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Hello UDCKI! It’s your editor, Shellee, welcoming you to our first issue of the Sweet Servicin’ Scoop, your one stop shop for all the latest service project news. I hope you take the time to read through this publication and get to know your incoming board of officers, learn about some of our awesome service projects, and test your knowledge of CKI. Let me know if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see in our future issues of our club newsletter as I am open to all new ideas! This newsletter relies heavily on the articles that our members write and the pictures that our members take at service events. Please send in any articles and pictures you’d like to have featured in the next issue and I’ll be sure to include them. The officers and I look forward to another amazing service year and we hope to see you at our upcoming events like Relay for Life, Senior Olympics, and most importantly, our 35th Anniversary Dinner! See you soon, but until then, keep serving with a smile!

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Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Favorite Pizza Topping: Ziti and Ricotta Cheese One word that describes me: “I’m just trying to live my life” Reason I joined CKI: Because of the flexibility and variety of the projects offered, and to meet people! I’ve made some great friends! 

Christine. Junior, Psychology/Criminal Justice Double Major with a Spanish Minor. From Huntington, Long Island. I work with prek/kindergarteners at Wilmington Friends School at their after school program. I love music - you'll never see me without my ipod. My favorite CKI project is the YMCA!

Favorite Movie: The Cat in the Hat Favorite Book: Holes Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cookies and Cream Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni One word that describes me: FUN! Reason I joined CKI: Because I wanted to add a community service organization to my extracurricular activities!

Hello! I'm Caitlyn Pennington and I am currently a junior, majoring in Criminal Justice, minoring in Psychology and Dance. I enjoy traveling, as I have been to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, England, Ireland, Wales, and Costa Rica. This is only my second year in the club but I absolutely love Circle K and love impacting others in a way they'll remember forever!

Favorite Movie: Blue Crush Favorite Book: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Favorite Pizza Topping: Pineapple One word that describes me: Cheerful Reason I joined CKI: I love volunteering and Circle K was the perfect place to do that!

Hi my name is Lucie Rinker and I am from Bethany Beach, Delaware. I am currently a freshman at the University of Delaware and my major is Marketing with a minor in International Business with Spanish. I have always been active in community service and helping people. To me, there is no greater feeling in the world than to see a smile on someone’s face and know you put it there. I joined Circle K because I wanted to be able to continue to do that in college and be a part of something that really is trying to make Lucky 7 the world a greater place.

I'm Krishna Patel, from Seaford, Delaware. I am a Junior Medical Technology Major at the University of Delaware. I love Circle k, and have been in this club for a year now as the club secretary. I wish to stay in this club until I graduate and I have stayed thus far, because it makes me happy seeing a child smile; and I love to help others!

Favorite Movie: The Notebook Favorite Book: Twilight series Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Moose Tracks! Favorite Pizza Topping: Cheeeeese and mushrooms! One word that describes me: Caring Reason I joined CKI: After coming out of Key Club in high school, I was very interested in still volunteering and helping others. i went to activities night and found out about Circle K, so I joined! I decided to stay in the club after the first semester, because I LOVE kids, and I love to see them happy. I love hearing the kids laugh and smile while playing with them, even though they might be sick, it feels good that you helped put a smile on their face.

Hi guys! I'm so glad this club has gotten bigger and I hope you all remain members throughout your time at Delaware! I love Circle K, it's my seventh year being a part of the Kiwanis family; I was a member in Key Club my freshman year of high school, and knew I would continue it in college. I'm a Public Policy major and minoring in Economics. I like politics, and I'm interested in working in Education policy when I graduate. But I really have no idea, I could totally see myself doing something else, I have too many interests! However, I do know that I want to work with people and serve the community in some fashion. I think giving back is important, and being able to do it in a college setting with people your age is something you don't have in the real world when you graduate, so take advantage of it now!

Favorite Movie: Boondock Saints Favorite Book: The Crucible Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip Favorite Pizza Topping: Pepperoni One word that describes me: Down to Earth Reason I joined CKI: Continue doing service and meet friends

Greetings! I’m Shellee and a sophomore Secondary Math Ed Major. This marks my 9th year in the Kiwanis Family. You’ll often find me laughing to myself, by myself, or at myself. I’ve been told I have no concept of an inside voice and sometimes, I like to believe that I’m four years old. I start my Christmas countdown in August and I’m obsessed with my stuffed animals. Back on the topic of CKI, I love serving the community with any free time I have. Oh, and PS- I love naps.

