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Long Day’s Journey into Night By Eugene O’Neill The Puppet Theatre Friday 27th and Saturday 28th March 2009 "Eugene O'Neill's autobiographical play won the Pulitzer prize for Drama in 1957. Written in 1940, O'Neill requested the play not be published until after the death of all those involved. Often regarded as his masterpiece, Long Day's Journey into Night is the account of a family trying to live with one another. Struggling with addiction, they all constantly conceal, blame, resent, regret, accuse and deny in an escalating cycle of conflict with occasional desperate and half-sincere attempts at affection, encouragement and consolation." ACT ONE Living room of the Tyrone’s summer home 8:30am on a day in August 1912 ACT TWO Scene 1: The same - around 12:45 Scene 2: The same - around a half-hour later ACT THREE The same - around 6:30 that evening ACT FOUR The same - around midnight.

Cast and Production Team James Tyrone Mary Cavan Tyrone, his wife Jamie Tyrone, their elder son Edmund Tyrone, their younger son Kathleen, second girl Piano

Pete Ralph Roberta Morris Joe Wright Shaun Kitchener Harriet Sweet Joe Lavell

Director Production Manager Assistant Producer Stage Manager

Emily Gosling Melanie Smith Chloe Lee Katy Quigley

Technical Manager

Jonathon Armbruster Chris Hayward

Technical Assistant Costumes Committee Contact

Sewell Barn Joe Childs

With special thanks to the Puppet Theatre, all of the DramaSoc committee, especially Jon Armbruster, who has gone above and beyond the call of duty once again, Joe Lavell, Anne Giles and the Sewell Barn Theatre, Val Baker, Alison Lock, Rosemary Petch, Tom Sutton, Chris Singleton, Rob Little and Jon Hyde at the UEA Studio.

DramaSoc Elections (2009-10)‌‌ Have your say on who you want to see running your society for the next year. Candidates: President: Stephen Davies Harriet Drewe Secretary: Bethan Collins Charlotte Couture Treasurer: A by-election will be held, if you wish to run email: Social Secretary: Rachel Conquer Eleanor Hac Technical Officer: Chris Hayward Publicity Officer: Libby Earland

Caroline Green Re-open Nominations (R.O.N.) will also be a candidate in each election. If you feel none of the candidates are suitable then vote for R.O.N., and should R.O.N. win a byelection will be held. Voting Opens Wednesday 25th March (Wk 11) - 00:01 Voting Closes Wednesday 1st April (Wk 12) - 23:59 Voting takes place online and you can read manifestoes there too:


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