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how to reach us Millberry Fitness & Recreation Center UCSF Parnassus Campus General Information: 415.476.1115 Sonia Miller, General Manager Member Services: 415.476.0348 500 Parnassus Avenue-Level B1 San Francisco, CA 94143-0234 Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center UCSF Mission Bay Campus General Information: 415.514.4545 Greg Whisman, General Manager Member Services: 415.476.5646 1675 Owens Street San Francisco, CA 94143-3000 General Information Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 5:30 am-10:00 pm Saturday-Sunday 7:30 am-8:00 pm Like us on Facebook Free UCSF Mobile App Get easy access to Fitness & Recreation schedules, hours, Group Fitness class sign-ups, and more. Download for free at Google Play or the iPhone App Store now! january-march 2014

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Welcome The Fitness & Recreation Centers at UC San Francisco are proud to be part of the world’s leading medical and health sciences campus. For over 55 years, we’ve been providing services and programs that align with the vision of our university, and as any health professional will tell you, exercise is essential to everybody. Whether you’re an athlete in training, recovering from an illness, or just wanting to stay fit, you’ll see that we offer something for all abilities and life stages. Learn more about the specific offerings we have to help you manage and prevent illness and injury on page 18. In the colorful spirit of spring, we invite you to reach outside of your normal routine and try something new. Find the “new” icons and be the first to try a new program. Integrate fitness into your life inside and outside of the gym, by looking for the “Keys to Fitness Success” throughout this issue. Being part of our community means you’ve got access to the expertise and care of certified trainers, massage therapists, and experienced instructors. Our members can take advantage of all our “free” programs, including (Ab Lab, Fitness Assessments, drop-in sports, and more), not to mention our free welcome workouts with a trainer and Pilates instructor. If you’re not a member now, talk to Member Services to learn about all the benefits you get by joining.

our mission is to enrich the human spirit, quality of life, and community at UC San Francisco

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Keys to Fitness Success Plan on being your best this season using Keys to Fitness Success. Pages 7, 10, 13, 20, 31

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Group Fitness

Summer Student Memberships are back Get fit, feel great. No enrollment fee • No time restrictions • Must be 15 years or older with valid student ID •

Standard Membership

$139 for three months

Includes cardio and weight machines, pool(s), basketball, racquetball, squash, sauna, and workout towel service. Single location only.

Premier Membership

$159 for three months Includes both locations, standard benefits listed above, plus unlimited group fitness classes, shower towel service, and three hours of free validated parking at Mission Bay location.

Available May 1–June 30, 2014

For more information, visit or call Member Services: Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center at UCSF Mission Bay, 415.476.5646 Millberry Fitness & Recreation Center at UCSF Parnassus, 415.476.0348 4



engage & empower specialized training for your goals Pilates is an innovative system of mind-body exercises that uses either a floor mat or equipment. Evolved from the principles of Joseph Pilates, it is an excellent method of exercise for building strength without excess bulk, creating a strong and well-toned body.

Pilates Start-Up Package Save! Three Private Sessions for $190 An excellent introductory package for first-time Pilates participants. Beginners can use this package as a preview to private Pilates training, or to get acclimated to Pilates before joining one of our small group classes.

Private and Partner Training Packages Get a personalized program to meet your individual needs, such as injury prevention, rehabilitation, pre- or post-natal, or sports-specific training. Or share a session with two or three people. To schedule your package or learn more about Pilates call: 415.502.4398 or e-mail

Pilates Mat Express Get a 20-minute body-toning workout that will fit any schedule. Free for UCSF students and Fitness & Recreation Center members. Parnassus Tu, Th 5:30-5:50 pm Studio 4 Mission Bay


6:00-6:20 pm

Studio 3

Pilates Small Group Training Our following small group training classes give you the opportunity to expand your horizons, develop new skills, or sharpen skills. Classes are limited to four or five participants. We offer two convenient ways to participate: • Register for a session Guarantee your spot in a class by registering for a set schedule of classes to help you progress. Registration is easy and can be completed online or in person. • Drop in to a single class Can’t commit to a full session? Review our schedule of classes online, reserve your spot in a class appropriate for your level of training, pay, and go to class. It’s that simple. Premier members can reserve by phone, in person, or online at Standard and non-members can reserve by phone or in person. Space is limited. $35/42 Save! Early Bird Special-Register for all three April-June sessions by March 31, 2014 and receive 10% off. Fees

A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15



Pilates Equipment Classes at Parnassus Whether you are new to the Pilates Method or an experienced practitioner, you will find a Pilates equipment class perfect for your ability and level. Work every major muscle through a variety of challenging and innovative exercises that develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance—with attention to core training. Please note: classes are not appropriate for rehabilitation purposes or for those who need special attention due to injury. Classes are held in Studio 4 and limited to four participants. Certified Pilates Instructor: Adrienne Chambers

Level I Get a great workout while receiving a thorough introduction to the Pilates Method and the fundamental movements that form the basis of many Pilates exercises. Carefully paced, with plenty of emphasis on equipment set-up, individual form, technique, alignment, and breath work in preparation for Level II. Session One M 4/7-4/28 W 4/2-4/23 $112/140 (4 classes) Session Two M $84/105 W $112/140

5/5-5/19 (3 classes) 5/7-5/28 (4 classes)

Session Three M 6/2-6/23 W 6/4-6/25 $112/140 (4 classes)

5:15-6:10 pm 5:15-6:10 pm

2202.401 2202.402

Certified Pilates Instructors: Adrienne Chambers, Brigitte Brunner, Jackie Rodriquez, Justin Welch, Alex Ricci

5:15-6:10 pm


5:15-6:10 pm


5:15-6:10 pm 5:15-6:10 pm

2202.405 2202.406

Level II Continue to focus on fundamental movements and experience moderate pace and flow while increasing your Pilates repertoire. Prerequisite: must demonstrate a good understanding of equipment set-up and movement fundamentals. Permission from the Fitness Manager or class instructor required. Session One W 4/2-4/23 6:15-7:10 pm 2205.401 $112/140 (4 classes) Session Two W $112/140

5/7-5/28 (4 classes)

Session Three W 6/4-6/25 $112/140 (4 classes)

register online

Pilates Equipment Classes at Mission Bay See general and level descriptions in left column. Classes are held in Studio 3 and are limited to five participants.

6:15-7:10 pm


6:15-7:10 pm


Level I Session One M F $112/140

4/7-4/28 4/4-4/25 (4 classes)

6:30-7:25 pm 7:00-7:55 am

2210.451 2210.452

Tu W $140/175

4/1-4/29 4/2-4/30 (5 classes)

5:30-6:25 pm 6:30-7:25 pm

2210.453 2210.454

Session Two M $84/105

5/5-5/19 (3 classes)

6:30-7:25 pm


Tu W $112/140

5/6-5/27 5/7-5/28 (4 classes)

5:30-6:25 pm 6:30-7:25 pm

2210.456 2210.457

F $140/175

5/2-5/30 (5 classes)

7:00-7:55 am


Session Three M Tu W F $112/140

6/2-6/23 6/3-6/24 6/4-6/25 6/6-6/27 (4 classes)

6:30-7:25 pm 5:30-6:25 pm 6:30-7:25 pm 7:00-7:55 am

2210.459 2210.460 2210.461 2210.462

Level II Session One Su $84/105 W $140/175

4/6-4/27 9:30-10:25 am (3 classes; no class 4/20) 4/2-4/30 7:00-7:55 am (5 classes)


Session Two Su $84/105 W $112/140

5/4-5/18 (3 classes) 5/7-5/28 (4 classes)

9:30-10:25 am


7:00-7:55 am


9:30-10:25 am 7:00-7:55 am

2214.455 2214.456

Session Three Su 6/1-6/22 W 6/4-6/25 $112/140 (4 classes)




Pilates Equipment Classes at Mission Bay, cont’d Level III/IV Intermediate to advanced Pilates enthusiasts will experience more challenging exercises and variations, with increased tempo and intensity. Emphasis is on flow, breath, and pace. Permission from the Fitness Manager or class instructor required. Session One M 4/7-4/28 5:00-5:55 pm 2217.451 $112/140 (4 classes) Tu Tu W $140/175

4/1-4/29 4/1-4/29 4/2-4/30 (5 classes)

9:00-9:55 am 6:30-7:25 pm 5:00-5:55 pm

2217.452 2217.453 2217.454

Th Th $112/140

4/3-4/24 4/3-4/24 (4 classes)

9:00-9:55 am 6:30-7:25 pm

2217.455 2217.456

Session Two M $84/105

5/5-5/19 (3 classes)

