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“We begin here because no life has ever been untouched by war” The King of Thrace, Tereus supports King Pandion of Athens while at war with Thebes. In return, Pandion allows Tereus to marry his eldest daughter, Procne. However, Procne struggles to adjust to life in Thrace, and asks Tereus to return to Athens and bring back her sister and best friend, Philomele. As the journey begins, it becomes clear that it will be long and dangerous, however, Philomele has far more to fear than the meer dangers of the open sea…

The Love of the Nightingale is a tragic myth filled with passion, anger, revenge and romance.

‘A myth for our times…’

Director ~ Hannah Jeeves Director of Movement and Choreography ~ Katie Berry Producer ~ Sarah Ingram Stage Manager ~ Kate Jones Technical Manager ~ Jonathon Armbruster

Cast Philomele ~ Emily Gosling Tereus ~ Jack Swain Procne ~ Lucy Brassell Niobe ~ Lydia Burt Jim: First Soldier ~ Paul Baston Bob: Second Soldier ~ Joe Wright Captain & Bacchae Man ~ Tom Hartill Charron, Hippolytus, Sailor & Bacchae Man ~ Sam Conway Theodoras, Theseus, Sailor & Bacchae Man ~ Mike Harwood Stavros, Male Chorus in Play, Sailor & Bacchae Man ~ Chris Singleton Errikos, Itys, Sailor & Bacchae Man ~ Tom Finch Hero, Nurse & Bacchae Woman ~ Lucie Glasheen Helen, Phaedra & Bacchae Woman ~ Leeanna Pitt Iris, Aphrodite & Bacchae Woman ~ Anna Young Echo, Female Chorus in Play & Bacchae Woman ~ Charlotte Boyd June & Servant ~ Laura Coyne King Pandion, Talented Sailor & Bacchae Man ~ Mike “Bridges” Bridges Queen & Bacchae Woman ~ Bea Yeatman-Biggs Sound and Lighting ~ Matthew Meen ~ Jonathon Armbruster Costume and Props ~ Kate Jones ~ Sarah Ingram Hair and Make-up ~Nush Davy ~Sarah Ingram ~Anna Beep ~ Abby Hunt ~Lara Wagner ~ Louise Davidson ~Emily Pettman Stage Hands ~Sarah Blake

Special Thanks to: Jon Hyde, Tristan Cass, Rob Little, Julian Purser, Katie Berry, Kate Jones, Sarah Ingram, Dan Stranger, Lara Philip and the whole of the UEA DramaSoc committee, and Samuel French Ltd. I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for being so supportive through this intense three-week period!

~*~*~*~ On one last note, I would like to dedicate both performances of The Love of the Nightingale to my father Terry Jeeves - I really wish he could be here to see it.