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Welcome From the Mayor

We hope you enjoy your stay in our wonderful city. Oklahoma City is rich with visitor opportunities, offering a variety of attractions and entertainment activities, and has a small-town flavor while offering the benefits of a large metropolitan city. You can experience first-class cultural programs of music, theater and dance, as well as museums and galleries. These, combined with our excellent shopping, hotels and restaurants, will create an unforgettable visit to Oklahoma City.

I am pleased that you have chosen to visit Oklahoma City and let KEY Magazine be your guide. KEY Magazine is a comprehensive guide to events and attractions and provides helpful information about tourist sites, restaurants, and places to shop. I am sure that you will enjoy our unique brand of western hospitality and our friendly people! Sincerely,


Mick Cornett, Mayor

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Oklahoma City The Newest Frontier

Oklahoma City is a surprise to many visitors and newcomers, with all the friendliness of a small town and the amenities of our nation’s biggest cities. And with over fifty attractions, museums and other activities, visitors will never be at a loss for fun things to see and do.

Oklahoma City was born in a single day - April 22, 1889. Just a little over a century ago, the site of Oklahoma City was a grassand-timbered land of gently rolling hills flattening out into prairie in the west. In just over 100 years, this collection of tents grew to a metropolitan city that sprawls across 625 square miles of America's heartland. Its metro population numbers over a million - a third of the entire state’s population.


Oklahoma City KEY • March


Oklahoma’s written history began in 1541 when Spanish explorer Coronado ventured through this area. At that time, it was the home of the Plains Indian tribes, such as the Osage, Kiowa, Apache and Comanche. In 1803, Oklahoma was sold to the U.S. as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

In the 1830s, the federal government forced the Five Civilized Tribes to leave their homelands. These tribes were living in the southeastern part of the U.S. They had to walk to Oklahoma over a trail that became known as the “Trail of Tears.” Many men, women and children died during this long and treacherous trip. Once these people settled here, Oklahoma became Indian Territory. 2014

Cowboys began their history on the Texas plains. Texas ranchers found they had large supplies of beef with no place to sell it. The East Coast needed beef. To meet that demand, Texas ranchers had to move their cattle to the closest railroads, which were in Kansas. The Chisholm Trail and other cattle routes were made through Oklahoma between 1866 and 1889. While traveling through Oklahoma, the ranchers realized the territory was not only closer to the railroads, but a good location for raising cattle as well. There was one parcel of land that was never given over to any Indian tribe the Unassigned Lands. In the 1880s, many frontier Americans wanted to move into this land. Soon, landless pioneers began slipping over into this area without authorization. These were the “Boomers,” who were trying to force t h e government into opening the territory up to homesteaders. President Benjamin Harrison signed legislation that opened up the Unassigned Lands and on

DidYouKnow? The world’s first installed

parking meter was in

Oklahoma City, on July 16,

1935. Carl C. Magee, of

Oklahoma City, is generally

credited with originating the

parking meter. He filed for a

patent for a “coin controlled

parking meter” on May 13,


April 22, 1889, about 50,000 homesteaders gathered at the boundaries. At noon, the cannon roared, and the hordes of people streamed over the line on wagons and buckboards, horseback, on foot and even on bicycles into the two million acres of land, made their claims and, overnight, Oklahoma City grew out of the plains. The settlers who entered to claim land before the official start of the land run were called Sooners. Hence the state’s nickname. On December 16, 1907, the Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory joined, and Oklahoma became the 46th state.


Above: Cowboys and Rodeo are center stage each January at the International Finals Rodeo.

The pioneer zeal of those early settlers is just as evident in the Oklahoma City of today. The western spirit that helped found Oklahoma City is apparent everywhere you go. Oklahomans are just as likely to be wearing boots and a cowboy hat as they are a suit and tie. Magnificent attractions

Left: City Church


Opposite Page: Metro Transit Trolley; Bricktown Ballpark.

Oklahoma City KEY • March


like the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Remington Park Race Track, Frontier City Theme Park, and the Red Earth Indian Center all reflect the strong ties this area has with its western heritage.

In the early 1990s, the leaders of Oklahoma City were faced with a decision: to compete or retreat. The decision was made to compete and the city launched a visionary project one that would change the face of Oklahoma City forever. That plan was Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS), an ambitious program that is one of the most aggressive and successful public-private partnerships ever undertaken in the U.S. The current amount being spent in this public/private partnership exceeds $3 billion.

As a result of that vision, visitors can now enjoy a multitude of new attractions and entertainment options. The NBA Oklahoma City Thunder

attract record crowds with its fast-paced, pulsepounding action in the new Chesapeake Energy Arena. The arena, a 20,000-seat entertainment facility, has proven to be an ideal location for basketball, concerts and events.

The 15,000-seat AT&T Bricktown Ballpark is home to the Oklahoma City RedHawks, the Houston Astros Triple A affiliate, and has been named one of the nation's top two minor league baseball facilities.

Our professional ice hockey team, the Oklahoma City Barons, thrill sports fans in the Cox Center.

The Bricktown Canal extends through the Bricktown entertainment district -- just east of downtown, past the Ballpark to the Oklahoma River. The river is being transformed into a seven-mile-long series of river lakes bordered by landscaped areas, trails and recreational facilities.

Work on this $23 million project will continue through 2011. Shops, restaurants and entertainment, hiking and biking trails, and park areas are part of this developing area.

A multi-million dollar facelift and renovation of the Cox Convention Center has added new meeting rooms and lobby areas, along with a remodeled exterior and exhibit space. The renovation of the Civic Center Music Hall, an historic art deco building, is now the premier performing arts venue in the Southwest.

A new trolley system, the Oklahoma Spirit, covers a three-mile area and loops

through downtown with an additional segment of the trolley system linking the Meridian area hotels, state fairgrounds an Stockyards area with downtown and Bricktown. The unique streetcars offer continuous service six days a week.

