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Hello, Slithr!





Your Competitors

Despite being relatively new, the industry is saturated.

The Focus ● ● ●

Overall the high-tech edge in their products Emphasizing key features offered (speed, weight, range, etc) There’s a spectrum: ○ ZBoard chooses to promote itself as a coastal lifestyle essential ○ E-Go fixates itself on a futuristic, tech-focused appeal

The Price Point Brand





Customizable Boards

Evolve Skateboards

$1249 - 1999


Boosted Boards

$999 - 1,499



$1099 - 1399









from $1399


The Culture The Longboarders ● ● ● ●

Relaxing yet thrilling lifestyle Casual simplicity Freeing sensation Crave the control

Non-Longboarders ● ● ●

Affordability and Ease of use Convenience and Safety Needs of traveling constantly

Survey Results Survey

Highly Rated

Lowly Rated


What people want WHEN they use electric longboard

Enjoyment Ease of Use Speed Range

Customizeable Environmentally Sustainable Lightweight


What they want IN alternative modes of transportation

Affordability Convenience Time Efficiency Safety

Enjoyable Environmentally Sustainable Customization


What people want IN their electric longboard

Affordability Portability Ease of Use Range Safety

Features Aesthetic


Overarching Insight Practicality AND Enjoyment â—? People want enjoyment when they use the electric longboard, but what is also important to them is the practicality that the electric longboard offers.

Big Idea “People don’t need cutting edge or all-terrain. Cut the clutter, bells and whistles, and leave them with a new way to move that simply fits. Slithr fits your board, fits your routine, and fits your life. It’s all you need.”

Brand Positioning Simple ● Solutions to easy short distance travel ● Easy switch from regular to electric ● Stylish and easy to incorporate into life Natural ● Easily accessible and always available ● Fits to your lifestyle ● Easy control over the way you travel Context: From urban streets to your living room.

The Target Market


Trend Enthusiast ● ●

Age: 24 (lifestyle choice) Trend Enthusiasts ○ “New is always better” ○ Focus on the product’s “show value” ○ Frequents Kickstarter ○ Feeling culturally ahead ○ Values: ■ Knowledge ■ Creativity ■ Exclusivity

Urban Dweller ● ●

Age: 28 Urban Dweller ○ Active lifestyle ○ Needs to always move ○ Lives in a very hectic environment ○ Values: ■ Control ■ Adaptation ■ Simplicity


Quick Competitive Overview

Straightforward and simple, GoPro-esque

Geometric/negative space with video-based media

Versatile and adaptable in different settings

High-intensity contrasting and intuitive design (Kickstarter)

Video-based storytelling in clean, white space

Simple, clean Apple-esque/tech start up feel (Kickstarter)

Brand Board

Brand Personality

Logo Proposal

SLITHR x ADWAVE Develop brand positioning for the electric longboard startup company Competitive Landscape Analysis Kickstarter campaign Logo & Copy

Logo Proposal

Font Proposal


Social Media Platforms slithrboards 4 days ago Ready to Slithr your way through the urban jungle? Introducing Slithr’s first customizable electric longboard available soon! #kickstarter #electricboards #slithrboards

Pre-Campaign ● ●

Posts on information of product and Kickstarter Share engaging photos and videos on Slithr and longboards in general

During Campaign: ● ● ●

Promote Kickstarter and posts on updates Share published articles on Slithr Share engaging photos and videos on Slithr

Slithr Boards @slithrboards · July 10 Thanks for your support everyone! Our campaign has reached its halfway mark! Share with your friends and family so that we may reach our goal! #slithrboards #slithrkickstarter #SlithrynHouseisBest #electriclongboards #theyseemeSlithrintheyhatin #longboardstuff

Youtube Pre-Campaign: ● ●

Product introduction Kickstarter Video

Introducing Slithr’s Electric Longboards

During Campaign: ● ●

Product overview with specs Prototypes sent to YouTube reviewers: ○ The Verge, Tested, etc.

Forums ● ● ●

Crowdfunding Forum Kickstarter Forum Crowdfunding PR Check out these urban electric boards from Slithr

● ● ● ●

/r/kickstarter /r/longboarding /r/skateboarding /r/gadgets

Publications ● ●

Josh Constine Ryan Lawler

● ● ●

Sean Buckley Adam Clark Estes Andrew Liszewsk

● ● ●

Nick Lavars Ben Coxworth C.C. Weiss

● ● ●

Adario Strange Stan Schroeder Raymond Wong

Slithr’s Urban Electric Board Provides a Fresh and Simple Commute

Slithr is a new startup that features a customizable electric longboard. Their trendy yet simple style will fit into your everyday life and gives you a dependable alternative commuting option. But don’t sweat, it’s affordable. Their Kickstarter will be launching...

Consumer Purchasing Paths We mapped out two dominant ways consumers would discover and eventually purchase a Slithr Board. Trend Enthusiast a. Sees article on Slithr through the subReddit Gadgets b. Interested and read about Slithr boards on the website c. Likes the product information and decides to be one of the first backers for Slithr d. Share through Social Media and forums to make sure Slithr actually happens and spreads his knowledge Urban Dweller a. Looking for an easy portable way to of alternative transportation b. Found out about electric skateboards through word of mouth as friends/family use them c. Sees the Slithr’s Youtube product review shared by a friend through Facebook d. Interested and checks the Kickstarter for further information e. Interested in getting a Slithr board and decide to back the Kickstarter f. Shares through Social Media to make sure Slithr gets funded