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MARCH 2018

DAIRYMEN of Arizona

UDA 58th Annual Meeting

United Dairymen of Arizona THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE UNITED DAIRYMEN OF ARIZONA MARCH 2018 UNITED DAIRYMEN OF ARIZONA OFFICERS & EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Craig Caballero . .....................................President Jim Boyle Jr. ...................................Vice-President Jason Van Der Toorn.........Secretary-Treasurer Ben Gingg........................................ Member-at-Large Pieter Van Rijn.......................... Member-at-Large Keith Murfield ......................... CEO and Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

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DIRECTORS Ian Accomazzo....................................... Gila Bend Daniel Boschma.......................................Tonopah Arie deJong............................................Maricopa Ben Dickman........................................... Buckeye Tom Dugan............................................. Stanfield David Feenstra........................................ Stanfield Dan Gladden.........................................Palo Verde Gerrit Griffioen........................................ Florence Bill Kerr.................................................... Buckeye Tom Thompson........................................ Buckeye Donald Van Hofwegen............................ Stanfield Robert Van Hofwegen............................ Gila Bend Justin Stewart..............................................Mesa Rob Boyle................................................Coolidge Paul Rovey.............................................. Glendale Nick Vanderwey....................................... Buckeye

6 UDA 58th Annual Meeting

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18 DCAZ - Fuel Up to Play 60

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10 Air Emissions Reporting


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16 DCAZ - Fuel Up to Play 60

12 AZ Cheese Co In The News

Youth Council

17 DCAZ - Fuel Up to Play 60

Breakfast Pilot

AdVenture Capital

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14 Grass Roots Involvement

Children Program

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Milk Caps

22 AMP - Fiesta Bowl Half Pints 23 AMP - College Scholarships 24 UDA Golf Tournament

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20 Undeniably Dairy Milk Caps

YC Calendar of Mark your calendars now for these fun events ahead! YC events are open to ALL UDA members

* (Starred events are geared to include children)

RSVP to Roxy Helman- for all events a pr i l - t b d


Feed My Starving Children Volunteer Event Kids 5 and Up Welcome! ju n e

YC Legislative Forum and Capitol Hill Visits YC Clo s ed Faceb o ok G r ou p The YC’s have a closed group on Facebook to share events and information. If you are interested in joining, search for UDA YC’s on Facebook and request to join our group.

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Our aseptic port, sterile collection units and peristaltic pump continually draw samples throughout the milking process, delivering truly representative samples. And, the QualiTru TruStream Sampling System™ can be retrofitted to any direct load system in just minutes. With QualiTru Sampling Systems, there are never any questions about the milk quality of any load. Get a better look at all the QualiTru advantages at

3-A Sanitary Standard Certified

United Dairymen of Arizona

Consumer Confidence Is Key United Dairymen of Arizona’s 58th Annual Meeting




United Dairymen of Arizona It was another beautiful morning for UDA producers and guests as they filled Val Vista Lakes Clubhouse on January 25, 2018 for the 58th Annual Meeting. Members were updated on local and national happenings and enjoyed another delicious lunch, catered by Robert’s Catering. President’s Report

President Rovey opened the Annual Meeting with brief introductory remarks including a review of key programs of Dairy Management Inc. Paul gave a breakdown on where the checkoff money has been used this past year. He spoke about the growth in different product areas. We are currently eating the highest level of cheese at 36.3 lbs. per capita. We are also eating the most butter since 1968 at 5.7 lbs. per capita. Thanks to our partnerships with President Rovey Dominoes, McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut we have seen 25% dairy growth. President Rovey spoke about consumer confidence being the key to promoting and protecting dairy’s image in the market place and how the Undeniably Dairy campaign is helping to bolster sales and trust in 2018.

CFO’s Report

Mark Hocking, Chief Financial Officer, reviewed the financial highlights including the balance sheet, financial ratios, loan highlights, and the capital account breakdown. We had another good report from our auditors, Herbein and Co. for 2017.

Chief Financial Officer Mark Hocking

Tom Thompson Stotz Dairy #1 Quality

Quality Award

UDA CEO Keith Murfield presented this year’s #1 Quality Award to Stotz Dairy, reminding the Membership that much of UDA’s success is based first on high quality milk.