5:00-5:55 pm


Tu Tu W Th Th $112/140

5/6-5/27 5/6-5/27 5/7-5/28 5/8-5/29 5/8-5/29 (4 classes)

9:00-9:55 am 6:30-7:25 pm 5:00-5:55 pm 9:00-9:55 am 6:30-7:25 pm

2217.458 2217.459 2217.460 2217.461 2217.462

5:00-5:55 pm


9:00-9:55 am 6:30-7:25 pm 5:00-5:55 pm 9:00-9:55 am 6:30-7:25 pm

2217.464 2217.465 2217.466 2217.467 2217.468

Session Three M 6/2-6/30 $140/175 (5 classes) Tu Tu W Th Th $112/140

6/3-6/24 6/3-6/24 6/4-6/25 6/5-6/26 6/5-6/26 (4 classes)

Fit & Strong Pregnancy at Mission Bay Pilates is a safe, challenging, and wonderful workout for the expectant mother. Use Pilates Mat exercises and a variety of Pilates equipment, with movements adapted for each trimester. Learn essential tools to help you stay connected to your changing body by improving your posture, strengthening abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, breath awareness, and increasing upper- and lower-body strength. Limited to five participants. Classes held in Studio 3. Certified Pilates Instructor: Alex Ricci

Session One Th Th Th $112/140

4/3-4/24 5/8-5/29 6/5-6/26 (4 classes)

5:30-6:25 pm 5:30-6:25 pm 5:30-6:25 pm

2220.451 2220.452 2220.453

Keys to Fitness Success

Set Realistic Goals Keep reaching towards a healthier, fitter you. Whatever your fitness level may be, our certified Pilates instructors are here to support your progress and total wellness.

Validated parking is easy & convenient. See page 15. Fees

A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


Personal Training

personal training go for it

we are here for you Working with a certified personal trainer enables you to achieve results quickly, safely, and more effectively than working out on your own. Our trainers create a results-oriented time-efficient workout, designed to match your specific needs. All levels will benefit from the education, motivation, and support needed to obtain personal goals.

Introductory Package Save! Three Private Sessions for $190 Need that extra spark to your workout? Having trouble reaching your fitness goals? First-time Personal Training customers can receive three, 55-minute private sessions at a discounted rate.

Partner Training Packages Semi-private training lets you maximize your investment and minimize costs. Split workouts and fees, and still get the personalized guidance you need.

Small Group Training Packages Share your workout with a group of friends or co-workers. This package offers a fun, economical, and supportive way to reach your fitness goals. Groups are limited to three to six people.

Wellness Package

Mission Bay only

Get focused care, working closely with both a physical therapist and personal trainer to achieve your wellness goals. Increase healing and get maximum results.

Fit Coach Clinics Get professional health and wellness advice or learn a new way to exercise from our nationally certified Personal Trainers/Pilates Instructors. Fit Coach clinics are held monthly. For upcoming clinics watch for our e-mails or like us on Facebook. Free for UCSF students and Fitness & Recreation Center members.

Fitness Assessment: Get the 411 Get a baseline of your numbers to help you improve your performance in any sport or fitness activity. Using standardized fitness testing tools, our certified Personal Trainers assess your current level of fitness to help you jumpstart a fitness plan. The five components of the fitness assessment include body composition, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility. Free for UCSF students and Fitness & Recreation Center members.

To schedule your Personal Training packages, sessions, and Fitness Assessment appointments call: 415.502.4398, or e-mail


Personal Training personal training programs Ab Lab Tone your abs, meet up with other members, and experience a workout like no other. Give us a little of your time and we’ll give you the best exercises to tone your abs. Free for UCSF students and Fitness & Recreation Center members. Parnassus

M W, Th

10:00-10:20 am 3:30-3:50 pm

Fitness Floor

Mission Bay

M M, W

12:00-12:20 pm 4:00-4:20 pm

Fitness Floor Studio 1

Bakar Bootcamp

Mission Bay only

Transform your body with the ultimate outdoor workout on the UCSF Mission Bay campus. Improve strength, agility, balance, core control, and cardiovascular fitness through a variety of drills and teambuilding activities. Rev up your metabolism and test your perseverance with this energizing, early morning outdoor workout. Not recommended for individuals with injuries. Limited to ten participants. Certifed Personal Trainers: Rachel Frank and Nicole Peterson

Tu,Th $180/240 Tu,Th $210/280

4/1-5/8 (12 classes) 5/13-6/26 (14 classes)

7:00-8:00 am


7:00-8:00 am


TRX® Circuit Training Take your training to the next level by combining the TRX® Suspension Trainer and a mix of timed, self-paced cardio drills. This class provides you with unique, challenging, and fun ways to build core and muscular strength, improve your balance, and cardiovascular fitness. Small group training class, limited to six participants. Parnassus Certified Personal Trainer/TRX: Amy Lebrun

M $120/140

4/7-4/28 (4 classes)

7:00-7:55 am Studio 4


M $90/105

5/5-5/19 (3 classes)

7:00-7:55 am Studio 4

M $150/175

6/2-6/30 (5 classes)

7:00-7:55 am Studio 4

Tu $120/140

5/6-5/27 (4 classes)

7:00-7:55 am 3054.454 Functional Training Studio

M $150/175

6/2-6/30 (5 classes)

5:30-6:25 pm 3054.455 Functional Training Studio

Tu $120/140

6/3-6/24 (4 classes)

7:00-7:55 am 3054.456 Functional Training Studio

Women on Weights

Mission Bay only

Lifting weights isn’t just for guys. Get empowered, strong, and fit by increasing your muscular strength and endurance. Change your routine, change your body! (Men are welcome). Lorna Bernardo, Certified Personal Trainer


M/W Tu/Th $240/304

4/2-4/28 4/1-4/24 (8 classes)


M/W $210/266

5/5-5/28 6:30-7:25 am (7 classes; no classes 5/26)

Tu/Th $240/304

5/6-5/27 (8 classes)

Mission Bay

Mission Bay Certified Personal Trainer/TRX: Justin Welch and Nicole Peterson

M $120/140

4/7-4/28 (4 classes)

5:30-6:25 pm 3054.451 Functional Training Studio

Tu $150/175

4/1-4/29 (5 classes)

7:00-7:55 am 3054.452 Functional Training Studio

M $90/105

5/5-5/19 (3 classes)

5:30-6:25 pm 3054.453 Functional Training Studio

M/W 6/2-6/25 Tu/Th 6/3-6/26 $240/304 (8 classes)

6:30-7:25 am 10:00-10:55 am Fitness Floor

3058.451 3058.452 3058.453 Fitness Floor

10:00-10:55 am 3058.454 Fitness Floor 6:30-7:25 am 10:00-10:55 am Fitness Floor

3058.455 3058.456

register online

UCSF PhysFit Physical Therapy Health & Wellness Center at Mission Bay Sponsored by UCSF Department of Physical Therapy, this center features individualized physical therapy as well as classes that focus on health, wellness, and returning to a high level of functional activity. Our programs promote fitness, endurance, flexibility, strength, balance, and more. Contact us to find out more. Call: 415.514.4816 • E-mail: • Visit:


A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


Massage Services

put your health in good hands with massage

experience even more ways to take care of yourself

seated massage at UCSF Seated massage is a great way to manage and relieve symptoms of everyday tension and stress. Incorporating chair massage sessions to restore the muscles and tendons that work nonstop, is a smart investment towards your total health and well-being. All seated massage appointments are done fully clothed. 15 minutes: $20 For more information and to book an appointment for seated massage Parnassus (Millberry): 415.476.1115 Mission Bay (Bakar): 415.514.4545 Members and UCSF students can book online:

Want us to come to you? Now seated massage can come to you and your department at any campus location, office, or clinic. Contact Tim Cowen at 415.514.4543.

Five-minute Chair Massage Living Well at UCSF offers free five-minute massages by Fitness & Recreation massage practitioners, exclusively for UCSF students, faculty, and staff. For times and campus locations, visit: massage

Keys to Fitness Success

Restore Body & Mind One of the keys to fitness often overlooked is restoration. To perform your best, you must give your body rest. Integrate active rest and restoration modalities like massage for better health.

