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By Jonr Jony -

There are many different teeth whitening products to choose from these days. They vary in cost, brand, application technique, ease of use, the amount of time they take to apply or use, and how often you need to use them to get or maintain a nice white polished smile. They may also vary in terms of how many shades whiter they promise to lighten your teeth.

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Among the choices for the best teeth whitener alternatives to whiten my teeth, there are a number of tooth pastes and gels that promise to whiten your teeth while you are brushing. This is a great option because I already brush my teeth everyday, so no extra time or effort is required. However, I questioned whether those products would give me the immediate dramatic results I really wanted to see.

To whiten my teeth, I wanted something where I could see a real before and after result. So I looked at the systems and products available and discovered there are several different types of systems available over-the-counter. Some easy to use whitening systems utilize strips of plastic with a whitening gel on them that you gently apply to the fronts of your upper teeth and then your lower teeth.

Some of the other best teeth whiteners utilize trays for the teeth into which the whitening gel is squeezed before they are applied. Some of these systems have standard size trays which may not fit everyone's teeth and bite. However, other systems like this include flexible teeth trays that have you soak them in very hot water or use some other technique to soften them and then apply them to your teeth so that they will shape to your own teeth and make for a custom fit. Then, after they cool and are prepared for use, the whitening gel is added to the tray and they are fitted onto the teeth.

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