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Buy Transformer oil Testing kit at Affordable Rates Introduction of Transformer oil Testing

The insulation oil of voltage- and current-transformers fulfills the purpose of insulating as well as cooling. Thus, the dielectric quality of transformer oil is a matter of secure operation of a transformer. 

As transformer oil deteriorates through ageing and moisture ingress, transformer oil should, depending on economics, transformer duty and other factor, be tested periodically.

Transformer oil testing sequences and procedures are defined by various international standards

Power utility companies have a vested interest in periodic oil testing since transformers represent a large proportion of their total assets.

Through such testing, transformers' life can be substantially increased, thus delaying new investment of replacement transformer assets.

Type of Insulating Oil Tester Insulating Oil Tester / US, A, AD Series (Manual/Motorized)  Tests to IS-6792, IEC-156.  Manual, Motorized operation.  Analogue / Digital kV Meter.  Test voltage: 60, 80, 100 kV.  Ergonomic design completely user friendly  Weight: Approx 40 kgs for 60 kV.

Insulating Oil Tester / OTS-E Series (Semi-Automatic)  Tests to IS-6792, IEC-156.  Digital kV meter.  Motorized rate of rise 2 kV/ sec.  Set test BDV value for withstand test.  Automatic start-stop stir of oil.  Indicators for test status.  Audio + Visual alarm at BDV.  Live, neutral, ground protection.  Test voltage: 60, 80, 100 kV.  Weight: Approx 25 kgs for 60 kV.  Ergonomic design completely user friendly

Insulating Oil Tester / CU Series: up Operated  Fully automatic test cycle.  Automatic change of sample number of test.  Automatic calendar and time running even with power off.  Recall and print last 99 test results.  Programmable: Number of tests, settling time, stir time, waiting time.  LCD displays: Test status, HV rise, HV fall, BDV of previous test and test results.  Tests to: IEC 156, IS 6792, JIS C2101, BS 5874, VDE 0370 etc.  Test voltage: 60,80,100 kV.  Built in printer.  Zero start safety and test chamber access interlock.  Ergonomic design, completely user friendlyjust 36 kg in weight.

Insulating Oil Tester / OTSA Series: uP Operated  Fully automatic test cycle.  Tests: ASTM D 877, ASTM D 1816, IEC156, IS 6792 etc.  Auto / Manual operation mode.  Prints test type, date, time, BDV, average bdv, deviations.  Recall and print of 100 test result stored in data.  Test voltage : 60,80,100 kV.  Built in printer.  RS 232 interface.  Backlit LCD which display all bdv of previous test results.  Zero start safety and test chamber access interlock  Ergonomic design user friendly with jog mouse

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Buy Transformer oil Testing kit at Affordable Rates