Oklahoma City isn't lacking in entertainment options, either. The Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra, Ballet Oklahoma, and Broadway shows at Lyric Theatre and the Civic Center are just the beginning. Beautiful lakes, parks and some of the nation's best golf courses and tennis facilities also await the outdoor enthusiast. Welcome to the new Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014


Visitors to Oklahoma City won't want to miss The Science of Rock 'n' Roll, at Science Museum Oklahoma. This limited-time traveling exhibition is on display only through May 3. The Science of Rock 'n' Roll is a seven-gallery exhibit celebrates the great history of Rock 'n' Roll and the key role that it played in the development of science and technology.

Visitors will learn about a variety of topics relevant to the music industry including the art of music composition, careers within the music industry, and how rock n' roll influenced sociocultural and political movements and vice versa.

The exhibition includes a series of fun, hands-on, engaging musical interactions where visitors can create their own compositions, remix famous songs, and even use state-of-the-art technology to record themselves singing, playing a real guitar, and drumming like rock stars. The exhibit also features historical artifacts, animated videos, instrument displays, interactive kiosks and cutting edge technology to create an experience like none other within a museum while exploring how science and technology have evolved over time to change with music, especially rock n' roll.

Virtually all narratives on the history of rock n' roll have been told in a straight chronological form. The timeline usually runs something like this: Elvis, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, punk, new wave, MTV, grunge and so on.

Since the late 1800s, music and technology have gone hand in hand. Music began to demand the use of new tools. These new tools in turn changed music. Technology and music have conspired to change how we make music, how we listen to music, how we consume it, how it's distributed and how it's perceived.


Oklahoma City KEY • March


The Science of Rock N Roll tells the story of the birth and evolution of rock music from the viewpoint of science and technology. The exhibition

features seven rooms that consist of: four different interactives, historical artifacts, information walls, and more.

The impact of rock n' roll is incalculable. It's an instigator and vehicle of social, political, and cultural change. It's about originality, self-expression and freedom of speech. Rock can influence government, mobilize the masses and break down barriers. But it's also about cars, girls and having a good time on a Friday night.

Viewed from a different angle, though, rock n' roll is the result of the intersection between art and science. Rock would not exist in the form it does today without developments in various fields of science and technology.

A visitor's journey will begin with the history and evolution of rock from the 1950s to today told decade by decade. As they continue, an interactive display demonstrates how tone, pitch, key, rhythm, tempo, timbre, melody, hook, harmony and contour come into play when composing rock music.

The exhibit looks at the history and the science behind how instruments we use to make rock - guitars, keyboards, drums and amplifiers work. A tour of the Mono vs. Dolby stereo room will help visitors understand how your brain is affected by rock music.

Fascinating stories behind how music has been captured over the last 140 years revels how recording studio technology affected the evolution of music. Visitors interested in to getting involved with the music industry offstage will find what kinds of careers are offered. Finally, experience the feeling of being in a live show, with a 20-foot video wall, light show and crowd effects. The ultimate finale to The Science of Rock N Roll!

Science Museum Oklahoma reveals the wonder and relevance of science in our everyday lives. Get up to your elbows in science with acres of hands-on experiences, thousands of space, aviation and cultural artifacts and new exhibits always on the horizon. Let your inner-child run wild!

ThemuseumisopenMondaythrough Fridayfrom9a.m.-5p.m.,Saturday from9a.m.-6p.m.andSundayfrom 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Regular museum admission is $12.95 for adults, and $10.95 for seniors and children. The Science of Rock N Roll admission is an additional $5.00 per adult, and $4 perchild/senior.

TheScienceofRock'n'Rollisorganized byElevationProductionsanddistributed by Exhibits Development Group. For orcall(405)602-6664.

Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014



Myriad Botanical Gardens

has more than 1,200 species

of plants in the Crystal

Bridge, representing plants

from every continent in the

world except Antarctica–

including more than 2,500




Police/Fire/Ambulance...........................................911 AAA Emergency Road Service.................(800)222-4357 OKC Police Non-Emergency.............................297-1000 Oklahoma Highway Patrol.................................425-2043 Cellular........................................................................*55 Oklahoma Poison Control Center......................271-5454


First1MED..............North OKC....................478.0633 First1MED..................NW OKC......................495.5841 First1MED................South OKC......................636-0767 First1MED...................Edmond........................844-1633


Above: Myriad Botanical Gardens

Bone and Joint Hospital.....................................272-9671 Community Hospital..........................................602-8100 Deaconess Hospital............................................604-6000 Edmond Medical Center....................................341-6100 Integris Baptist Medical Center.........................949-3011 Integris Southwest Medical Center....................636-7000 Mercy Health Center..........................................755-1515 Midwest Regional Medical Center....................610-4411 Norman Regional Hospital................................329-6877 OU Medical Center............................................271-4700 Renaissance Women’s Hospital.........................359-9800 Saint Anthony Hospital......................................272-7000 OU Health Science Center.................................271-4000 Veteran’s Hospital……........................……......270-0501


American Express.....................................(800)528-4800 Diners Club...............................................(800)234-6377 Discover....................................................(800)347-2683 MasterCard or Visa...................................(800)336-8472


Yellow Cab...............................................(405) 232-6161


American...................................................(800)433-7300 Delta..........................................................(800)221-1212 Southwest..................................................(800)435-9792 United........................................................(800)241-6522 Frontier................................................(800)432-1359



Wiley Post Airport..............................................789-4061 Will Rogers World Airport Paging.....................680-3317 Police.....................680-3233 Travelers Aid. ........680-3317

Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014



TicketsandInformation Ballet Oklahoma.........................................848-8637 Black Liberated Arts Center............................232-2522 Barons Hockey ..............................................232-4625 Bricktown Brawlers.........................................602-8557 Canterbury Choral Society...............................232-7464 Carpenter Square Theatre................................232-6500 Chesapeake Arena..........................................602-8500 Civic Center Music Hall..................................297-2584 COX Business Center......................................297-3300 Lyric Theatre...................................................524-9312 National Cowboy Museum.............................478-2250 Oklahoma State Capital..................................521-3356 Science Museum of Oklahoma........................602-6664 OKC Museum of Art......................................236-3100 OKC Philharmonic.........................................842-5387 Oklahoma Opry...............................................632-8322 Oklahoma City Redhawks..............................218-1000 Oklahoma City Thunder..................................208-4800 Prairie Dance Theatre......................................424-2249 Rose State College Performing Arts................733-7960 Stage Center Presents......................................270-4801 State Fair Park.................................................948-6704 Stockyards City...............................................235-7267

Oklahoma doesn’t have Indian

Reservations. We do, however,

have 39 federally-recognized

tribal nations headquarters in

the state. Oklahoma has the

largest American Indian popu-

lation of any state. Many of

the American Indians living in

Oklahoma today are

descendants from the

original 67 tribes

inhabiting Indian Territory.


