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NEWSLETTER March 15, 2011

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UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP FOR SOCIAL ACTION RESEARCH UCP-SARnet is a growing global social network that was created at Arizona State University in 2008. It is governed by students and young community activists. Its mission is to empower new generations of community leaders to become actively involved in the realization of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Utilizing the recent advances of Information and Communication Technologies, UCP-SARnet offers a platform for the multicultural exchange of visions, ideas and best practices aimed at achieving MDGs.

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Newsletter Editors: Angela Abolhassani Abidah Khalife Dorav Kumar Thomas Lane Dr. Marek Wosinski Joshua Wyrick

We engage university faculty and students in partnerships with community organizations, local governments and socially responsible corporations. Creating a powerful educational environment for students preparing themselves to become leaders, we also bring about a sustainable social change in their communities.

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Facilitator Corner Dear Collogues,

On behalf of our community I would like to express gratitude to all of you who have contributed to the progress our network has made since February. We have already informed you on our website about the most important events of the last month so here I will only mention some of our accomplishments.

Dr. Marek Wosinski

On the local level, we registered UCP-SARnet as an ASU Club and we had our first "table" on the ASU Tempe Campus to inform students about the club and its mission. We had a meeting of directors of ASU School of Social Work, School of Community Resources and Development, School of Sustainability and to discuss potential for collaboration between these units and UCP-SARnet. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will agree on the first steps of this collaboration. We also have planned a presentation on UCP-SARnet for the faculty and students involved in ASU project Global Resolve.

On international level, we have signed a MOU with the East Europe Foundation, there were two training workshops for the current and future moderators of the World Academy fort the Future of Women, and most importantly, we have created full program for the International Leadership Summit that will take place in China in July. There is a special issue of the newsletter devoted to this Summit that will be released following this edition and we kindly ask all our members to disseminate information about the event and help us in organization of recruitment campaign. The remaining part of the spring semester will still be very busy. Hopefully before the beginning of summer we will be able to start our fundraising campaign as well as initiate work on the Arizona Resolve project: bringing together faith based communities of Arizona, Arizona Government and universities to joint action towards eradication of poverty. We have also finish preparations for the Round Table event about UCP-SARnet that will take place in Canada on April 20, and prepare the Bridging the World event for the World Academy for the Future of Women. We will keep you informed about the result of these efforts. M.W.

Our Sponsors

Creating a better future for communities through research Founded in 1982, CCBR believes in the power of knowledge to impact positive social change. They are passionate about bringing people together to use knowledge to provide real and innovative solutions to community needs. Their approach to research is participatory and action-oriented in a way that mobilizes people to participate as full and equal members of society.

IGLOO's social software solutions help organizations create vital connections between people, processes and information through the creation of online business communities. Companies use online communities to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing and drive employee engagement across geographically dispersed project teams, departments and business units inside and out.

Turning theory into practice Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities/SWPS was founded in 1996 by former professors of the Institute of Psychology and the Polish Academy of Sciences. Ever since its foundation, the University has been continually growing and developing and now consists of 8 faculties located in five academic centers in Poland (Warsaw, Wrocław, Sopot, Poznań and Katowice). SWPS is committed to the highest academic standards as well as to the transfer of practical knowledge and skills.

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We encourage your collaboration on these projects! Please contact us if you would like to get involved!

Stand-up Events UCP-SARnet has integrated the STAND UP AGAINST POVERTY events at ASU and in other regions around the world to generate advocacy for the Millennium Development Goals. For the first time last year in response to a call by the UN Millennium Development Campaign, UCP- SARnet collaborated with ASU, SAIS International University in China, Youth Alliance, United Planet, NAYD in Gambia and Cameroon, and AASRA in India to promote involvement in the eradication of poverty around the world. An event in which people came out to pledge their support for the full realization of the MDGs by 2015 was organized in each country. United, people around the world connected by UCP-SARnet and an interest in the MDGs thus stood up in commitment to collaboration of local citizens, government, university, and community involvement in this single cause. For pictures of the STAND UP events orchestrated in 2010 please visit the UCP-SARnet website at: Angela Abolhassani