Validated parking is easy & convenient. See page 15. For more information, visit or contact Tim Cowen, Massage Services Manager, at 415.514.4543 or e-mail


Massage Services

therapeutic massage Incorporating massage into your health routine is an essential way to keep your body and mind performing optimally. Our certified massage therapists are trained to carefully evaluate your unique needs and design individualized treatment plans accordingly. Benefits of Massage Massage may be helpful in improving mobility and quality of life. Some of the benefits of massage include: • Decreased blood pressure • Alleviation of chronic pain • Restored balance and increased energy • Reduced anxiety and depression • Muscle relaxation and tension relief • Improved circulation and muscle tone Therapeutic Massage Prices Non-members: Members & Students 75 minutes: $105 75 minutes: $85 Book an appointment for therapeutic massage: Parnassus (Millberry): 415.476.1115 Mission Bay (Bakar): 415.514.4545 Members and UCSF students can book online: Thank your practitioner by making referrals and scheduling repeat visits. University policy does not allow UCSF employees to receive gratuities. Please give 24 hours advance notice when rescheduling or cancelling appointments to avoid being charged the full rate.

inpatient massage We are now offering massage services to UCSF Medical Center patients. Upon physician’s approval, massage appointments can be scheduled and services provided during hospitalization. Services are provided to help manage pain, reduce stress, and offer comfort. UCSF Medical Center Patients 25 minutes: $40 50 minutes: $80 For more information or to schedule inpatient massage services, please contact Tim Cowen, Massage Manager, at 415.514.4543 or

therapeutic outpatient massage Patients, families, and friends are welcome to schedule massage appointments at Millberry and Bakar Fitness & Recreation Centers. See details under therapeutic massage for booking and contact information.

pediatric oncology pilot In 2013, Massage Services partnered with UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital to provide massage to pediatric patients in the oncology unit. The goal for this pilot program was to provide stress and pain relief while measuring the effectiveness of these services. The feedback from the 75 patients who received 30-minute massage sessions was positive and the results of the program encouraging. We are exploring various options to continue this program at UCSF. For more information, please contact Tim Cowen.


A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


Recreational Sports

recreational sports give it a shot

fitness is more fun with friends Learn a new game, join a team, or fine tune your talent. Recreational Sports offers fun and friendly activities for UCSF students, staff, and the community. We offer a wide range of sports and activities that are played as leagues, tournaments, drop-ins, clubs, or clinics.

spring leagues Feed your competitive spirit, socialize, be part of a team, get your exercise, play your favorite sport—there are so many reasons to join a league. Please see league schedules for dates and locations, page 13.

Basketball: 5-on-5 Open Intermediate/Advanced/Co-ed and 6-feet-and-under

Futsal (Indoor Soccer): 5-on-5 Brazilian-style soccer; Intermediate/Advanced

Volleyball: 6-on-6 Co-ed Beginners/Intermediate; Intermediate/Advance

Women’s Basketball All skill levels welcome

League Information • Leagues run for approximately eight weeks • League cards will be issued to non-member players by the Recreational Sports staff during the first week of leagues • Players must have their membership ID or league card • A $5 replacement fee will be charged for lost league cards • Additional players may be added to a team up to the third week of play by using a registration form

Register Now Download registration forms at: or pick up at a Fitness & Recreation Center. Space is limited. First come, first served. For more information, call: 415.514.4594. March 1-14 Registration open to UCSF students and Premier members March 7-14 General registration opens League registration entry forms are due by 5:00 pm, Friday, March 14.


Recreational Sports

Parnassus League Schedule Leagues

Days & Dates

**Basketball: 5-on-5 • • M, 3/31-5/19 **Basketball: 5-on-5 • • (UCSF Students Only) Tu, 4/1-5/20 **Basketball: 6-feet-and-under 5-on-5 • • Th, 4/3-5/22 Futsal (Indoor Soccer) 5-on-5 Su, 4/6-6/1 *Volleyball: 6-on-6 (Co-ed) • • W, 4/2-5/21

Captains’ Meetings


3/25, Tu, 7:00 pm 3/25, Tu, 7:00 pm 3/25, Tu, 7:00 pm 3/24, M, 6:15 pm 3/25, Tu, 6:15 pm

$59/77 $59/77 $59/77 $52/68 $52/68

All captains’ meetings will take place in the Millberry Union, Golden Gate Room. For current information, schedules, standings, and club tournaments visit, or call 514.4594.

Mission Bay League Schedule Leagues **Basketball: 5-on-5 • **Basketball: 5-on-5 • • **Basketball: 5-on-5 • • • **Basketball: 5-on-5 • • **Basketball: Women’s 5-on-5 • • *Volleyball: 6-on-6 (Co-ed) •

Days & Dates

Captains’ Meetings


Tu, 4/1-6/3 W, 4/2-5/21 W, 4/2-5/21 Th, 4/3-6/5 Th, 4/3-5/22 Tu, 4/1-5/20

3/26, W, 6:15 pm 3/26, W, 6:15 pm 3/26, W, 6:15 pm 3/26, W, 6:15 pm 3/26, W, 6:15 pm 3/26, W, 7:00 pm

$59/77 $59/77 $59/77 $59/77 $59/77 $52/68

All captains’ meetings will take place in the Game Room, Mission Bay. For current information, schedules, standings, and club tournaments visit, or call 514.4594. Levels: • Beginners/Intermediate • • Intermediate *Co-ed = required gender ratio on court **Open = no gender requirements

• • • Advance

For updated Parnassus and Mission Bay league standings and gymnasium schedules, visit

court reservations

sports clubs

Parnassus Mission Bay

Golf Club at UCSF

415.476.1115 415.514.4545

UCSF students and members can also use our online booking service at Click “first time user.”

Become a member of the Northern California Golf Association and play monthly Bay Area tournaments March to October, including a two-day tournament near Monterey. Golf experience necessary. For application, fee requirements, schedule, and more information, visit

UCSF Run Club

student services fees at work A portion of services fees underwrites a variety of programs and services designed to help students experience a healthy and balanced life at UCSF.

Get fit, reduce stress, and meet new people. Run for thirty minutes at a nine-minute-mile pace. Meet at Millberry Union Central Desk, 500 Parnassus Ave. For more information, contact Ben O’Banion at 514.4581 or e-mail Free for UCSF Student and Fitness & Recreation Center Members. W 5:00-6:15 pm

Keys to Fitness Success

Embrace Variety Manage the inevitable fitness plateau by mixing it up. Try a new sport, drop in on a different game, and play with new people. Variety is fun and keeps you on top of your game.

register online

recreational sports information: Fees

A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


Recreational Sports

drop-in sports

Not a member yet?

Stop by and play exciting team sports. You don’t need a team to play, and all skill levels are welcome. Free to UCSF students and Fitness & Recreation members, where membership level applies. Visit our website for the most current schedule.

Purchase a 10-Visit Pass for access to drop-in sports. Pass is also good for use in the fitness centers, including towel service, sauna, pools, ping pong or billiards, exercise equipment, and Group Fitness classes. See page 21 for details. • $149 for 10 visits • Expires 90 days from purchase date • Non-transferable. Some restrictions apply • Inquire about discounted parking

Drop-in Sports Schedule Parnassus

Mission Bay

Sport Days Times

Badminton Basketball Futsal (Indoor Soccer) Racquetball Squash Volleyball

Sa M Tu W Th F W, F M Tu F

5:30-8:00 pm 3:15-4:00 pm 3:15-6:00 pm 4:00-5:00 pm 12:00-6:00 pm 3:30-6:00 pm 1:00-3:30 pm 6:00-8:00 pm 6:45-9:00 pm 6:30-10:00 pm

No Play Dates

6/30 6/3 5/1, 6/5 6/20 6/20

Sport Days Times

Badminton Basketball Futsal (Indoor Soccer) Squash Volleyball

W F F Sa, Su Tu, Th W Sa M

12:00-1:30 pm 7:00-10:00 pm 5:00-10:00 pm 3:00-8:00 pm 12:15-2:00 pm 6:00-7:30 pm 11:00 am-12:30 pm 7:00-9:50 pm

No Play Dates

5/31, 6/1


Join the Recreational Sports e-mail list.

