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"I pledge to uphold the Objects of Circle K International, to foster compassion and goodwill towards others through service and leadership, to develop my abilities and the abilities of all people, and to dedicate myself to the realization of mankind's potential."


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Member Spotlight, Staff of Fellowship, Member of the Month

Recurring Events "I have been going to Reality Changers since winter quarter of my freshman year and it is undoubtedly my favorite service event. The ability to directly work with the people you are impacting and witness their change weekly is extremely rewarding. Moreover, the motivation of the students at RC to go to college is inspiring and helps me fully realize the life-changing qualities of a college education. Every Speech Night, I am amazing by their journey that lead them to RC and drives them towards a college education." - Alyssa Lew

"I have learned that you really cant tell what some people are going through just by looking at them. Some of the kids might be going through a lot at home, but they still show up at Reality Changers to work on their future. I really like how the program gives everyone a chance to exceed and go to college." - Braelyn Joy Travis

" "The Boys and Girls club is an after school program for elementary school kids in the San Diego Area. This event is for people who like working with kids and like doing projects. The kids often need help with their homework which is usually not too bad because the kids are very young. One interesting thing about their homework is that it is often in Spanish. Helping 2nd graders with their math homework in Spanish is a little harder than in english, but I think it adds a fun challenge to the event. It really tested my Spanish language skills the first time that I volunteered but now I am a lot more used to the basic Spanish that they use. Volunteering also usually involves helping out with either physical or creative activities. Sometimes we play dodgeball and sometimes we make dream boards of what they kids want to accomplish in the future. Fun fact, the kids mostly drew Santa in their dream boards. Anyway, this event is really fun and it is really enjoyable to watch the kids start to recognize you the more that you come." - Matthew Kawakami

Recurring Events "SPORTs for Exceptional Athletes is a weekly program at brings together children of varying special needs at Kearny Mesa Recreation Center to play various sports. Volunteers help the kids warm-up, and help the coach guide them through different activities to be able to scrimmage at the end of practice. We are currently in basketball season, which is more difficult for some of the kids, so not everyone scrimmages at the end of the day. It’s been really great seeing the kids progress in their dribbling skills, and seeing how excited they get when we’re able to help them shoot into a basket. Having volunteered with special needs kids in high school, having a volunteer opportunity like SPORTs makes me really happy. I am not the biggest fan of ball games though, so I’ll be looking forward to when we go back to playing hockey again." - Alexandra Wei

"I love SPORTs for Exceptional Athletes because it is a service event where you can clearly see your impact every minute you are there helping the children with their health. Sometimes at events like Tabletop Service, you cannot distinctly see the effect of your volunteering because you are not able to directly give the craft you made to the receiving person. At SPORTs it is very easy to see how your time is valued by the children and coaches and the positive impact you are making! SPORTs for Exceptional Athletes has taught me understanding, patience, and the importance of care for health in everyone." - Siobhán Lin-Nugent

"SPORTS is one of my favorite events because the kids are just fun. SPORTS is a service event where Circle K volunteers play sports with kids with special needs to help them with their athletic and social skills. My favorite sport they play is indoor hockey with felt pucks, but right now they are playing basketball. The kids really remember the volunteers who come consistently often shout their names when they enter the gym. One of my favorite moments of the event is when we ask the kids how many laps we are going to run for the day. The usual answer is "five hundred million billion thousand" which makes all the Circle K volunteers laugh. The other day I asked the kids and they said "5" and I was so shocked. Another volunteer said that was probably the most number they had ever heard them say. During the majority of the event volunteers help the different groups of kids based on the kids ability. Some of the kids are better than the volunteers, while some like a lot of assistance during the practice. Helping either is always very entertaining. Something unexpected always happens, so come out to see what it will be." - Matthew Kawakami

Recurring Events "Kiwanis Luncheon is so great because every week something new happens! From their check givings to guest speakers ranging from jazz concerts to stories of amazing projects done for the community. The bomb food also doesn't hurt." -Wesley Wu

"I love going to tabletop, because it helps me destress AND it also serves to help someone in need. I also like how it's a great way to get to know other CKI members, while doing something helpful towards the community. This whole quarter, I've been looking forward to going to the tabletop service events, each time they're held." -Cassandra Puertas