Brookside Golf Course (18 holes) 9016 South Shields • 632-9666

Earlywine Golf Course (36 holes) 115th & S. Portland • 691-1727

James Stewart Golf Course (9 holes) 824 Carverdale Drive • 424-4353

Lake Hefner Golf Course (36 holes) 4491 S. Lake Hefner Road • 843-1565

Above: Dancers performing at Red Earth Festival

Lincoln Park Golf Course (36 holes) 4001 N.E. Grand Blvd. • 424-1421

Trosper Park Golf Course (18 holes) 2301 S.E. 29th Street • 677-8874


Earlywine Golf Course (12 Courts) S.W. 119th & May Avenue

OKC Tennis Center (24 courts) N.W. 36th & Portland

Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014


A R T G A L L E R I E S • M U S E U M S • AT T R A C T I O N S • H I S T O R I C S I T E S


AMERICAN BANJO MUSEUM 9E.Sheridan •604-2793 The American Banjo Museum is a $5 million, world-class 21,000 square foot facility honoring the rich history, vibrant spirit and unlimited future of the banjo. The museum contains more than 300 instruments, the largest collection on public display in the world. Examples include replicas of primitive banjos developed by African slaves in the Old South, Minstrel Age instruments from 19th century, post WWII instruments used in bluegrass, folk and world music, and museum’s core collection of ornately decorated banjos made in America during the Jazz Age of the 1920’s and 30s. Hours: Tues-Sat 11-6 Sun 12-5. Admission:

Adults $6; Seniors (55+), Students $5; Youth (5-17) $4; Children (under 5) Free; Family (2 adults-2 children) $15

MYRIAD BOTANICAL GARDENS 301W.Reno-297-3995 The Myriad Botanical Gardens is a 17-acre oasis in the heart of downtown. The centerpiece of the gardens is the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory, featuring over 2,000 fascinating species of palm trees, flowers and exotic plants from across the globe. Hours: Mon-Sat 9-5; Sun 11-5 (Sun 11-7, June 1Labor Day). Admission to Crystal Bridge: $7 for adults; $6 for students, active military and seniors 62+; $4 for children 4-12. Discount for groups of 20+. Admission is free for children 3 and under. Outdoor grounds: Free.


Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014

Iguana Mexican Grill has become very popular in Oklahoma City for its incredibly imaginative twist on Mexican dining. Rumors of the exotic flavors, textures, and brilliantly colored culinary combinations rapidly spread across the city. Combined with over 125 different tequilas, a vibrant atmosphere, and a highly dedicated service staff, its reputation rapidly inflated. Although it succeeds in remaining humble, being “the little taco stand down by the railroad tracks”, it has become “The hot spot” to see and be seen in the Downtown/ Bricktown areas of OKC. Don’t miss your opportunity to visit the Iguana Mexican Grill.

9NW9thStreetOKC, 405.606.7172


Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014

NEW LOCATION NicholsHilllsPlaza, N.W.63rd&Western 405.608.0600

NATIONAL COWBOY & WESTERN HERITAGE MUSEUM 1700NE63rd•478-2250 The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum preserves the rugged individualism and romantic spirit of the frontier. This popular visitor attraction features a superlative collection of classic and contemporary Western art, including works by Charles Russell, Frederic Remington, and the famous 18-foot sculpture, The End of the Trail. New historical galleries include the American Cowboy Gallery, the American Rodeo Gallery, Western Performer’s Gallery and Prosperity Junction, a re-created authentic western town. Visitors of all ages enjoy an adventure into the Old West at this national memorial to the American cowboy. Hours: Open 10-5 7 days a week except Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Day. Admission: adults $12.50, seniors and students $9.75, children ages 4-12 $5.75, children 3 and under free. OKLAHOMA CITY MUSEUM OF ART 415CouchDrive•236-3100 The Museum of Art in the Donald W. Reynolds Visual Arts Center is a 110,000 sq. ft. facility featuring 15 exhibition galleries, an education center, a 250-seat theater, cafe, store and library/resource center. Programs include world-class traveling exhibitions, comprehensive film programs and a variety of family activities. The commissioned 55 ft. signature sculpture by world renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly serves as a beacon for the museum and downtown. Hours: Tues-Sat 10-5; Thurs 10-9; Sun 12-5. Admission: Adults $12; Senior (62+) Students and Children $10; Children under 5 Free. Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014


OKLAHOMA HISTORY CENTER 800NazihZuhdiDrive•522-0754 The past comes alive at the Oklahoma History Center, Oklahoma’s state museum of history. Discover the people and stories that make Oklahoma truly unique. From oil and gas to aviation, from the Dust Bowl to space exploration, from tornadoes to the Land Run, from Native American Indians to Route 66, there’s a story of triumph and tragedy, hope and heartache, famous and infamous around every corner. Conveniently located in the Capital Complex, the museum is adjacent to the State Capitol and the Governor’s Mansion, both within easy driving or walking distance. Hours: Mon-Sat 10 to 5. Admission is $7 for adults; $5 for seniors; $4 for students.