Get updates on clinics, drop-in sports, leagues, and special events. To join, e-mail

sports clinics, lessons, and tournaments Shotokan Karate Mission Bay only Mixed Levels Distinguished from other martial arts by the linearity and strength of its punches, blocks, and kicks, JKA Shotokan is an ideal way to become and stay fit, as it combines intense aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Gain self-discipline and the confidence to surmount everyday obstacles, whether tangible or not. JKA Shotokan Karate encourages exploration and understanding of both the physical and mental self. M, W, F 3/31-6/30 M 8:30-10:00 pm 0082.451 W, F 7:30-9:00 pm $192/240 Studio 2

UCSF Squash Box League UCSF Box League is organized by our Fitness & Recreation members to engage the squash community at UCSF. Every month the boxes are refreshed and each player completes four matches per month. Must be a US-Squash member. Not a member? Join for free at create-an-account. For more information, e-mail

Squash Clinic for Beginners/Advanced Beginners New to the sport or have less than one year of experience? Learn the fundamentals of the game and meet other members. Rules, basic technique, tactics, ball control, and positioning will be covered. Equipment is provided. (3 classes) Tu 5/27-6/10 6:00-7:00 pm 0087.401 $65/85 Parnassus W 5/21-6/4 6:45-8:15 pm 0087.451 $65/85 Mission Bay Visit our website to register for squash clinics. For more information, contact squash pro Dominique Chiquet at

Squash Clinic for Intermediate/Advanced Players Enjoy playing with other high-level players in the club and learn to train like the pros. Work on advanced aspects of your squash game and favorable positioning for various shots. Space is limited to five participants. (3 classes) Tu 5/7-6/10 7:00-8:00 pm 0087.402 $65/85 Parnassus Th 5/22-6/5 6:45-8:15 pm 0087.452 $65/85 Mission Bay

Squash Private Lessons Sign up at a Fitness & Recreation Service Desk for a 45-minute private or semi-private lesson. To confirm lesson time and location, contact Dominique Chiquet at $68/$85

Softball-Co-ed Tournament Spend the weekend with friends and others from the UCSF community during this two-day softball tournament at Moscone Field. First day of the tournament will be for seeding and the second day will be a playoff and championship for the top four teams. Bats and bases will be provided. For more information please call Edwin Tse at 415.514.4594 or 4/12 and 4/13 $100 UCSF students $350 Non-students Sa-Su 0060.401

register online


Registration Information & Contacts Registration Dates and Hours Adult and Youth Programs (Youth Aquatics see below) Online registration is available for all programs. Visit our website for more information. Registration is ongoing from start date and is available online, by mail, fax, or in person. Membership ID is required for program discounts. Premier Members and UCSF Students: Starts Monday, March 10 Monday-Friday: 6:00 am-8:00 pm Saturday and Sunday: 7:30 am-6:00 pm

Programs Open to All

All programs are open to the general public. UCSF students and Fitness & Recreation members receive program discounts.

Online Registration Use our digital catalog to browse and register for all programs. It’s easy and convenient! Visit to get started. Membership not required.

Membership Become a Fitness & Recreation member and receive the lowest rate available on programs. Membership also includes use of cardio and strength machines, free weights, pools, squash and racquetball courts, gymnasium, sauna, and game room. Premier membership includes Group Fitness classes, towel service, and three hours of validated parking per day at Mission Bay (certain restrictions apply).

Group Fitness Classes General Registration: Starts Tuesday, March 11 Monday-Friday: 6:00 am-8:00 pm Saturday and Sunday: 7:30 am-6:00 pm

Youth Aquatics Group Lessons Register online or in person. Online registration for weekday and weekend lessons starts March 6. For more information, please see page 28.

UCSF Camps Our spring and summer camps are on hiatus due to construction at Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center. For alternatives, visit

Pricing Two-tier pricing for all programs. A = UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center Members and their children B = Non-members

Information can be found starting on page 19. Visit our website ( fitnessrecreation), or the Service Desk for a current schedule of classes.

Online Account Management Conveniently manage your customer account online—view your account, make payments, and update your profile. Add your child to your account for easier online registration. Visit Member Services to get started. Membership is not required to set up an account.

Youth Participation Youth programs are open to ages 14 and younger. See program descriptions for details. Membership for ages 15 and older is required for use of the fitness floor and equipment. Ages 15 and older may participate in adult programs. For more information please refer to the policies available online at

Check-in To enter the Fitness Center, please show your admittance card, membership card, or UCSF student ID.

Cancellations Register early—classes are subject to cancellation without minimum participation. If a class is cancelled, you will be notified by telephone and a full refund will be available in the same form as the original payment. See the Credit and Refund Policy on page 17 for information about customer cancellations.

Parking Information A parking garage is located at each center. Program participants and members receive up to three hours of discounted parking ($1.75 flat rate), with validation on weekdays from 4:45 pm-8:30 am and any time on weekends. Premier members whose membership includes use of Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center receive up to three hours of free validated parking per day at Mission Bay only. Validation is available at the Service Desk. Regular parking rates apply at other times.

Fitness & Recreation Centers UCSF Holidays & Closure Dates

Fitness & Recreation Contacts

Holiday hours are 7:30 am-8:00 pm

Millberry Fitness & Recreation Center at UCSF Parnassus

Cesar Chavez Day, Friday, Mar 28: OPEN Mission Bay outdoor pool closed: CLOSED

Millberry Union 500 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco Tel: 415.476.1115; Fax: 415.502.7413

Memorial Day, Monday, May 26: OPEN Parnassus and Mission Bay outdoor pools: CLOSED

Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center at UCSF Mission Bay William J. Rutter Center 1675 Owens Street, San Francisco Tel: 415.514.4545; Fax: 415.514.4580

UCSF Health & Wellness Center Tel: 415.514.4816 To contact program supervisors directly, please visit

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Fitness & Recreation Centers at UCSF • Register Now! STEP Registration Waiver & Form

➊ PARTICIPANT INFORMATION (One form per participant. All fields are required in order to register.)

Adult Participant Name (or parent/guardian): First



Birth Year (optional)


Child Participant Name (one child per Registration Form and Waiver): First



Birth Date

Gender MO



Street Address ________________________________________________ Apt# _________ City __________________________________________________ Zip ____________________ Day Phone ( ______ ) _____________________________ E-mail Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Emergency Contact Name ___________________________________________________ Relationship ___________________ Phone ( ______ ) _______________________________



Fitness & Recreation Centers at the University of California, San Francisco Activity, Program, Session, Lesson and/or Trip: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Waiver: In consideration of being permitted to participate in any way in any activity, program, session, lesson and/or trip named above, indicated on the reverse side of or attached to this document, hereinafter called “Activity,” I, for myself, my heirs, personal representatives or assigns, do hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue The Regents of the University of California, its officers, employees and agents from liability from any and all claims including the negligence of The Regents of the University of California, its officers, employees and agents, resulting in personal injury, accidents or illness (including death) and property loss arising from, but not limited to, participation in the “Activity.” _________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Signature of Participant Date Signature of Parent/Guardian of Minor Date Assumption of Risks: Participation in the “Activity” carries with it certain inherent risk that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. The specific risks vary from one “Activity” to another but the risks range from 1) minor injuries such as scratches, bruises and sprains to 2) major injuries such as eye injury or loss of sight, joint or back injuries, heart attacks, and concussions to 3) catastrophic injuries including paralysis and death. I have read the previous paragraphs and I understand the words and language in them. I have been advised of the potential dangers incidental to receiving instruction and participating in the “Activity.” I know, understand and appreciate these and other risks are inherent in the “Activity.” I hereby assert that my participation is voluntary and I knowingly assume all such risks. Indemnification and Hold Harmless: I also agree to indemnify and hold The Regents of the University of California harmless from any and all claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities, including attorney fees brought as a result of my involvement in the “Activity,” and to reimburse them for any such expense incurred. Severability: The undersigned further expressly agrees that the foregoing waiver and assumption of risks agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of the State of California and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect. Acknowledgement of Understanding: I have read this waiver of liability, assumption of risks and indemnity agreement, fully understand its terms, and understand that I am giving up substantial rights, including my right to sue. I understand and agree that if I am signing this waiver of liability, assumption of risks and indemnity agreement on behalf of a minor child, I am giving up substantial rights for said minor child, including my right to sue. I acknowledge that I am signing the agreement freely and voluntarily and intend by my signature to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law. Photo Release: I understand that the University occasionally photographs members for marketing purposes. I understand that I can elect on my and/or my minor child’s behalf not to participate in a photo shoot at the time of a shoot. For each occasion that I agree or allow my minor child to participate, I hereby grant the University of California, San Francisco permission to take my and/or my minor child’s photograph for use in official University printed publications and the Internet without further consideration, and I acknowledge the University’s right to modify any photographs at its discretion. _________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Signature of Participant Date Signature of Parent/Guardian of Minor Date Participant Age (if minor) ________________


16 • Parnassus 415.476.1115 • Mission Bay 415.514.4545

Registration Form STEP


Register online using our digital catalog, or complete pages 16 and 17. See website for more information. Mail or drop off pages 16 and 17: Parnassus Programs - Millberry Fitness & Recreation Center, 500 Parnassus Avenue, Box 0234, San Francisco, CA 94143-0234 Mission Bay Programs - Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center, 1675 Owens Street, Box 3000, San Francisco, CA 94143-3000 Or, fax pages 16 and 17 to: Parnassus - 415.502.7413 Mission Bay - 415.514.4580 Credit And Refund Policy The Fitness & Recreation Centers at UCSF adhere to a “no refund” policy for all customer-cancelled registration activities, programs, sessions, lessons, or trips; therefore: • Credit is issued if a customer cancels seven days prior to the first day of an activity, program, session, lesson, pre-trip meeting, or trip • For activities, programs, sessions, lessons, or trips costing more than $30, credit will be issued as a Gift Card for the amount paid less a $30 cancellation fee • For activities, programs, sessions, lessons, or trips costing $30 or less, no credit will be issued and no cancellation fee will be charged • No credit is issued if a customer cancels after the deadline stipulated above • Refund is issued only when the Fitness & Recreation Centers at UCSF must cancel an activity, program, session, lesson, or trip • UCSF Camps and Recreational Sports Leagues also adhere to the above “no refund” and cancellation fee policies but have individual cancellation deadlines specific to each camp or league • All returned checks will be charged a $30 administrative fee