World Academy for the Future of Women SIAS International University is well known for being the first American owned university in China. Founded in 1998, there have been many developmental setbacks, but the student population continues to flourish under the leadership of president Li Haijun. During the formative years of SIAS university, many concerns arose that the voices and dreams of women were getting lost in the male-dominated din of the classroom. Also of grave concern was the lack of public funding and support for the education and development of women. At the Women's Symposium in May 2009, the plans were unveiled for what would become one of SIAS University's flagship pathways to success. These plans outlined the specialized program for women, known as the World Academy for the Future of Women. The academy allows only 100 students to be enrolled each year, creating a prestigious air among it's members. The women enrolled in this program are trained rigorously to help them discover their interests, including a portion of the program specifically designed to promote international collaboration in regard to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Joshua Wyrick

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CONFERENCES Ashoka Changemakers 2012 Conference at ASU The AshokaU Exchange Conference is scheduled to take place at Arizona State University in 2012. UCPSARnet hopes to play a role in the preparations that will take place over the upcoming year for the success of this Conference. The Ashoka Changemakers organization has produced an impressive network of individuals interested in local and global philanthropy. A stunning example of social innovation and efficient collaboration, Changemakers connects people on the various levels of active participation that harmonize to bring about social change. From the roots of one individual’s idea and the guidance of a mentor, to financial supporters, all the way to a fully developed network, Changemakers acts as a catalyst for the realization of philanthropically charged missions ranging from the local to global level.

The complex process of steps that stem from the individual and arrive at the accomplishment of change in people’s lives is facilitated by Changemakers through the communication network of an Idea Exchange Blog, Featured Groups of the network, and a database of competitions in pursuit of global change. The success of Changemakers is of interest to UCP-SARnet as it is a similar web-based social network for global philanthropy. UCP-SARnet’s fundamental belief in the power of communication and networking is well reflected by the mission and structure of Ashoka Changemakers so we hope that in the future we will be able to develop a partnership. The starting point will be UCP-SARnet's participation in organization of the AshokaU Exchange Conference at ASU. Angela Abolhassani

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Community-University Expo 2011 UCP_SARnet is proud to reaffirm its involvement in the upcoming Community University Exposition which will be taking place this May in Ontario, Canada. To refresh the memory of our readers, the CU Expo is a Canadian-led conference designed to showcase the exemplars in Community-University partnerships worldwide, and in order to develop partnerships and together introduce creative ways of strengthening local communities. There have been many exciting developments with regard to this event. Danielle Finochiaro of our executive team will be coordinating our contribution to this upcoming exposition. Read more about the CU Expo at: Angela Abolhassani

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The International Leadership Summit 2011 The International Leadership Summit will be held this July at Sias International University in China. The event is being organized in close collaboration between Sias, Thunderbird School of Global Management, Global Interactions Inc., The World Academy for the Future of Women program. We are organizing a three-week long summer leadership camp with participation of up to 500 high school/college students from all around the world. Participants will be accommodated on the university campus, attend educational leadership workshops and seminars, be a part of group discussions and also participate in tours and programs allowing them to learn about Chinese history and culture. For details please see our upcoming newsletter edition which is a Special Issue devoted entirely to the upcoming Summit. It includes the bios of all presenters and group moderators, detailed program of the event and description of the outcomes. To register for the event please visit the website of Global Interactions: Thomas Lane

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Regional Updates: AFRICA Impact of Political Changes in Africa on Community Organizations Violence is impacting Africa on a biblical scale. Political and ethnic tensions have led to multiple armed conflicts. Many of these conflicts have affected community organizations in Africa including those devoted to furthering education on the continent. In South Africa especially, conflict still smolders from the remnants of the apartheid regime. Last year's Truth and Reconciliation Report documented the devastating impact of the political and ethnic violence of the apartheid years on South African society. Violence continues to rage in South Africa fueled by the ethnic and political tensions still present within the country. Else ware all over Africa, tribal violence rages on. Recent news reports within the past couple of years point to countries like Kenya

where tribal violence between the Luo and the Kikuyu followed supposed rigged elections. The countries of Burundi, Congo and Rwanda also suffer from this violence between tribes with the combatants being the Hutu and Tutsis tribes. Community organizations all over Africa have never been in greater need of aid. In some of West Africa's schools physical and sexual violence is hindering children's educational performance and leading to high drop-out rates, according to the group Plan International. Community organizations in Africa need to stand together and recruit international aid to help stem the flow of violence on the continent. Thomas Lane

