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Congratulations Welcome to Uc San Diego! You’ve been admitted to a world-class university which will become even better after YOU arrive! As you peruse these pages, we hope you will be intrigued by the endless possibilities available to you at UC San Diego. We’ve highlighted many amazing people, programs and places dedicated to enriching your student experience. Take time to read each student testimonial, look-up the faculty and staff members highlighted and research further the websites provided. These resources exist to promote scholarship, foster leadership and cultivate community. This is an exciting time to be an active member of a close-knit campus community and make your mark in a positively impressionable way. Join us at UC San Diego! It’s a GREAT time to be a Triton!

Stacia Smith Solomon Director Black Resource Center B.S. Management/Marketing UNC-Greensboro; M.Ed. Counselor Education NCSU


Porsia Thomas Program Coordinator, Black Resource Center UC San Diego Class of 2008 B.A. Communication/Ethnic Studies; M.S. Higher Education Kaplan University

Tiana Chicago, IL 1st year Human Biology The BRC is a home away from home. It gives me the support system I need to make it on this campus. I do homework there, get tutored there and often times just hang out. It has influenced my life as a black student because it reminds me that I'm not the only one facing struggles and together we are strong.

We are deeply committed to the success of historically u nderrepresented students. Our goal is to assist as ma ny students as possible to achieve the highest level of education possible.

black resource center The Black Resource Center is a Campus Community Center which serves the entire population of UC San Diego while emphasizing the Black experience. We promote SCHOLARSHIP, foster LEADERSHIP and cultivate COMMUNITY.

Lexius San Diego, CA 1st year Biochemistry/Cell Biology I like to hang out in the Black Resource Center. It's always great to see familiar faces in a place that feels a lot like home.

Campus Black Forum provides quarterly topic discussions and workshops related to events, experiences and areas of interest that impact the Black Community at UCSD.

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community centers Black Resource Center

Raza Resource Centro

Established through strong advocacy of students, alumni and other supporters, the BRC serves the entire population of UC San Diego while emphasizing the Black experience. We promote scholarship, foster leadership and cultivate community.

The Centro fosters a sense of collectivity, comunidad and leadership on campus. We employ a "Mi Casa es tu Casa" policy which means that we welcome everyone regardless of identity, methodology, social status or beliefs.

Cross–Cultural Center

Student Veterans Resource Center

Promotes meaningful dialogues and context across all cultures, particularly those of underrepresented or underprivileged backgrounds. We offer student internships, art, social and educational programs, and workshops.

Committed to ensuring that military affiliated students successfully make the transition from the military to campus life, are assisted in their academic progress, and are aware of the many resources on campus and in San Diego to aid in their transition.

Inter–Tribal Resource Center

Undocumented Student Services

Created by Native students, the Inter-Tribal Resource Center supports the mission of the Native American Student Alliance to create and foster community on campus for Native students and communities. The Center is a meeting, study and hang-out space.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center

Women's Center The LGBT Resource Center is a diverse, open and public space for all members of the university community to explore issues relating to sexual and gender identities, practices and politics. It develops leaders, builds equity, promotes research and provides resources.


Offers a range of programs designed to provide caring, holistic, and individualized support to students who are undocumented, from mixed immigration status families, and their allies. Fosters the educational, professional and personal development of diverse groups of women. We strive to increase awareness of issues affecting women and men while creating a sense of community at UCSD. Relax in our cozy living room or study in our library.

African American Studies Scholars and artists from the departments of Communication, Ethnic Studies, Literature, Music, Sociology and Theatre & Dance investigate the history and culture of peoples of the African Diaspora. They lead an exploration of the economic, political and social factors that shape the unique attitudes, evolution and dynamic life experiences of African Americans, and the aesthetic dimensions of the experience as expressed in music, art and literature.


African Studies African Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that covers African topics and issues through a coordinated set of courses offered in the departments of Anthropology, Communication, Ethnic Studies, History, Literature, Music, Political Science, Sociology, Theatre and Dance, and Visual Arts. Opportunities for further study abroad are available in Ghana, South Africa, Côte d'Ivoire and France, among others.

Dennis Childs Associate Professor of Literature Ph.D. English, UC Berkeley M.A. African American Studies, UCLA

“Only when lions have historians, will hunters cease being heroes." African Proverb

Professor Childs teaches African American Literature. His primary areas of teaching and research are prison studies, slavery studies, legal studies, blues, American literature and racial gothic literature. He is the author of the newly released book, Slaves of the State: Black Incarceration from the Chain Gang to the Penitentiary. He also serves as the faculty advisor for Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI UCSD).

