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From Possibilities to Realities Pledges Delivered

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BTL and BEL now belong to the people of Belize Over 16,000 students currently receive the $300 annual education grant. Significant improvements in examination results. Major improvements in health care including no maternal deaths in 2011. Reduction in Mortgage interest rates from 14% to 8% Significant increase in vegetable production as a result of investment in irrigation and greenhouses. 21,554 new land leases issued of which 18,627 are to first time land owners. Lowered electricity rates by 6.14% Lowered water rates by 7.2% 47% reduction in murder rate since the gang truce in September of 2011 Higher enrollment of students and more passes 5412 housing grants to needy homeowners 10,374 home loans written off. 5,500 more Belizeans exempt from income tax as a result of the increased threshold to $26,000 for income tax exemption Hundreds of items now exempt and zero rated from GST Over 7500 new jobs created Revived the DFC and restarted lending to the private sector Provided funds to save the Sugar Industry from collapse Implemented the Reform Agenda by legislating the recall mechanism for elected officials and enable prosecution under an unjust enrichment law Paved the Placencia Road Completed the Southern Hwy Rebuilt Corozal and Dangriga Airstrips Major improvements made in National Emergency Response; provided relief to thousands of residents and key agricultural sectors following major weather disturbances

Party Leader’s Message I count myself very fortunate to have been able to lead a UDP Government that is able to boast so many proud accomplishments. What follows in the pages of this section of our manifesto, is as detailed a record of those achievements as space will allow. There has not been any effort to rank them in any particular order. But in my message to you, I do have to summarize. I do have to try to capture in very few words the essence of what this first term of the new UDP has been all about. And for me there are three things that most represent the thrust and flavour of our practice and philosophy. We have been first and foremost about restoring dignity to governance; protecting the nation's purse in a transparent fashion; operating always in an open and accountable manner; striving ever for honesty and the strengthening of the human and institutional rules that guard against violation of the public trust. Next has been our mission, our campaign, our crusade to better the lives of all Belizeans, but especially the poor. Social justice is the name most commonly applied to what we have done. And I believe we can honestly claim to have been a Government that has implemented a social justice agenda the likes of which has never before been seen in Belize. Finally, our Government has accorded a new paramountcy to Belizean nationalism, to Belizean self-worth, to Belizean sovereignty. We have taken back our essential utilities and have proven that Belizeans can operate these in both a commercially successful and socially responsible fashion. We have shown resolute faith in Belizean courage, Belizean bravery, and the Belizean can-do spirit. On the basis of all this, I have every confidence that even the sternest voter will agree that we have earned the right to continue our unprecedented efforts at building a better Belize.

Hon. Dean O. Barrow

Raul Rosado Corozal Southeast

Herman Longsworth Albert

Mark King Lake Independence

Gabriel Martinez Corozal Southwest

Hugo Patt Corozal North

Anthony Martinez Port Loyola

Michael Finnegan Mesopotamia

Gaspar vega Orange Walk North Pablo Marin Corozal Bay

Rosendo Urbina Orange Walk South

Landy Burns Orange Walk East

Lee Mark Chang Freetown

Denni Grijalva Orange Walk Central

Dean Oliver Barrow

Rene Montero Cayo Central

Michael Hutchinson Belize Rural Central

Party Leader / Queen’s Square

Erwin Contreras Cayo West

Manuel Heredia Belize Rural South

Elvin Penner Cayo Northeast

Edmund Castro Belize Rural North

Salvador Fernandez Cayo North

Ramon Witz Cayo South

John Saldivar Belmopan

Santino Castillo Caribbean Shores

George Gough Fort George

Patrick Faber Collet

Arthur Roches Dangriga

Juan Coy Toledo West

Peter Eden Martinez Toledo East

Melvin Hulse Stann Creek West

Always for the People!

Wilfred Elrington Pickstock

UDP Accomplishments 2008-2012  

UDP Accomplishments 2008-2012

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