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Eliminate Update

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Blue Hen Meal Project 2 and Current President Farewell Club Events and Calendar

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Meet the New Officers 4-6 and Who’s in the Spot Light? SOTC2014


The Procrastinator!


By Mea This past year, we put a lot of our focus on raising money for our current district project, the Eliminate Project. If you haven’t heard by now, the Eliminate Project is a global campaign to eliminate maternal neonatal tetanus from the world. MNT is a deadly disease that takes the lives of mothers and their newborns each day. The good news is that the disease is easily preventable with a vaccine that will protect a mother and her future babies. The vaccine is only $1.80, so we are working to raise enough money to provide vaccines all around the world to rid this horrible disease. Last year, we held kiosks in our Student Center, the big hub on campus, trying to spread awareness about the project. We had our main Eliminate Fundraiser in October, where we sold handmade can-tab bracelets and provided some delicious UDairy ice cream from our school’s very own creamery! It was a big hit, and we raised over $160. For this upcoming spring, we plan on holding more kiosks and fundraisers, including blue bagels at Newark Deli and Bagels on Main Street. So University of Delaware CKI-ers, keep an eye out for more fundraisers coming up!

Scooping ice cream from our very own UDairy!



By the end of the two hours we had prepared almost 70 individual meals that were later picked up and delivered to those in need.

Blue Hen Meal Project By Katy Mennicken On Tuesday, March 18,th I had the opportunity to attend UD’s very own “Blue Hen Meal Project” service event hosted at Hillel. The main goal of the event was to prepare a meal and dessert to donate to Jewish Family Services, which aims to provide nutritional meals for seniors and the chronically ill in the Wilmington area. There were three main activities going on during the event. Some people made cards that would be included with the meal wishing the recipient well and letting them know we are thinking about them. Another group was in charge of packaging the dessert and side dish while the rest of volunteers attacked cooking the main dish: tuna casserole. After preparing four giant aluminum tins full of casserole, we formed an assembly line and made individual plates of food that could easily be frozen, delivered, and then quickly re-heated. Overall, I had a wonderful experience! The group of volunteers were both energetic and enthusiastic. Time flew by, and by the end of the two hours we had prepared almost 70 individual meals that were later picked up and delivered to those in need.

Farewell From Our Current President “I would like to thank everyone who have been a part of Circle K this past year. Being president has been a great experience, and I am so thankful that I got the chance to do it. This past year we have participated in many service projects, such as Newark Manor Nursing Home, A.I. Dupont Children’s Hospital, Freedom Hills Riding Club, and many more. On top of that we held a fundraiser for the Eliminate Project, which was very successful in raising awareness. The board and I would not have been able to do any of this without the support and dedication of the members, so I would like to acknowledge those who supported out club in any way. I will miss serving you as the president, but I’m looking forward to taking on my new role as lieutenant governor and to another great year for CKI!” -Sara Case

Sara Case

“Live to Serve, Love to Serve”



Up Coming Events Service Projects and Calendar for April Events Coming Up This Month Crafting at the A.I. DuPont Children's Hospital- Members of Circle K plan and complete a children's craft at the Child Life Program Activity Center. We assist the child life specialists by encouraging play and self-expression activities such as drawing or painting. Upcoming dates: 4/11, 4/25, 5/9 and 5/15. Newark Manor Nursing Home- Members of Circle K interact and play bingo with the nursing home residents. We also volunteer at seasonal and yearly events throughout the year. Upcoming dates: every Saturday. Freedom Hills Therapeutic Riding Center- Freedom Hills Therapeutic Riding Center offers horseback riding lessons to physical and mentally disabled children and adults. Freedom Hills is also the first service organization Circle K has partnered with at the University of Delaware that involves animals. This program will be offering pony rides at the community Easter Egg Hunt located at their local church. Members of Circle K will be cleaning and bridling the horses, as well as leading the horses during the ride. Upcoming date: 4/19. Freedom Hills is also hosting a Family Day at the Farm event, allowing volunteers to face paint, serve food, and monitor the pony rides. Upcoming date: 4/27. Ronald McDonald 5K Run/Walk- Members of Circle K will attend this run to support the Ronald McDonald Houses, mobile care units, and Ronald McDonald scholarships. Upcoming date: 4/19. Relay for Life 5K- Relay for Life is a 24-hour event to raise funds and awareness about cancer, as well as to honor those affected by cancer. It will take place at the Newark High School. Our Kiwanis Family will also be hosting a pancake and coffee break at the end of the event. Upcoming date: 4/26. â—„ March

