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GPS: X 9.13713529 Y 55.47743209

Vejen Kommune UK: Welcome to Vejen – a center for a large selection of experiences Peace and long beautiful view is what characterizes Vejen’s nature. Here you are able to find a wide range of outdoor activities – for instance the old historical intersection, with opportunities for biking and hiking on the Hærvejen and canoeing and fishing on the Kongeå stream. There is a possibility to visit the world recognized art museum in Vejen, the Sønderskov museum and much more. From Vejen there is also easy access to a wide range of experiences in the catchment 360° around Vejen, for instance amusement parks in Billund and music and culture in Esbjerg, Kolding or Vejle. We hope that you with this brochure will find inspiration to many interesting experiences. You can find more information on and

Vejen Kommune · Rådhuspassagen 3 · DK-6600 Vejen Tlf. +45 7996 5000 ·

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