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Editor’s Note The 2017-2018 academic year is slowly but surely wrapping up and along with it comes an end to my role as UCS’ Communications Director. I had a wonderful time this year, working alongside a talented and dedicated team of writers, designers and external affairs associates. I would also like to thank the entire executive team for all their support and encouragement! Overall, it has been a great year for UCS and the executives would like to acknowledge all of our associates for their invaluable contribution. This year’s final Executive issue is dedicated to UTM’s 11th Show Me the Green Conference. The conference is held every year in recognition of the ever-growing importance of sustainability in today’s world. It is incredibly important for students to integrate sustainable solutions into their decision-making process. Not only that, it is crucial that we share such knowledge with our entire network. Ultimately, the SMG team hopes to initiate valuable conversations, and the Co-Chairs, Ilqa and Ahraniya, would like to thank you all for getting involved! Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish the incoming 2018-2019 Communications Director the best of luck, and I hope that students at UTM continue to support and appreciate not only the Communications portfolio, but all aspects of the Undergraduate Commerce Society! Good luck on your exams and have a great summer!

Duaa Inam Communications Director, UCS


The Executive

*This magazine was printed using sustainable, ink-saving font!

Itinerary FRIDAY MARCH 9TH, 2018 2:00 pm:

Delegate and Mentors Registration

3:00 pm:

Opening Remarks

3:30 pm:

Panel Discussion

4:15 pm:

Introduction to mini case competition

4:30 pm:

Start mini case competition

6:30 pm:

Submit cases and end of competition

6:30 pm:

Closing Remarks

7:15 pm:

Arrive and check-in at Novotel

SATURDAY MARCH 10TH, 2018: 8:30 am:

Registration and Breakfast

9:00 am:

Judge Debrief

9:45 am:

Opening Ceremony

10:30 am:

Workshops and Preliminary Rounds

1:00 pm:

Lunch and Networking

3:00 pm:

Final Four Presentations

4:15 pm:

Cocktail Hour

5:15 pm:

Closing Ceremony

7:00 pm:

Arrive at Novotel

9:30 pm

Social at &Co



Why is this important to society and UTM?

“In the 21st century, I think the heroes will be the people who will improve the quality of life, fight poverty and introduce more sustainability.” Bertrand Piccard

Sustainability Panel: The sustainability panel is another recent addition to SMG 2018! No matter who you are; whether you’re a delegate, volunteer or even judge, the importance and impact of sustainability impacts all our lives, as we all call the same place home. Join us in an informative and interactive discussion with a diverse group of industry representatives while they discuss how susNetworking Opportunities: tainability hasaffected their workspace and answer all As usual, there are plenty of time for students, our interesting questions. industry representatives and judges to get to know one another at the conference! Students are welcome Mini Case Competition: to network at any point they deem important.How- One of the new components of SMG is the onever, we have also especially assigned the lunch por- the-spot mini case competition taking place on the first tion and the cocktail hour for networking. We really day of the conference. The team believes that this addiencouragestudents to engage in conversations with tion will set the tone for the conference and give teams anyone and everyone because you never know how the opportunity to learn more about current real-life helpful the person you’re talking to may be. sustainability issues taking place intoday’s world. Ilqa and Ahraniya, Show Me the Green CoChairs, are proud to present the 11th annual SMG conference at the University of Toronto Mississauga. The team is extremely excited to implement new and improved components into the pre-existing SMG structure. The conference breakdown has been provided below.


The Executive

Hotel Stay: Since SMG is welcoming to external students as well as internal students, we have planned a twonight hotel stay at Novotel located in Downtown Mississauga. Novotel is an outstanding hotel and due to past experience, we can easily state that they cater to our delegates’ needs without any hesitations. The hotel stay will also aid delegates to build their network by interacting with other students from various universities across Ontario. Additionally, there are plenty of exciting things to do around the area and delegates are welcome to explore Mississauga with their teams and friends!

