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And soon, in her all powerful mind the Emperor saw her world. . .

With very many thanks to: Soph for giving me the script; Julia for her invaluable help with auditions; J for lying on a table for two hours; Menna, Alex and Mark for fronting the house; the la-la girls for, well being la-la; the Drama Society Committee, for being groovy people to work with; and most of all, my dearest darlings – the cast – for their creativity and their patience.

Love to all

More Light Pure Joy Many Treasures Love Mouth Playful Kitten Little Friend Rapture Scent of Ginger Shy Smile Pure Heart Pure Mind Man

Eleanor Jones Sophie Nelson Anna Swingle Cheryl Pearce Rachel Grundy Jess Goddard Jenny Starr Sarah Offiler Lucy Fuller Emily Lizzio Martha Orbach Edward Pleeth


Lucy Fuller


James Moran Jason Leonard

Coming soon from the Drama Society

Cigarettes and Chocolate and revue sketches


Quaint Honour

UEA Drama Studio 22nd – 26th April