Sheppard

Synopsis: Sam Shepard’s Classic comedy is the story of estranged brothers Austin and Lee – one a reserved Hollywood scriptwriter, the other a thief and a drifter. In truth, the brothers actually envy one another – straight laced Austin yearns to live on the edge; Lee covets the stable life of a highly paid writer. Their quest to diverge from their lifestyles results in a development stalement. Unable to progress forward or return to their selves, Austin and Lee are trapped…

A word from the directors: After reading True West at the end of last year, we knew that this was the play with which we wanted to make our directorial debut. A play that focuses on the Hollywood stereotypes of the ‘Real American West’ and Shepard’s fascination with the nature of the family, this play is a thought provoking and insightful glance into the world we all know and have the potential to participate in. Distinctly character based, we have created a piece that focuses on the darker side of human nature, with several humorous twists, which will hopefully make a show with something for everyone. We thank you for coming and hope you enjoy it!

! Cast Austin --------------------------------------- Dani Thomas Lee -------------------------------------------- Tom Hartill Saul ------------------------------------------- Matt Hassal Mom -------------------------------------- Jessical Pidsley

! Crew Directors ----------------------------------------- Ro Bond -------------------------------------- Tess Zoers Producer ---------------------------------- David Sheppard Publicity ----------------------------------- Rejane Collard Stage Manager/Set Designer ---------------- Rebecca Kent Stage Manager -------------------------------- Laura Mills Light/Sound/Set Construction ----------- Giles Derrington



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nged to a h C r e t La derland n o W in Alice


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