OKLAHOMA CITY NATIONAL MEMORIAL MUSEUM 620NHarvey•235-3313 The Museum, housed in the historic Journal Record Building that was damaged by the blast, is adjacent to the symbolic memorial, provides visitors with an experience beyond what they see at the memorial monument. The storyline is presented in ten chapters beginning in Oklahoma City the morning of the bombing, the moments immediately following the blast, through the 16 days of rescue and recovery, and to the rebuilding of Oklahoma City. The story is told through exhibits and recorded narratives from victims’ family members, survivors, rescue workers and others. Hours: Open seven days a week, Mon – Sat, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Sun, Noon -6 p..m Ticket sales stop daily at 5 p.m. Admission: $12 Adults, $10 Seniors 62+, Military with ID and Students (Age 6 through college with ID), 5 and under free.

OKLAHOMA CITY ZOO • 2101NE50th•424-3344 Come on, the wild is calling! One of the top three family-friendly zoos in the nation, the Zoo features a diverse and fascinating animal and plant collection. Children and adults alike will enjoy world class habitats including Great EscApe, Cat Forest/Lion Overlook, Oklahoma Trails and the new elephant habitat. The Children’s Zoo allows kids of all ages the opportunity to explore the wonders of nature through play plus interactions with barnyard animals and the ever-popular lorikeets! Located at the crossroads of I-44 and I-35, in the heart of Oklahoma City’s Adventure District the Zoo is open everyday except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Adult admission (12-64) $8; Children (3-11) and seniors (65+) $5; Children 2 and under free.

SCIENCE MUSEUM OKLAHOMA • 2100NE52nd•602-OMNI The state’s premier destination for family fun, houses over eight acres of hands-on science experiences. With brand new exhibits, the excitement of live entertainment shows, one-of-a-kind IMAX film experiences and a newly renovated Science Floor. As the state’s only physical science museum and a Smithsonian Affiliate, The Museum reveals the wonder and relevance of science in our everyday lives. From traveling beyond the Milky Way in the Planetarium Theater to witnessing live explosions in Science Live, the Museum provides a safe environment for letting your inner-child run wild. Museum Hours: Open Mon Fri: 9am-5pm, Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun: 11am-6pm. General Admission & Dome Theater - Adults: $14.95 Seniors: $11.95 Children: $11.95 General Admission - Adults: $10.95 Seniors: $8.95 Children: $8.95 Dome Theater Only - Adults: $8.45 Seniors: $6.95 Children: $6.95 Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014


Entertainment Districts Entertainment Districts


The Adventure District is the destination for entertainment the entire family

will enjoy. Located at the crossroads of I-44 and I-35 in northeast Oklahoma City, the district features Oklahoma’s most outstanding visitor attractions. Attractions include the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, National Softball Hall of Fame, Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum, Oklahoma City Zoo, Science Museum Oklahoma, Remington Park Racing Casino and Cinemark Tinseltown USA.


Just east of Downtown is Bricktown, Oklahoma City's renovated ware house district. When the area was built back at the


turn of the century, bricks made from Oklahoma's famous dark red earth were the most plentiful building material available. Today, those bricks provide the signature look to Bricktown, which has become OKC's biggest hot spot for fine restaurants, clubs, galleries and shops, including Oklahoma's first microbrewery. Tour boats chug down the Bricktown Canal, a mile-long pedestrian waterway that cuts through the heart of Bricktown, turns south at

the Ballpark, past water falls and fountains to the new Harkins Theatres and Bass Pro Shops. Centennial Crossing, a larger-than-life sculpture depicting the Oklahoma Land Run, consists of 45 figures depicting land run participants on their way to stake claims in the new territory.

Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014


As the majestic Myriad Botanical Gardens and the multi-faceted Stage Center - home of several theater companies - remain major anchor attractions for the Arts District, several new venues have recently opened. The Civic Center Music Hall reopened its doors in November 2001, presenting a classic ambiance from stainless steel accents to authentic art deco chandeliers for all to admire. The state-of-the art facility showcases performances from ballet to Broadway. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art houses the largest glass sculpture by artist Dale Chihuly. Standing nearly 55 feet tall with over 2,400 pieces of

glass, the sculpture shines as a beacon from the front atrium of the museum. The museum also showcases numerous other exhibits as well as an impressive classic film library.


The Historic Paseo District is a part of Oklahoma City that time forgot - but the arts remembered. The gateway to this historic district is considered to be NW 30th and Shartel. The Paseo was built in 1929 as the first commercial shop-

ping district north of downtown Oklahoma City. This little Spanish village with its stucco buildings and clay tile roofs is the home of Oklahoma City’s artists’ community. On this little tree lined street you will find painters, potters, photographers, writers, and actors. Within the two blocks of the Paseo you can visit a stained glass works, a pottery studio, watch a painter at work, see a performance of a children's theater group, have dinner, and shop.


If you want to see a little of the real West of today, mosey on down to Stockyards City, a few minutes west of downtown. Home to the world’s largest stocker/feeder live-

stock market, Stockyards City is the “genuine article” and a "must see." For over 80 years, Stockyards City has continually offered the kind of quality products and services which are synonymous with the heritage of the West. A ‘must do’ in the Stockyards is Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, Oklahoma’s oldest continually operating restaurant. After a great steak, take time to browse the western wear and specialty shops lining the streets, complete with jeans (Wranglers is the brand of choice), wide selection of boots, hats, dusters, spurs and belt buckles the size of

hubcaps. If you can’t find what you need off the shelf, there are highly skilled artisans ready to custom make whatever you need. You won’t find any “My parents went to Stockyard City and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” shirts or Elvis salt and pepper shakers, but you will leave knowing what a real steak tastes like, and that real boots don’t come from Bloomingdale’s.