The Year in Review

While we typically say that the years fly by… 2017 did not fly by. We were met with many challenges in 2017 and have grown through it all. Keith started his presentation talking about milk production and how UDA’s production has grown 3%, annually, over the last 4 years. This trend is continuing into 2018 as well. He showed the breakdown of Quota, Over Quota, and unused Quota milk, and talked about how this milk is distributed across the Federal Order between the classes. Keith went over CEO Keith Murfield milk prices for the blend as well as Quota and Over Quota prices. He showed the membership our top 5 customers and how they factor into our total sales. Continued on Page 8—

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Service, Supply, and Transportation had a good year. With the addition of the super tankers we have seen a 33% reduction in number of loads hauled from regular tankers. Keith went over UDA Holdings and Joint Ventures including AMP Mexico, ADG USA, and Arizona Cheese Company. He spoke briefly on supply and demand of milk in America and of cheese and butter production. The challenges that 2018 will hold include milk prices, food safety, new customers, how to handle UDA’s milk production, and labor.

Arizona Milk Producers

Craig Caballero, President of Arizona Milk Producers (AMP), went over some of the highlights of the AMP and Dairy Council programs. He started with some or the promotions from 20162017. AMP did an 8 week campaign with Bashas’ to feature local farm families in Vice-President the dairy cases called “Local Craig Caballero Families, Local Farms”. The promotion included farmer interviews, bios, photos on social media and they reached 4.5 million people. Last year, AMP put an emphasis on reaching Hispanic markets as the Hispanic population is continuing to grow. AMP did a 90-day pilot, in Ranch Market, and installed LED screens up in the dairy section of the stores. The screens were bilingual and over the pilot period, saw a 30% increase in dairy sales at the stores. In Fry’s stores, AMP provided 2 million milk caps with the Undeniably Dairy logo on them and made a Mooo-lah for Milk contest. This helped to increase recognition of the Undeniably Dairy logo. Craig went over the June Dairy Month activities and

UDA Board Elections

the Fiesta bowl Scholarship winners. Schools continue to be a priority and 2017 saw many opportunities to promote dairy including the Silver Apple Award program, a high school latte program, and a breakfast cart pilot. Dairy Council of Arizona was able to utilize ‘other people’s money’ to provide funding for the Fuel up to Play 60 activities including funds from the Pepsi Foundation, SAP, and the NFL.

Young Cooperators

Hillary and Preston Van Hofwegen gave a recap of activities for the 2017 year. Both from dairy families, they gave a brief overview of Caballero and D&I Dairies, as well as a brief YC history. Hillary and Preston then went into the events of the past year. Young Cooperator events are volunteer, educational, or social. 2017’s volunteer events included Feed My Starving Children and decorating a Christmas tree at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Educational events included Washington DC Legislative Visits, OSHA Prep Workshop, and tour of Zinke’s new dairy facility in Stanfield. The social event was held at Modern Round in Glendale. Last but not least, they mentioned the viral video featuring YC, Jen Millican. The video was viewed over 100,000 times on Facebook. v

Preston and Hillary Van Hofwegen

The following individuals were nominated at the nominating meeting of Dec. 28, 2017: Paul Rovey, Craig Caballero, Jason Van Der Toorn, Pieter Van Rijn, Nathan Goldman, Ben Gingg, Ben Dickman, Nick Vanderwey, Thomas de Jong, and Rob Boyle. There was a motion made and seconded to close nominations. The tally committee came back with the results electing Paul Rovey, Craig Caballero, Jason Van Der Toorn, Pieter Van Rijn, Ben Gingg, Nick Vanderwey, Rob Boyle, and Ben Dickman to the 2018 board. Ben Dickman will serve a one year term and remainder will serve a three year term.



Bruce Tonkin Justin Stewart, Max Gingg, Josh Gladden

Jim Boyle Sr

Sign in Table

Jason Van Der Toorn and Craig Caballero

Brouce Tonkin

United Dairymen of Arizona

Air Emissions Reporting Under CERCLA CERCLA stands for the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, also known as Superfund. It was passed in 1980 in response to some alarming and decidedly unacceptable hazardous waste practices and management going on in the 1970s. It was never intended to apply to agriculture. However, last year the D.C. Circuit