What do you enjoy most about teaching undergraduates at UC San Diego? My teaching and mentoring of students at UCSD has, quite honestly, been the most rewarding aspect of my career. Over the years I have seen students thrive both in the classroom and in terms of social justice related activism—particularly in their work for organizations like the Black Student Union, the Black Graduate Association, the Black Resource Center, MEChA, the Cross Cultural Center, and Students Against Mass Incarceration. What has been most enjoyable is to see that students often connect the incredible work they produce in the classroom to the realities facing Black communities, communities of color, and poor people both domestically and globally.

Why would you recommend UC San Diego? Whether one wishes to pursue a STEM related major or a social sciences or humanities related degree, the university is comprised of a number of world class professors, staff and students who can help incoming students understand the complexities of southern California as a space thoroughly enmeshed in domestic/global processes such as neoliberalism, racial capitalism, gendered/sexualized violence, the prison industrial complex, immigrant detention/deportation, and U.S. militarism. And, oh yes, while thinking of these critically important issues, one can stroll on one of the world class beaches that flow right up to the west end of campus.


academic programs Academic Internship Program offers students an opportunity to apply academic knowledge and analytical skills in professional settings while earning academic credit. African Studies Minor covers African topics and issues through a coordinated set of courses offered across multiple disciplines. African American Studies Minor scholars and artists from the departments of Communication, Ethnic Studies, Literature, Music, Sociology and Theatre & Dance investigate the history and culture of peoples of the African Diaspora. Cameron Hayward, CA 2nd year Physiology/Neuroscience I would take Dimensions of Culture 1 (DOC 1) because it explained the origination of America from the viewpoints of all the different minority groups that immigrated to America.

Chicano/a-Latino/a Arts & Humanities Minor provides a broad introduction to the histories and cultural artifacts produced by Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. Community Law Project provides opportunities for education and training, personal and professional development, and community outreach and service. Critical Gender Studies builds upon feminist and queer studies, incorporating both disciplines’ agendas, intellectual debates, major scholarly shifts and changing methodological practices. Dimensions of Culture: Diversity, Justice and Imagination is a three-quarter core sequence emphasizing a critical examination of the human condition in diverse America. Ethnic Studies analyzes issues in a comparative, relational and interdisciplinary fashion to address questions of power, violence and inequality.


Health Care–Social Issues Program prepares students to analyze complex social and ethical implications related to health care.

More information on these and all 130+ majors at UC San Diego:

Human Rights Minor explores human rights origins and trajectory, the passions it arouses, and the range of its influences and effects. International Studies provides students with both a firm grounding in a discipline and the flexibility to explore from alternative perspectives. Law and Society Program offers courses, speakers and events that emphasize the interrelationship and complexity of legal, social and ethical issues in their historical context. Partners-at-Learning Program provides academic credit through courses that train and place students as tutors and mentors in local inner-city elementary schools and high schools. Public Service Minor encourages students to understand the history and practices of public service and to participate in the development of civic skills. UCSD–Morehouse/Spelman/Dartmouth Exchange Programs allow students to live and study at important institutions of higher learning through formal exchange programs with Morehouse and Spelman Colleges in Atlanta, GA, and Dartmouth in New Hampshire. UC Washington Center allows students to intern in the nation's capital while continuing their coursework. Students live at the University of California Washington Center in the heart of Washington, D.C. Crystal Bakersfield, CA 2nd Year Biochemistry/Cell Biology I chose to attend UCSD not only because of its amazing Biological Sciences department, but also because when I walked onto the campus, I felt like I was home. I passed by the library and I could see myself studying there. I passed by different lectures halls, and I could imagine myself learning there. Most importantly, my heart was here. I fully imagined myself being here at UCSD and building my life here.

Boatema Boateng Associate Professor Communication Ph.D. in Communications, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor Boateng’s research interests include Critical Legal Studies, Cultural Studies, Transnational Gender Studies, and African Diaspora Studies. Her book, The Copyright Thing Doesn’t Work Here: Adinkra and Kente Cloth and Intellectual Property in Ghana, examines the relation between intellectual property law and different kinds of knowledge and culture. Her current research takes a historical perspective in examining U.S. copyright law in relation to the categories of “art” and “craft,” and the racial and gendered consequences of that relation for cultural production.

