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Financial Aid and Scholarships Office • 9500 Gilman Drive #0013 • La Jolla, CA 92093 • 858-534-4480

CONGRATULATIONS TRANSFER REGENTS SCHOLARS SPECIAL PRIVILEGES AND BENEFITS ƒƒ Annual $2,000 honorarium (paid evenly over three quarters for each of two undergraduate academic years) ƒƒ UC San Diego undergraduate college ranked first at time of admission ƒƒ Priority enrollment for classes in future quarters (in each of two passes) ƒƒ Extended campus library privileges ƒƒ On-campus housing for two years (provided the housing application deadlines are met) ƒƒ College Honors Program and appointment of an Honors Advisor (at select colleges) ƒƒ Cutting-edge research program during the first quarter of enrollment (subject to availability) Physical Sciences, Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences and Engineering are some of the participating divisions ƒƒ Academic Enrichment Faculty Mentor Program in the junior year (provided program requirements are met)

SCHOLARSHIP ACCEPTANCE ƒƒ Your acceptance of the admission offer by June 1 will automatically constitute acceptance of your Regents Scholarship. ƒƒ Regents Scholarships are not transferable to other University of California campuses.

NEED-BASED STIPEND Regents Scholars who apply for financial aid by March 2 and have financial need will have their basic CA resident need met through the Regents Stipend (which includes the Regents honorarium amount). Non-resident supplemental tuition is not covered by the Regents Stipend. The Regents Stipend will be reduced by any scholarships or benefits awarded by other agencies. To be considered for financial aid and the Regents Stipend, students should file one of the following (do not file both) by the March 2 deadline: ƒƒ Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); or ƒƒ California Dream Application Report to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office all outside financial assistance, scholarships and benefits received from all sources throughout the four-year appointment period. Additional requested financial aid documents are due June 15.

RENEWAL OF SCHOLARSHIP Regents Scholars are expected to enroll in a minimum of 12 units per quarter and to make normal progress toward a baccalaureate degree. A minimum 3.0 cumulative UC grade point average is required for renewal.

TIME TO GRADUATION You will likely need to complete more than 36 units each year to graduate within two years of transferring to UC San Diego. We recommend meeting with your academic adviser to develop your plan for graduation.

NON-ENROLLMENT DURING SCHOLARSHIP TENURE Regents Scholars who withdraw or will not attend a term should notify the Scholarship Coordinator to request their Regents Scholarship be reinstated upon return to the university.

QUESTIONS? Contact the Undergraduate Scholarships Office at or 858-822-1028.

Transfer Regent Scholar 2018  
Transfer Regent Scholar 2018  

Benefits and Privileges of the Regents Scholarship at UC San Diego for Fall 2018