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Cyberbullying S1 PSE Lesson 3

Learning Intentions • I am aware of how I use modern technology. • I am aware of how it could be misused. • I am aware of how thoughtless actions could affect others. • I can explain to others what cyberbullying is about. • I am aware of what I should do if I think I may be the victim of cyberbullying.

How much technology do you use? Discuss how many in the class • Use a mobile phone • Use the internet • Use a PS3, Wii or X-box • Use Facebook, Bebo, My Space, You Tube etc • Send text, voicemail or video messages • Upload photos or videos onto an internet site.

Quiz Complete the quiz your teacher will issue and rate your answers 0 points if you’ve never done it, 1 point if you have done it 1 or 2 times, 2 points if you have done it 3-5 times, 3 points if you have done it more than 5 times.

The Results Now calculate your total score: 0 – 5 Points: Cyber Saint Congratulations! You’re a cyber saint! Your online behaviour is great! Keep up the good work!

6-10 Points: Cyber Risky Well, you’re not perfect, but few people are. Chances are you haven’t done anything terrible and were just having fun, but try not to repeat your behaviour, since they are all offenses. Keep in mind the pain that your fun might be causing others! Higher score?

The Results 11-18 Points: Cyber Sinner Your online behavior needs to be improved! You have done way too many cyber no-no’s! Keep in mind that these practices are dangerous, wrong, and punishable and try to be clean up that cyber record! More than 18: Cyber Bully Put on the brakes and turn that PC/MAC/text-messaging device around! You are headed in a very bad direction. You qualify, without doubt, as a cyberbully. You need to sign off and think about where that little mouse of yours has been clicking before serious trouble results for you and/or your victim(s), if it hasn’t happened already!

What is Cyberbullying? In groups discuss what is cyberbullying . Complete the sheet your teacher will give you. Discuss your answers with the rest of the class.

JB’s first day at school

cy berbully

Was JB a victim of cyberbullying? Discuss this in your group. What should she have done?

What the Government says‌

What is it? The use of phones or the internet to deliberately upset someone else.

The Law • There are laws which may apply in terms of: – harassment and – threatening and menacing communications.

• Your school should contact the police if they feel a law has been broken

Examples of cyberbullying •Threats •Harassment - repeatedly sending unwanted messages •Sending nasty messages •Impersonation •Sending upsetting images

Who is a cyberbully? • Someone who deliberately sends this hurtful information. • Someone who passes the message/image on to someone else. • Someone who sends the message thinking it is only a joke.

If you receive a nasty message… • • • •

Save it. Do not reply. Block future messages. Show it to your parents/carer or teacher.

cyberbullying can be reported through: • Mobile phone companies, • Internet service providers and • Social networking sites –myspace

The Anti-cyberbullying Code • • • • • • •

Always respect others. Think before you send. Block the Bully. Don’t retaliate or reply. Save the evidence. Make sure you tell. Treat your password like your toothbrush. From DCSF guidance on Cyberbullying

Can you help? Kaitlin has recently joined BEBO. She has made quite a few friends online. Lately, Kaitlin has been receiving horrible emails saying things like “everyone hates you.” Kaitlin doesn’t know who it is but suspects that it might be someone she has recently fallen out with. She hasn’t told anybody about it because she is scared. Now her mates are asking her why she hasn’t been on BEBO lately and Kaitlin is too scared to tell she has been receiving hate mail. What should she do?

Can you help?

Someone keeps calling my phone and when I answer they hang up. This happens all the time and sometimes when I answer the call they start breathing heavily or laugh before hanging up. The number is always withheld. What should they do?

Can you help? I posted a few pictures of my mates and me onto my MySpace page. I logged in the other day and saw that someone had altered my picture and now I have received loads of horrible comments about the way I look. I’m really upset about it and I just want to get the comments removed but I don’t know how. What should they do?

What I have learned about Cyberbullying

Share what you have learned about cyberbullying. Share what you have learned about yourself.

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