Favorite Movie: A Walk to Remember Favorite Book: The Sunflower by Richard Paul Evans Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Ben&Jerry’s Cheesecake Brownie Favorite Pizza Topping: Buffalo Chicken One word that describes me: Passionate Reason I joined CKI: I love the Kiwanis Family, being among friends, and service; CKI is the only place where I could have all three =) !

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Moms House is such a wonderful organization. Moms House is a daycare for single parents that provides free daycare as long as the parents are still in school. On March 3, 2012 Circle K International volunteered at their annual Night at the Races fundraiser. Night at the Races is where they show mock horse races that have been previously recorded and people bet on these races. Six volunteers from our club went and collected the play money and handed out the betting cards. We interacted with the people and congratulated all of the winners! This event was fulfilled with excitement and success. Moms House raised over $5,000 for this event! They were extremely appreciative of the Circle-K'ers time and dedication to service! Circle K was a great help for this event. Overall, dedication, great service, member bonding, and smiles were all a part of this event!

Thanks to all of our volunteers who helped out at this event!

Want to be featured in the service spotlight section of our next newsletter? Contact Editor Shellee at to submit your article!

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The Emmaus House is an emergency shelter and transitional housing program for families who need a little help getting back on their feet. I volunteered with them through Circle K for the first time last semester, and I immediately fell in love with it. While the parents take parenting classes, do chores, or just relax, us volunteers get to play with their kids. The children range from infants to teenagers. They are always so lively and quite willing to play with us! Whether we are coloring, helping out with homework, or reading a story, taking two hours out of the week to volunteer at the Emmaus House is so rewarding. The staff and parents are thankful to have some down time, and the kids love the extra attention. Seeing their smuggling faces as they hug you goodbye, will make you want to keep going back. Our company is the highlight of their day, and the more people who come, the better the experience becomes. I hope to see many of you coming to the Emmaus House soon!

This past Sunday a few members and I volunteered at the YMCA in the KidsCare center. We spent about two hours in the center assisting the workers in watching over the children. There were kids inside playing with toys and coloring while other kids were outside on the playground since it was a beautiful afternoon. I met some crazy little kids who ran around constantly, filled with energy. At one point I was up against both a Power Ranger and a shark! It was great seeing the kids have so much fun and also helping out the other workers.

Fridays from 3pm to 5pm: Exceptional Care for Children Play with or read to young children; must have PPD shot and flu shot

Saturdays starting at 2:45pm: Manor House Assist with afternoon Bingo games

Ongoing Free Rice Create an account on and play under the “UDCKI� group name Page 5

Which of the following is NOT one of CKI’s four international service partners? a. UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) b. STUFH (Students Team Up to Fight Hunger) c. March of Dimes d. The Eliminate Project e. BWB (Better World Books) To which district does our CKI club at UD belong? a. Rocky Mountains District b. Capital District c. New England District d. Pacific Northwest District e. Southwest District At what school was the first CKI Club chartered? a. Vaughn College b. Westminster College c. Loyola University d. Claremont College e. Carthage College

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE! Can you spot the differences in the two pictures?

Check your answers for our CKI Trivia and Spot the Difference Game in the next issue of Sweet Servicin’ Scoop Page 6

Contact Information

Upcoming Events April 2nd Emmaus House

President Christine Corcoran

April 8th Happy Easter!

Executive Vice President Caitlyn Pennington

April 12th Food Bank

Service Vice President Lucie Rinker Secretary Krishna Patel Treasurer Jess Morris

April 14th SGA’s Campus Beautification Day April 21st Relay for Life Senior Olympics Basketball Tournament

Editor Shellee Wong

Wish to have your face featured in the next issue? Send your service project photos to or just upload them on Facebook and tag “Circle K Delaware”! If you’d like to write us an article on any service project you’ve attended, that would be appreciated as well =)

April 22nd Ronald McDonald House Visit 35th Club Anniversary Dinner May 5th Ronald McDonald House Visit

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