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APhA-ASP Chronicle A Publication of the Academy of Students of Pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco

Volume 8, Number 2

Winter 2011

Inside the Winter 2011 Chronicle President………………………………...…………… 2 Special Events Coordinators…………………………. 3 Vice Presidents of Community Affairs………………. 3 Project Coordinators.……………………………...…. 4-7 CPhA Student Pharmacist of the Year……………….. 8

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Winter 2011

APhA-ASP Chronicle

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CPhA Outlook: Awards, Policy, Competitions, and Dancing! Vickie Pon, President

This year’s CPhA Outlook conference was in sunny Palm Spring in February, and 28 student members attended, including 2 ASP-PhAMLI pre-pharmacy members. Hilary Campbell (P4) was awarded Student of the Year, and Caroline Lindsay (P3) won the Best Practice Award along with APhA-ASP patient care project preceptor/advisor Dr. Lisa Kroon. UCSF’s Patient Counseling Competition winner Tami Lenhoff (P4) competed at the state level competition, and the UCSF CAPSLEAD team presented their poster at the Exhibit Hall. Health policy professor Dr. Helene Lipton delivered a memorable, moving keynote address on pharmacy advocacy in the new era of the Affordable Care Act. Delegates Marissa Trester (P2) and Kanizeh Visram (P1) represented UCSF by voting on proposed policies at the House of Delegates, and helped pass a policy co-authored by the San Mateo County Pharmacists Association to increase the number of internship positions. At the conference, we got a lot of free food, beverages, and an inspirational breakfast with UCSF alumni. The annual breakfast was hosted by the legendary past APhA-ASP Chapter Advisor and CPhA Hall of Fame pharmacist, Dr. Bob Day (’59). We were honored to hear students’ stories of how they arrived at UCSF and how alumni became successful, including the 2011 Remington Medal Award winner, Dr. Paul Lofholm (’64), another strong supporter of UCSF and our chapter. In the evenings, there were fun student-only events, such as a film festival where we got to vote (by text messaging) for Madalene Mandap’s (P3) excellent medication safety video, featuring an adorable dog who should have received better medication management. We also cheered on the “65-to-stay-alive” team who competed in silly games (involving balloons, Oreos cookies, and other fun items) to raise money for a new APhA-ASP project that will allow student pharmacists to check patients’ medication regimens at health fairs with wireless internet-enabled iPads. Our 6 -member student Quiz Bowl team also did an excellent job, remembering many “trivial” facts from CP courses. More than 20 of us UCSF ASP-ers had a group dinner at “Margaritas,” a Mexican restaurant featuring a sushi bar, recommended to us by alumni/ faculty. Also, the last night of social activities involved an 80’s casino night and dance party with hundreds and students and pharmacists, including some of our favorite faculty. We danced to MJ and Bobby Brown alongside professional dancers. It was wildly fun!

“Make the most of your student pharmacist experience.”

Networking, leadership development, educational growth, and friendship! As the outgoing President, I highlight the meaningfulness of attending pharmacy conferences, and I urge everyone to take advantage of attending a state or national pharmacy conference, including APhA Annual and CPhA Legislative Day this spring. Make the most of your student pharmacist experience. Every conference I attend, I see my “conference buddy friends” from other schools, and every conference I miss, I get text messages from my conference buddies saying they wish I were there. Of course, I wish I could attend every conference. At CPhA Outlook, I got to represent UCSF by being the sole student on Reference Committee A, did techie and A/V work for the House of Delegates, and got to help Dr. Lipton create a few of her slides for the keynote address! How did I get to do all this? I simply told CPhA staff and UCSF faculty that I was interested in helping out. That’s it. As Hilary said in a presentation on student leadership she gave at CPhA Outlook, just voice your interest and go for it! It is “easy” to be a leader both within and outside of UCSF, and the first step is to attend conferences, volunteer, and take advantage of the opportunities around you. So go to more conferences, visit new cities, share great Photo credit: Vickie Pon, President experiences with your classmates, faculty, and pharmacy peers, and above all make life-long friends.