What do you enjoy most about teaching undergraduates at UC San Diego?

faculty spotlight

I enjoy making a difference in how students see the world, and how they see themselves in that world. For many, it means questioning their assumptions. For others, it means having their struggles and experiences validated. For some students that validation marks a turning point in their view of UCSD and their ability to succeed here. It is a great joy to see that success, especially when those students choose to go even further and pursue advanced degrees. I enjoy the perspectives and questions that students bring to my courses. They make the teaching process into an exchange of ideas that is both challenging and highly rewarding. I am inspired by those of my students who work for diversity and social justice at UCSD and beyond.

Gentry Patrick Associate Professor Neurobiology Ph.D. in Neurobiology, Harvard University Professor Patrick teaches in the division of biological sciences in the section of Neurobiology. His research focuses on the synaptic activity of the mammalian central nervous system as well as neurodegenerative diseases.

my advice to incoming students Find a mentor! You should have a faculty mentor and perhaps a graduate student or upperclassman mentor. Don’t be afraid to seek out mentorship. A great mentor can be the difference between a mediocre undergraduate experience and a great one that sets you on a path for success at all stages of your career.

Selected Filmography Director Co-motion:Tales of Breastfeeding Woman, 2010 Momentum: A Conversation with Black Women on Achieving Graduate Degrees, 2010


student spotlight Elyse Diamond Bar, CA 2nd year Marine Biology

Alexis Los Angeles, CA 1st year Dance

how did you choose your major?

how did you choose your major?

I have always loved and been obsessed with marine life ever since I attended Seaworld camp for a few summers when I was in elementary school. The world, and most life in it, consists of water, so this must be an interesting topic!

I chose dance because it has been my passion since before I learned what the word passion meant. Much of my family does not agree with it, but I have finally come to terms with that being my major and officially changed my major to dance.

Andre Shelby, NC 2nd Year Political Science

Noble Atlanta, GA 3rd year International Studies and Political Science

What does being a Black student on this campus mean for you?

What has made the most positive impact on you While at UCSD?

It means grinding for my degree no matter what the obstacle may be.

Studying abroad in China and Spain has cultivated a spirit of fearlessness and ambition. I feel like the possibilities are limitless because I have interned, worked and studied in places that have challenged my ability to adapt. Now I truly believe there is nothing that I cannot achieve.

Cambria Victorville, CA 1st Year Human biology

why did you choose ucsd? Because of the human biology major and the many research opportunities they have here, but what made me choose to attend UCSD was the Black Student Union. If I hadn't spoken to the students and Stacia tabling during Triton Day, I definitely wouldn't have come here. I felt a sense of connection and saw how close-knit the Black community is through talking to the Black students that day, and that really changed my mind about attending here.



Student Center The IDEA Student Center promotes Inclusion, Diversity, Excellence and Advancement among undergraduate and graduate students across the Jacobs School of Engineering. With a focus on outreach, recruitment, retention and research, the center fosters the growth of diverse, innovative technology leaders for today's global society. Students use the Center for: • tutoring and mentoring • the IDEA Scholars Program • career advice and job opportunities • access to 30+ student organizations • engineering outreach opportunities • friendships and faculty connections • leadership development

undergrad research

Ebonee Williams Executive Director Gordon Engineering Leadership Center Jacobs School of Engineering B.S., Chemical Engineering, Brown University Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Washington Masters, Industrial Business Management, Ecole central de Lille I have created and implemented curriculum to develop engineering leaders at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. My work includes quarterly forums with engineering leaders, professional development workshops, courses and mentoring at all levels. I have had a passion for the development of others since childhood hosting summer school for my cousins. To succeed professionally we have to be in a state of constant growth, stretching ourselves as well as learning new tools.

my advice to incoming students Remember that you are more than the color of your skin. Look for commonalities with the diversity of people you will meet at UC San Diego. Build a support team of people with the same goals that like you as you are. Stopping by one of our Centers, especially the Black Resource Center on campus, or joining an organization is a great way to have some options. Not everyone will agree or be able to see the world the way you do and that is okay, find the ones who do and grow from there. Enjoy the journey; the degree on the other side will open up several possibilities for you. You will still need to take action to have those possibilities be a part of your life story.


student support Career Services Center connects you with internships, volunteerism, research, mentoring, the Peace Corp and professional development.

Recreation offers a student wellness program, rec classes, intramurals, trips to Joshua Tree for rock climbing, surfing safaris, sports clubs, rec clubs and more.

The Center for Communication and Leadership helps build confidence and develop skills in public speaking, interpersonal communication and leadership.

The Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Resource Center provides free and confidential services for students impacted by violence, with a focus on sexual assault, dating violence and stalking.

The Center for Student Involvement offers professional advising, student organization resources, leadership and community service programs, and campus events. Counseling and Psychological Services offers a wide range of groups in various formats to serve the diverse needs of the UCSD community. The Office for Students with Disabilities promotes and facilitates educational access for students with disabilities, including translators.

Student Health Service provides quality primary medical care, including urgent care and support services, such as laboratory, pharmacy and x-ray. Student Legal Services provides free, confidential counseling on legal topics, referrals to a private attorney, as well as internships, career advice and information for students interested in legal careers. The Zone is a lounge that offers free programs and support to promote students' spiritual, occupational, financial, environmental, physical, intellectual and emotional well-being.

Doriane Besson Psychologist, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) M.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison I provide support, consultation and psychoeducational workshops to students and staff at the UCSD Black Resource Center. I am committed to social justice and providing support to students who may be confronted with challenges related to the campus climate or other difficulties encountered while attending college.


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my advice to incoming students Navigating new environments can be very stressful. Research indicates that social support is a strong factor in mediating the negative effects of stress. I strongly encourage students to explore campus clubs, organizations, and community centers to meet others and connect to activities that are fun. Establishing a routine is important to develop a sense of "normalcy" or predictability in new environments, and is also a great way to stay organized and manage your time to include work and fun.

our advice to incoming students

Ijeoma La Jolla, CA 2nd year Biochemistry/Chemistry

Don't worry about not knowing everything about what you want from your future or how you'll get there. Take everything a step at a time and make sure to take time to explore this wonderful city that you're so blessed to be going to school in.

OASIS The Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) is the learning center at UC San Diego. We provide free tutoring in a collaborative, supportive environment. We also provide peer mentors and counselors to support students with issues that can distract from academic priorities, such as personal and family issues and setting and reaching goals. The majority of the 3,000+ undergraduates who use OASIS each year are outstanding students who want to earn high grades. Summer Bridge, offered by OASIS, is a pre-college program that provides a oncein-a-lifetime opportunity to live on campus for four weeks, earn eight units of college credit, and develop a higher level of academic skills and abilities at no cost to you. Any incoming undergraduate UC San Diego freshman may apply. Students are assigned an Academic Transition Counselor, a peer mentor who will follow your progress throughout your year. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in quarterly social events.

staff sPOTLIGHT Chelsea Bellflower, CA 2nd Year Theatre Practice self-care! No matter how busy you are, set aside time in your schedule to make sure your needs are being met. If you're not taking care of yourself, it will hurt you in the long run.

Maya Bell Assistant Coordinator Summer Bridge B.A., Ethnic Studies, UC San Diego M.A., Education/Multicultural Counseling, SDSU I work with students to support them on their academic journey at UC San Diego by helping them process how the non-academic factors (transitional issues, living situations, family life, social interactions, self-esteem) affect them.

my advice to incoming students Make connections with faculty; go to office hours! That was one of the things that helped me get internship opportunities, teaching assistant positions, letters of recommendation, and get to know some amazing faculty personally and academically. As importantly, find a community that works for you. UC San Diego (as with any institution) can feel isolating if you aren’t connected to other students, staff, faculty and alumni. If the community you are in isn’t working for you, try a new one. Don’t be afraid to switch it up; and ask for help in the journey.


Kyler Los Angeles, CA 2nd year Cognitive Science

What advice would you give to an incoming student? My main advice would be to get involved with some type of organization, and try to get to know as many different people as possible. Don't limit your scope of people that you get to know, because it is always good to know people from different backgrounds, majors and organizations.

spaces The work done at SPACES (Student Promoted Access Center for Education and Service) is student-initiated, student-run and student-led. Our mission is to empower students to work for greater educational equity. This encompasses equal access to higher education, undergraduate retention and graduation, and matriculation to graduate and professional schools. SPACES provides an environment for students to develop leadership skills, to collaborate and grow unity across communities, and to realize the power of student activism. There are many different leadership opportunities for UCSD students at SPACES, including paid positions and volunteer gigs, such as giving tours, tutoring, visiting high schools, learning about San Diego and writing for The Collective Voice, UCSD’s progressive community newspaper.