Recurring Events

"Harvest crops is this event where we go to people’s houses and help pick their fruit to be donated to different groups! It’s always fun seeing firsttimers go because we’re usually given an address to a parking lot rather than a house, and we have to wait for the coordinator Sergio to arrive with his “Harvest crops” truck before we can get the address for where we’ll be volunteering. Even if there’s only 2-3 fruit trees, I’m always surprised by how much fruit we end up with from someone’s backyard; there’s usually several crates full, and we get to take some home after too! Another thing I like about this event is that Sergio also always takes a picture after, and sends it to us with the weight of all the fruit we picked! So we get to put a number to all the impact we’re making. Picking fruit might seem kinda boring, but it’s actually pretty short and fun! Especially with Sergio’s cool fruit-picking tool. You should definitely check it out the next time we volunteer!" - Alexandra Wei

Single Events "For some while now, we’ve been going to Guiltea during rush week. Even though it’s the same place, I always enjoy the event because it’s different each time" - Don Tran

"Volunteering for Friends of Cats hardly feels like volunteering at all because it's always so fun! I own a cat myself, so it's fun having to play with a bunch of them and see all their different personalities. I feel like I'm making a big difference for all these rescued cats by giving them all the love and attention they deserve. I wish I could adopt all of them!" - Shawn Copon I thought it was a great opportunity to volunteer for a good cause, and also a good way to relax after the first week of school. I really enjoyed it and would definitely go again :) - Lara Modder

Single Events

"I felt that SLSSP was a great event this year. The family competition allowed for everyone to bond in a way not previously done. Also the workshops were informative and a great way to focus on our DSI" - Don Tran

"I was very intrigued during the documentary because it helped me realize how trafficking is an even bigger problem than expected. I believe it’s representative in countries today; even though the documentary presented trafficking in America only, I believe that this is a bigger problem in other countries. Just hearing the victim’s testimonies got to me because you can feel their emotion and I realized from their experiences that trafficking needs to be addressed as well as other world issues. Overall, I really enjoyed the documentary and it definitely opened my eyes to a new world issue!" - Jack Wang

Single Events "Key2College is an annual event held by UCSD Circle K aimed to facilitate the transition from high school to college. Every year, we invite Key Clubbers and high school students from neighboring school districts to take part in helpful workshops and fun games that help prepare them for the challenges that are to come. The committee does help plan Key2Life, another event that is directed towards the transition between college and true adulthood. Both of which have workshops that confront challenges ranging from finances to food. In the beginning, I decided to apply for Key2College Committee because I really enjoyed the UCSD Circle K community and I wanted nothing more than to get more involved. This experience has undoubtedly shaped me into a more proactive person and I have seen drastic improvements in my time management and networking skills. In the end, however, I was able to get truly close to my fellow committee members and I am very thankful for the experience" - Justin Duong

"Key2College is an event where we invite key clubbers in the San Diego and we host workshops and panels for them so they can gain info about what college life is like, what to expect , and how they can easily transition to it." - Joanna Truong


Louise Tolentino 2018-2019 VP of Administration

"When I first joined Circle K, it was mainly to do something fulfilling with a few of the friends I made in my first year, mostly because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough in college and wanted to branch out into service, having never really been involved in it in high school. I fell in love with Reality Changers and the club as a whole: the people here made me feel like I stood out, after being recognized in Member Spotlight and by the students at RC, and meeting the person who would eventually become my big (hi Victoria!) kept me hooked to this club. While the dynamic of Circle K has certainly changed between the two years I’ve been here – everyone who joined Fall 2016 would agree, I think – the community is still as welcoming as it ever was. As a result of the leadership positions and family events throughout these last two years, nearly every day I’ve been pushing myself to come out of my shell and be more comfortable with who I am in front of others. Something I noticed about last year was that so many people wanted to get involved in leadership... I want to satisfy that thirst for leadership without congesting our calendar with so many events – while I can think of a lot of ways to do that, I hope to encourage members to participate in divisional, district, and even international leadership positions, as well as make some changes to the structure of how our community gets involved in committees in general. While I don’t want to give all my ideas away since that would spoil the fun, I have some fun ideas about how to improve the family system, leadership, rush week, spirit, and our involvement with the Kiwanis family, so stay tuned for those! While I am not the most charismatic soul out there, I am truly excited to be UCSD Circle K’s president for the upcoming term, and I hope that you stay to watch our club grow for the next year!"