Court of Appeals invalidated an EPA rule that exempted farms from CERCLA reporting requirements for certain air emissions. As a result farm owners/operators must comply with CERCLA Section 103 reporting requirements for air releases of hazardous substances from animal waste on their farms. This means farm owners/operators must notify the National Response Center (NRC) when their facilities have air releases of hazardous substances (typically ammonia and hydrogen sulfide on dairy operations) from animal wastes that are equal to or greater than their reportable quantities (RQs) within any 24-hour period. The reporting requirement was to begin on January 22, 2018 however the Court granted EPA’s January 19, 2018 motion to extend the reporting requirement until May 1, 2018. Most recently, on February 13, 2018 new

bipartisan legislation was introduced in the U.S. Senate that would prevent dairy farms, and other livestock operations, from having to generate meaningless air emissions data for reporting. The Fair Agricultural Reporting Method (FARM) Act would prevent farms, ranches and other agricultural operations from having to report livestock manure emissions data under CERCLA. National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) continues to work tirelessly on both fronts of this effort; supporting the FARM Act as well as working closely with EPA to clarify reporting obligations in dairy production and develop meaningful guidance for farms of all sizes. **Please Note: Dairy farmers DO NOT need to and SHOULD NOT report ammonia or hydrogen sulfide emissions at this time. v

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United Dairymen of Arizona

in the News


ox 10’s Cory McCloskey stopped by the cheese plant to learn more about cheese-making in the desert. He typically brings funny and lighthearted commentary to his segments and shows local companies in a positive light. While visiting AZ Cheese Co, Cory showcased the blue cheese room where three 40,000 lb cheese vats turn our fresh Arizona milk, into blue cheese. The blue cheese starts in Arizona, ages in Wisconsin, and is used in blue cheese dressings or sold in crumbles. He also stopped by the curd room and to see how they drain the whey from the cheddar cheese curds. Overall, the two segments went by in a whirlwind and were a great way to promote our local cheese! v

United Dairymen of Arizona

USDA Rural Business Development Grants USDA Rural Development is now accepting applicants for grants to support rural businesses and help create jobs. The Rural Business Development Grant (RBDG) is a competitive grant designed to help local governments, non-profits and Federally-recognized Native American Tribes with targeted technical assistance, training and more. These are NOT direct grants to individuals or businesses. The RBDG allocation for AZ is estimated to be $300,000 which typically would fund 5-7 grants. Smaller requests are given priority. Grant applicants requesting Native American Congressionally mandated funds will be awarded competitively through a national competition. For additional info go to: http:// For questions or technical assistance in completing the application, please contact Don Irby, Rural Development Coordinator, at (928) 759-9301, Extension 106 or at Applications for an RBDG grant may be submitted beginning March 1st. Complete RBDG applications for projects must be received no later than April 30th by 4:30 p.m. All applications must be submitted to USDA Rural Development, Attn: Business & Cooperative Programs, 230 North 1st Avenue, Suite 206, Phoenix, AZ 850031706. v


fabrication inc. 3816 W Lower Buckeye Rd. PO Box 19042 Phoenix, AZ 85005-9042

Reuter Fabrication is an on-site facility providing custom metal fabrication services. We have sixty years experience in the metal fabrication industry, with qualified personnel to quote, bid and build your specific job. This state of the art facility is equipped to fabricate numerous projects, i.e. silos, metal forming, shearing, chassis & machining. Contact: Brad Cable (602) 415-0449 Email: For Information March 2018 UNITED DAIRYMEN


United Dairymen of Arizona

Why Grassroots Involvement is a Real Game Changer By State Senator Sine Kerr (District 13) and partner in Buckeye-based Kerr Family Dairy It only took one unpleasant experience speaking with individuals at a casual dinner party to realize I needed to make a change in the way I approached socially- and emotionally-charged topics related to agriculture. Initially, the conversation was amicable with thoughts and ideas freely exchanged. But when I mentioned that conventional and organic milk had the same nutritional value, oh my, did that set one of the guests off on a tirade against conventional farmers. I felt I needed to match her level of hysteria -- and I easily obliged! Nothing positive was accomplished through that exchange and it left me feeling upset and angry with myself for not maintaining my composure. I missed a fantastic opportunity to



at least give some thoughtful, calm insight about how every type of farmer cares for their animals and the quality of the milk they produce. I decided to get help and get help fast! I needed to only look as far as my Farm Bureau. Surrounded by her family, Senator Kerr is sworn in as State Senator from District 13 I began to participate in training events that offered resources and genuine experience in how to relate to people’s concerns regarding how their food is produced. I learned why I needed to keep my emotions in check, how to listen first, ask a few key questions, then calmly and factually share how we care for our cows and crops on our farm. It took some practice shaping my

message, but over time it became easier to control my own emotions and I could tell that people really were listening even when they didn’t completely agree. I no longer dread an encounter or embarrass myself. Not every conversation ends with the other person totally on board, but at least the needle moves in the right direction. When Duty Calls In the meantime, I became more and more involved. It really began through Arizona Farm Bureau’s Women’s Leadership Committee’s events such as Legislative Ag Fest and Legislative Day at the state capitol, plus Farm Bureau trips to Washington D.C. to meet our congressional delegation. Ultimately, because of a vacant seat in my district for the