STEP ENROLLMENT INFORMATION (Participation in classes, programs, or services offered in this catalog is open to the General Public. Interested in membership? Parnassus: 415.476.0348. Mission Bay: 415.476.5646) Participant Fee Structure (Check appropriate boxes.) q A-Rate = UCSF Students and Fitness & Recreation Center Members . . . . . q Standard q B-Rate = Non-members


q Premier

q Express

Member #


(One form per participant. All fields are required in order to register.) First





Activity Code








Activity Name


Bakar Bootcamp



FOR OFFICE USE ONLY: Date Entered _____________________________ Amount _____________________________ Check # _________________________________ Confirmation: Mail/In-Person SUBTOTAL:

Staff _________________________________ Receipt # _______________________________





Payment in full must accompany registration, unless stipulated otherwise. Please do not send cash. I agree to pay the total amount stated above: ____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________ Card holder’s authorized signature Date

FORM OF PAYMENT Check: Make checks payable to: UC Regents. Send separate checks for each program or class. Please write your phone number on your checks. Charge: Visa 13-16 digits MasterCard 16 digits American Express 15 digits Discover 15 digits CREDIT CARD HOLDER’S NAME CARD #


Exp. Date



A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


Build your confidence. Receive expert support for your well-being, regardless of ability or stage of life, from injury prevention to post-rehab. Fitness & Recreation offers services that help you achieve your optimum health. See descriptions in this catalog to identify the classes and services that best fit your health and well-being needs: w w w w w w


Tai Chi BODYFLOW Feldenkrais The MELT Method 速 Pilates Qi Gong

w w w w w w

S-t-r-e-t-c-h Hatha Yoga Integrated Yoga Vinyasa Yoga AquaFit AquaFlex

w w w w w

Deep Water Exercise Deep Water Running Sunflower Wellness Personal Training Massage Services Consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

Group Fitness Over 150 classes per week

Included with Premier membership! Reservations recommended to guarantee your spot. Not a Premier member? Standard and non-members can participate by purchasing a 10-Visit Pass See page 21. get a class schedule

Visit our website or the Service Desk for a current schedule. Or access our daily schedule on your phone with the UCSF Mobile App. (Search for the UCSF Mobile app and download it for free at Google Play or the iPhone App Store now!)

cardio BODYSTEP™

Parnassus only

An athletic, energizing workout using a height-adjustable platform, creative yet simple choreography and uplifting music. Push fatburning systems into high gear, then shape and tone through strength conditioning.

group fitness get in on the action

Spinning® Ride to the rhythm of powerful music, take on the terrain, tackle hills, flats, mountain peaks, and time trials to build mental and physical strength. Get in gear with the various Spinning Energy Zones™ (Interval, Endurance, Strength, Recovery, and Race Day).

Spin® Core Mission Bay only Forty minutes on the bike, 15 minutes off. Take a ride that’s the ultimate cardio and core (abs and back) conditioning workout.

Spin® Yoga

Parnassus only

Energy Zone rides combined with post-ride yoga asanas enhance flexibility, strength, and balance. Reduce tension and increase joint range of motion to make every ride comfortable and efficient.

cardio/strength Athletic Conditioning Achieve powerful results quickly with this high-intensity circuit workout. Nonstop action moves you from station to station for the ultimate cardio and strength challenge.

BODYCOMBAT™ An empowering mixed martial arts workout drawing from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, tae kwon do, tai chi, and muay Thai. Punch, kick, block, and strike your way to an outrageously shredded body in this calorie-blasting and muscle-defining experience.

GRIT™ Cardio

Parnassus only

Burn fat and rapidly improve athletic ability in this high-intensity class, using your body weight. Challenge yourself in this 30-minute class. Not recommended for beginners.

GRIT™ Plyo

Parnassus only

Build a powerful, agile, and athletic body. Challenge yourself for 30 minutes in this intense plyometric-based workout. Not recommended for beginners.

GRIT™ Strength

Parnassus only

Blast all major muscle groups to build strength and lean muscle. Get the power of personal training with the motivation of a team in 30 minutes. Not recommended for beginners.

Sunflower Wellness

For people living with cancer

Build your core, strength, balance, and stability with a cancer exercise certified trainer. We use a variety of methods to help you focus on range of motion, flexibility, and muscular strength. Please submit a physician’s approval form prior to attending class, available at the Service Desk or download from our website at\fitnessrecreation.


A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


Group Fitness yoga


Parnassus only

Ashtanga Vinyasa Mission Bay only

This addictive fusion of the latest dance styles and hottest new sounds puts the emphasis as much on having fun as on breaking a sweat. Move with attitude, get front and center, and enjoy the sensation of dance.

A form of Vinyasa yoga but much more athletic and challenging. Fasterpaced and fairly intense, it emphasizes specific sequences, with constant movement from one pose to the next. Intermediate and advanced levels.


Hatha Yoga

An exhilarating Latin-inspired dance cardio experience that blends upbeat world rhythms with easy to follow choreography. Zumba Tone classes include dance choreography using two and three pound weights to add intensity and muscular endurance to the workout.

A blend of traditional yoga styles with emphasis on a gentle and slow pace, providing a calm and quiet environment that is noncompetitive and that emphasizes breath, control, and concentration. All levels welcome.

martial arts

An integrated mind/body practice drawing from the traditions of Iyengar, Sivananda, Bikram, Ashtanga, and Viniyoga. All levels welcome.

Tai Chi This Chinese martial art develops rotational power, core strength, lowerbody stability, balance, and coordination. Relaxed, graceful sequences facilitate energy (qi) flow, health, and well-being. All levels welcome.

mind/body BODYFLOW™

Parnassus only

A harmonizing blend of Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates that builds flexibility and strength. Controlled breathing, concentration, and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of calm and balance. All levels welcome.

The Feldenkrais® Method: Awareness Through Movement Parnassus only Increase flexibility in the spine, discover the power of the pelvis, and practice more efficient breathing techniques to improve overall wellbeing. Effective and easy lessons benefit any age and physical condition. All levels welcome.

Meditation Immerse into self-discovery finding an inner calm through the art of meditation. Develop skills of focus, relaxation, and acceptance to refresh the body and mind. All levels welcome.

The MELT Method® Parnassus only Learn simple self-care techniques you can use everyday to make your body feel better and function more efficiently. Relieve aches and pains brought on by aging and active living. Reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain, improve alignment, and learn how to keep your whole body working better. Treat yourself! All levels welcome.

Pilates Mat The perfect introduction to Pilates. Improve your posture and performance in everyday activities with this energizing strength and flexibility method linking a series of fluid movements with breath and mental focus. All levels welcome.

Qi Gong Enhance your quality of life with this ancient Chinese healing art form. Seated postures relax you and increase life energy (qi) to reduce stress, alleviate symptoms of chronic ailments, and improve your well-being. All levels welcome.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h: Top-To-Toe Flexibility Parnassus only Unlock stiffness, improve posture, and increase flexibility and range of motion in this feel-good, full-body stretch class. A little bit of effort in this 55-minute experience will pay off, leaving your body and mind totally relaxed. All levels welcome.

Validated parking is easy. See page 15. 20

Integrated Yoga

Parnassus only

Iyengar Yoga Classic yoga poses are held at length to emphasize precision and alignment, and create balance between strength and flexibility. All levels welcome.

Vinyasa Yoga Yoga postures flow in a vigorous, logical sequence to complement those that precede and follow. Focus is on the synchronization of breath and continuous flow of movement. All levels welcome.

Keys to Fitness Success

Create a Plan What healthy activities are on your calendar? Being spontaneous can work sometimes, but for real success, schedule and commit to your workouts. Put group fitness classes on your calendar today!

Group Fitness Class Information Premier Members

Access to unlimited Group Fitness classes included with membership.