Social: In order to celebrate the end the conference, we have organized a social at Mississauga’s most famous club: &Co Resto and Bar. Get ready to dance the night away with your team, old and new friends and all members of the Undergraduate Commerce Society! Delegates under 19 are welcome, however, are not permitted to consume any alcohol. Additionally, other UTM studentswho are over 19 are welcome to purchase a ticket and join us to commemorate the end of the conference.

The SMG and UCS teams are thrilled to meet the future business leaders of the world on the 9th of March! We truly believe that we can make a difference together and make the world a better, more sustainable place to live in. Let us be the heroes of the world.



The Executive

Millions of Dollars We Don’t Know About “Accounting or Finance?”.

We’ve all heard that question. Our degrees can take us many places but they won’t take us all to the Big 4. However, they can make us big money elsewhere. Can you guess what forms the biggest trade show in the U.S.? Many of you probably guessed right; automotive. But I bet you can’t guess what the third biggest trade show is, and what it has to do with UCS. Concrete. The third biggest trade show in the US is the World of Concrete. Hundreds of billions of dollars go into the construction industry in North America alone every year, not to mention China. Where am I going with this? Most of us won’t end up in the exact industries we’re expecting but this is a good thing because we are needed elsewhere. A couple of weeks ago, Carl Seleem, a UTM alumnus and one of UCS’s renowned Social Directors, invited me to a trade show that his company was participating in. So, despite the heavy snowstorm, I schlepped to the International Centre to see the second annual Canadian Concrete Expo. One word: wow! The technological and operating advances in building what houses almost all of our activities blew my mind and more so, it made me see an opportunity. Sales representatives, construction advisors, financial planners, operation managers, marketers, purchasers, credit managers, and more came together to do business. Carl graduated with an Accounting Specialist but he is now the eBusiness Marketing Manager for HD Supply Brafasco. He had no idea he would fall in love with the unique mix of marketing and construction, and has been with the company for over 4 years.

Ok, perhaps we’re not all interested in concrete. But, we have all dreamt of calling the shots. To be a manager, a CFO, CMO, CEO or perhaps even a business owner. We often disregard entrepreneurship as something so far from us when in fact it is as close as it gets - our next internship, our first job, or our lifetime career. Earlier this semester, I had the pleasure of attending the YNCN Startup Career Expo in the MaRS Discovery District. Over 90 startups from dozens of fields were looking to hire students, recent graduates, and really anyone who can work hard to make an impact in sales, marketing, and design positions, and even accounting and HR roles. The pleasant surprise of that day was to see our fellow and soon-to-be Finance Specialist graduate, Tina Vo, who is interning with one of the first Canadian peer-to-peer recruitment platforms, Smarthire, which specializes in blockchain applications and peer-to-peer evaluations to power the next generation of recruitment technology. I also met the amazing co-founders of Feedback, Josh and Ben Walters; two cousins brought together by their shared passion for sustainability. Feedback taps into restaurants inefficiencies in order to offer the lowest prices on your favorite food while reducing food waste and giving back to the community. At the young ages of 22 and 26 years, they have gained over 170 restaurant partners in Toronto. Long story short, we can’t compete if we don’t know we’re playing. By Liz Betsis



The Executive



Meet the Creators of Toddler Monitor

Meet Lisa Caruso and Krista Teares, consultants turned entrepreneurs from Calgary, whose experience as parents served as inspiration to develop the Toddler Monitor product. When Krista’s son escaped his bedroom at night, Lisa and Krista put their heads together to develop a product to monitor the movements of toddler aged children. Their story is proof that innovation can be rooted from all areas of your life, including your family life! In late 2017, their passion, expertise, and hard work brought this dynamic duo to a successful appearance on an episode of Dragon’s Den. They set a record with five offers from the Dragons and landed on a deal 50% higher than their original asking price with fellow Calgary resident and CEO of Minhas Breweries & Distillery, Manjit Minhas. So how did they do it? Read below to find out. Question 1: What do you currently do and tell us about your journey towards it. We are both Management Consultants at Lumina Calgary. We both spent time working with larger firms - Krista with Deloitte and Lisa with KPMG. We have been friends for years and have become parents in the last few years. After experiencing challenges with our kids, we came up with an idea for a Toddler Monitor; we knew we had to bring this product to market to help parents better monitor their toddler aged children. Our device hangs on a door and pairs to an app via Bluetooth LE. If your child opens the door you will get an alert to your phone.