Coming from a bad experience with her high school’s Key Club, Louise had no intentions of joining Circle K; however, through the persistence of Victoria Ortiz and Shawn Copon, she decided to join the organization. At first, Louise was intimidated by the sheer amount of people in the organization, but in the end she found her place after finding grounded people in her fam, Experiment 858, and in Key2College Committee. As the year progressed, Louise also noticed the many cliques within Circle K and wanted to help in changing that but didn’t know how. Eventually, with a little push from a couple of her peers, Louise decided to run for VPS during her first year. Although she did not get the VPS position, Louise applied for A-Board and became the Membership Development & Education Chair. At the beginning of her term, Louise struggled in assuming her role as MD&E, and for a while, Louise had an internal battle of debating her duty as a Board Member and the desire to help others; however, after confiding with a close friend and hosting her own New Member Install, she found out how in love she was with Circle K and wanted to help continue to change the organization’s dynamics from the last Board’s. With the advice of a couple of friends, Louise set her mind to come back for board but as VPA . As Vice President of Administration, Louise is determined to constantly see growth within the club, to make it more inclusive for every member, and to guide college students in finding passion for a cause in their own personal lives. From the club, Louise has grown as a person, personally and professionally, in and out of Circle K, and she hopes to inspire the same growth in every member.



Marné Amoguis 2018-2019 Secretary

Kevin Nguyen 2018-2019 Treasurer

"I was in Key Club in high school so i was interested in branching further into the Kiwanis Family, but i wasn’t sure if i would have the time to commit to it. I convinced myself I would just be a general member and go out to service events... Once i attended a few events, I couldn’t stop coming because Circle K is addicting. Everyone was so friendly and inviting, I thought they were being fake to round up new members. After I went to a few events, I realized they actually cared. Some people even remembered my name, major, or college. I even tried to check out other clubs, but none were as welcoming as Circle K....Everybody, even the board, is so approachable and amiable, and Circle K has made my transition into college go much more smoothly. I wanted to help the next board greet new members and grow next term... I think the culture of the club has changed the most about the org, and I’m glad it did. I’m looking forward to bonding with my new board and creating the new dynamic for our term. I’m also excited to see what the impact teams I’ve chosen will do throughout my term... I want to see our club's overall service hours increase... I plan to offer [more] weekend service events for members who are busy on weekdays. I love going to Sports for Exceptional Athletes. It was nice seeing the kids interact with Matthew the first time I went; they were all excited to see him and remembered his name. Everyone wanted him on their team and I was excited to build bonds with the kids. Now when I go they recognize me and some even fight over me. I haven’t started my term yet, but I think I have already grown as a member. I have pushed myself to do more than I thought I would be doing in college. It's my first year and I am silver [in MRP]. I know i have a long way to go in the next three years, but I know Circle K is already shaping my college experience."

"I was kinda tricked into [joining Circle K] by Anh. She’d kinda coerce me to hang out w/ her board friends & go to service and events with her (I even went pit sitting for the rush week bonfire LOL). I wasn’t planning on joining, but I gave it a shot anyway! Honestly, I didn’t really like [joining Circle K initially]. All the groups were so big and there were so many new faces, and I don’t like big groups. Everyone seemed to know each other, so I didn’t really know how to be a member. But then I found a niche, making it so much easier. I'm honestly so excited for my term. The new board is so amazing, and it’s gonna be great working with all of them so that we can provide the best experiences for all of you! Watch out for a lot of energy, spirit, and excitement. Personally, I’m really hoping to incorporate MRP with our club level MR things... Looking back in fall quarter, I was honestly so inactive. Nobody knew me, I knew nobody. But somehow, I was able to make a total 180 in a literal week. As a member, it’s kinda crazy realizing that I actually found a community here, even though it took me longer than others. and since the term hasn’t technically started yet, I feel like my “changes” have all been in preparation for spring! it’s really helping me with personal things, like time management and making new friends!"

SERVICE IS CONTAGIOUS SERVICE IS CONTAGIOUS SERVICE IS CONTAGIOUS SERVICE IS CONTAGIOUS SERVICE IS CONTAGIOUS "I first went out to Circle K with another friend who didn't end up joining the club and mainly stayed for the service opportunities. When I first joined in spring quarter last year, I found it a little hard to get into the community at first, but it was always as welcoming as it is today. The whole time I was in Circle K, I never thought i would go for board. What changed my mind was being on the impact team FTK and Team Pulse. Being in those two positions made me realize what Circle K could offer. It was essentially a family. We could work together to make a difference in the community all the while developing ourselves as people. I never saw myself as a leader before this, but now I'm on board and I'm really excited for what the next year has in store!"