10-Visit Pass Available April 2014

Standard and non-members may take Group Fitness classes by purchasing a 10-Visit Pass. • Valid at Parnassus and Mission Bay • Expires 90 days from date of purchase • $79 members/$149 non-members • Passes are non-transferable • Pass includes facility use and drop-in sports

Single Day Guest Pass

UCSF visitors can enjoy facility access by purchasing a Single Day Guest Pass for $20. Pass can be used to reserve a same-day Group Fitness class and is site specific.


• Reservations begin at 7:00 pm daily for next day classes • Premier members can reserve by phone, in person, or online: (waitlist available) • Standard and non-members with a 10-Visit Pass can reserve by phone or in person only (waitlist not available)

Class Check-in and Studio Arrival

Pick up a class-entry card at the Service Desk prior to start of class. Entry cards are available 20 minutes prior to and five minutes after class start time. Arrive within 10 minutes of start time to ensure a safe workout.


If you cannot attend a class, please cancel your reservation by phone or in person. Premier members can also cancel online.

Group Fitness strength Barre Assets

water exercise AquaFit

Mission Bay only

An energizing, barefoot workout fusing barre conditioning and graceful Pilates for core stability and perfect posture. Strengthen, lengthen, and define every major muscle group from the bottom up.

BODYPUMP™ A cutting-edge workout using the SmartBar with adjustable weights. Focusing on low weight loads and high repetition movements, you’ll burn fat, gain strength, and quickly produce lean body muscle.

Core Camp Work your core like never before! Discover how the ballast ball and foam roller can redefine your core, release muscle tension, and refresh your workout.


This 30-minute workout really hones in on the torso and sling muscles that connect your upper body to your lower body. It’s ideal for tightening your abs and glutes, while also improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention. A short, sharp workout that will help you run faster, play harder, and stand stronger.

Fitness Fusion


Mission Bay only

Gentle movements in warm water will help improve and sustain your joint mobility and flexibility. All levels welcome.

Deep Water Exercise

Parnassus only

Build endurance, flexibility, and strength in this intense total-body workout. Participants need to be comfortable in deep water and must wear water belts. All levels welcome.

Deep Water Running

Parnassus only

Cross-train and take stress off your joints—this is fitness training with no impact. An ideal workout for all ages and levels. Participants need to be comfortable in deep water.

get a class schedule

Visit our website or the Service Desk for a current schedule. Or, access our daily schedule on your phone with the UCSF Mobile App. (Search for the UCSF Mobile app and download it for free at Google Play or the iPhone App Store now!)

Mission Bay only

A hybrid blend of traditional strength-training, yoga, and Pilates to sculpt legs, glutes, arms, core, and more.

Total Body Blast

Focus on building strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination in this challenging full-body workout. All levels welcome.

Mission Bay only

A full-body conditioning workout using tubing, bands, balls, and hand weights to enhance muscle definition, balance, strength, and endurance.

Not a member yet? Try us out by purchasing an all-inclusive 10-Visit Pass. A $50 savings compared to 10 single day guest passes. Valid for use at Parnassus and Mission Bay.

Treat yourself to: • Group Fitness Classes • Towel Service & Sauna

• Exercise Equipment • Drop-in Sports

• Swimming Pools • Ping Pong & Billiards

Non-members $149. Available starting April 1, 2014. Expires 90 days from date of purchase. Non-transferable. Some restrictions apply. Inquire about discounted parking.

Contact the Service Desk for more details.

Parnassus 415.476.1115 | Mission Bay 415.514.4545


A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


Notice: Facility Improvements at  Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center

The University of California San Francisco is planning construction to the William J. Rutter Center in 2014. During the construction, Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center will remain open, and every effort will be taken to minimize the impact; however certain programs and services will be temporarily affected. Once completed, these improvements will enhance your member experience.

Please visit our website for more information and future updates. You may also contact our Member Services team at: or 415.476.5646.

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grow with us

Youth Programs

youth programs explore with us

UCSF camps Mission Bay only Our spring and summer camps are on hiatus due to construction at Bakar Fitness & Recreation Center. For alternatives, visit

youth programs Tae Kwon Do ages 6-12 years We are celebrating 16 years of growing self-esteem, confidence, and physical conditioning with this dynamic martial art known for its powerful and exciting kicking. A white uniform is required and may be purchased from the instructor for $25. (12 classes; no class 5/24) Steve Rogers, 5th Degree Black Belt and Steve Rogers Jr., 5th Degree Black Belt; e-mail:

Sa Sa $139/189

4/5-6/28 10:35 am-12:15 pm 4/5-6/28 3:00-4:30 pm Parnassus, Studio 1

2910.401 2910.402

Sa $139/189

4/5-6/28 3:00-4:30 pm Mission Bay, Studio 1


ages 13-17 years Sa 4/5-6/28 1:00-2:30 pm $139/189 Parnassus, Studio 1

Advanced Tae Kwon Do Workout


Parnassus only

ages 8-17 years Kids and teens: strengthen your skills and prepare for your next competition. Open to red, brown, or black belts. Steve Rogers

Su Su Su $17/22

4/27 5/18 6/22 Studio 1

4:00-5:30 pm 4:00-5:30 pm 4:00-5:30 pm

2911.401 2911.402 2911.403

Family Kayak and Backpacking Trips ages 8 and up Join us for an experience to remember for years to come. Kids receive discounted pricing. See Outdoor Programs, page 24-26. Youth Aquatics ages 7-12 years We’ve been teaching children how to swim for more than 50 years through group, private, and semi-private lessons with certified instructors. See pages 28-29. Aquatics lesson schedules can be found online or at the Service Desk.

Youth Squash Private Lessons ages 7-12 years Sign up at the Service Desk for a 45-minute private or semi-private lesson. To confirm lesson time and location e-mail Parnassus $65 Fees

A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


Outdoor Programs

outdoor programs

come out and enjoy

kayaking Spring is full of life on the Bay as sea lions, seals, and migrating birds fill the skies. Whether you’re looking for the challenge of paddling beneath the Golden Gate bridge or a relaxing float on the Bay in Sausalito, Outdoor Programs has something for you. No experience necessary.

4th of July on Angel Island Join us on Angel Island for the best view on the Bay for the 4th of July. Hike or kayak over with us from Sausalito. We’ll have all the gear, food, and guides you’ll need for a truly memorable holiday on Angel Island. Only 12 spots are available, so tell your friends and sign up early. Adults only. F-Sa 7/4-5 10:00 am-4:00 pm 9321.406 $199/265 Sausalito

Family Angel Island Camping Overnights Bring the family for a special night on Angel Island. You can either kayak over with us or take the ferry and hike two miles. Relax and enjoy dinner on the beach and a gorgeous sunset hike while your tents and gear are set up and waiting for you. Wake up to sunrise over the Bay while your guides prepare a delicious breakfast before heading back. All the camping gear, tents, sleeping bags, and food are provided. Just bring what you’ll need for the night. Whether you’re hiking or kayaking, we provide the rest and guides on the water. Ferry (from either Tiburon or San Francisco) not included. Departure for kayaking is Sausalito. All ages welcome. Children must be 10 years or older to kayak. Kids under 12 are half price. M-Tu 6/30-7/1 10:00 am-4:00 pm 9321.403 Tu-W 7/1-2 10:00 am-4:00 pm 9321.404 W-Th 7/2-3 10:00 am-4:00 pm 9321.405 $185/240 Sausalito

Angel Island Circumnavigation Kayak Adventure Up for a challenge? Enjoy a 10-mile paddle on the Bay. Kayak to Angel Island with stunning views of San Francisco, Tiburon and Sausalito as we circumnavigate the jewel of San Francisco Bay. This classic adventure is not to be missed. No experience necessary. Transportation and lunch are not included. Su 5/18 10:00 am-4:00 pm 9321.401 Sa 5/31 10:00 am-4:00 pm 9321.402 $85/115 Sausalito

Golden Gate Bridge Kayak Trip This is a must-do kayak trip of San Francisco Bay! Check this adventure off your bucket list as we head out the Gate. No experience necessary, just a fantastic sense of adventure. Su 4/6 9:00 am-4:00 pm 9340.401 Su 5/4 9:00 am-4:00 pm 9340.402 $85/115

Introduction to Sea Kayaking Class Get the skills to paddle a single kayak. Capsizing, self-rescue, tides, and currents are all covered in this comprehensive class. Wetsuits and all kayaking gear included. Sa 4/5 9:00 am-3:00 pm 9304.401 Sa 5/10 9:00 am-3:00 pm 9304.402 Sa 6/28 9:00 am-3:00 pm 9304.403 $90/120 Mission Creek


