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the Boomerang | November 2014


Marc Prats: Mediterranean Madness and Genius

Marc Prats, Cuisine Chinoise, 150 x 100 cm (Acrylic on Canvas - 2014)

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ho is he?

Marc Prats is a young Catalan painter. In his spare time, he is also a second year degree student at UCU, majoring in Art History and Psychology. What makes him all so different from the rest of us is that Marc does not paint a little here and there. He does not whisk out the paintbrushes to decorate his unit or give himself a bohemian flair. Painting is not his hobby. He is not an amateur. Oh no, none of that… we definitely have amongst us a semi-professional painter.

“The variety of subjects he studies at UCU have added meaning and symbolism to his paintings.” What does he do? Whilst we are procrastinating, lingering at our table in dining hall or going to the bar. Marc will be tucked away in his wall room painting. He paints 3-4 hours a day depending on the workload he has from university. Working on his small paintings here in his

What are his influences? UCU room however travelling back to Germany to his studio to work on the bigger canvases on the weekends. Marc needs space for he, impressively, makes all the material himself: canvas and pigments. In the past year this young talent has been working on paintings of rooms and interiors inspired by campus rooms. This series of 10 paintings reflects his experience of moving onto campus. Marc changes a lot in style over time and has changed quite radically in the last year. He no longer works with oil paint, which doesn’t dry as fast, but instead with acrylic, which is much faster to dry therefore easier to cover up and can be used much more expressively. He works in series: giving his work coherence, and sense. He chooses a theme, and explores it, trying to get the most out of it. Prats will look at the theme from different perspectives playing with its different dimensions. Once he has exhausted the theme of all inspiration, he goes on to work on something new. Now comes the even cooler part: this young artist sells paintings. He shows his portfolio to people, acting as his own agent, promoting himself: a must in today’s art world. Before UCU he attended the International School of Düsseldorf. Having had access to an international network his paintings have therefore been sold to private collectors all over Europe. Prats hangs in Barcelona, Madrid, Turkey and Germany.

Marc draws inspiration from what he sees around him and what leaves an impression on him. Many ideas come through his reading and studying of Philosophy and Art History. Ideas come down through the form of images. When an image comes up that he likes, he starts working on it: first sketching it then blowing it up in size on canvas. Influences of expressionism and abstract expressionism can be seen in his paintings. Miquel Barcelo and Jean-Michel Basquiat are his favorite artists.

inequality. In about a year’s time he hopes to have completed 30 paintings of medium size, 90x70. His next project is organizing his first ‘solo exhibition’, in an art space. Well kids, we can now quietly push up our dropped jaw, be grateful to have him hanging around with us and go on to wish him a hearty good luck!

How did he get here? At the age of 3, while most of us less gifted souls were still unsteady on the crayons, Marc was already the paintbrush wizard. Older, he attended classes at an art academy in Barcelona he continued attending academies after his move to Germany. He chose UCU for his bachelor, in the search for a general background of knowledge, something to base his art on. The variety of subjects he studies at UCU have added meaning and symbolism to his paintings. After these three years, he hopes to do a Masters in an art academy: released to his natural artsy habitat. Living amongst us liberal (m)artians, he sometimes misses the stimulus of the artistic world.

What comes next? At the moment, Marc is working on a new series that looks at the place of women in society whilst analyzing the role of the male artist. These paintings protest against gender

Marc Prats

November 2014  
November 2014  

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