Bridging the World, Douala-Cameroon, Tempe - USA On behalf of Dr. Marek Wosinski, Facilitator of UCP-SARnet, Arizona State University, Dr. Éva Szeli, member of the UCP-SARnet Advisory board and Professor at the Arizona State University, Ms. Jerrie Ueberle member of the SIAS University Foundation Board and President of Global Interactions, Inc., the Leadership and Executive Team of UCPSARnet-Arizona State University, and of the ICT Leadership team of UCP-SARnet, I would like to solemnly thank the all participants from the Cameroon and the US, who took part in the Bridging the World, DoualaCameroon, Tempe-USA Virtual Event. In spite of the poor access to internet for the video conference itself, the event otherwise continued as per plan for three consecutive days in February as part of UN Millennium Campaign. The first day involved meetings with schools in the city of Douala and conference/debate with representatives from community-based organizations and with students. The Virtual Conference sponsored by UCP-SARnet (ASU) took place on February 18, the second day of proceedings, and a Stand Up-Event took place on the final day. If anything is certain after these three days activities, it has been that participants and youths have been convinced of how important ICT is as a tool for not only building networks and developing partnerships, but also to challenge young people, community leaders to fully develop their own talent, qualities of leadership, and to opportunities such as those provided by UCPSARnet. It is our hope that the participants have been inspired to strive for greater standards of personal achievement and a sense of responsibility for their communities. Osee Romeo Tcheupgoum Njacheun

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Regional Updates: ASIA Update on Dream Rainbow Project : Ghandi College of Social Work Under the direction of UCP-SARnet’s Regional Coordinator in India—Birendra Soni— the Dream Rainbow Project has announced a workshop for social work professionals in June. The workshop will serve as a forum on the best possible ways to integrate a participatory learning process into preparing individuals for the profession of social work. One of the primary aims of the Dream Rainbow Project is to create an educational basis for Social Work University students that cultivates both hands on experience in the field as well as classroom knowledge. The subject of interest will be the 2011 establishment of the Gandhi College of Social Work. The objective of the Workshop is to promote ideas fostered by past experience about the skills and curriculum structure best geared toward preparation for the field of Social Work. The work produced by the Workshop will then provide a framework for the creation of a five-year plan integrating survey information of Social Work alumni and the UGC model syllabus (set forth by the government) into the Dream Rainbow Project curriculum.

The Workshop will be held at the Dream Rainbow Project Center in Gujarat, India and will feature over 500 participants worldwide. UCP-SARnet members in India are excited and believe the Workshop is an excellent opportunity for students and educators alike to help mold the development of Social Work in communities like Gujarat and beyond. Angela Abolhassani

Regional Updates: EUROPE The East Europe Foundation Launched in November 2007 by Eurasia Foundation, East Europe Foundation (EEF) is a local non-profit, non-governmental developmental NGO which builds on Eurasia Foundation experience by further developing the most effective programs. The Eurasia Foundation (EF) itself began operating from Ukraine in 1993. Since its inception, the foundation has donated over 50 million dollars in various countries in Eastern Europe for use towards local initiatives to develop private entrepreneurship, public policy and civil society. Over the years, the EF has successfully supported a wide range of activities, benefiting institutions and individuals at the local level with focus on supporting civil society, private enterprise development and public administration and policy reform. The East Europe Foundation shares its founder’s commitment to innovation, seeking to support successful community-driven development initiatives. Their vision is: ―[…] for communities in Ukraine to be empowered to take responsibility for their own futures and build economic and social well-being.‖ Their mission is: ―[…] to empower citizens to build their own futures by mobilizing resources, strengthening communities and fostering public-private cooperation.‖ Their values concerning the countries they work with are impact, integrity and respect. Their CEO is Peter Chernyshov and their president is Timothy Pylate. has partnered with the East Europe Foundation to help achieve the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals and we are grateful for the assistance this group will provide in funding our projects in the European countries. Thomas Lane

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Regional Updates: NORTH AMERICA New Partner in the Works: Global Resolve