The Executive

Question 2: Did you ever think you would be an entrepreneur? Lisa comes from an entrepreneurial family so she did, but Krista had never really thought about it. We were inspired by our own experiences with our children. When Krista’s son Declan was just 2 years old, he got out of their house in the night. She only realized he had left because he brought the sprinkler from their backyard into his bed. In the morning, when Krista realized what had happened, she was terrified. We had been discussing the concept of a Toddler Monitor and after this happened we knew we had to make it happen!

Question 3: What challenges do you face in balancing your career & entrepreneurial pursuits? It’s a lot of work to be a parent, have a fulltime job and also a start-up. Often sleep is what gets sacrificed and leisure time can be limited. It ebbs and flows-there are times we have taken on a bit too much so we try to learn from the mistakes we make. Our kids have to be the priority, but thankfully they are in bed by 8, so we work in the evenings a lot. Question 4: You were recently featured on ‘Dragons Den’. Tell me about this experience. It was pretty fun. They were all really nice and enthusiastic about Toddler Monitor! They ended up driving up our valuation as well, which was amazing. Question 5: Do you have any advice for people hoping to start their own companies one day. What are some things that people should do and watch out for? 1. Choose an idea you are passionate about. 2. If you have partners, make sure you are really committed to them - you will spend a lot of time together and need to be able to have tough conversations. 3. Work your network and take every opportunity to meet new contacts. You never know what great idea or opportunity can come from a meeting! 4. Don’t over invest in IP/patenting before you have tested your idea and are sure it’s worththe investment. Question 6: Why did you choose this particular market and what is the scope right now in terms of the opportunities, threats, and overall competitive market dynamics? We chose this because we wanted the product for ourselves and saw a gap in what was currently available to parents. Everyone has a baby monitor but when kids move from their cribs they still need to be monitored and the video/audio options just aren’t suited to an older child. The bulk of the baby monitor market is dominated by a couple of brands, so there is a threat that one moves into this space as well - although that could help us grow the market.

Question 7: What did you do to develop the technology for this product? We worked with Design1st out of Ottawa. We knew how we wanted it to work, but needed to bring people onto the team who knew how to make the technology work. Question 8: What is your opinion on the millennials vs baby boomers debate as far as entrepreneurship is concerned? Ha, well we are neither so, not sure... what are we called? Generation Y? The labels don’t mean a lot to us. Entrepreneurs need to be passionate and driven. Millennials understand technology and can leverage a lot of resources from social media to SaaS solutions to help deliver their ideas with less upfrontcapital, which can make it easier to get your idea off the ground! Being able to do more yourself -from building a website to doing your own Facebook ad campaign can save a lot of money and be a real strategic advantage. Question 9: Do you think the 2008 recession’s impact on entrepreneurship will continue to exist? Change creates opportunity and gives people the opportunity to shift into new spaces. There will continue to be changing economic factors. There seems to be a shift to a gig economy which creates some opportunities for entrepreneurs. Question 10: What is the most important thing to consider when marketing a new product? Listening and responding to your customers, being clear on how your product works and having a clear vision for your brand. Question 11: Sum-up your experience with Toddler Monitor in three words. Pass the wine... ok, kidding! Hustle pays off! To learn more about Toddler Monitor, follow their journey and witty commentary on the world of parenting on Instagram, Facebook, and Pintrest! @toddlermonitor

By Bryn Robertson


POROUS CONCRETE “Environmentally sustainable� is a buzz-phrase associated with seemingly every new technology stemming from the minds of innovators and corporations in the current age. With the world advancing at the rate that it is, its important for us to tailor the products and processes we employ in a way causing the least amount of damage to our planet possible. Despite the large boom in environmentally conscious sectors such as the hybrid car industry and renewable energy sources, a technology that has existed for quite some time, yet rarely explored is porous concrete. Porous concrete originates from 1800s Europe and its usage in the construction and infrastructure industry has continued to this day. While unfamiliar perhaps due to the first part of its title, porous concrete is exactly as its name indicates. Its components allow water to pass through it versus simply running off.