Outdoor Programs

Mission Creek Morning Kayak Trip Ages 8 and up Get on the water right in your own backyard. This is a great way to begin exploring sea kayaking in San Francisco that’s perfect for families, beginners, and friends. No experience necessary. Kids under 16 are half price. Su 4/20 10:00 am-12:30 pm 9349.403 Su 5/11 10:00 am-12:30 pm 9349.405 $39/52 Mission Creek Mission Creek Sunset Kayak Trip Escape on this short and quick magical local tour. No experience necessary for this wonderful way to end your week. Great for out-oftown guests! Sa 4/19 6:00-8:30 pm 9349.402 F 5/2 6:30-9:00 pm 9349.404 Sa 5/17 6:30-9:00 pm 9349.406 $39/52 Mission Creek

Mission Creek Fireworks Kayak Trip The Giants are back and they’ll be celebrating with fireworks on the Bay! Join us as we get the best seats on the Bay for a fabulous evening on the water. F 4/11 7:00-9:30 pm 9349.401 F 6/13 8:00-10:00 pm 9349.407 $60/80 Mission Creek

Sausalito Houseboats and Harbor Seals Kayak Trip Say hello to a harbor seal and learn the fascinating history of the eclectic array of houseboats in Sausalito. No experience necessary. Su 6/8 10:30 am-1:30 pm 9348.401 $49/64 Sausalito

Meteor Shower by Kayak The Earth is expected to pass through the dusty debris trail of Comet 209P/LINEAR tonight! Predictions of the meteor shower’s intensity range are from 100 per hour to meteor storm proportions of 1,000 per hour! With no moon visible, this is the perfect time to watch it all happen from the water. Sa 5/24 7:30-10:30 pm 9300.403 $60/80 Sausalito

Sausalito Sunset and Moonlight Kayaking Pure magic. Watch the sunset sparkle off the water, moonlight glisten in your kayak’s wake and the City lights of the Bay. You could do this a hundred times and never get tired of it. Sa 4/12 6:00-9:00 pm 9300.401 Sa 5/10 6:30-9:30 pm 9300.402 Sa 6/14 7:00-10:00 pm 9300.404 $60/80 Sausalito

student services fees at work A portion of services fees underwrites a variety of programs and services designed to help students experience a healthy and balanced life at UCSF.

stand up paddling Intro to Stand Up Paddling SUP Is fun, easy, and right in our backyard at our Mission Creek facility. Boards, paddle, wetsuit, and life jacket are included. Sa 4/19 10:00 am-12:00 pm 9805.401 Sa 5/3 10:00 am-12:00 pm 9805.402 Su 5/18 10:00 am-12:00 pm 9805.403 Su 6/1 10:00 am-12:00 pm 9805.404 Su 6/15 10:00 am-12:00 pm 9805.405 $49/64 Mission Creek

Stand Up Paddling Fitness Series End your week with a mind-clearing, body-cleansing workout on the water. These four class sessions will introduce you to the full-body workout that Stand Up Paddling provides. Our instructors will start with the basics and build with each class on your technique to challenge you at your own pace. All levels of experience welcome. Instructor to student ratio is 1:4, so you’ll get plenty of individual attention. Boards, paddle, wetsuit, and life jacket are included. Session One F 5/9-5/30 3:00-4:30 pm 9810.401 $100/130 Mission Creek Session Two F $100/130

6/6-6/27 Mission Creek

3:00-4:30 pm


outdoor programs information: 415.476.2078 or Fees

A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


Outdoor Programs

backpacking, camping, and hiking The Bay Area and beyond is home to world class exploring whether it be a stunning day hike to check out Tule Elk, a relaxed car-camping trip to Mt. Diablo or with family and friends in Yosemite. Transportation not included.

Family Backpacking to May Lake in Yosemite High Country Bring the family on this perfect adventure for kids of all ages. This stunning alpine lake lies at the end of a trail that is only 1.1 miles with only an 800 ft. elevation gain. We’ll have access to flush toilets and running water to make the adventure even easier. We’ll still be “roughing” it by carrying in our tents, food, and gear but we’ll be doing it in style. The perfect first-time adventure for explorers of all ages. All camping gear, food, and guides included. Transportation not included. F-Su 7/25-27 Yosemite Tu 7/22 Pre-trip meeting $199/265 9136.101

Mount Diablo Camping Trip Find out why Mt Diablo is reported to have the second best view on the planet as Mars and the Moon are at their closest for this stargazing evening. Join us for a sunrise hike to the summit for the potential view of more square miles of California than on any other point in the state– from the Sierras to Mt. Shasta and the entire San Francisco Bay. All camping gear, food, and guides included. Transportation not included. Sa-Su 6/7-8 Mt. Diablo Tu 6/3 Pre-trip meeting $199/265 9136.401

Hike for Health: Sunset/Moonrise on Mt. Tam Meet on the ridge of Mt. Tam for a stunning hike as we take in the setting sun as the full moon rises. Su 4/13 2:00-8:00 pm 9195.401 $26/35 Marin

Hike for Health: Full Moon in the Headlands Watch the sun set over the ocean as the full moon rises in the East over San Francisco. Enjoy a visual feast while learning about the fascinating history of the bunkers of the Headlands and the town that it all almost became. Th 6/12 7:30-10:30 pm 9195.403 $26/35 Marin

Hike for Health: Tomales Point and the Tule Elk of Pt. Reyes

first aid Wilderness First Aid Wilderness First Aid emergencies are unique in their needs. Learn what it takes to tackle these emergencies correctly in our lively and informative class, where the emphasis is on making good decisions by staying calm, making accurate assessments, and employing good communication and leadership skills. Bobbie Foster, an American Health and Safety Institute Instructor, has taught for Outdoor Programs for over 15 years.

Sa-Su 4/26-27 $150/190 Parnassus

This stunning 11-mile hike takes you to the ends of the Point Reyes Peninsulsa where you ride the ridge between the ocean and Tomales Bay. We’ll stop at a secluded beach with stunning views of sea stacks, incredible intertidal areas, and Tule Elk grazing in the grasslands. We’ll meet at the Pierce Point Ranch parking lot. Bring something to drink. Lunch is provided. Transportation not included. Su 5/11 10:00 am-4:00 pm 9195.402 $26/35 Marin

Validated parking is easy & convenient. See page 15. 26

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8:00 am-5:00 pm


Outdoor Programs

climbing wall Experience a view of San Francisco unlike any other. Our world-class wall is available to you in several ways: Recreational Open Hours, instructional classes, custom programs, special events, and teambuilding programs. Rock climbing is a sport that challenges both mind and body and involves an element of risk. To manage this reality, Outdoor Programs has developed risk management strategies that encompass and support all levels of our climbing wall program. The health and well being of our climbing community is our highest priority.

Recreational Open Climbing Hours Recreational Climbing Hours are designed for experienced climbers, however, first-time climbers are welcome to give the wall a try with the guidance and encouragement of our staff. Participants must be at least 15 years old to climb. Bring your own gear or use ours for free. Free for UCSF Student and Fitness & Recreation Center Members. Tu, Th 4:00-7:00 pm Sa 10:00-12:00pm Mission Bay

Climbing for Beginners Climbing can be really intimidating if you’ve never tried it before, that’s why we offer a class specifically for beginners. Let our friendly and experienced instructors teach you the basics. We provide all equipment and prepare you to become a registered climber on our wall. Sa 4/12 10:00-12:00 pm 9706.401 Sa 4/26 10:00-12:00 pm 9706.402 Sa 5/10 10:00-12:00 pm 9706.403 Sa 5/24 10:00-12:00 pm 9706.404 Sa 6/7 10:00-12:00 pm 9706.405 Sa 6/21 10:00-12:00 pm 9706.406 $30/40 Mission Bay

Private Climbing lessons Have you hit a wall in your climbing development? Why not schedule a private climbing session or lesson? Contact Ben O’Banion at 415.514.4581 or

Climbing Parties Party time! Have a climbing party for birthdays, personal celebrations, office outings, or something unique! Contact Ben O’Banion at 415.514.4581 or

Note: Wall hours of operation are subject to change.

student services fees at work A portion of services fees underwrites a variety of programs and services designed to help students experience a healthy and balanced life at UCSF.

teambuilding Retreat. Recharge. Reward. Let us design your best event ever. Whether you’re looking to host a small celebration or a huge corporate event, Outdoor Programs can design a made-to-order program in an ideal location. Take advantage of our spectacular conference and recreational facilities at UCSF, or choose a local park, an off-site center, or your own facility. We offer custom weekend camping trips, rock climbing parties, and much more, including: • Ice Breakers and Games • Team Development Workshops • Competitive Team Challenge • Retro-Recess • Rock Climbing • Bay Kayaking • Stand Up Paddling • Crazy Cardboard Boat Races • Local Excursions For more detailed information give us a call at 476.2078 or visit us at

outdoor programs information: 415.476.2078 or Fees

A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


Youth Aquatics

youth aquatics

get your feet wet

youth aquatics Be a part of our long tradition of fun, education, and safety. We have coached children to swim and gain confidence in the water for more than 50 years. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of children with a wide range of abilities. Find the aquatics lesson schedule at the Service Desk or online at: Click on “Spring Catalog.”

