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saw this place at the foot of my grave

I gave myself in awe to childish hope and promise. The tomb it was dug by those whom you know and love and trust. There’s just enough room to put you in. And you fear that you lust, and you know what you love must be clean. and you fear what you’ve seen, what you’ve touched, what you’ve been. And I’m touched. I’m not naming anyone at all. I’m soon to return there’s soon to be fire in my veins again. I’m almost home. I’m almost ready. Anno Birkin, 1999

Enda Walsh was the winner of the 1997 Stewart Parker Award for his play Disco Pigs, also receiving the George Divine Award for both Sucking Dublin and bedbound.

Enda Walsh


bedbound In bedbound, a father and daughter share a small bed. He talks frantically about his extraordinary past in furniture sales; she talks no less compulsively about anything at all, to fill the terrifying silence in her head.

Performed by Gloria Sanders and Theo Leonard Directed by Mel Spencer Designed by Lucy Bullen Special thanks to Vicki Wallen, Emily Aylward, Simon Davies, Carlton Martin, Jon Hyde and Richard Mills. Cover photograph by Emaa Streeter.

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