Just north of downtown, beginning at 36th street and continuing north to Wilshire, this historic area is an eclectic collection of restaurants, antique shops, home furnishing specialty stores, personal services, art galleries and retail shops. Frequently referred to by locals as “Restaurant Row”, Western Avenue features almost every cuisine at trendy establishments ranging from casual to elegant. Western Avenue is an older commercial strip that still maintains some of its 1940’s atmosphere with the feel and charm of a small town main street. The district also features unique shopping opportunities with hip stores, antique stores, boutiques, galleries, spas and upscale shopping. Independently owned restaurants and clubs, live music, entertainment and

shopping make this area a fun place to browse.

Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014




Thru 3/15 Good People - Carpenter Square Theatre 405-232-6500

Thru 3/15 The Miracle Wworker by William Gibson - The Pollard Theatre, Guthrie 405-282-2800, Thru 3/23 Voices: A Sculptural Book Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, Shawnee 405-878-5300

Thru 4/5 Exhibit: The Daily Artifact Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum 405-523-3208

Thru 5/11 Alan Houser and His Students National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum 405-478-2250

Thru 5/11 Exhibit: “Walter Ufer: Rise, Fall, Resurrection” - National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum 405-478-2250

Thru 5/18 Exhibit: “On Assignment: the Photojournalism of Horace Bristol” Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman 405-325-3272

Thru 6/15 Exhibit: “Ramp It Up: Skateboard Culture in Native America” - Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Norman 405-325-4712

Thru 6/30 Red Earth Celebrates Oklahoma Textiles - Red Earth Museum & Gallery 405-427-5228

Thru 12/31 Exhibit: “Oklahoma @ the Movies” Oklahoma History Center - 405-522-0784 MARCH

3/1 OK State High School Wrestling Championships - State Fair Park - 405-946-7400

3/1 “Mozart & Mahler” A classical concert by the OKC Philharmonic - Civic Center Music Hall 405-TICKETS (842-5387) 3/1 KRXO T&T Ball with Zoom City Riverwind Casino, Norman 405-322-6464

3/1 OKC Barons vs. Rockford - Cox Convention Center - 405-232-4625 www.okcbarons

3/1 Jason Aldean with Florida Georgia Line! Chesapeake Energy Arena - 405-602-8700

3/1 Trout Fish Out - Robertson Activity Center Pond, Yukon - 405-354-8442

3/1-2 Greater Oklahoma Hunter Jumper Schooling Show - State Fair Park - 405-946-7400 3/1-2 Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo State Fair Park 405-946-7400

3/1-2 Buchanan's Vintage Flea Market - State Fair Park - 405-946-7400

3/1-31 Heritage Quilt Show - Santa Fe Depot Museum, Shawnee 405-275-8412

3/2 OKC Thunder vs. Charlotte Bobcats Chesapeake Energy Arena - 405-602-8700

3/2 OKC Barons vs. San Antonio - Cox Convention Cntr - 405-232-4625 www.okcbarons

3/3 Free First Monday - Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Norman 405-325-4712

3/4 Art Adventures- Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman - 405-325-4938

3/4 Thunder vs. Philadelphia 76ers Chesapeake Energy Arena - 405-602-8700

3/4 Tuesday Noon Concert - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman - 405-325-4938

3/7 Lecture- Allan Houser Drawings: The Centennial Exhibition - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman - 405-325-4938

3/7 Billy Currington, Chase Rice, and Brett Eldredge in Concert - Grand Casino, Shawnee 405-964-7777

3/4-7 Pott County Junior Livestock Show Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center, Shawnee - 405-273-6092

3/7 Ain’t I A Woman at USAO - Te Ata Memorial Auditorium, Chickasha 405-574-1213

3/5-9 OKC Auto Show - State Fair Park 405-946-7400

3/7-9 Sesame Street Live 2014 - Cox Convention Center - 405-602-8500

3/5-8 NJCAA Region II Basketball Tournament St. Gregory’s University, Shawnee 405-275-9780

3/6-8 OK State High School Basketball Championships - State Fair Park 405-946-7400 3/7 Billy Currington - Grand Casino Event Center, Shawnee - 405-964-7777


Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014

3/7 Bret Michaels in Concert - Riverwind Casino, Norman 405-322-6464

3/7-9 Timed Event Championship - Lazy E Arena, Guthrie - 800-595-RIDE

3/7-10 Phillips 66 Big 12 Women's Basketball Championship - Chesapeake Energy Arena 405-602-8700

3/7-11 The Beat of the Drums - Sarkey Performing Art Center, Shawnee 405-878-5100

3/8 Allan Houser Drawings: The Centennial Exhibition - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman - 405-325-4938 3/8 Joe Nichols “Joe on Joe“- Riverwind Casino, Norman 405-322-6464

3/8 Symposium- Allan Houser: The Centennial Exhibition - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman - 405-325-4938 3/8 OK County Free Fair Spring Livestock Show - State Fair Park 405-946-7400

3/8 Experience Hendrix - Grand Casino, Shawnee - 405-964-7777

3/8 Super Hero Fun Run - Colvin Center lawn on OSU campus, Stillwater 405-744-5510

3/8 UCO Symphony Orchestra Concert Mitchell Hall Theater at UCO, Edmond 405-974-3375 3/11 Art Adventures- Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman - 405-325-4938

3/11 OKC Barons vs. San Antonio - Cox Convention Center - 405-232-4625 www.okcbarons

3/11 Tuesday Noon Concert - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman - 405-325-4938

3/11 OKC Thunder vs. Houston Rockets Chesapeake Energy Arena - 405-602-8700

3/12 UCO Symphony Band Concert Mitchell Hall Theater at UCO, Edmond 405-974-3375

3/13 UCO Wind Symphony Concert Mitchell Hall Theater at UCO, Edmond 405-974-3375 3/13 OKCThunder vs. LA Lakers Chesapeake Energy Arena - 405-602-8700

3/13-15 OK State High School Basketball Championships - State Fair Park - 405-946-7400

3/13-16 45th Annual RV Super Sale - State Fair Park - 405-946-7400

3/14 OKC Barons vs. Grand Rapids - Cox Convention Center - 405-232-4625 www.okcbarons 3/14 Art “à la Carte” - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman - 405-325-4938