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Winter 2011

APhA-ASP Chronicle

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Great Success in Special Events! Katie Alvarez and Arman Haghighatgoo, Special Events Coordinators

We would like to start off by thanking all of the APhA members who attended and enjoyed our special events! We kicked off the school year with a new member meet-and-greet at Pacific Catch and had a great P1 turnout - the happy hour specials treated us well! Winter quarter featured Around the World Wine Night, where students had the opportunity to mingle with faculty and staff in a relaxed environment while sampling wine and hors d'œuvres from five different countries. As our term draws to an end, we would like to congratulate and welcome Adam Woo and MM Kwong, the incoming Special Events CoordinaAround the World Wine Night tors. Our last act with special events will be the Spring Installation Banquet, which promises to be a wonderful evening to collectively recognize the achievements of our project coordina- Photo credit: Mohsen Shamai, Historian tors, officers, and preceptors. Thank you for a great year! Marisa Roberts and Pan Pan Wong Vice Presidents of Community Affairs

Wonder Women of Health Fairs


e can’t believe that our work at APhA-ASP will soon come to an end. Looking back, we have done quite a bit this quarter! After months of planning, we have finally brought back the Healthy Hearts Healthy Smiles health fair for the UCSF custodial staff on Friday, Jan 14, 2011. Over 70 custodians from Mission Bay, Laurel Heights, and Parnassus attended the health fair at the Medical Science Lobby. We collaborated with the various School of Pharmacy organizations, School of Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing. Over 40 student volunteers participated at this health fair, providing various health information and health screenings. Students from American Dental Association and American Dental Education Association provided dental screenings, nursing students collaborated with Project Health Disparity and Operation Hearts to provide blood pressure screening, and medical students from La Clinica worked with Operation Diabetes to screen attendees for blood glucose. In addition, our SOP projects also provide health information on asthma, nutrition, smoking cessation, men’s health, women’s health, antibiotic resistance, and many more. Many of the custodial staff found this fair to be very informative, and we are glad to have an opportunity to give back to them. Thanks to funding from ASSP, OSACA and several UCSF Endowments, which allowed for a major change in the posters for all of the SOP projects. After working in the summer and fall to secure nearly $7,000 in funding, our mission got a green light! Project coordinators from all of the SOP organizations are participating in this venture to provide informative, professional, interactive and eye-catching “official” UCSF posters. The Student Activities Center graphics design specialist, Jennifer Passanisi, created a beautiful template for the posters, and together with us made a quality product. The first round of posters are on their way to the printing company, and by the middle of spring quarter, all 22 SOP projects will have professional health information display boards that also display our pride for UCSF SOP! Looking ahead to next quarter, we will be having a Project Coordinator Information Session on March, 31 for you eager P1s out there. You will have the opportunity to learn about the various outreach projects, the application process, and a chance to meet all the current coordinators. Also, we are collaborating with other APhA Chapters to have a health fair at the Capitol on CPhA Legislative Day on April 6. Be excited, more information to come! We hope to see at our upcoming events!!! Want to write an article? Submit articles Hsin Kuo and Leslie Ly at

APhA-ASP Chronicle

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Lastly, we also implemented a fundraiser, a discount card that can be used at various vendors. We hope to raise money for our project, and also give back to the UCSF community by providing students, faculty, and staff small discounts at local vendors such as Subway and Starbucks.

Fall 2010 HIV will be leading an education session for the senior and youth groups at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center.


Overall, it has been a very productive quarter, and we are excited to see the effects of our changes at future health fairs.


Left to right: Alda Karic, Brittany Norton, Kaelynn Wang, Laura Phan


Left to right: Dr. Christie Robinson (preceptor). Kenny Nguyen, William Hung, Vincent Cheng, Leslie Ly, Kelly Mei


ince the arrival of the new quarter, Project Hypertension/Cholesterol has done many outreaches, such as the recent Farmacia Remedios health fair, and implemented many exciting changes. For example, we recently switched cholesterol screening devices from our Cholestech™ machines to the faster Cardiochek™ devices. This change has resulted in more rapid screening time, and allowed us to increase the maximum number of people that we can serve at health fairs. We are also working to improve the quality our screenings. Starting with the upcoming CSHP health fair, we are introducing a modified version of the Framingham Heart Risk Assessment into our screening protocol. With this change, we hope to further motivate patients to stay heart healthy and deliver a free and useful assessment of their disease risk.

