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UDW’s 15th Constitutional Convention 4855 Seminole Drive San Diego, CA 92115 800-621-5016 facebook.com/UDW

This year, over 150 elected delegates and guests joined us in Sacramento for our 15th Constitutional Convention, The Future of Homecare Starts Today. At convention, we dug in deep to discuss the challenges facing IHSS providers and how we can strengthen our movement to win positive changes. You can read more about the convention at www.udwa.org.

Delegates of UDW’s 15th Constitutional Convention in Sacramento.

Stay updated with the latest news at www.udwa.org!

UDW welcomes more IHSS providers to our union w, to work “It’s up to us today, right no mecare. ho for ure toward a better fut s deserve ilie fam r Ou it. Our clients deserve it. And we deserve it.” Doug Moore – UDW Executive Director

As part of the AFL-CIO’s Solidarity Center exchange program, internation al domestic workers from as far away as Sou th Africa and Hong Kong joined us for a disc ussion about the challenges facing in-h ome workers across the globe, from unequal treatment to extreme levels of exploitation.


At convention, we voted on resolutions to su pport our values of community, dign ity, and respect fo r all workers.

a gala UDW’s 2015 Convention wrapped up with have who rs nize in honor of our member orga their worked tirelessly over the past year to help n— unio our build fellow IHSS providers and signing up nearly 30,000 members!

To see photos from UDW’s 2015 convention, visit www.flickr.com/udwphotos

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“This convention provided an important chance for IHSS providers to get together to discuss the future of homecare. It was great to be around fellow caregivers and to share stories about the work we do.” – Monica Zúñiga, San Diego Caregiver and UDW Delegate

Dear Fellow IHSS Providers, This year at our 15th Constitutional Convention, UDW homecare providers were honored to be joined by several members of our sister union California United Homecare Workers (CUHW). At convention, we had the pleasure of

announcing that soon CUHW members from several rural counties across California will be joining our union! As you know, recent attacks against homecare mean that standing together is more important than ever. By joining UDW, our CUHW brothers and sisters will receive much needed resources, additional staff assistance, and support. In return, we will be growing our union and will be stronger to protect IHSS and our loved ones. I want to personally welcome CUHW members into UDW’s ranks. We will do everything in our power to ensure that members of CUHW have a smooth transition as they join UDW, and a member advisory committee has been established to engage our new brothers and sisters where they live. I hope you join me in welcoming CUHW providers to our union. We are stronger together!

UDW Executive Director Doug Moore with CUHW homecare providers who will soon be joining UDW.

In unity, Editha Adams, Caregiver and UDW President For the full President’s Report visit www.udwa.org.



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Pictured: Della Lundell, an IHSS provider from Merced County, with her son Steven.

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Caregiver Spring 2015 - English  

Caregiver Spring 2015 - English  

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