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Global Risk Management Online Graduate Certificate

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Greetings! Thank you for your interest in our graduate business programs at the University of Connecticut School of Business. Ranked among the best in the world, UConn’s graduate programs offer you a progressive, comprehensive business education to enable you and other future business leaders to anticipate and effectively manage the many challenges encountered in today’s rapidly-changing world economy. Guided by a commitment for global recognition as a provider of exceptional managerial education and business leadership, UConn’s graduate programs are carefully designed and developed with active involvement from our alumni and advisors in the business community. Our goal is to ensure that our graduates are fully prepared and competitively positioned for successful careers. As you research and evaluate your options for advanced study, I encourage you to contact our program offices to learn more about our value proposition. After you experience the School of Business and learn more about all we have to offer, I’m confident you’ll agree that UConn can provide you with a challenging, highlydifferentiated, and affordably-priced business education that will provide the foundation for an exceptional future. Sincerely, John A. Elliott, Ph.D. Dean & Auran J. Fox Chair in Business

Academic Excellence The Certificate in Global Risk Management is an online graduate-level certficate program designed for working professionals looking to advance their career, change their career or recent graduates interested in obtaining a certificate to validate their skills and commitment to the highest standard of professionalism and best practices within the risk management profession. The global risk management community is growing dramatically, with risk management professionals represented at nearly every major banking institution, government regulator, consulting firm and financial services institution around the world. This certificate program prepares professionals with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic and diverse financial services industry. The certificate comprises courses in market, credit, and operational risk, and also in risk management structures. This Global Risk Management certificate will provide practical learning and can offer an attractive bridge to the UConn MS in Financial Risk Management.

Mission To provide a rigorous and solid foundation in global risk management in a rapidly-evolving industry. The need for education and assessment of professional skills in the field of risk management has never been greater. This program is demanding and comprehensive in order to deliver the most practical, accessible and highest-quality learning in risk management. The Certificate in Global Risk Management includes four online courses which not only introduce the best practices in risk management but also set the content of the truly globalized nature of risk. Financial and Global Inevitably, with the globalization of financial markets, risks too have been geographically interlinked. To make it globally pertinent, various case studies across continents are included in this program.

Certificate Courses The Certificate in Global RIsk Management includes four 3-credit courses that cover the common body of risk management knowledge. Risk Management Structures This course explains why and how an organization manages its risks on an enterprise basis. Market Risk Analysis This course examines the way in which financial institutions and corporations assess, control and mitigate market risk. Operational Risk Management This course examines operational risk decision making process through a progressive series of modules that comprise operational risk goverance, culture and awarenesss, risk policies and procedures, operational risk appetite, reputational risk, legal risk, goverance and compliance. Credit Risk Management This course examines the origins of credit risk, its manifestations and its consequences. It discusses tools and techniques to manage and mitigate credit risk.

Learning Objectives The online Certificate in Global Risk Management is designed to introduce the latest trends in risk management with an emphasis on globally relevant topics. Graduates of the Certificate will:

• Acquire an understanding of market, credit and operational risk, as well • • • •

as risk management frameworks and structures and the ability to apply these princiiples effectively in decision making. Develop the ability to identify, research and analyze risk management issues. Learn to use technology and tools appropriate to risk management. Master the knowledge and awareness necessary to successfully pursue UConn’s MS in Financial Risk Management. Benefit from the global breadth of case studies from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Program Length


12 credits.

Online Application grad.business.uconn.edu/apply

* The four 3-credit courses presenting the framework of risk management are delivered in two 7-week backto-back sessions per semester. This allows the participant to concentrate on one course at a time while completing the certificate in one academic year. Fees $900 per credit (2018-2019)

Applications are being accepted for Spring or Fall semester start dates. For more information on application deadline dates, please visit our website. Application Requirements • Undergraduate degree • Some work experience preferred

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Global Risk Management Graduate Certificate  

Global Risk Management Graduate Certificate