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Summer 2014

NEWS Message from Richard Murdock, UDOT U Administra ve Vice President

UDOT U: OPPORTUNITIES TO LEARN Over the last three years, I’ve quite o en been asked, what is UDOT U and what can it do for me?

Rick Murdock UDOT U Administra ve VP

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The simplest answer to the first part of this ques on is UDOT University is UDOT’s learning organiza on; in other words, it is a fancy name for the training the department delivers. To answer the second part of the queson, what can [UDOT U] do for me, I’ll list what we do, and then you decide if there is anything that might be of value to you.

with groups and work with vendors to keep marginal costs down for our business units.

If you’ve a ended a UDOT-hosted NHI course, a breakout session at the UDOT Annual Conference, or a webinar using Adobe Connect you’ve par cipated in UDOT U. Chances are you are one of the 13,000 a endees for which UDOT U has provided learning opportuni es over the last couple of years. We’re in the process of adding to our course catalog, powered by Adobe Connect; go here to browse the 100+ offerings: We’re adding more every day. We contract

Fostering learning and sharing

Developing employees

As a learning organiza on UDOT U a empts to provide development opportuni es for employees. Funds, obviously, are not unlimited so we look for ways to get the biggest bang for our We do the following things: (1) provide UDOT buck. Purchasing licenses for; bringemployees and stakeholders with opportuni- ing in external subject ma er experts through NHI, AASHTO, and local universi es; and refocuses for learning and development, (2) facilitate partnerships with other learning organi- ing the breakout sessions at the UDOT Annual za ons, (3) provide tools and infrastructure to conference to center on training has provided track training hours and training effec veness, employees easy access to learning opportuni es. The tui on assistance program, although more and (4) assist subject-ma er areas find ways strictly a benefit than a training program, has alto fund needed training. lowed many UDOT employees to seek accredited degrees from local colleges and universi es. Providing learning opportuniƟes

UDOT U has assisted the department ini ate the TRAC and RIDES programs, AASHTO-sponsored STEM ini a ves for primary and secondary schools. Through this program UDOT provides needed materials and exper se to schools. Teachers use the materials to present engineering- and transporta on-related lessons to future engineers and technicians. Con nued, next page.

UDOT U News, August 2014

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