Global Resolve Meeting Scheduled

UCP-SARnet is in the process of establishing a partnership with Global Resolve, a social entrepreneurship program that was founded in 2006 in the College of Technology and Innovation at ASU. This program collaborates with a set of grass roots partners from around the world to develop sustainable technologies and programs in the areas of energy, clean water, and overall economic development for rural communities in the developing world. Towards this end, Global Resolve simultaneously enhances the experience of ASU students hoping to learn about the mechanisms of social entrepreneurship while providing sustainable solutions to the range of issues afflicting rural communities. UCP-SARnet’s partnership with Global Resolve is part of a more ambitious project to create the Arizona Resolve, a collaboration which will involve the School of Social Work at ASU to form an alliance within ASU with the common interest of global philanthropy. You can find out more about Global Resolve at: Angela Abolhassani

On April 4th, Dr. Wosinski, Osée Romeo, Executive

Team member Maureen Schirmer and myself will be taking a trip to ASU Polytechnic Campus to present to engineering students the vision of a future collaboration between UCP-SARnet and Global Resolve. Dr. Wosinski will be discussing UCP-SARnet’s mission and accomplishments, followed by the sustainability programs that Dr. D’Silva is involved in, and the impact of these on communities in Brazil. He will also present a new software that some ASU programs will being using Fall 2011, which will allow students worldwide to collaborate. Osée Romeo, Assistant Facilitator to Africa, is scheduled to present the impact of UCP-SARnet in Africa, Gambia. As the UCP-SARnet Club president, I will present the role of the Club at ASU and the future projects we hope to achieve including involvement in local communities. And finally Maureen will be offering the perspective of students involved with UCP-SARnet. Mohamed Camara

Regional Updates: SOUTH AMERICA New UCP-SARnet Coordinator for Argentina and TESA Plans for 2011 My name is Rachel and I'm a 25 year old American living in Argentina. I have a BS in biology and next year I hope to begin my graduate studies in sustainable agriculture and agro ecology. I have been changed dramatically by my experiences living in this country. I'm learning to change some of my perspectives, on wealth or lack thereof for instance; in the United States, poverty may mean that a person cannot afford shelter and must live by government assistance. In Argentina, there is no government assistance, as corruption runs rampant and steals the rights and resources from those that need it most. Here in Argentina, I am the assistant to the President of TESA Foundation. TESA, translated, means Workshop for Sustainable Economy and Environment. We are spreading the word about interdisciplinary education, environmental education, and attaining a personal best. This year TESA will continue providing FREE classes of continuing education for adults, and these classes will be held once a week starting April. The classes will cover mostly environmental topics, but will also touch on ethics (business and community), sociology, and economy. Anyone living in the Federal Capital and the surrounding areas of Buenos Aires is welcome to attend. We are also making plans for a STAND-UP against poverty event to be held in October. The President of TESA, Susana Pesis, will be giving talks throughout the year to educate about the environment. Most recently, Susana spoke about alternative energy sources at ExpoAgro, here in Argentina. ExpoAgro is an important fair for highlyproductive farming enterprises. Knowledge of alternative energy in the agricultural sector is slow to disseminate… but we are doing our best. And we’re in a good position: after all, Argentina’s largest industry is its agriculture. Rachel Lysak

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Executive Team Latest Team Meeting Minutes At our latest team meeting which took place on March 4th, the executive team of UCP-SARnet discussed several key points including progress with expanding out network, changes made to the website, Club Plans, and upcoming conferences that we should be preparing for. For expanding our network contacts, Dr. Wosinski presented two partners in the works – Global Resolve and the School of Social Work – both based at ASU. He also mentioned plans to create a government, university, and faith-based group to be called Arizona Resolve. Changes made to blog channels on the website were subsequently discussed and team members were provided feedback on how to deal with website issues that are still pending. The new email address and domain was also introduced as: The UCP-SARnet Club at ASU mentioned plans to reserve tables on campus weekly to advertise and promote UCPSARnet. Finally, all members were encouraged to begin preparing materials for the upcoming CU Expo 2011 as well as to consider how to get involved in the Global Leadership Summit in China this summer, and the Ashoka Conference at ASU in 2012.