May â–ş

~ April 2014 ~ Mon


6 13

7 14





















5:30PM AI Dupont

2:30PM Manor House - Bingo






8:30AM-12PM Ronald McDonald 5K 9AM-3PM Freedom Hills - Pony Rides 2:30PM Manor House - Bingo








5:30PM AI Dupont

Relay for Life 5K 2:30PM Manor House - Bingo






9AM-12PM YMCA Healthy Kids Day 10AM-7PM Freedom Hills - Pony Rides



Say Hello to our New Board Officers! Our New CKI President

Richard Gallo

Hello fellow CKI-ers, my name is Richard Gallo, and I will be serving as your president for the 2014-15 year starting on April 1st. I am looking forward to serving alongside all of you and getting to know each of you. A little bit about myself is that I am a sophomore pursuing an English major with an advertising minor. Two of my favorite things to do on campus are drink coffee and do yoga so if you ever want to join, do not hesitate to ask! Also if you see me on campus, be sure to say hi. I have been working closely with the board for the upcoming year as well as the committee chairs to ensure an even more spectacular year than this one has been. I will also be distributing surveys at an upcoming meeting to see more of what you all want to see happen this year. I cannot to see what we can all accomplish in the upcoming year!

Vice President: Madeline Nelson Grade: Sophomore Major: Human Services Favorite Part of Circle K: Getting to know people that I might not have otherwise. Our members are ridiculously fun people and I learn so much from everyone that we volunteer with. Email:



Treasurer: Kara Grubb Grade: Sophomore Major: Environmental Science Favorite part of Circle K: Being able to get involved in various volunteer opportunities in the local community as well as helping with an international cause through the Eliminate project. Email:

Editor: Maria Pugliese Grade: Sophomore Major: Exercise Science Favorite Part of Circle K: Being able to give back to the community and establishing friendships with people within and outside the club though our CK events. Email:

Secretary: Ali Laurence Grade: Sophomore Major: Exercise Science Favorite part of Circle K: Going to A.I. DuPont and volunteerin with the children there because you can see how happy it makes them. I also love all the people in the club and getting to know new people. Email: 5


VP of Service: Melanie Cordovi Grade: Sophomore Major: Human Services Major with a minor in Spanish, Educational Studies, and Psychology Favorite Part of Circle K: I get to help organize and go on service trips where I can see kids and adults being positively impacted as a result of my volunteering. Email:

Who’s Under the SPOT LIGHT?

COMMITTEE CHAIR DCON/Awards Chair: Jacqueline Hausner Grade: Sophomore Major: Nursing Favorite part of Circle K: I love going to the service event at AI DuPont. Getting to spend time with the children really makes me realize how much I truly want to be a nurse one day.

Member of the Month! Alicia Walls

We want to recognize new member, Alicia Walls, for her volunteer work and dedication to our club! Keep up the good work! 6


SOTC2014 Spring Officer Training Conference Fredericksburg, VA So what have the new officers been up to? In March, the new club officers attended the 2014 Spring Officer Training Conference in Fredericksburg VA. Here, they learned the roles of their positions along with ways to improve the club and become leaders not only in the club but in the community.

We worked on our communication skills by explaining how to draw a picture to an officer without telling them what the picture was. We got some interesting drawings that did not match the picture!



The Procrastinator! Sudoku CKI FUN FACT CKI boasts a membership of more than 12,600 collegians on more than 500 campuses worldwide.

We are this excited that SPRING is in the air!

Jokes because we love making people smile :) Category: Animals Q: What do you call a sleeping bull? A: A bull-dozer Q: What did the farmer call the cow that had no milk? A: An udder failure. Q: Why are teddy bears never hungry? A: They are always stuffed! Q: What do you get from a pampered cow?

BUZZFEEDS FOR YOUR PROCASINATORS Ones that are guaranteed to make you happy :)


Are you Del'AWARE'? - April 2014  

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