Health Promotion Services Spring 2020 Programs

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Health Promotion Services is going virtual for the spring 2020 quarter. Join us as we provide holistic health education opportunities for all Tritons! For more information and a full list of programs visit our website at or email

t s a c d o P A podcast where we speak candidly about all things wellness! We'll be covering everything under the sun when it comes to wellness. From stress management to sex and relationships to alcohol and cannabis, and everything in between! Our goal is to inspire you, to help you feel connected, and to help you discover new ways to live your best life.


Introduction of HPS

April 2

Resilience in the Making Pt. 1

April 6

STI Awareness Week

April 13

Healthy Eating During Grad School

April 20

Alcohol Awareness Month

April 27

Staying Motivated with Online Classes

April 30

Staying Physically Active, Engaged, and Connected

May 4

Relax Recharge Refocus (MH Awareness Month)

May 11

Self Love (MH Awareness Month)

May 18

Helping a Friend in Need (MH Awareness Month)

May 25

Managing Post Grad Stress (MH Awareness Month)

e n o Z a Yog Join us for a virtual yoga class with CAPS to help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your mood. This practice will lead you to a sense of peace and general well-being. Dr. Dianna Quach is a clinical psychologist and a certified yoga instructor, RYT.

March 30th from 10-10:45 am April 6th from 10-10:45 am April 13th from 10-10:45 am April 20th from 10-10:45 am April 27th from 10-10:45 am April 30th from 10-10:45 am May 4th from 10-10:45 am May 11th from 10-10:45 am May 18th from 10-10:45 am May 25th from 10-10:45 am

e n o Z The The Zone is UC San Diego's lounge for student health and well-being. We provide free wellness programs that promote healthy living, personal development, and well-being resources. We also serve as a space for students to relax, destress, and make social connections. In between programs, The Zone is a lounge for students to hang out, study, take a nap, or enjoy a cup of tea. Come experience The Zone virtually for yourself .. you have nothing to lose, except the stress!

THE ZONES SCHEDULE March 30 April 6 April 13 April 14 April 20

Yoga Zone: Move Your Body, Tone Your Mood, 10-10:45 am Yoga Zone: Move Your Body, Tone Your Mood, 10-10:45 am Yoga Zone: Move Your Body, Tone Your Mood, 10-10:45 am Financially Savvy: Your Investment Quest, 3:304:30 pm

Yoga Zone: Move Your Body, Tone Your Mood, 10-10:45 am

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom

April 21

Campus to Career, 3:30-4:30 pm


April 22

Hungry for Healthy: Thai Noodle Salad, 12-1:00 pm


April 27

Yoga Zone: Move Your Body, Tone Your Mood, 10-10:45 am


THE ZONES SCHEDULE April 28 April 29 May 4 May 5 May 6

Financially Savvy: Get Your Dibs On Your Crib, 3:30-4:30 pm Hungry for Healthy: White Bean Chili, 12-1:00 pm Yoga Zone: Move Your Body, Tone Your Mood, 10-10:45 am Campus to Career, 3:30-4:30 pm

Hungry for Healthy: Avocado Chickpea Sandwich, 12-1:00 pm

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom

May 11

Yoga Zone: Move Your Body, Tone Your Mood, 10-10:45 am

May 12

Financially Savvy: Paying Off Your Student Debt, Zoom 3:30-4:30 pm

May 13

Hungry for Healthy: Veggie Potato Flautas, 12-1:00 pm




Yoga Zone: Move Your Body, Tone Your Mood, 10-10:45 am Hungry for Healthy: Curried Chickpeas with Spinach,

Zoom Zoom

12-1:00 pm

May 25

Yoga Zone: Move Your Body, Tone Your Mood, 10-10:45 am

June 1

Yoga Zone: Move Your Body, Tone Your Mood, 10-10:45 am

Zoom Zoom

WELLNESS PROGRAMS March 20 National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Social Media Campaign April 1

STI Awareness Month: Bi Weekly Content Social Media Campaign

April 12

STI Awareness Week: Daily Content

Social Media Campaign

Late April

Stress Reduction


May 11

National Women's Health WeekÂ

Social Media Campaign

May 5,12,19,26 Aim to Reframe: Resilience

Social Media Campaign

To make an appointment with our Senior Health Educator to discuss different birth control methods or to have a PrEP Consultation email To request a Zoom presentation email the following: Bria Hamlet: (Sexual Health) Renee Dell'Acqua: (General Health) Lupe Samaniego-Kraus: (AOD)

s n o Trit e v i Thr

Thursdays will officially be #TritonsThriveThursday! We will be releasing content on our social media platforms, website, and/or podcast that focus on ways students can strengthen their resilience in order to live happier and healthier lives.

April 2nd April 9th April 16th April 23rd April 30th May 7th May 14th May 21st May 28th June 4th

UPCOMING PROGRAMS/INITIATIVES Are you faculty or staff who can't make it to a class and are considering canceling it? Don't Cancel That Class! Rather than cancelling your class, bring in Health Promotion Services to do programming and take advantage of your valuable class time! If you know about your absence at least seven days in advance, fill out the form below to request a substitute program. For more information email:

Sometimes, the stressors we experience can be tough to manage. Health Promotion Services will offer a virtual Resilience Lab where students can learn and and practice ways to calm the body’s response to stress. Students can make appointments to meet one-on-one with our staff, to learn more about the Resilience lab visit our website at and visit online education

Health Promotion Services will be offering free Health Coaching services, providing UCSD students with education, support and encouragement to develop behaviors for a healthier lifestyle. Health Coaching takes a holistic approach to discovering how personal wellness impacts student success, strengths, values and goals. You can establish a wellness plan and stay accountable. Stress management Time management Sleep hygiene Resiliency

Nutrition Weight management Goal Setting

The benefits of Health Coaching include but are not limited to: Improved quality of life, achieving personal accountability and academic goals, increased self-efficacy, attainment of decision-making skills, and achieving a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

During academic quarters, nutrition counseling is provided by our Registered Dietitian in Group 2. This service includes a computerized assessment of your nutritional requirements and follow-up visits as needed. All appointments during the spring quarter will be virtual. There is NO FEE for registered students with UCÂ SHIP and students with RAFT. Non-UCÂ SHIP and non-RAFT students pay $20 per visit. Make an appointment by calling Group 2 at (858) 822-5926.