United Dairymen of Arizona upcoming election in 2018, I filed the necessary paperwork early with the Secretary of State’s office and just like that I became a candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives. Then, in an unforeseen turn of events, Arizona Congressman Trent Franks resigned his seat, my legislative district Senator then resigned to run for the congressional seat, and our district was left with an empty senate seat. To fill the seat, three of us were nominated from the same area of the district. Each of us gave a three-minute speech with the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors ultimately voting on a chosen candidate. Their vote placed me in the Legislative District 13 senate seat formerly held by Steve Montenegro,

R-Litchfield Park, who is now running for the congressional post formerly held by Representative Franks. As I write this (January 7 th), tomorrow morning I will raise my right hand and with my left hand on my late father-in-law’s Bible, I will become the next state Senator from LD13. When passion for your livelihood meets leadership training and preparation, there is no limit to what opportunities are available. Farm Bureau not only teaches and trains you, they take you! With so few of us producing our food and fiber, it is even more critical that when we have opportunities to engage with our non-farming friends, we do so in a manner that has the best chance of success to change

their mind and transform their view of modern agriculture. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the fantastic seminars and courses available through Arizona Farm Bureau on the topics of consumer engagement. It can be a real game changer for you too! Editor’s note: Senator Kerr continues to serve as our Women’s Leadership Committee Chair. She is a recent graduate of Project CENTRL, the statewide rural leadership training program and recent graduate of American Farm Bureau Federation’s “Communication Boot Camp.” This article first appeared in the February 2018 issue of Arizona Agriculture, Arizona Farm Bureau’s monthly publication. v




Button-down work shirt

Wind jacket

UDA members who would like to purchase a shirt with a UDA logo may order them online through our uniform company, Aramark. The link below will take you directly to a page with ten of the most popular styles selected (8 shirts, and 2 outer-wear items). Link for purchasing UDA items: Both the login and the password are: Members benefit from UDA pricing; purchases are individual transactions between members and Aramark. Shipping and embroidery costs are in addition to the garment price.



dairy council of az National Youth Council


tziry P, a sophomore at Desert View High School in the Sunnyside Unified School District, is currently one of our Arizona Fuel Up to Play 60 State Ambassadors. Due to her dedication and commitment to the Fuel Up to Play 60 program over several years, she has been selected to join the National Youth Council after a competitive application process. As a Youth Council Leader, she will be considered a member of the Fuel Up to Play 60 team. The Youth Council is comprised of Fuel Up to Play 60’s most engaged Ambassadors who have attended at least one National Summit. These students have proven leadership experience as well as participated in specific Fuel Up to Play 60 leadership trainings. Atziry has won opportunities to visit the Dominos headquarters in Michigan due to her leadership role in Fuel Up to Play 60 and has also participated in the AdVenture Capital program that provided her school team $1,000 for their health and wellness initiative. In her new role as on the National Youth Council she will represent Fuel Up to Play 60 at community and national events. All of us at the Dairy Council Ž of Arizona are incredibly proud of her dedication and commitment to the Fuel Up to Play 60 program and know she will do an amazing job representing Arizona. v



dairy council of az Breakfast Pilot


chools and partnerships continue to be a priority for Fuel Up to Play 60 with a number of other organizations providing funding for Fuel Up to Play 60 activities and programs. In an effort to give back, the PepsiCo Foundation raised money to provide breakfast carts at 25 schools across the country. Arizona received two breakfast carts. The cart was placed in Tolleson with plans for another one to be placed in Tucson in the spring of 2018. These carts make breakfast more accessible to students giving them an additional resource to choose a healthy breakfast. v

dairy council of az AdVenture Capital


ast fall Dairy Council® of Arizona teamed up with the GENYOUth Foundation to host the AdVenture Capital leadership building program for students connected to Fuel Up to Play 60. The Social Innovation Series was sponsored by SAP as a Shark Tank type of program for high school students. Students developed a health and wellness plan to implement at their school. Ten student teams were selected to win $1,000 each. This is the fourth year Dairy Council® of Arizona has partnered with GENYOUth to promote and support health and wellness initiatives. In addition, one student team received an allexpenses paid trip to New York to meet Daymond John, one of Shark Tank’s entrepreneurs. v