Private/Semi-Private Swimming Lessons Your child will benefit from the personal attention of our swimming instructors, advancing at his or her own pace while focusing on specific skills, or overall improvement. 30-minute lessons are offered at various times. For lesson information, contact Peter Pun at 514.4617, or e-mail Private (your child and a swimming instructor) 1 lesson $35/45 4 lessons $110/145 8 lessons $200/270 Semi-Private (your child and a friend with one of our swimming instructors) 8 lessons $300/400

Session Registration Dates for Youth Aquatics Lessons Weekday and Weekend Lessons Millberry and Bakar March-June: Online registration March 6

Where are the aquatics lessons schedules?

You can now find the aquatics schedules at the Service Desk at the Fitness & Recreation Centers or online at: Click on “Spring Catalog”

Parent and Child Lessons Please note that parent participation is required for Levels A and B. Level A Ages 6 months to 2 years • Little or no previous water experience Level B Ages 18 months to 3 years • Have two or more previous water sessions, or • Submerge reluctantly/not at all, or • Require flotation support at all times, or • Would benefit from parental presence and support


Youth Aquatics

Pre-School Lessons Ages 3 to 5 years; no parent participation.
Your children will advance through the three levels, outlined below as they progress. Register them for Pre-School, regardless of their level.

Starfish Children will develop positive attitudes and safe practices in the water and learn the most basic aquatic skills. They need to enter the water independently and travel at least five yards, submerge their mouth and blow bubbles for at least three seconds, glide on their fronts for at least two body lengths, roll onto their back, and float for three seconds, recovering to a standing position to pass to Seahorse.

Seahorse Seahorses build on the basic aquatic skills learned in Starfish, giving children further success performed to a slightly more advanced degree. Children must glide on their fronts for at least two body lengths, roll onto their back and float for five seconds, recover to a standing position, and swim for three body lengths using combined arm and leg action, to pass to Frog. Frog Frogs build on skills learned by providing additional guided practice at a more proficient performance level and greater distance. Skills in this level are performed independently. Children must be able to front float for five seconds, complete a back float for five seconds, recover to a vertical position, then push off and swim using combined arm and leg actions on front for five body lengths, roll onto their back and float for 15 seconds before passing into the Children’s Swim Lesson levels.

Seal Seals focus on improving swimming skills and increasing endurance. We continue to build on the sidestroke and introduce breaststroke and butterfly, along with the basics of turning at a wall.

Dolphin Dolphins emphasize stroke performance and refinement while increasing distances. Flip turns are introduced. Children must be able to swim 50 yards of front crawl and elementary backstroke, 25 yards of breaststroke and back crawl to pass to Shark.

Shark Sharks refine their strokes and learn to swim with more ease, proficiency, power, and finesse over greater distances. Children must be able to swim a 500-yard continuous swim, using three strokes of their choice, and perform a 10-minute swim test to pass out of Shark.

Kids Pre-Team

Mission Bay only

This introduction to competitive swimming is designed for children who have graduated from the UCSF swim lesson program (must have Dolphin skills or better). The class explores and refines the four competitive strokes, flip turns, starts, and speed during the 60-minute session. (no class 5/26) M 6:00-7:00 pm W 6:00-7:00 pm F 6:00-7:00 pm $20/25* *Fees are per month. Please specify day(s) and month on registration form for sign-ups.

Children’s Swim Lessons Our Children’s Swim lessons are designed to meet the needs of children ages 6-15 with a wide range of abilities, from initial water adjustment to advanced skills and stroke refinement.

Guppy Guppies learn basic personal water safety skills, good swimming habits, and safe practices in and around the water. Children must be able to glide on front for at least two body lengths, roll to a back float for three seconds and recover to a vertical position to pass to Sea Turtle.

Sea Turtle Sea Turtles further develop simultaneous and alternating arm and leg actions on the front and back. Children must be able to move into a front float for five seconds, move into a back float for five seconds, roll to a front float recover to a vertical position, and push off and swim using combined arm and leg action for five body lengths to pass to Angelfish Angelfish Angelfish work on coordinating front and back crawl. Scissor kicks, dolphin kicks, and the fundamentals of treading water are introduced. Children must be able to jump into deep water from the side, swim 15 yards of front crawl, maintain position by treading or floating for 30 seconds, and swim 15 yards of elementary backstroke to pass to Seal.

aquatics information: 415.514.4617 or Fees

A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


Adult Aquatics

water exercise classes Please refer to page 21 for class descriptions, fees, and reservation information.

adult aquatics dip in to progress

AquaFit AquaFlex Mission Bay only Deep Water Exercise Parnassus only Deep Water Running Parnassus only Get a pool schedule. Visit our website or the service desk for a pool or group fitness schedule:

adult swim lessons Our swim classes help students of all ages and abilities develop swimming and water safety skills.

Weekday Lessons Session One (8 classes) M, W 4/7-4/30 8:30-9:15 pm $110/150 Parnassus M, W 4/7-4/30 8:00-8:45 pm $110/150 Mission Bay, Indoor Pool Session Two (7 classes; no class 5/26) M, W 5/5/-5/28 8:30-9:15 pm $97/132 Parnassus M, W 5/5/-5/28 8:00-8:45 pm $97/132 Mission Bay, Indoor Pool Session Three (8 classes) M, W 6/2-6/25 8:30-9:15 pm $110/150 Parnassus M, W 6/2-6/25 8:00-8:45 pm $110/150 Mission Bay, Indoor Pool

1000.401 1001.450

1001.401 1002.450

1002.401 1003.450

Weekend Lessons (8 classes) Sa $110/150

3/15-5/3 2:15-3:00 pm Mission Bay, Indoor Pool


Fitness Swim Improve skills and stamina with a professionally-structured swim workout. Session One (8 classes) M, W 4/7-4/30 7:30-8:30 pm 1010.401 $115/160 Parnassus M, W 4/7-4/30 7:00-8:00 pm 1011.451 $115/160 Mission Bay, Indoor Pool Session Two (7 classes; no class 5/26) M, W 5/5-5/28 7:30-8:30 pm $101/140 Parnassus M, W 5/5-5/28 7:00-8:00 pm $101/140 Mission Bay, Indoor Pool Session Three (8 classes) M, W 6/2-6/25 7:30-8:30 pm $115/160 Parnassus M, W 6/2-6/25 7:00-8:00 pm $115/160 Mission Bay, Indoor Pool


1010.402 1011.452

1010.403 1011.453

Adult Aquatics

Private/Semi-Private Swimming Lessons Benefit from the personal attention of our swimming instructors. You’ll advance at your own pace while focusing on specific skills or overall improvement. 30-minute lessons are offered at a variety of convenient times. For more information, contact Peter Pun at 514.4617 or e-mail Private (you and a swimming instructor) 1 lesson $35/45 4 lessons $110/145 8 lessons $200/270 Semi-Private (you and a friend with one of our swimming instructors) 8 lessons $300/400

masters swim team

Mission Bay only

Whether you swim for fitness, for competition, or both, our coaches provide stroke technique and endurance training to up your game. To participate, sign up with Member Services for auto-billing of the monthly dues ($10), and register with USMS ($50 annual fee). Forms are available from coaches during practice times at the outdoor pool. For UCSF Fitness & Recreation members and UCSF students only. M, W, F 5:30-7:00 am Tu, Th 11:30 am-1:00 pm M, W, F 7:00-8:30 am M, Tu, Th 7:00-8:30 pm Sa, Su 7:30-9:00 am Outdoor Pool

on the go? Sign up for pool closure e-mail alerts by e-mailing

Keys to Fitness Success

Partner Up Fitness sticks when you stick together. Get a friend to join you in the pool. Work with instructors in semi-private lessons or in group settings, like water exercise, to help keep your workouts structured and focused.

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aquatics information: 415.514.4617 or

A-UCSF Students/Fitness & Recreation Center members / B-Non-members • registration pg 15


The suspense will make you stronger. Leverage gravity and your body weight with the TRX® Suspension Trainer to perform hundreds of exercises that: • Deliver a fast, effective total-body workout • Help build a rock-solid core • Increase muscular endurance • Benefit people of all fitness levels Now available at the Fitness & Recreation Centers at UCSF.

See page 9 for TRX® Circuit Training classes. For more info, contact, or 415.502.4398.

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