Fundraisers "Since it was the New Year, I felt that Souplantation was a good social for those New Year resolutions. Everyone was able to eat healthy and bond over some nice salad and soup :) " - Don Tran

"Ice skating was so much fun even though I was freezing my butt off! It was nice being able to hang out and bond with everyone right after winter break!" - Stephanie Nguyen "The skating was super fun and everyone who came had such a nice time jamming to the songs and skating with friends" - Hanna Lam "[Ice skating] was a lot of fun. I don't have any experience, so it was rough, but it was fun having people teach me." - Patrice Cosare

Fundraisers "For me, KRock was the embodiment of all the things that I find so great about Circle K—the love of service and sense of satisfaction that I get from making a positive impact on our community, and the fun of networking and doing cool things with all my Circle K friends! I found it especially cool that the proceeds would go towards the Pediatric Trauma Program to develop local projects to make sure that more kids would be saved from potential (and potentially fatal) injuries. The event itself was a blast, I had an amazing time playing games and trying to win tickets to get a gift for my girlfriend. Although trying to get 20 tickets with only 5 open spaces on my stamp card was a little stressful in the moment (especially with so many other people doing MUCH better than me at the games), looking back the competitive spirit made things all the more fun and the prize much more meaningful. The food of the event was also delicious, I still want to know where they got the tacos from! And to top it all off, the organizers of the event got such great performers to entertain us —I loved the singing acts, and I can’t believe that they got DANakaDAN (my favorite rapper) and JuNCurryAhn to perform! I have actually never heard of JuNCurryAhn before KRock, but since the event I have developed a new appreciation for violin covers. Thank you UC Riverside Circle K for organizing such an awesome event!!!" - Sean Lo

"It was really cool to see such talented groups perform on stage and meeting new people from other parts of the CNH district! Thank you UCR Circle K and K-Rock Cochairs Jason Terrazas and Sabrina Yang for making KRock a wonderful experience through the many performances and activities there." - Joanna Truong

"Being on the Large Scale Service Project (LSFP) Committee was truly a rewarding experience. For me, it was my first committee that I was a part of outside of Tech Team. I had a lot of fun planning the service auction with my committee members and we shared laughs and memories in those days preparing for the auction." - Weijin Xu

"This year’s Service Auction was much more successful than last year. A lot more money was raised and the things being bid on were more diverse. It allowed for the division to come together and we were able to sponsor Hawaii members to come for DCON. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the event." - Don Tran


"Pie for PTP (Pediatric Trauma Program) is a really successful, and a large part of that is because of our general supportive members and Large Scale Service Project committee members. I definitely did not expect the turnout for pie-ees and pie-ers to be so great. It make me feel appreciative of being a part of such a supportive community and I had so much fun seeing everything being pie (with love) and I hope we continue this tradition for upcoming years." - Anh Vo

"I was one of the people getting pied. It was really good for people to destress while also raising money for our DFI. I think both the pie-ers and pie-ees were able to enjoy this event and it’s always one I look forward to each year" - Don Tran "Getting pied feels weird and kinda in the moment but at the same time it's pretty fun because you're getting pied by your friends. And looking back, it feels pretty good knowing that the money raised is going towards a good cause because you dread it when it's happening but it's a lot more impactful when you really see how much money you helped raise" - Ryan Luong "Getting pied repeatedly was very messy, but it was a lot of fun to see a lot of club members come out and help raise money going towards a good cause. It feels very good that our club was able to raise so much for the Pediatric Trauma Program. The turnout from the rest of the club members were the reason why our pie event was a great success!" - Phillip Truong

Member Recognition

Episode MMXVII - MMXVIII The Last Assassin The FIRST ORDER reigns. Having decimated the peaceful Republic, Supreme Leader Don now deploys his merciless legions to seize military control of the galaxy. Only General Kylie Tran's band of RESISTANCE fighters, including handsome hotshot smuggler, Andrew Vu; Jedi Masters, Nathan Mansur, Victoria Vu, and Phillip Truong; and Padawan, Alyssa Lew, stand against the rising tyrants such as Sith Lord, Shannon Lee, certain that Jedi Master, Braelyn Travis, will return and restore a spark of hope to the fight. But the Resistance has been exposed. As the First Order speeds toward the rebel base, the brave heroes mount a desperate escape....

