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NGO Dawn, for non-violence and human rights

How and why to become an activist for NGO Dawn's „Change Makers“ campaign? Being an activist means helping the community. If you have something to give, you have a lot to gain. helps you to collect sponsorship for the campaigns you care about and raise the awareness of your community about things that are important. NGO Dawn has its own profile on GivenGain platform, as well as the campaign „Change Makers“ . You can follow our posts and the campaign development, get involved as an activist, share info on our activities and thus raise the awareness. You can become our activist and do something turbo, cool, ultra and unexpectedly great as your own project / a challenge / an action, in favour of our „Change Makers“ campaign :) It can really be anything you want, maybe something you've wanted for a long time, but it still hasn't happened, something that stretches you out of your comfort zone or something completely opposite, something you like doing and like to get involved in. For example, you can: - Climb the mountain top - Cycle in a panda suit - Run a marathon by playing the pipe - Organize a karaoke show - Create a challenge with your classmates and complete it - Mow lawns for your whole neighbourhood - Lose 5 kg - Make a life-size origami house - Sky-dive naked - Hop on one leg the whole day - Form a human centipede and visit a fair - Shave your head - Grow a moustache - Swim across the lake - Make the biggest hot dog and eat it - Make a bike using toothpicks - Run a few kilometers through your village with a basket on your head And anything else you can think of! Of course, the activity should be legal and matching the values NGO Dawn stands for :) Are you in? Become an activist at NGO Dawn using a few simple steps: 1. Create your activist's profile: and log in 2. Click on „Change Makers “ campaign at NGO Dawn 3. Create your fundraising page (under „Take Action“ click on „Create your fundraising page“) and answer a few questions about your project: Set a goal – decide how much money you want to raise in favour of NGO Dawn? (You can raise or reduce the amount of money during your project) How long will your project be available for fundraising? On the last day, the project becomes unavailable for fundraising. But, you can set the time limit yourself during the project. (prolongue it or make it shorter)

Name your project / your challenge. Describe your project briefly. Write a short thank-you e-mail that will be automatically sent to everybody supporting your project or use a default one. You can add your video or photos that invite people to fundraising (you can upload ours as well) 4. Keep people informed about your project and invite them to fund it In favour of Dawn's „Change Makers“ campaign, invite your friends, family, acquintances and strangers, as well as thousands of donors and activists on GivenGain platform to fund your project. Donors don't have to have an active profile on GivenGain platform in order to donate. If you don't move from your computer, we believe your friends will gladly donate to see you cycle a few kilometers ... dressed in a panda suit :) 5. Be active! Update your profile regularly – create awareness through your social media networks, e-mail, get the word out ... 6. Implement your action 7. Get the word out about your success After the project is finished, upload something that proves the finished project on your website (a photo, a video, etc.) A sense of accomplishment for having done something you couldn't even dream of and supporting the idea you believe in is indescribable! You can invite your friends for support in completing your challenge. 8. Enjoy the feeling of success and satisfaction :) Here are some tricks to help your project become more successful: - Share the news on Facebook, G+, Twitter, e-mail ... Invite the others to get the word out about your challenge. - Let your family, friends and relatives know about your action and invite them to fund your challenge. - Have a blog? Create one and blog about your challenge. - Share the news about your challenge on Twitter. - Let the media know about it. - Create YouTube videos with your preparation for the challenge. - Send personalized messages and e-mails to your friends and co-workers (Dear Ivo, I'm getting ready for a big challenge to help NGO Dawn's „Change Makers“ campaign come true. Look at my video and become a donor or an activist.) - Add Givengain icon to your email signature and link it to your fundraising page. - Hand out leaflets about your project. - Contact the Dawn team, so they can promote your work, too :) Don't forget! - When informing about your challenge, make sure you use the right links to your fundraising page. - The more creative you are, the more people will be drawn to your activity. - Make it a competition if possible (e.g., for every X kn donated, I will do X) - People love photos and videos – try documenting your journey and share it on your page. - Spread the word – and rally the support Besides helping in fundraising, you can click on "Spread the word" and help in getting the word out about our campaign. There are 346 ways for sharing the news on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. on GivenGain platform – you must have at least one of these :) Part of the text was taken from "ThatWasDifferent Starter Kit"

Thank you from our hearts to all of you who will join the campaign and become Change Makers as well! NGO Dawn, for non-violence and human rights A. Schulteissa 19, ured br. 68, 40000 Čakovec * Tel/fax: (040) 395 344 * * ŽR: HR 84 2340 0091 1160 2329 3 (PBZ) * OIB 68408303136

NGO Dawn: Become Change Makers activist - how and why

NGO Dawn: Become Change Makers activist - how and why