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Welcome to Finland and Pori Finland and Pori are excellent destinations for exchange students. Finland has a particular charm that lies in the combination of world-class education, research, technology, design and beautiful, unspoilt nature. Finland is known as a comfortable and safe living environment, as confirmed by quality-of-life studies, and has been ranked among the world’s top countries for higher education. It has even been declared the world’s best country to live in. Located on the west coast of Finland, Pori is home to 83,000 people and rapidly evolving into a hot spot for higher education and culture. The total student population at the University Consortium of Pori and the universities of applied sciences in the region is around 10,000. Local industries offer students exciting employment opportunities, for example, in the fields of maritime technology, energy, mechanical engineering and game technology. Pori is a vibrant city full of festivals and alternative culture where events and activities liven up the atmosphere all year long. Pori offers a diverse variety of land and water sports.


Four universities, four seasons.

Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme | 3 | Technology, Business and Culture

Choose University Consortium of Pori The University Consortium of Pori (UCPori) is a unique partnership that brings together four Finnish universities – Aalto University, Tampere University of Technology, the University of Tampere and the University of Turku. UCPori is a lively, multidisciplinary science and art community made up of 3,300 students and 220 employees. UCPori is housed in a historical cotton mill that sits on the bank of the Kokemäenjoki River at the heart of the city. University consortia are network organizations that bring academic activities in a certain region under one roof. They consist of units that follow the rules and regulations of their parent universities. UCPori pursues national and international research in six fields: Culture, Business Economics, Maritime Sciences, Social Sciences, Urban Space and Environment, and Technology and Industrial Management. UCPori offers the following programmes that are conducted in Finnish and lead to an academic degree: • Master of Science (MSc) • Bachelor and Master of Social Science (BSocSc, MSSc) • Bachelor and Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration, B.Sc. (Econ. and Bus. Adm.), M.Sc. (Econ. and Bus. Adm.) • Bachelor and Master of Arts in Humanities (BA, MA) • Postgraduate studies towards a doctoral degree

A unique partnership of four Finnish universities.

Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme | 5 | Technology, Business and Culture

Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme in Technology, Business and Culture The Pori exchange programme offers a concise and versatile curriculum with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary dialogue. The exchange programme comprises four thematic modules: • Industrial Engineering and Management • Business and Entrepreneurship • Game Design and Culture • Information Technology Studying at UCPori provides a great opportunity not only to meet and interact with Finnish degree students and academic staff but also to enjoy the multicultural atmosphere among exchange students from different countries. Extracurricular activities for international students are also organised by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) and Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak). The central location of the campus ensures the perfect combination of academic study, student life and recreational activities. The campus is ideally located in the historical milieu of an old cotton mill on the north bank of the Kokemäenjoki River.

A perfect combination of academic creativity, student life and recreational activities.

Autumn semester lasts from September to December, spring semester from January to May. The application period runs annually from March to May for students coming for the autumn semester or the whole academic year. The application period for students coming for the Spring semester is from September to November. Please note that you need to apply for approval for the exchange period from your home university first. An exchange agreement is required with one of the universities operating in the University Consortium of Pori. For detailed information on application practices, please visit

Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme | 7 | Technology, Business and Culture

Design your own curriculum









































• Introduction to Finnish Society and Culture (2 ECTS) • English Communicative Skills (3 ECTS) • Computer English (3 ECTS) • Software Engineering Management (3 ECTS) • Data Mining (5 ECTS) • Web-based GIS Application (4 ECTS) • Production Management (5 ECTS) • Supply Chain Management (3 ECTS) • Knowledge Management (5 ECTS) • Serious Games Design (4 ECTS) • Intellectual Property Law (6 ECTS) • Information Security Management (3 ECTS) • The Marketing Game! / Strategic Marketing Module (4 ECTS) • Entrepreneurship: Practice and Theories (4 ECTS) • Responsible Business (6 ECTS) • Identification and Evaluation of Entrepreneurial Opportunities (6 ECTS) • International Culture and Management (5 ECTS) • Integrated Marketing Communications (6 ECTS) • Case Based Course in Finance (5 ECTS) • Law and Economics (6 ECTS) (e-learning course) • Special Course in International Law, USA (2 ECTS) • Special Course in International Law, China (2 ECTS) • Special course in International Law, Russia (2 ECTS)










These are examples of courses held by Tampere University of Technology, Pori Department and University of Turku, Turku School of Economics, Pori Unit. The curriculum is subject to change. The University Consortium of Pori reserves the right to modify or withdraw any statement presented in this guide without notice and accepts no liability for the consequences of such changes. Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme | 9 | Technology, Business and Culture

