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27th Sep 2013


Vista Chronicles: IIM Bangalore's , flagship business festival ,Vista 2013 is all set to dazzle the minds of corporates and students alike, but before we delve into this year's potpourri of management events let's take a step back in time to look at the glorious past that has been . Vista 2002 entered the landscape with a bang, 'Making the Connection' that set the ball rolling for the largest student run business conclave. True to the global nature of its alma mater, in only its second edition, Vista went international with participation from prominent international institutions of the likes of London Business School and NYU Stern in addition to the premier B - schools in India. Growing from strength to strength , the themes of Vista set new benchmarks with each new year be it mirroring the exuberance of the nation in its 'India Inc.' theme of 2005 or sequentially progressing from 'Scripting the future' (2010) to 'Being the Change' (2011) providing inspiration to the change leaders of tomorrow.

Vista ‘11

Vista ‘10

Vista has witnessed some of the biggest leaders, thought icons and prominent speakers on campus of the likes of Kumar Mangalam Birla, Arun Shourie, Mukesh Ambani, T.V.Mohandas Pai participating in eclectic panel discussions, interacting with students and sharing their experiences. Hidden talents of the future unfold with grace and vigor in the student events that represent the heart and soul of the festival With the legacy of more than a decade to live up to, here is hoping Vista 2013 adds its own bright hues to the illustrious canvas.

Events to watch out for on day1

The Vantage Point team:

Key Note Speaker Dr. Kamal Haasan Venue: Audi, 4pm

Viveka, Udit, Leela Krishna, Soumyak, Hamsini, Sathya, Vignamitra, Sooraj, Priya



Agent Moody reporting You humans are funny. You dislike slavery, think evil is bad for the world and kill villains at the end of every movie! It always beats my kind why you would want to do that. For us minions believe in only one thing: dutifully serve history’s most ambitious villains and the world will be a much nicer place. No frustrating FB updates by MBA exchange students, no hyperactive first years putting endless CP in placement presentations and most importantly no more night-outs solving marketing cases or rewording one page resumes like your life depended on it. But alas, the glory days of villains appear to be over. You humans are getting sensible, thinking green, becoming tolerant of each other and innovating like never before. So, I guess it makes more sense to side with you folks now. My fellow minions have entrusted me with the task of identifying the smartest, fastest and the most brilliant of your species to whom we can pledge our unwavering servitude. Our intelligence sources tell us that this funny fest called Vista in IIM Bangalore is the best place to start looking for The One. So, I will be here keeping watch for that one person who can inspire us to aspire higher and achieve only the best. Just so you know, I will be sending out a status report every day for the next two days to keep you posted on my hunt. To grab a copy, just walk up to the Hospitality Desk & say the code word ‘Vantage Point’. Over and out.

Vista: A messenger for IIM B As the drum rolls of Vista start echoing far and wide across the 100 acres of IIM Bangalore’s lush green campus, they are heard farther than that – beyond the boundaries of our walls, beyond the confines of the city and even beyond the borders of our nation. IIM Bangalore’s International Business Festival, Vista reappears in 2013 in an even bigger and better avatar than ever before with a budget of more than ₹ 1.6 crores and an expected footfall of 13.5 thousand. Paraphrasing a present PGP-1 student, the word ‘vista’, or wide open spaces, is synonymous with the culture at IIM Bangalore – where we are taught to reason rather than just know, and where innovation lends wings to the flight of learning. Vista’s contribution to the brand equity of IIM Bangalore is portrayed in its sheer reach – with greater than 75 lakh hits, Vista sees the involvement of 200 colleges across the nation and more than 80 corporate houses. In the 10 years that Vista has been spreading the goodwill and showcasing the efficiency at IIM Bangalore, the image of the B-school has indeed soared. It is in this period that IIMB has acquired multiple international recognitions including the prestigious EQUIS accreditation. Vista helps IIM Bangalore compete at par with its peers and indeed outperform many of them when it comes to providing exposure, displaying the talent within its walls as well as raising the stakes when it comes to performance. To quote a current exchange student, “Es erweitert den Gesichtskreis” (It broadens the horizons) for the B-school.