Ivan Evans Acting Provost of Warren College Professor of Sociology

faculty sPOTLIGHT

M.Sc. & Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison B.A., University of the Western Cape, South Africa Professor Evans teaches courses on change in modern South Africa; race and ethnicity; political sociology; violence and society; social movements; and environmental sociology. His current research focuses on global climate change and the politics of water management in southern Africa.

why would you recommend UC San Diego? Like all other students, African Americans come to UCSD primarily because of the institution’s outstanding academic reputation. And they will not be disappointed. But, to my mind, UCSD also offers African American students an additional opportunity—to become leaders. Given their small size on campus, African Americans have taken up the challenge to help diversify the university. Organizations such as the BSU, the African Students Association and the Black Resource Center have 12become adept at organizing black students and creating an inviting sense of community on campus.


clubs & orgs

For more information on these and all 500+ student orgs at UC San Diego, visit

The African Student Association unites the sons and daughters of Africa and all those concerned with its welfare, while educating the UCSD community about African history, traditions, customs, happenings and culture. Facebook: African Student Association at UCSD

The National Society of Black Engineers offers leadership training, professional development, mentoring opportunities and career placement services. The UCSD chapter is one of more than 270 collegiate, 75 professional and 75 pre-college chapters.

Black Campus Ministry is a community of black students seeking Jesus and his mission of love and justice on campus. We have weekly bible studies, conferences, trainings and events and are a part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Queer People Of Color offers a safe space for queer-identified people of color to meet, dialogue, connect and enact social/ progressive change at UCSD and in our community.

Black Graduate Student Association caters to the needs and concerns of Black graduate and professional students. It serves to encourage undergraduates to pursue graduate and professional degrees. Facebook: Black Graduate Student Association - UCSD

The Student Affirmative Action Committee builds community, raises awareness to social justice issues and empowers underrepresented people. SAAC members: the Asian and Pacific Islander Student Alliance, Black Student Union, Kaibigang Pilipino, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanola de Aztlรกn, Native American Student Alliance, Queer People of Color and Undergraduate Student Parent Association.

The Black Staff Association is dedicated to creating a supportive campus environment for Black faculty, staff and students by providing opportunities for personal interaction and meaningful involvement. The vision of Christian Youth United for the Advancement of Gospel is to enlighten, encourage and empower all youth by building the inner person with leadership skills to become a successful and responsible adult while advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is an organization of college educated women committed to the constructive development of its members, and to public service, with a primary focus on the Black community. The Nu Upsilon chapter is a city wide chapter and includes the campuses of UC San Diego, San Diego State University, University of San Diego, California State University, San Marcos and Point Loma Nazarine University. The Muslim Student Association promotes the representation of Muslim perspectives throughout society. We stress the fair and objective study of Islam through educational, cultural, and social programs and activities, and serve as a cultural outlet for Muslim people.

The UJIMA Network of Black staff, faculty, students, alumni and community supports programs and services aimed at advancing the educational, cultural and professional conditions of African Americans on campus and in the community.

I have been involved in the African Students Association (ASA) since my freshman year and it has been one of the best experiences at UCSD. ASA has helped me develop my identity as an African student. Since joining I have learned about my Nigerian roots as well as other African heritages through the discussions of relevant topics. At the end-of-the-year event, ASA presents Celebration of Africa, which showcases the diversity of the African continent through dances, fashion shows, and other performances. Most importantly I have made lifelong friendships and a home in ASA.

Blessing Granada Hills, CA 2nd year Physiology and Neuroscience


afrikan black coalition The Afrikan Black Coalition (ABC) was founded in 2003 as a collaboration of the nine University of California undergraduate campuses. Created by student leaders from the Black/Afrikan student organizations in the UC system, the coalition was formed to discuss topics affecting all students of color. ABC works as an association for Black students to improve conditions for students of African descent on each UC campus. Providing a strong network for its members, ABC students unite and solve issues concerning academic policy, social atmosphere at the campuses and matriculation of Black students to the university.

Sabrina La Mesa, CA 2nd year Public Health

How has UCSD fostered your growth as a person? Through all of the organizations they have to offer on campus. Without them I probably wouldn't have the strength to make it through UCSD.

Refilwe Oakland, CA 1st year Microbiology

Isaiah Oakland, CA 1st year Economics

What has made the most positive impact on you since you have been at UCSD?

which organization is most important to you and why?

Realizing that I had control over what I committed to and could create the type of spaces I wanted to be in.

Black Student Union. I love it there. I feel like they are my family. I get a sense of home when i am there.