New Member Profile: Travis Petersen Travis is one of the latest members of the UCPSARnet leadership executive team. He is a psychology major at ASU looking to graduate in May. His hobbies include video games, music, movies and some occasional reading. ―My favorite part about being an ASU student is being part of a culturally diverse and positive atmosphere.‖ says Travis, 25. Travis was originally born in Vicenza, Italy where his father was serving the in U.S. military. He then moved to North Carolina and eventually to Arizona where he has lived for twenty one years. As a youth, Travis was active in Boy Scouts. Travis found out about UCP-SARnet through the psychology advising department. One of his roles with UCP-SARnet has been to transfer all of the country pages into a new format. Travis has a promising future at UCP-SARnet where we can expect great things from him this semester. Joshua Wyrick

New Member Profile: Danielle Finochiaro I will be graduating this May with a BA in Communications. This past summer I studied abroad in New Zealand and Fiji through ASU’s school of Human Evolution and Social Change. This study abroad experience made a profound mark on my life and perspective. The Fijian lifestyle, atmosphere, and people gave me the beautiful gift of omnipresent serenity, which will stay with me forever. Immersing myself in this culture helped expose and awaken me to a world I had never seen. After seeing extreme poverty firsthand while living in the remote village of Votua in Korolevu, Fiji, my eyes have been opened to an exciting but complicated new world. I realized that an enormous opportunity existed to initiate change through awareness and cross cultural collaboration. With this newfound value of international immersion, I returned to Arizona with an undeniable passion for cultural exchange and nonprofit management. Looking to translate this passion into reality, I sought out an internship with UCP-SARnet. I believe in the power of social change through grassroots efforts and I am committed to making the most of this incredible internship opportunity. I love to think creatively and strategically when it comes to working with a cause and I look forward to bringing my enthusiasm to UCP-SARnet. I have also just begun a virtual internship doing marketing research for the World Fair Trade Organization for their European chapter. WFTO is an advocate- condemning the injustices of the international trade system and championing a radical vision for change. We are currently preparing for the World Fair Trade Day campaign that will culminate in May 2011. Danielle Finochiaro

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Collaborating Knowledge Partners Amity University (India) is one of the best private universities in India with over 50000 students. Centre for Community Based Research brings people together to share knowledge in order to impact positive social change. Comunitaria provides technical support and tools for community and psychosocial intervention programs. Four professional psychologists run this organization. Community-Campus Partnerships for Health promotes health through service-learning, community-based participatory research, broad -based coalitions, and other partnership strategies. Community Toolbox provides resources for community leaders.; Global Alliance for ICT & Development creates an inclusive global forum and platform to promote discussion on using ICT for the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals. Global Alliance for Community Based Research promotes Community-Engaged Research as a fundamental means to contributing to human betterment by the sharing of knowledge across the world. Global Interactions, Inc works with professionals to interact with domestic and global counterparts to increase exchange of practices, technologies, and research. India Gandhi National Open University (India) offers 338 programs of study through over 3,500 courses to a cumulative student strength of over 30 million students. Jagiellonian University (Poland) is the second oldest university in Europe located in Krakow. Leadership Learning Community identifies, evaluates, and applies ideas and practices in leadership development in order to make leadership more effective. Orbis Institute develops global leaders through programs that advance awareness, critical thinking, and action. SIAS International University combines Chinese educational philosophies with Western educational models to develop professionals who are prepared to meet the demands of trans-national corporations and enterprises. SoReCom conducts and disperses research that focuses on social issues relevant to Europe and its policies. Taking It Global uses the power of online community to facilitate global education, social entrepreneurship, and civic engagement for millions of youth worldwide. UN Millennium Campaign supports and inspires people from around the world to take action towards the Millenium Development Goals. United Nations Foundation advocates for the UN and a platform for connecting people, ideas and resources to help the United Nations solve global problems. Video Voice Collective: brings academic researchers, filmmakers, technology mavens, social justice champions, and community leaders together to improve the health conditions of underserved communities. Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities is a private university that educates students in psychology, philosophy, humanities, and social sciences. World for World Organization (Italy) is an Italian-based non-profit organization, operating in Italy and internationally.

