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In the quest for new knowledge, we welcome opportunities to partner with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, businesses, community leaders and fellow research enterprises. Research and Economic Development (RED) Through Research and Economic Development (RED), UCR is bringing advanced research from the lab to the marketplace while generating $1.4 billion in economic impacts. In FY 2014-15, we attracted more than $124 million in research funding, including 865 contracts as well as receiving 10 new patents.

Partnership Opportunies Recruiting — Find our graduates seeking permanent employment opportunities or students looking for internships. Corporate Sponsored Research and Development— Fast-track your R & D through partnerships with research groups and/or individual faculty on specialized projects tailored to your interests and needs.

Advanced Facilities & Equipment — UCR research labs house a wide variety of advanced equipment which your company may access for a fee. Philanthropic Investment — Support UCR programs educating the next generation of corporate leaders and receive recognition for supporting UCR. Specialized Training — UCR provides an array of certificate programs and specialized classes that can be designed to meet your individual needs.

Research Funding Overview CHART Pie Chart of Contract and Grant Awards 2014/15

4.1% 1.5% 7.5% 8.5% 13.8%


Services — UCR can assist your company in many ways including statistical analysis of data and teaching you to search for prior art in patents.

Federal $79.5 million State $9.2 million

Industry $10.5 million Non-Profit $17 million

Other Government $1.9 million

UC System $5 million


Living the Promise: 2015 Research Impacts  

Can the damage caused by multiple sclerosis be reversed? Are there better ways to treat hearing loss? Does better sleep improve your memory?...

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