Left to right: Marissa Trester, Gerald Toy

This quarter Project HIV visited the Rita da Cascia House, a San Francisco based organization that provides housing and childcare support to HIV positive women and their children. During the visit, Project HIV debuted their new game, HIV Medication Family Feud. The purpose of the game was to create an interactive medium to discuss common questions about HIV medications. Using fun "Eggspert" buzzers, student pharmacists and their advisor, Dr. Jennifer Cocohoba, PharmD., facilitated the discussion and provided prizes to all the participants of the game. Rita da Cascia provides unity and strength to the women they serve. These women come together weekly, with their children, to socialize and, more importantly, support one another in their daily fight against HIV. Project HIV was very impressed with the amount of knowledge these women already know about their condition. The liveliness and enthusiasm these women have for life was invigorating and inspired us to continue doing outreach events. Next quarter, Project

peration Immunization (OI) kicked off the winter quarter at the Healthy Hearts Healthy Smiles Health Fair held on UCSF’s Parnassus campus. OI was able to administer both Flu and Tdap vaccinations to our much appreciated UCSF custodial staff. With the help of our P1 translators, we were also able to educate Spanish and Chinese-speaking populations about the benefits of getting vaccination. In addition to participating in outreach events on campus, OI has been busy planning a lunch talk for the 2011 spring quarter that will focus on demystifying the link between vaccina- P1 volunteer Julienne Le tion and administers a vaccination autism. to our very own Professor With inJorge Garcia. creasing publicity on the issue, we believe it will be a timely discussion. Our talk will hopefully help pharmacists become better prepared to discuss this issue with their patients, and assuage patients’ fears of a causative link between the two. Furthermore, we were ecstatic that Madalene Mandap, an OI coordinator for the 2009-2010 school year, won the Grand Prize in a CDC-sponsored competition, which aimed at raising aware-

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Winter 2011 ness about the importance of getting your yearly flu vaccine. In that spirit, don't forget that the FLU Ends with U!


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Left to right: Matt Chang, Rajat Bansil, Claire Woodburn Left to right: Yasin Ait, Matt Chang

The Heartburn Awareness Project is dedicated in providing health information to the public on the causes, prevention, and treatment options of heartburn. This winter quarter we have been busy with spreading awareness of our project through two health fairs. We had the privilege of educating a diverse population about heartburn. We set up an information booth at both Millbrae Health Fair and UCSF Health Fair. The UCSF Healthy Hearts Health Smiles fair is the very first interprofessional health fair, and we had a great time educating our own UCSF custodial staff about heartburn. We had a large turnout at both health fairs and we talked and listened to many people about their concerns. We continued to challenge people to become more active in prevention by focusing on logging their food and lifestyle habits relating to heartburn. We also passed out information pamphlets that not only educate people about heartburn, but also list convenient and healthy recipes. Our goals for this quarter include continuing to reach out to the community through various outreach venues. One of which will be our joint fundraiser with Project Poison Control. We are excited about these events, and will definitely share our experiences in the coming issues of ASP Chronicles. Stay tuned!


omething doesn’t look right? Have a question about a drug? Who are you going to call?” Poison Control Center! The California Poison Control System is a valuable public service that offers expert advice during instances of accidental poisonings. To promote these efforts, and also to educate the public about preventing such events from occurring, our project was involved with numerous community health fairs this winter quarter. We started off the quarter with our very own UCSF Healthy Smiles Healthy Hearts fair. With students from other UCSF schools, such as medicine and dentistry, this health fair is the first interprofessional health fair since 2009. Also in winter quarter, members of our project enrolled in Dr. Kearney’s “Clinical Toxicology” elective course. Offered to only second and third year pharmacy students, this is a great elective class with lots of information that may not have been taught otherwise. This is an opportunity that you should not pass up!

Left to right: Whitney Wang, Karen Cheung, Christina Lee (coordinator), Kimloan Vu


ne of the great things about being a TAP coordinator is to attend smoking cessation classes and actually talking to people about their struggles with smoking cessation. The struggles we hear gave us new insights into this addiction. With this new insight, our very own Christina Lee gave her first class on NRT products this quarter at Mount Zion. As TAP coordinators, we are given this unique opportunity. Christina attended a couple of NRT classes. Our faculty advisors, Dr. Kroon and Dr. Corelli, prepared her for the presentation by running through an informal practice session. The practice was tailored to better communicate with the audience. It prepared Christina well for any unexpected questions raised. Coordinators really had to know the stuff! Great job Christina! (Written By: Kimloan Vu)

As we near the end of this quarter, we’re already looking to the future and have begun planning for spring quarter. Stay on the lookout for upcoming events including our fundraiser with Project Heartburn and new project coordinator interviews, and of course, more health fairs!