3/14-16 OkieNation Show - Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center, Shawnee 405-213-9974

3/14-21 Oklahoma Youth Expo - State Fair Park - 405-946-7400

3/15 OKC Barons vs. Grand Rapids - Cox Convention Center - 405-232-4625 www.okcbarons

3/15-16 Reptile & Exotic Animal Convention State Fair Park - 405-946-7400

3/16 OKC Thunder vs. Dallas Mavericks Chesapeake Energy Arena - 405-602-8700

3/17 St. Patrick’s Day Cruise - Exchange Landing on the Oklahoma River - 405-7027755

3/17-21 Spring Break at Museum of Osteology Museum of Osteology - 405-8140006

3/18 Menahem Pressler - Armstrong Auditorium, Edmond - 405-285-1010

3/18 Art Adventures- Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman 405-325-4938

3/18 Tuesday Noon Concert - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman - 405-325-4938

3/19 Oklahoma Textiles Show Reception Red Earth Museum & Gallery - 405-427-5228

3/20-21 PreWar Swap Meet - Grady County Fairgrounds, Chickasha - 405-224-9090

3/20-22 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships - Chesapeake Energy Arena 405-602-8700

3/21-22 “March Madness with Larry Blank”: Broadway favorites with vocalist Ron Raines at the Philharmonic Pops - Civic Center Music Hall 405-TICKETS (842-5387) 3/21-23 OKC Home & Outdoor Living Show State Fair Park 405-946-7400

3/22 Franks Motor Sports - Heart of Oklahoma Exposition Center, Shawnee 405819-7663

3/24 OKC Thunder vs. Denver Nuggets Chesapeake Energy Arena - 405-602-8700

3/24-4/12 Arbor Day Art Show - Edmond Historical Society & Museum, Edmond 405340-0078

3/25 Art After Noon - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman 405-325-4938

3/25 Art Adventures- Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman 405-325-4938

3/25 Tuesday Noon Concert - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman - 405-325-4938

3/25 OKC Barons vs. San Antonio- Cox Convention Center - 405-232-4625 www.okcbarons

3/28 Zoe’s Market Arts & Crafts Show Grady County Fairgrounds, Chickasha 405-224-2600

3/27 Brian Stokes Mitchell's Simply Broadway - Armstrong Auditorium, Edmond - 405-285-1010

3/28 OKC Thunder vs. Sacramento Kings Chesapeake Energy Arena - 405-602-8700

3/26-4/5 Traingle: A New Musical - Plaza Theatre 405-524-9312

3/27-29 FIRST Robotics - Cox Convention Center - 405-602-8500

3/27-30 Oklahoma Quarter Horse Spring Show - State Fair Park - 405-946-7400 3/27-30 Shrine Circus - State Fair Park 405-946-7400

3/28 Jamey Johnson in Concert Riverwind Casino, Norman 405-322-6464

3/29 101 Ranch Collector’s Western Memorabilia Show - Noble County Fairgrounds, Perry - 580-725-3621

3/29 Oklahoma Health & Wellness Expo State Fair Park - 405-946-7400

3/29 Film Screening - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman - 405-325-3272

3/29 Baby & Toddler Expo - State Fair Park 405-946-7400

3/29 Oklahoma Heritage Land Run 10k, 5k and 1-Mile Fun Run - Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum - 405-523-3208

3/29-30 Buchanan's Vintage Flea Market - State Fair Park - 405-946-7400

3/30 Family Day - Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, Norman 405-325-3272

3/30 Motorcycle Swap Meet - State Fair Park 405-946-7400

3/30 OKC Thunder vs. Utah Jazz - Chesapeake Energy Arena 405-602-8700

BobAbbottandAssistantbyWalterUfer(1934/4) Oiloncanvas,501/4"x501/2" TheSpeedArtMuseum,Louisville,Kentucky


Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014


f only every artist’s life could be as put together as their work. When museum goers stroll through galleries to admire artwork, they are sometimes surprised at the tumultuous lives of the artists who created the masterpieces. Taos Society Artist Walter Ufer was no exception to life’s evils as he struggled with alcoholism, depression and debt most of his life.

Through May 11, 2014, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City hosts the world premiere exhibition, “Walter Ufer: Rise, Fall, Resurrection” honoring the centennial anniversary of his first trip to Taos, New Mexico, and the beginning of the Taos Society of Artists. The exhibition includes 50 works by Ufer, and more than a dozen works by the artist’s contemporaries.

Despite his struggles, Ufer was able to achieve national success in his lifetime. In 1936, two years into sobriety, the artist died suddenly of appendicitis, leaving his family destitute. His work was all but forgotten until 1970, at which time the Phoenix Art Museum featured Ufer in two major exhibitions, thus beginning his reintroduction into the mainstream art world. This exhibition reevaluates his artwork and offers a complete picture of one of America’s most controversial artists.

“Walter Ufer: Rise, Fall, Resurrection” offers examples from his two extended stays in Germany, his work in Chicago, as well as the art created in New Mexico, which later garnered him national attention. Ufer’s work is wellknown for scenes of Native American life, particularly of the Pueblo Indians, and landscape paintings executed in a high-keyed palette. The National Cowboy Museum is the only venue to host this exhibition.

More than 20 museums are lending works, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum, as well as numerous private collectors from across the United States. On exhibition are many of his masterpieces. Additionally, the exhibition includes works by Ernest Blumenschein, Victor Higgins, E. Martin Hennings, Oscar Berninghaus and Catharine Carter Critcher among others. Ufer’s students are represented by works from Edmund Davison and the brothers Carl and Frank Woolsey, as well as his wife, Mary Monrad Frederiksen Ufer.

JimandHisDaughterbyWalterUfer(1927) Oiloncanvas,40"x50".NationalCowboy &WesternHeritageMuseum

SleepbyWalterUfer(1922)Oiloncanvas,50"x50" NationalCowboy&WesternHeritageMuseum

SuperstitionbyErnestBlumenschein Oiloncanvas,46"x443/4" GilcreaseMuseum,Tulsa,Oklahoma

The exhibition is curated by Dean Porter, Ph.D., Director Emeritus of the Snite Museum of Art located at the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Porter is an art historian and specialist on the Taos Society of Artists.