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Introducing members of our Advisory Board The following distinguished colleagues agreed to serve on our Advisory Board: Robert Cialdini, Arizona State University (USA), Liz Cunningham, University of Brighton (England), Aecio D’Silva, University of Arizona (USA), Kim Eagles, Grassroots Activist (USA), William A. Foster, Foster and Brahm Management Consulting (USA), Rajesh Jangareddy, Vitesse Semiconductor (India), Joanna Ochocka, Centre for Community Engaged Research (Canada), Grazyna Prawelska-Skrzypek, Jagillonian University (Poland), Jan Sadlak, Warsaw School of social Sciences and Humanities (Poland), Jerrie Ueberle, Global Interactions Inc. (USA), Christopher Zambakari, Student Representative (USA).

Jan Sadlack Dr. Jan Sadlak is a rare example of the renaissance man. Truly dedicated to the human condition, Dr. Sadlak has held positions of authority throughout the UNESCO organization. In addition, he has been involved with higher education for 25 years, making a deep impression of his passion for teaching. He has earned several degrees including a Masters of Arts from the prestigious Oskar Lange Academy of Economics in Poland. He also holds a PhD in Educational Administration from New York's University of Buffalo. Dr. Sadlak has an extensive list of honors and dedications from Universities around the world. However, Dr. Sadlak's expertise internationally is what UCPSARnet truly hopes to benefit from—The World Bank and the Council of Europe have experienced firsthand his excellent leadership skills in advisory missions. Further reading about what Dr. Sadlak is currently involved in can be found in a new pusblihed work with Nian Liu entitled: World-Class University and Ranking: Aiming Beyond Status (UNESCO-CEPES, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Cluj University Press, 2007). Joshua Wyrick

Joanna Ochocka Dr. Joanna Ochocka has been the director of the Centre for Community Based Research since 1996. She is a faculty member in the Department of Sociology at University of Waterloo and in the MA and PhD program in Community Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Ochocka’s research and action has focused on community mental health for people with serious mental health issues and on cultural diversity. She is one of the leaders in the use of the participatory action research approach and she uses research as a tool for social change. She was a recipient of the Award for Teaching Excellence for 2005 at Wilfrid Laurier University. In addition to mental health concerns, her research focuses on cultural diversity and immigration issues and on community supports for marginalized populations. In 2010, she and her CCBR colleagues gathered data at international site visits in China, the Philippines and India. She is the author of 40 academic articles and co-author of the book: "Shifting the paradigm in community mental health." Thomas Lane

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Member Organizations ACT is a non-profit advocating for universal human rights and children’s rights. Phone: 0612-3290987 Mobile : 09560509688 E-mail:, website: African Woman and Child Features Service (AWC) ensures that the voices of the women and children in Africa, and the issues they face, are better represented in mainstream media. Website: Ann Foundation empowers people who live with the daily challenges of vision impairment, hearing loss and other disabilities in some of the world’s most impoverished places. Phone: 516-570-0088, website: Association for Welfare, Social Action, and Research—India (AWSAR) is an organization comprising of a group of professional social development workers from diverse background. Website: Beam Foundation provides needy children in the developing world with school uniforms and necessary school supplies. E-mail: ,website: The Canadian Forum on Civil Justice works towards a civil justice system that is accessible, effective, fair and efficient. Phone: 780492-2513 Fax: 780-492-6181 E-mail:, website: The Centre for Community Research and Action, Laurier works to advance community knowledge, social policy, and practice for community wellness and social equity. Phone: 519.884.0710 x 3494 Fax: 519.884.1020 E-mail:, website: The Community University Research Alliance explores new ways of providing community mental health support. Phone: 519-7411318 Fax: 519-741-8262 E-mail: website: takingcultureseriouslyCURA/ Ecuador Volunteer Foundation volunteers for social, community, educational, healthcare, and ecological projects throughout Ecuador. Phone: (593-2) 2557749 - 2226544 E-mail;; website: Global Thinking Women empowers women of all ages throughout the various stages in their lives. Phone: 86-15837143756 E-mail:, website: Helping Lives International: a non-profit focusing on eradicating poverty. Help youth gain employment and to work as Ambassadors and leaders. Phone: +220-7719958, +220-6554080 E-mail:, website: India Vision Foundation was founded in 1994 by Dr. Kiran Bedi as an organization to expand upon the works of Navjyoti India Foundation. The main objective is to improve conditions in prisons and improve the lives of those incarcerated. Outside of prison educational programs have been created for the children of prisoners, who otherwise would be left on the streets. Email: . Website: LUKMEF helps Cameroon to embrace peace, non-violence, social justice, and sustainable development in order to alleviate poverty. Phone: +237- E-mail:, website: Navjyoti India Foundation (NIF) was founded in 1988 by Dr. Kiran Bedi. NIF works in collaboration with India Vision Foundation for positive change, beginning with a flagship program for correction, drug-addiction and rehabilitation. Website: http:// Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition (NYCC) is focusing on climate change and collaborates with collaborating with youth, policy makers, and other stakeholders. Phone: +2347062199449 E-mail:, website: http:// Students Travel and Exposure South Africa (STAESA) is a non-profit organization promoting and enhancing cultural exchange and development in Africa. Phone: (+27) 119 104 095 Cell: (+27) 737 292 944 Fax: (+27) 119 10-4095 E-mail:, website: TESA is a nonprofit organization aimed at researching, training researchers, outlining an implementing projects for the promotion of sustainable economy. Email: , website: Unreasonable Institute: supports globally-minded social entrepreneurs who are developing solutions to pressing issues Email:, website: . UCP-SARnet The Gambia undertakes a diverse and creative range of educational, humanitarian, and peace-building initiatives in to help achieve MDGs.. Phone: (00220) 6548963/7953521/3438 808 /6717761 E-mail: , ,

