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Cast Menna Bevan - De Nizza, a Franciscan Frair Liz Bick - Felipillo, Inca servant to the Spanish army Debrah Bieri - Estete, Royal Veedor Gemma Cross - Domingo, a Spanish soldier Matt Darby - Diego, Master of Horse Andy Davies - Atahaullpa, God-King of the Incas Chris Dunlop - De Soto, Second in Command Terry Eden - Old Martin Lizzie Green - Young Martin, Pizarro’s Page; Old Martin as a Boy Joona Junkkari - Vakverde, Chaplain to the Expedition Mark Nettleton - De Candia, a Venetian Commande Maryanne Olson - Rodas, a Spanish Soldier Robert Palmer - Vasca, a Spanish Soldier Seth Sinclair - Pizzaro, Commander of the Expedition

Directed by Ned Glasier Assistant Director - Christina Poulton Technical Director - James Moran Lighting Designer - Joe Windeatt Lighting Operatives - Amelia Hall Jason Leonard

Music by ‘Sennen’ - James Brown Lawrence Holmes Rew Horner Rich Kelleway Front of House - Liz Hutchinson Phil Stephan David Laslett Rosie MacArthur Costume - Lucy Fuller Daisy Morgan Sophie Scott Emily Russo and Kpoene Kofi-Bruce Special thanks to Frances and John at St. Gregory’s Arts Centre for all their help and support, Alex Holmes, Katie Hind, Val Roberts, the Drama Society Committee, Ideal Staging, Alex Sehmer, and all those who helped make this production possible. Please ensure that all mobile phones and pages are turned off during the performance Please do not take photographs during the performance. St. Gregory’s relies on donations from the public to continue to function as a home for the arts. Please help out if you can. Happy Birthday Mia. Welcome Home Francesca.

‘The Royal Hunt of the Sun’ follows Francisco Pizarro’s 1532 expedition to Peru in search of gold. The early part of the play is set in the Spanish village of Trujillo, the rest in the Upper Province of the Inca Empire: what is now north-western Peru. Get ready for an epic tale of adventure following the quest of the Spanish conquistadors as they strive to conquer an entire nation. One hundred and sixty men driven by green and loyalty to God and their country versus thousands of Incas - a simple Indian tribe led by the almighty Atahuallpa, son of the Sun, and self-proclaimed immortal. The UEA Drama Society welcomes you to St Gregory’s Arts Centre to witness a performance that will leave you feeling disturbed and moved. Spanish against Incas! Pizzarro against Atahuallpal! Enjoy. Mark Nettleton

Many people wondered all throughout our epic 4 month rehearsal period, what the blimey were we doing with all that time? Well, now the fruits of our collective loins are finally out there to be harvested, and mowed down (meaning the play and its various elements, not random, communal babies) we can spill our time consuming secret: ALIEN SEX. Yes - INDEDDY. ‘Twas a drama exercise that got totally out of control: we finally got to move out opening night by over two months to compensate for our reproduction fervour. Loved every damn slime, mucus-ridden moment of it, Ned! Joona Junkkari

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The National Student Drama Festival This production has been entered for the 46th Sunday Times National Student Drama Festival (4-11 April 2001) in Scarborough), also sponsored by The Macintosh Foundation, BBC Talent and The Bush Theatre, funded by the Arts Council and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and presented in association with University College Scarborough. Students and now-student are equally welcome to participate in the wide range of professionally led workshops, discussions ans talks, see the fourteen or so production (selections by a team of travelling adjudicators between June 2000 and February 2001), and write for, or help produce, the daily Festival newspaper. Details of this unique celebration, the only annual forum for British student drama, are available from the NSDF Information Office on 01723 501 106 or email - information about closely related ventures (the National Student Theatre Company, International Student Playscript Competition and Springboard Theatre Company) is also available from the same office. To book a selection date and receive an entry form, and for subscription tickets, please contact Iain Ormsby-Know, 69 Whipcord Lane, Chester, CH1 4DG. Telephone and fax 01244 374 053, email Further information is available at the website


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