Kuva: Marko Mikkola

UCPori: university units The following chapters present in detail the academic activities of the four universities operating in UCPori. The programmes and activities listed below are available for degree students and are mainly conducted in Finnish. Tampere University of Technology, Pori Department The Pori Department of Tampere University of Technology offers education leading to Master´s Degree in Management and Information Technology. Also post‐graduate studies leading to the degrees of Doctor of Science in Technology and Doctor of Philosophy can be completed. The major subjects are Software Engineering and Data Management, Network Management and Information Security, and Industrial Engineering and Management. As minor subjects you can choose Software Systems, Industrial Management, Data Resources and Analytics, and E-Business and Communications Engineering. University of Turku, Turku School of Economics, Pori Unit The Pori Unit of Turku School of Economics offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Economics and Business Administration. Post-graduate studies can also be completed. The major subjects are Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Management and Organization. As minor subjects you can choose any of the major subjects or Business Law, Entrepreneurship, Economics or Information Systems Science. The key focus areas include Business Competence and Entrepreneurship. The main areas of expertise and research are Business Competence of Knowledge Intensive Organizations, Management Control, Organizational Networks and Regional Development.

One of the best features of Pori campus is the everyday interaction between students from different backgrounds.

Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme | 11 | Technology, Business and Culture

UCPori: university units University of Turku, Degree Programme in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies The Faculty of Humanities of the University of Turku administers the Degree Programme in Cultural Production and Landscape Studies that offers undergraduate and postgraduate education in the cultural field. Students specialize in Digital Culture, Cultural Heritage Studies or Landscape Studies. Courses in Cultural Tourism Studies, Cultural Production, and Museum Studies are also available. Aalto University, Pori Urban Platform of Aalto University PUPA From 2015 the presence of Aalto University will consist of a flexible platform through which different units and programs of the whole Aalto University can carry out multidisciplinary research or study projects, or other events, in Pori or Satakunta also in collaboration with local actors. University of Tampere, Pori Unit The Pori Unit of the University of Tampere is part of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities in the University of Tampere. The department focuses on research and education on working life and human services, and offers studies leading to Bachelor’, Master’s and Doctor’s degrees in social sciences. In addition, the Master’s Degree Programme in Organizing Human Services and the Master’s Degree Programme in Working life and Wellbeing are offered at the Pori Unit.

Broaden your mind by meeting students of engineering, economics, arts, cultural studies and social sciences.

Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme | 13 | Technology, Business and Culture

Enjoy excellent services and activities UCPori provides degree and exchange students with a wide range of services and activities. The consortium fosters open communication and regularly organizes events that bring together students and staff. These include an annual picnic, science arena conference, Christmas matinée and graduation party. Common afternoon coffee breaks are held monthly. Student Association Pointer All UCPori students who pay the membership fee of their university’s student association and fill in the Pointer membership form are members of Pointer. The purpose of the organization is to act as a link between UCPori and the students and promote students’ rights and interests. Pointer arranges numerous events and activities throughout the year. Student unions are also very active and organize parties and events all year round. The Student House Saikku is a living room for all the academic students in and around Pori. Saikku is located in the city centre right next to the town square. Members of Pointer can reserve Saikku’s facilities for parties and events. IT, Pori science library and student restaurants All students can access the Internet and computer classrooms on the UCPori campus. The Library houses collections in the fields of technology, economy and social sciences as well as culture, landscape, art and media. In addition, the Library provides access to the databases and digital resources of the parent universities.

Vibrant student life!

The campus restaurant Sofia is a popular meeting point for students and staff. Students are entitled to a discount on meals. The cafe at the Student House Saikku also serves student-priced meals and favours organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme | 15 | Technology, Business and Culture

Events to suit every taste Pori offers a broad selection of sports and cultural activities that help exchange students integrate into the campus community. Sports services are available for students either free of charge or at a reduced rate through Pointer. Pori is a great place for skiing, swimming, canoeing, hiking and surfing among many other adventures. Pori is a compact city where you can easily get around by bike. Or maybe you are a good writer and interested in becoming a member of the UCPoriNews Editorial Board? You can become a reporter for UCPoriNews and get paid for published articles. You are also welcome to join the Student Theatre, which is open to everyone interested in acting, set design, make�up and other related activities. The academic choir invites sopranos, altos, tenors and bass singers! Living in Pori The cost of living in Finland is on average comparable to the rest of Europe. For basic living expenses, students will need EUR 650-800 per month (food, accommodation, hobbies and leisure). Students are required to make their own housing arrangements, but the UCPori International Office helps exchange students in finding accommodation. Affordable housing options are available within walking distance of the campus and city centre.


Innumerable alternatives for those who love sports and culture.

Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme | 17 | Technology, Business and Culture

Contact information All inquiries concerning exchange studies at UCPori: Read more about Finland and studying at UCPori: UCPori on Facebook: Porin yliopistokeskus – UCPori University Consortium of Pori PO Box 181 (Pohjoisranta 11 A), FI-28101 Pori, Finland • Aalto University • Tampere University of Technology • University of Tampere • University of Turku

Join us for a semester or two: four Finnish universities are at your reach on the UCPori campus!



The University Consortium of Pori reserves the right to modify or withdraw any statement presented in this guide without notice and accepts no liability for the consequences of such changes.

Pori Interdisciplinary Exchange Programme | 19 | Technology, Business and Culture

UCPori International Network

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