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Directory HEAD OFFICE Arizona State University Department of Psychology P.O. Box 871104, Tempe, AZ 85287, USA Tel. 480-965-6253 Email:


ICT TEAM Adam Euerby Uttam Bhat Rajesh Jangareddy Smitha Kamath Dorav Kumar Nikhil Sridhar Robby Uppal

EXECUTIVE TEAM Dr. Wayne Goulet Dr. Eric Hartman Dr. Eva Szeli Angela Abolhassani Mohamed Camara Zoe Cavanar-Levandowski Talitha Collins Joanna Dalotto Danielle Finochiaro Abidah Khalife Birendra Kumar Thomas Lane Quihong Li Francesca Mercurio Shannon Monn Maria Navarro Eean Patterson Renato Ramos Ganeswar Sahoo Maureen Schirmer Marianne Shively Joshua Wyrick Shelby Vick




EUROPE Contact Person: Ganeswar Sahoo via s cosma e damiano 103 trento, tn 38122, ITALY Tel. +39 3319782685 Email:

USA Contact Person: Randi Burggraff Department of Psychology P.O. Box 871104, Tempe, AZ 85287, USA Tel. 480-965-6253 Email:

SOUTH AMERICA Contact Person: Susana Pesis Email:

ADVISORY BOARD Robert Cialdini, Arizona State University (USA) Liz Cunningham, University of Brighton (England)


CANADA Contact Person: Adam Euerby Candidate M.ASc. Systems Design Engineering, B.ASc. Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo Advanced Interface Design Lab 1.519.888.4567 x34904

Aecio D’Silva, University of Arizona (USA) Kim Eagles, Grassroots Activist (USA)

AFRICA Contact person: Osee Romeo Tcheupgoum No. 1 Ansumana Ceesay Street, Dippakunda UCP-SARnet -The Gambia (Non-Profit & Charitable organization) P.O.BOX 2192, serekunda, KMSD. The GAMBIA Tel. (00 220) 6548963/7953521/ 3438 808 /6717761 Email: ASIA & THE PACIFIC Contact Person: Birendra Kumar University Community Partnership for Social Action Research Network. UN Commission on Sustainable Development (Youth and Children Major Group ) Tel. +91-9910711112 Email:

William A. Foster, Foster and Brahm Management Consulting (USA) Grazyna Prawelska-Skrzypek, Jagillonian University (Poland) Rajesh Jangareddy, Vitesse Semiconductor (India) Joanna Ochocka, Centre for Community Engaged Research (Canada) Jan Sadlak, Warsaw School of social Sciences and Hummanities (Poland) Jerrie Ueberle, Global Interactions, Inc (USA) Christopher Zambakari, Student Representative (USA)

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