TheNationalCowboyMuseumisopendailyfrom10 a.m.to5p.m.andislocatedinOklahomaCity’sAdventure Districtat1700NE63rdStreet.Formoreinformation, call(405)

BlackandwhitephotographofWalterUferpainting MaryinMunichtakenin1912.Courtesyofthe HarwoodMuseuminTaos,NewMexico.


Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014


isitors have the opportunity to experience Come on Down, by New York sculptor Lisa Hoke. The exhibit, running through April 13, features a site-specific contemporary mural installation in the Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s third floor galleries. The monumental wall frieze, measuring fifteen feet high and spanning more than 150 feet, incorporates an assortment of every day materials—from recycled paper and product packaging to plastic cups—which serves as a vehicle of color to attract the eye and challenges the irony of mass production in America.

“The visual beauty and title of this exhibition presents multiple meanings. Every one of these packages involve people sitting down and discussing, ‘what’s going to make somebody come on down and buy this?’” explained Hoke. “Color is the thing that makes my heart pound. It’s not the logo; it’s not the printing; it’s the thrill of the color. And I can’t really explain that. It just—it’s a love mixed with over stimulation.”

Hoke began the creative process in her studio by making 3 x 3 foot assemblages which are then connected into voluminous color patterns; though she creates these small sections in advance, they are placed spontaneously during installation. The visitor experiences complete immersion into a vast color field…the closer the inspection, the more that recognizable elements begin to emerge.

Her career began by working with materials such as cast iron, wire, and automobile parts, and she has now turned to the mass-produced cardboard found in consumer culture. She collects items from eBay, discarded materials from local stores, such as Economy Candy who saves packaging for Lisa every week, and the basement of her apartment building. She sorts her items by color—after each item has been carefully scrutinized—before cutting them up and reassembling.

Hoke’s work has been featured in more than twenty solo exhibitions and numerous group shows. She is the recipient of the prestigious Edwin Austin Abbey Fellowship and The Joan Mitchell Foundation grant, and her work has been reviewed in international newspapers and art magazines. You can find other pieces by Hoke in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, the New York Public Library, the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University, D’Amour Museum, Springfield, Massachusetts, and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

TheOklahomaCityMuseumofArtislocatedinthe heartofdowntownOklahomaCity’sArtsDistrict,at415 orcall405-236-3100foradmissionpricing,hoursofoperation ormoreinformation.


117E.Sheridan• Bricktown• 235-1422 3001WestMemorialRoad• 755-2680 Walking into Abuelo’s is like stepping into Old Mexico - in a very posh part of town. From the award-winning recipes to the magnificent interior courtyard, Abuelo's is truly the best of Mexico.


OneNorthOklahomaAvenue •232-2739 In October 1992, the Bricktown Brewery opened its doors, ushering in a new golden age of urban dining to the OKC scene. Nearly 20 years later, the Brewery has been adrenalized with a new look, new menu and new focus on delivering great food, great beer and a great experience to the visitors of Oklahoma City


1309S.AgnewAve.•Stockyards•236-0416 Open since 1910 and located at the edge of Stockyard City, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse features first-rate beef, hand cut & aged on the premises.


201N.Meridian•948-7778 Cimarron is the biggest Steak House in Oklahoma City, (big in size, not in price). You can get steak, chicken, ribs or seafood cooked over an open mesquite fire. Located near the State Fairgrounds, Cimarron Steak House is ideal for families looking for affordable steaks.


115E.Sheridan•605-5783 One15 is Oklahoma City’s newest Ultra Lounge, Bar & Restaurant! One15 has created a unique experience by fusing upscale dining with state of the art nightlife. You can do it all at One15….Dine, Drink, and Dance!


6437AvondaleDr. NicholsHillsPlaza •842-1000 Since 1985, The Coach House has been considered Oklahoma City's finest upscale restaurant. Under the experienced hand of Chef Kurt Fleischfresser, The Coach House offers an ever-changing seasonal cuisine highlighting the best local produce and regional specialties, prepared with classical perfection.


200S.Oklahoma •702-1325 With a menu combining traditional and nouveau sushi, sashimi and nigiri creations in addition to a full menu of non-sushi entrees including Prime Steaks and fresh fish that is delivered daily, there is something for every palate. The menu is the creative and ever-evolving centerpiece of the multisensory dining experience.


NineNorthwestNinthStreet•606-7172 Located just nine blocks north of downtown is what the locals know as "the little taco stand down by the railroad tracks". Iguana is home to over 125 tequilas and the freshest salsa you will ever eat. Located in a small old warehouse in Historic Automobile Alley, come enjoy a margarita and our unique Mexican cuisine.


2037S.Meridian•681-1000 One of Oklahoma City’s best-kept secrets, Kona Ranch features corn fed, specifically aged USDA Choice steaks, skillfully broiled to your liking. Kona specialties include volcano onions, coconut shrimp, smoked prime rib and smoked turkey.


4322N.Western •604-4650 Located in the lobby of the renowned Will Rogers Theatre, offers a unique and sophisticated blend of wine, cocktails and bistro dining options, inspired by cuisines of the world. Our traditional bistro and bar, with its relaxed and casual ambiance, is a favorite among local wine and food enthusiasts. The Lobby Bar brings the best of light dining inside a warm classic environment, including a one of a kind antique deco wood wine bar interior.