Fuel Up to Play 60 encourages youth to choose nutrient-rich foods, including milk, cheese and yogurt and to play for at least 60 minutes each day. It is the key in-school program for the GENYOUth Foundation, which works with schools, communities and business partners to develop and support programs that create lasting changes in the child health and wellness arena.

dairy council of az Women, Infants and Children Program


airy Council of Arizona partnered with the statewide program Women, Infants and Children (WIC) to include yogurt as a qualified product in food packages provided through state assistance. WIC nutrition educators in every county will also be providing educational resources on the nutritional value of yogurt in English and Spanish to program participants. v



dairy council of az United Dairymen of Arizona

United Dairymen of Arizona

Undeniably Dairy Milk Caps


id you see the limited time Undeniably Dairy milk caps in your local Fry’s Food store? To spread the local Arizona farm and Undeniably Dairy message Arizona Milk Producers partnered with Kroger to utilize milk caps for messaging. Over 2.1 million milk caps in 2% and whole milk displayed the Undeniably Dairy and Arizona Dairy Farmers. The lids were a two part trial with a social media campaign to increase the awareness and visibility of local dairies providing milk in Fry’s Food Stores. With much success of this campaign the Undeniably Dairy Milk caps will be back on Fry’s Food Stores shelf the spring. v



dairy council of az UDA

Over 2.1 million milk caps in 2% and whole milk displayed the

Undeniably Dairy and Arizona Dairy Farmers.



az milk producers United Dairymen of Arizona

Fiesta Bowl Parade Half-Pint Judges


rizona Milk Producers held its annual HalfPint Judges contest, where children 8-12 years old entered to win a chance to be a Half-Pint Judge at the Fiesta Bowl Parade. To enter, kids submitted videos online, explaining what their favorite dairy product is and why. Jace, Reese, Ryan and Veronica had the honor of being Half-Pint Judges. They were tasked with the duty of judging the parade floats as they passed by the kid-size broadcast booth. In addition to being a part of the special day, they were featured on Arizona Family 3TV. The contest is held every year through the month of November. Entries can be submitted at v Ryan: Loves milk Reese: Loves string cheese because as a Type 1 diabetic it is a healthy snack that helps regulate her blood sugar. Veronica: Loves cream cheese to make Oreo Balls. Jace: Loves chocolate milk

Winners (Left to right) Ryan, Reese, Veronica and Chase 22


az milk producers Arizona Milk Producers College Scholarship


rizona Milk Producers awarded three college scholarships to students during the Fiesta Bowl game. As part of the scholarship contest contestants submitted a creative photo explaining how they fuel their day with dairy. Weekly winners became a finalist for the college scholarship, received a $100 gift card and two tickets to the Fiesta Bowl

game. Scholarship winners were chosen based on their entry photo and essay. The three winners were announced at the Fiesta Bowl game along with their photo being shown on the mega boards during the game. Winners were then recognized on the field during half time. v

Left to right: Tammy Baker, Arizona Milk Producers General Manager, Craig Caballero, Arizona Milk Producers Chair, Tamara Rovey. Winners: (Left to right) 3rd Place May Carreon, 2nd Place ,Klarissa Montana, 1st Place Yulisa Olvero March 2018 UNITED DAIRYMEN




DAIRYMEN of Arizona P.O. Box 26877 Tempe, Arizona 85285-6877 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED



Club West Golf Club Location: 16400 S. 14th Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85045 Directions: I-10 South, Exit Chandler Blvd., Go West 8 Miles to 14th Ave. Follow Signs to Clubhouse (For Map:

Friday, May 4, 2018 • Tee-Off: 7:00 a.m. Shotgun Start - 4 Person Scramble Golf fee includes carts, range balls, coffee & rolls and lunch. Lots of great door prizes, Long Drive, Closest to Pin holes. 50/50 drawing, and mulligan tickets...Bring Your Money! DONATE A DOOR PRIZE: If you are not a golfer and would like to donate a door prize, contact Tom O’Caroll at

$250.00 Hole Sponsorship OR $750.00 and it includes 4 golfer’s fees

Individual Player Fee $125.00 (Only First 144 players will be allowed to register) Don’t wait until the last minute, as we may be full and you might miss out! Rental Clubs Available for $40.00 (Specify right or left)

All sponsorship proceeds will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of the East Valley. For Registration Information Contact: Tom O’Carroll at Registration Forms Need to Be Turned in by April 27th!

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