9 Must do things at IIM B this Vista

Eat Schezwan Fried Maggi at Park n Eat

Click 200 snaps that you don’t need but you’ll love later

Attend the Media Conclave and be Inspired

Visit the famous 3 Idiots’ locations

Witness a midnight birthday hooshing at A Base

Participate in a Vista event with an Exchange student

Dance in L^2 like no one is watching

2am gossip session in NC having Paneer Dosa

Read the Vantage Point every day

An Exchanger speaks on the madness called Vista Diversity is the buzzword of this century they say and our campus has suddenly gotten so much more diverse this term. I just happened to bump into a French student at Au Bon Pain, the only place where he felt French! But alas, even there, all he could get was a Namaste!  Over a bagel and Vadapav, he started his ramblings “Dance like a Punjabi?!? Whatever does that mean?! The lush green campus of IIMB is a perfect mask for all the madness that happens inside! And things seem to have gotten madder, with this event called ‘Vista’ coming up. An idea like this just sounds crazy! An entirely student-run fest! Why would you want to add on to the already impossible workload? Back home, all we do is attend presentations by companies and participate in the odd competitions by them! You guys must be born businessmen, what with all the entrepreneurship spirit I see around here!” Suddenly, his eyes widened, “I heard about this thing ‘Media Conclave’. I’m super excited to meet all those inspiring people! Even more so, my first taste at interacting with other Indians outside of IIMB! I have a feeling my opinion of the past few days being the best days of my life is going to be pleasantly shattered during the three days of Vista. Look out for me and my buddies acing the marketing on-the-spot events!” he said with a smirk. Determined to wipe it off teasingly, I just dropped a Vista budget figure and his mouth opened big enough to remind me of the Krishna Avatar!



Day 1 Schedule: Time Slot 09:00 onwards

Event Excelsior

Venues C-22

10:00 - 13:00


10:00 - 12:00

Trojan Horse Finals Vidheyak

11:00 - 13:00

Milestone Finals


11:00 - 12:00 *On spot

Pratibimb Prelims


12:00 - 13:00 *On spot

Get Nashty Prelims


13:00 - 16:00 13:00 - 16:00

Mark Guru Finals Numero Uno - Ice Breaker Creative Minds Art Attack Prelims Vista Keynote by Speakers

C-21 L^2

17:00 - 18:00 *On spot

Vista Theme Quiz Prelims


17:00 - 18:00

Art Attack Finals


18:00 - 19:00 *On spot 19:00 - 21:00

O-Wat Prelims


O-Wat Finals


19:00 - 20:00 *On spot

Euro Vention Prelims


19:00 - 21:00

Numero Uno Round 2 Paksh Vipaksh Prelims Finals Numero Uno Round 3 Theme Quiz Finals Movie Screening

CC Conf. Room L^2

14:30 - 16:00 *On spot 16:00 - 17:00

20:00 - 21:00 *On spot 21:00 - 23:00 22:00 - 00:00 23:00 - 01:00 01:00 onwards


Audi Audi


L^2 L^2

Event Description Vista starts off with a bang! Excelsior is everything that Vista stands for bringing core principles of management to achieve excellence. Watch participants strategize for the real estate giant - Brigade group The leaders of tomorrow present their innovative solutions to the burning public policy problems of the day In this event, Miebach, the pioneers in optimizing the supply chain and will be expecting nothing short of an incisive analysis of the given case Got time in between events? This one is for you. On spot registration with teams of 2-3. The event will tingle your marketing antennae as you go through an interesting quiz for the preliminary round. Prizes worth INR 20,000 up for grabs It's that time of the year when you can see blondes at B! But, do you figure you are someone who can resist the blonde and go for a brunette? Then it’s time for you to 'Get Nashty'. An on-spot Game Theory event. The winner can walk away with INR 20,000 The finale of the true blue B2B marketing case challenge! This is the kick start of one of the biggest events in Vista. The beginning of 8 rounds of unadulterated business intellect on demonstration Tingle your right brain with Art attack. On spot event with teams of 2-4. This event lets you run free with your ideas. Prizes of INR 12,500! The Keynote speech this year will be given by D R Mehta, founder and chief patron of BMVSS, Jaipur. Do not miss this opportunity to listen from the creator of the 'Jaipur foot'. All those quizzers out there, gear up. This theme quiz is designed to be interesting and whacky. On spot registration with teams of 3. Prize money worth INR 17,500! Finalists of Art attack paint the stone-walled campus at B! O-wat is an on spot event with teams of 3 that tests the operations mettle of participants. The preliminary round will be a quiz that will be followed by the final case round. Prizes worth INR 15,000 up for grabs! Join this debate to learn about the European crisis and the dynamics of international discussions. On spot registration with teams of 3. Prizes worth INR 15,000 to be won. It’s round 2 of this intense battle as our future CEOs are put through grueling tasks testing their leadership skills and business acumen. Debaters, come forward! This one promises to be a roller coaster ride for all those on the right side of the microphone. On spot individual registrations. Prizes worth INR 15,000 to be won The pressure is building up as the stakes rise in Round 3! Get everything right. Open challenge! After an action-packed day at Vista, one might tend to be tired at the end of the day. But the energy at the L^2 is sure to wake you up. The movie screening will be the start of an exciting night

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Vantage Point Issue1