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Alumni on UConn...

“For me, the decision to attend UConn was an easy one. After visiting many different schools and meeting several coaches, it became clear to me that the coaches at UConn were special. As Coach Tsantiris sat in my living room and talked with my family and me, there was something about him that let me know he really cared about me and wanted what was best for me. After making my decision to attend UConn, I saw nothing less than that. Growing up, I played in the National Pool with many talented players who also went to great programs, many of whom did not play right away. Coach Tsantiris gave me a chance and constantly showed his confidence in me. That is why I was able to be successful and enjoy playing in college. Playing at UConn was the best experience I have had and it would not have been possible without the coaches. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and the relationships I have gained, which will last a lifetime.”

“I chose UConn because I wanted to win a national championship. For me it was about finding the right fit of coaching with the right group of players, and UConn has proven to have both. You can pull all the stats and the records and the accomplishments of other top teams, but when the decision needed to be made it wasn’t about numbers at all. The decision for me was about the atmosphere, the players and the support which gave me a sense of home for the next four years. I wanted to have a team that I felt would be there battling next to me on the field, and when it was all said and done, still be at my side as we move on from this journey. UConn has given me that and more.”

- Meghan Schnur, 2007 Senior & BIG EAST Midfielder of the Year

- Kristen Graczyk (2001-2004) Brittany Taylor

Meghan S chnur Kristen Graczyk

“There are several different reasons why I chose UConn. I love the school itself, the size of it, how the campus is set up and, of course, the academic and soccer aspects - the coaches, the players, the facilities, everything! When I made my recruiting trip, I stayed with four older players in the apartments, saw the team play two games and practice and saw the men’s team play. I loved watching them play and loved how they played. But most importantly, I felt so comfortable that I already felt a part of everything. I had a feeling that this was going to be the right place for me. After the recruiting trip was over and I left for home, as soon as we got in the car, I told my parents that this is where I was going. I canceled my other recruiting trips and I chose UConn.”

- Brittany Taylor, (2005-2009)

Wendy Logan

“My desire to play at the highest level of collegiate competition is what attracted me to UConn. Their soccer program’s high national ranking was appealing, but even more impressive was the strong tradition and the high level of expectation. I was positive that my talents would be maximized through the competition from my teammates, the strength of the opponents, and the guidance of Coach Tsantiris. Playing for a national championship was a thrill of a lifetime.”

- Wendy Logan (1988-1991)

“I chose UConn because of the strength and intensity of the girls on the soccer team. My teammates and coaches have never allowed me to stop becoming the best version of myself; as a person, athlete, or player. And I don’t think they’ll ever stop pushing me to set a higher bar for myself in soccer or life. The most important thing I have learned at UConn is that there are many limits on what you can do is in your head. I am extremely grateful for what my teammates and coaches have taught me the past few years at UConn.”

Jess D ulski


- Jessica Dulski, 2008-2011

“Playing soccer at UConn was one of the best decisions that I ever made in my life. I knew going in how competitive it would be and what an honor it would be. What I didn’t know back then was that I was making life long friends.”

Jill Gelfenbien

- Jill Laufer (Gelfenbien) (1991-1994)

2012 UConn women’s soccer media guide

2012 UConn Women's Soccer Media Guide  
2012 UConn Women's Soccer Media Guide  

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