Andrew Vu Most Points

Alyssa Lew Runner Up

Phillip Truong Complete the Circle

Braelyn Joy Travis Winner

Nathan Mansur Complete the Circle

Shannon Lee Most Kills

Kylie Tran Most Creative Kill

Victoria Vu Complete the Circle

Game Masters:


"Assassins was really fun to plan out with Don and we didn't expect the amount of creativity that people came up with for missions." - Wesley Wu

"After actively participating in Assassins last year, being the game master this year really meant a lot for me. I really enjoyed how everyone made an effort in the survival and I’m glad it was received well by members. Putting a theme into it was difficulty but Wesley really helped me with that and I really appreciate him for doing so. I’m so glad I got to carry on the tradition of our annual game of assassins :)" - Don Tran

Tumblr Confessions wow krock was gr8, tbh it was out of this WORLD!! ecksdeeee pls send help shannon made me do this

I didn't realize how stressful assassins was going to be

circle k is gas stations YOU CANT TELL ME OTHERWISE, stop lying to us pls - but circle k is an organization tho

Joanna is the best fek queen - I agree

- Same it slow in the beginning and then people started killing people and now I'm scared for my life

This is like a week late but I have a lot fun at SLSSP and I want to say thank you to Matthew, Siobhán and all of the committee for all their hard work that they put into the event!

I am happy that I applied for board and even if I do not get it, I am still going to do my best to be an active member because without members, there would not be a club

Why do we need a meme themed GBM when we have the living meme Ryan Luong

I am really glad I joined Circle K because it is like a family away from my real family!

Congrats to One Hundred Acre Hood for winning and having this week for them!.

HOW HAS THE CLUB CHANGED DURING YOUR TIME IN CKI? --words from older members--

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Nancy Huang

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Michael Christensen

Calendar of Events 1/7 GuilTea Boba Run

1/21 Paradise DCM + The Greatest Service Auction

2/5 SLSSP Chipotle Fundraiser UCSD CKI Elections

2/23 Tabletop Service: Cards for Feminine Care Packages & Paint Chip Calendars

3/9 Tabletop Service: Cards for Feminine Care Packages & Paint Chip Calendars

1/8 Souplantation Dinner / Fundraiser

1/22 SAAT Human Trafficking Awareness Week 1/22-1/26

2/9 Tabletop Service: Feminine Care Packages Kiwanis Mixer Paradise Division 24 Hr Service Marathon

2/24 WAPI Project

3/10 UCSD Circle K's Key2Life

1/11 SAAT Human Documentary

1/23 Human Trafficking & Unhealthy Relationships 101

2/10 Paradise Division 24 Hr Service Marathon

2/25 District Large Scale Service Project South

3/11 Bannister Family House Volunteering

1/12 Tabletop Service: Pocket Hearts Ice Skating Fundraiser

1/26 Tabletop Service: Pocket Hearts Somi Somi Social

2/11 UCSD Circle K's  Key2College

2/26 Pie for PTP

3/14 Spam Musubi & Corn Cheese Fundraiser D&B Social

1/13 UCR CKI presents: 10th Annual Kids Rock Concert

1/14 Friends of Cats Volunteering

1/27 Winter Triton Fest Volunteering

2/2 Dippin Dots Fundraiser

2/14 SLSSP Hot Cheeto Elotes Fundraiser

LSFP Movie Social: The Greatest Showman

2/22 Thrifty Thursday

Single Large Scale Service Project

3/1 Bear Garden Volunteering 3/1-3/2

Super Study Spam Musubi Fundraiser 3/19-3./21

Weekly: Pre-Meeting Dinners (Mondays), Reality Changers (Tuesdays & Wednesdays) Scrapbook Workdays (Wednesday & Thursdays) Kiwanis Luncheons (Fridays)

SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes (Thursdays) Boys & Girls Club (Thursdays) KYDS Club Meeting (Fridays)

2/3 Feeding San Diego




Bear Garden Volunteering

Double Dare Week 1/17-1/26


Team Pulse Tabletop Service: Tied Pillows for Scripps Women's Heart Center


3/3 Harvest CROPS Volunteering SDSU CKI 2018 Talent Show


The Crobie Contagion Issue 09  

We invite you to read our adorable Winter 2018 newsletter! Get a taste of what service events UCSD Circle K has had throughout the quarter,...

The Crobie Contagion Issue 09  

We invite you to read our adorable Winter 2018 newsletter! Get a taste of what service events UCSD Circle K has had throughout the quarter,...