Porous concrete has established itself over the last few years as an optimum choice in the construction industry. It has usurped the previous number one choice of concrete, which for many decades prior has been the standard. Asphalt concrete is infamous for its harm to the environment, as research suggests that run off is the major gateway for pollutants to access the water table. The pollutants include, dirt/ debris, heavy metals and hydrocarbons from oil leaks. Porous concrete is a viable solution as it vastly reduces the amount of hydrocarbon runoff into our waters, while recharging our groundwater and maintaining aquifer levels. Porous concrete also allows for excess water to hydrate plants and flora thus reducing the need for artificial irrigation. Also, porous concrete is lighter gray in color and has an open cell structure which helps the environment as they don’t absorb and store heat from the sun and radiate it back to the surface. Finally, because the color is lighter, there is less need for light at nighttime because the material is light reflective.

Benefits of porous concrete have resulted in its implementation worldwide. These applications range from the obvious such as paved areas in the US, to the not so obvious, for example for construction purposes in Europe, where porous concrete is used in the creation of buildings. In particular, porous concrete has proven highly beneficial in the prevention of storm water runoff polluting waterways. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has turned to porous concrete as a solution to the aforementioned problem, as its traits allow it to stop pollutants entering water bodies following a stormy weather, unlike an asphalt pavement would. Furthermore, there has been increased use of porous concrete in countries like India since the 2000s, effectively replacing the previous concrete that was used in the past.


The Executive

As demand increases for environmentally sustainable practices, porous concrete paves the way, pun intended, for itself amidst other alternatives that do not live up to the formerly mentioned. Due to its major positives in contrast to its older and less environmentally conscious counterparts, assuming that porous concrete will likely overtake traditional asphalt in the near future before the latter is completely phased out is in our opinion not too far-fetched of a prediction!

By Rameen Ahmed & Ishaq Halim




Accounting Blitz 2018 is back and better than ever! The Undergraduate Commerce Society presents you with a week long of accounting events (+ a bonus office tour)! At a glance: - Mon. March 12: EY Info Session & Networking at UTM - Tues. March 13: PwC Mock Interviews, Info Session & Networking at UTM - Thurs. March 15: KPMG Mock Interviews at UTM - Wed. March 21: KPMG Office Tour ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MONDAY, MARCH 12 Ernst & Young Information Session & Networking When: 1:00 - 3:00 PM Where: Faculty Club Application Details: Please email your resume to Applications due: Sunday, March 4 by 11:59 PM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TUESDAY, MARCH 13 PricewaterhouseCoopers Mock Interviews, Information Session, & Networking When: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Mock Interviews), 1:00 - 2:00 PM (Info Session & Networking) Where: PDLC, KN2213 Application Details: Please email your resume AND cover letter to Applications due: Sunday, March 4 by 11:59 PM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THURSDAY, MARCH 15 KPMG Mock Interviews When: 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM Where: PDLC Application Details: Please email your resume AND cover letter to Applications due: Sunday, March 4 by 11:59 PM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21 KPMG Office Tour When: 6:30 PM - TBA Where: KPMG, Vaughan Office Application Details: Please email your resume AND cover letter to Applications due: Sunday, March 4 by 11:59 PM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Additional Details: - Dress code is BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL for all events. - Successful applicants will be notified by Wed. March 7 and will be rewarded PSDP points.


The Executive




The Executive

The Executive - SMG '18 Special Issue  
The Executive - SMG '18 Special Issue