GENERAL BOARD MEETING We host events all year for the community: we share the seven principles at Kwanzaa; we soak up some spoken word with a side of soul food during Black History Month; we toast the future at Black Grad. We’re tomorrow’s engineers, doctors, professors, artists, you name it. We’re young, gifted and Black. But most of all, we’re family. A family committed to succeeding, not only for ourselves, but succeeding for you. Because we’re lifting as we climb.


we meet every Monday. Join us! Olivia Chula Vista, CA 1st year Biochemistry and Cell Biology The friendly members of BSU immediately adopted me into their family and have become more than just fun and good times. They're a great, supportive and encouraging group of people that have lifted my spirits in times of need and have pushed me to strive while at UCSD.


bsu oVERNIGHT pROGRAM This invitation-only program for select UCSD-admitted high school seniors is a free, 3-day, 2-night opportunity to experience the university environment and campus life at UC San Diego, to network with other admitted high school seniors and current college students and to learn about campus resources. Participants are paired with current UCSD undergraduate hosts and mentors. • Connect with campus resources, such as the community centers, transition programs and research opportunities. • Attend academic lectures. • Eat in the dining halls, sleep in campus apartments/residential halls, and socialize with other program participants and current college students. • And so much more…



staff sPOTLIGHT Abrina Wheatfall Assistant Athletics Director - StudentAthlete Development and Compliance B.A. in Political Science and Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon J.D. Thomas Jefferson School of Law

I advise and educate coaches, staff and student-athletes about NCAA rules and monitoring their compliance. I also assist student-athletes in maintaining their eligibility, organizing recognition and educational events and notifying them of awards, scholarships and internship opportunities.

Why would you recommend UC San Diego to exceptional students? More and more studies and rankings have shown that UC San Diego alumni are able to obtain well paid employment. It is a top public university and students are making a good return on their investment. This is really important with the costs of higher education continually increasing.

Nikaria Mojave, CA 1st year Ethnic Studies

Where is the best place to eat on campus? The best place to eat is any place they feed you for free! Or Pines Dining Hall.

Additionally, with 23 intercollegiate sports, students have so many different sporting events to attend and enjoy. Athletics brings a lot of spirit, comradery and bonding to a huge institution like UC San Diego and you will enjoy seeing your university represented well. Lastly, as a native Oregonian, I can recommend that San Diego is a beautiful place to live. Having a great environment, weather and things to do will help you keep your spirits up during finals and provide great places to study.

Hom ecom ing Pre p

Garry Rancho Cucamonga, CA 1st year Environmental Engineering

where is your favorite place to go off campus?


Blacks Beach!

BLACK GRADUATION The UC San Diego community is extremely proud of all of our graduates, and the Black Graduation Ceremony is an intimate, personal acknowledgement of the respect we have for the achievements of our African and African American graduates. As the students are honored together in one setting, their families also get the opportunity to celebrate their hard work and dedication. The ceremony reinforces the bonds of scholarship and extends the sense of community that was created from the time the students first arrived on campus.

alumni spotlight Although I decided to attend UC San Diego to follow in my brother’s footsteps, and to stay close to home, my experiences at UCSD helped me grow into my own. I know that I would not be who I am today had I attended another university. At UC San Diego, I was involved on campus as a Resident Adviser (RA) for two years, a Chancellor Research Scholar, I served as a Teaching Assistant for a course on "Ghetto Schooling" and for Education courses in Summer Bridge for two years, as a tutor and mentor for local youth, involved in my college Deans Office and helped shape UC San Diego into the university it is today.


Fnann R Keflezighi UCSD Class of 2011 Thurgood Marshall College

I found my passions through my experiences on campus, and was able to get early, unique experiences and opportunities that have opened countless doors from me since! Since graduating I have worked at the university coordinating a STEM College opportunity grant for local first-generation, low-income students who have college-going dreams.


events & programs fall quarter Black Connection Fall BBQ Students of Color Conference Kwanzaa High School Conference Black Beach Day Afrikan Arts Night Blackout Party


winter quarter Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. parade & breakfast Black History Month Black Love Afrikan Black Coalition Conference


Black College Expo Taste of Kuumba Fest

spring quarter Dante Los Angeles, CA 4th year Political Science Sun God was really fun! I had a good time listening to Kendrick Lamar and being with all the great people who were around.

18 18 18

BSU Overnight Black Family Get Together End of Year BBQ Black Grad End of Year Celebration Blackout Party














Special thanks to San Diego artist Andrea Rushing, who created the Black Legacy Mural featured on the cover. The mural, located in the Price Center, joins a collection of public artworks on campus dedicated to the celebration of diversity and activism.

UCSD Black Life  
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