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Left to right: Justin Petrovic, Iris Teruya

Greetings future pharmacists! I am sure some or all of you have heard that the OTC/Herbal elective is not being offered this upcoming spring quarter. But cheer up! Why? Well, that’s because in addition to warmer weather, the 5th Annual OTC/Herbal Competition is about to take place! So for those of you who want to flex your 1st year clinical pharmacy skills or get a preview of therapeutics, this is the competition for you! OTC/Herbal, along with our project advisor Cathi Dennehy, plan to hold this event in the first few weeks of the upcoming spring quarter, and so get ready! To add a bit of an incentive to those of you on the fence, there will be awards and prizes for the top three finishing teams and a lifetime worth of bragging rights. More details to follow! Take care and good luck with the rest of the quarter!


Left to right: Amrit Dosanjh, Tianyi Chen, Jenny Dinh, Carolyn Robinson

This winter quarter Operation Diabetes

APhA-ASP Chronicle Part II, where we collaborated with all other UCSF School of Pharmacy projects to train the remaining of interested first-year student pharmacists. They were then able to apply their counseling skills and perform blood glucose screenings in our winter health fairs such as Healthy Heart Healthy Smiles, Millbrae Senior Wellness Fair, Farmacia Remedios Health Fair, and Marlton Health Fair. Besides health fairs, Operation Diabetes also held an inter-professional elective course titled “Interdisciplinary Management of Diabetes”, which educated about 100 students from school of pharmacy and nursing on various topics including pharmacotherapy of diabetes, nutrition and dietary considerations for diabetics, issues in managing diabetes in geriatric and pediatric populations, and oral manifestations of diabetes. Operation Diabetes also reached out to the first year student pharmacists by getting them involved in 4 small projects: diabetes lesson plan for Science Squad, nutrition handouts for health fairs, diabetes educational talk during PTA meetings, and collaboration with the local ADA chapter. We are looking forward to interviewing new project coordinators and working with more enthusiastic P1s next quarter!

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Fall 2010

Project ASTHMA

Left to right: Samia Shiekh, Jennifer Yang, Sarah Le Clair

Remember: Challenges may come and go, but memories will always remain! Our first challenge was developing a poster that will be appropriate for the next few years to come. We decided to incorporate fun elements that will not only allow the poster to be informative, but interactive to the public as well! Although we did not have a physical poster to use, Project Asthma was excited for the chance to attend the Healthy Hearts Healthy Smiles health fair! We decorated our table with educational materials that appealed to different ages and ethnic backgrounds. We were asked about asthma triggers, how to avoid them, and how to maintain an overall cleaner environment. They were all eager to hear what we had to share and we were able to use not only our asthma knowledge but also our skills in multiple languages! Last but not least, Project Asthma coordinators had the chance to help out with the P1 Pulmonary Workshop! It reminded us of how fun it was to not only be a P1, but how important it is to tend to this population because of the many compliance issues that may occur from improper medication device usage, and triggers that surround us every day.

Winter 2011


Left to right: Eyoel Tsegay, Zachary Hearns, Inara Iskenderova.

The Red Dress Fashion shows hosted across the country by various organizations serve a special and dear purpose – to raise awareness about heart disease afflicting women, a health topic that is often overlooked and neglected. Historically, New York Fashion Week opens up with a Red Dress Fashion show, when dozens of celebrities and well known socialites unite together to bring publicity to the number one killer of women, while gracefully strolling down the runway in a myriad of beautiful red dresses. The UCSF Women's Health Organizations (WHO) holds its own annual Red Dress Fashion Show, and this year was no exception. With the help of our extraordinary creative directors from the first year class: Jeff Moss, Tina Dinh and Nichol Baxter, along with several months of dedication and effort, the show was a rousing success. While mirroring the structure of its predecessors, WHO tailored the presentation to its audience of health care students and professionals and added original musical and dance performances by first and second year student pharmacists. Entertainment was provided through prerecorded vignettes, live performances, an exciting gift raffle, and of course our gorgeous pharmacy ladies strutting

APhA-ASP Chronicle down the runway (along with their sharply dressed male escorts). In addition to its entertainment value, the show provided an important educational component through simple yet memorable facts about heart disease, and eloquent speeches by an American Heart Association promotional speaker and a heart disease survivor. Along with its entertainment value, sales from the raffle tickets, combined with generously donations, allowed us to raise a significant amount of money which will go to a number of worthy causes. Among them are a direct donation to the American Heart Association and future promotion of heart disease awareness through community outreach events.

Page 7 the importance of medication safety to many by promoting the V.O.L (Vial of Life), handing out medisets, and engaging the attendees with their lovely smiles and enthusiasm. Moving forward, GAP is planning a lunch talk for next quarter: “Promises and Pitfall of Medication Prescribing for the Elderly”, by Dr. Mike Steinman. In addition, internal efforts will be going towards securing more medisets for future health fairs, updating the V.O.L forms, and perhaps adding a new focus – medication recycling – at the GAP outreaches.

In addition to continuing the traditions, WHO coordinators this year also plan on creating a new event in order to raise awareness of women's health within the UCSF community. To facilitate this, WHO will be working in tandem with members of the various health professional schools to develop the first ever Women’s Health Forum scheduled for this upcoming fall. In order to reach out to more members of the public, this forum will be open to the public in the community as well as UCSF students and faculty.


The Geriatric Awareness Project remained active during the Winter 2010 quarter by participating in the 2nd round of the Training Extravaganza, attending the Millbrae Health Fair, and revamping the GAP poster to the new SOP format. The Millbrae Health Fair was definitely the highlight of the quarter. Not only because it took place at the Millbrae Senior Center (yay~ seniors!), but it was also the first time P1s were able to help out at a GAP outreach. The health fair was a TOTAL success thanks to our helpful P1 volunteers, Tina Tran, Nichole Baxter, Lindsey Vo, and Karen Cheung. They were able to emphasize

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APhA-ASP Chronicle

Winter 2011

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CPHA STUDENT PHARMACIST OF THE YEAR, 2011 As I wrap up my 4 years with APhA-ASP and prepare to drop the three-letter training wheels of the organization (no more “dash ASP!”), I was asked to reflect on my experiences here, especially the CPhA Student Pharmacist of the Year award. As I mentioned when I received the award, my first CPhA Outlook had also been in Palm Springs. It occurred just a week or two after I interviewed at UCSF (“Are you going to Outlook?” – I excitedly asked someone in my chat room – “because I am too!!”) Hilary Campbell Class of 2011

Luke Tso, co-president of our APhA-ASP chapter at the time, drove me and some others there. He treated us to a multi-hour, detailed discussion of his interpretation of UCSF’s dating scene (“guys automatically get +2 points because of the ratio” … “dating your classmates is dangerous, because, you know, you’ll have to see them EVERY DAY”). Of course, we hung on every word – this was a REAL LIFE student pharmacist, after all!

I spent nearly the entire conference at the side of Curt Allday, the other co-president. He good-naturedly fielded the hundreds of questions I asked during the House of Delegates sessions, and unintentionally fueled my current addiction to providing running commentary during those events (sit next to me at conferences if you want to be entertained!). At the awards presentation, I remember being inspired with the description of each winner. I still think awards ceremonies are the best places to get new ideas and fresh enthusiasm about the profession. Well, Luke married a classmate (past ASSP president Amy Choi), and recently welcomed a son into his busy life. Curt continued to answer my questions, and those of more recent P1s, as he has been leading CP workshops. And somehow I managed to receive a CPhA award (crazy!). It would be unlike me to waste an opportunity to give advice, so I’ll finish up with 3 principles I think are worth keeping in mind: Attitude is Key Even on rotations, I’ve found that a positive attitude is more important than knowledge, and it leads to more opportunities too. If you’re having trouble being positive – try faking it for a while. You might find that it sticks! Remember When… Pharmacy school is such an intense experience that it makes your pre-pharmacy life fade into a distant memory. The same can be said for each year of school. But try not to forget! As a P2, you may miss “how fun” P1 year was – but remember how overwhelmed you were? As a P4, rotations may seem routine, but remember the crippling anxiety before your first day? You can be a huge help to newer students just by empathizing with them. Avoid Becoming Jaded It takes a conscious effort. Yes, every time you go home, a dozen people will ask really dumb questions about your education and career choice. But don’t let that change you. Re-read your application essays, remember why you’re here, smile, and help one more person understand the profession.

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APhA ASP Chronicle Winter 2011  

What UCSF APhA-ASP does during Winter 2011, documented in words and many many pictures

APhA ASP Chronicle Winter 2011  

What UCSF APhA-ASP does during Winter 2011, documented in words and many many pictures