805N.Hudson •778-6800 Ludivine was born from the idea of utilizing the best ingredients available to us from local farmers and ranchers. We use only what is in season to prepare a culinary experience that uses familiar ingredients to create dishes that speak not only to the palette, but to the whole person. We aim to design meals that release old memories and create new ones. Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014


B A R B E C U E • S T E A K S • S E A F O O D • C R E O L E • M E X I C A N • I TA L I A N

Restaurants & Clubs

B A R B E C U E • S T E A K S • S E A F O O D • C R E O L E • M E X I C A N • I TA L I A N


7MickeyMantleDr.•Bricktown•272-0777 The Oklahoma Legend continues! Serving the finest cuts of aged USDA prime steaks, lobster and fresh seafood. Extensive wine list and live entertainment is featured in the lounge.


fired brick oven is the centerpiece of Stella. Sit at the bar and watch the flames cook delicious cracker-thin pizzas and enjoy custom, seasonal cocktails, traditional favorites, local and imported beers, or do what Lori does: choose a glass or bottle of wine from Stella’s outstanding list of American and Italian wines.


4315 N.Western •602-5623 A japanese steakhouse honoring Miyamoto Musashi, the legendary samurai. Here you will be amazed watching your chef perform tricks while preparing your food. Come enjoy our open atmosphere restaurant as we guarantee you'll enjoy some of the finest cuisine and entertainment around.

310JohnnyBenchDr.•Bricktown•231-0254 Welcome! Kick up your heels and head down to the best honky-tonk in town. Enjoy over 100 pieces of Toby Keith memorabilia including signed guitars, platinum records and clothing Keith wore in videos. Take a seat on one of our “Redneck Loveseats” and get ready to Love This Bar and Grill. Open Daily at 11a.m.

1MickeyMantleDr.•Bricktown•235-4410 Nonna’s, located in the “Heart of Bricktown” in a 90+ year old warehouse is 3 floors of part art gallery, part bakery, part fine dining, and pure fun! From top to bottom it offers an eclectic atmosphere featuring Euro-American cuisine.




Bricktown~OntheCanal•604-5384 Yucatan Taco Stand proudly features the freshest Latin fusion cuisine in a fast casual setting. We are famous for our award winning tacos, signature nachos and world class margaritas as well our bold Latin inspired dishes. Yucatan Taco Stand features both indoor and outdoor dining options where patrons can experience fast casual elegance surrounded by lively music. For the tequila lovers, Yucatan Taco Stand offers more than seventy five different premium 100% agave tequilas and award winning made from scratch margaritas.


101E.SheridanAve.• Bricktown•235-0402 Every day they roll hundreds of meatballs by hand, prepare sauces from scratch, & layer lasagna with fresh meats, cheeses, noodles, spices, & sauce.


1201N.Walker235-2200 Stella offers everything from elegant dining to wine and pizza on game night. Creating just the right experience for every guest is central to Stella’s identity, but it isn’t just about a relaxed atmosphere. The staff at Stella is serious about serving the needs of the customer. The wood-


Oklahoma City KEY • March



Whiskey Chicks Parlor is a freewheelin’ saloon, cocktail parlour, restaurant, and entertainment venue dedicated to maintaining an open, unpretentious environment for enjoying the essential pleasures that bring people together: good drinks, good food, good music, good company, good times.



70NorthOklahoma•Bricktown•232-9255 9 clubs in one, 9 times the fun. Citywalk offers the perfect destination for even the most discriminating clubgoers. From country and western to top 40, techno to discotech, and karaoke. Arrive early or expect a wait. Open Friday and Saturday nights.


121EastCalifornia.•Bricktown•602-8459 Located in the heart of Bricktown, Coyote Ugly Oklahoma City opened its doors to capacity crowds, with the world famous ‘Coyotes’ entertaining the thirsty patrons! Enjoy the Coyotes sing and dance on the bar to a mix of classic and hard rock.


25S.OklahomaAve.•Bricktown•231-5397 Join the fun an Oklahoma City’s only dueling piano bar. Open Thursday thru Saturday at 7pm, Murphy’s brings the best of entertainers to the stage.


Oklahoma City KEY • March



00 Park for Her is a pioneer member of the Downtown OKC renaissance. Aptly located at street level in the Robinson Renaissance Tower, at corner of Park and Robinson, entrepreneur Jan Smith has created a bold new retail store designed for today’s woman. Featuring lines including Analili to Wiltt, the store has something for every woman from corporate to comfy casual, and continues to expand their selections.

Jan’s unique designers can take a woman from a day at work to an evening out. The store carries sleepwear and under garments for the woman that may be from out of town that may have left some of her essentials at home. 200 Park also carries many accessories and very unique and affordable jewelry lines that make great gifts or for the woman that needs to add a little extra bling to an outfit.

Also included is a large selection of dresses that would be great for the woman that needs that special dress to wear to the many events that will be coming up this season including weddings and graduations. From classic designs by Nicole Miller to more contemporary lines including Analili, Tibi and Obakki, 200 Park has the latest designs.

Spring in Oklahoma is unpredictable – if you forgot shorts, casual shirts and tees 200 Park has the answer. They also feature one of the largest selection of denim and denim lines in the Oklahoma City. If you left your flip flops at home, don't worry, they have you covered. If it’s reading glasses you need, the very cute Eyebobs are here!

200 PARK for Her is the conveniently located in the middle of the business district in downtown OKC, just blocks from many attractions such as the Oklahoma City National Memorial, Oklahoma City Museum of Art and Myriad Botanical Gardens. The store is “just around the corner” and within short walking distance of the city's major hotels including the Colcord, Sheraton, Skirvin and Renaissance.

Just 2 blocks north of the Devon Tower on Robinson, 200 Park for Her is easily found. Look for the beautiful storefront windows with amazing lights and beautiful artwork along with the well dressed mannequins. 200 Park for her covers business, glamorous nights out, comfy nights in and casual days out on the town!

200ParkforHerisopenMondaythruFridayfrom 10:00to5:30andSaturday11to4.Forhoursandmore information, call the store, 405-601-6110 or visit


Oklahoma City KEY • March



ith non-stop gaming promotions and giveaways as well as with the most action-packed entertainment calendar in the metro area, it's no surprise Riverwind Casino has been recognized as the metro's best gaming spot several years in a row.

Located a stone throw from the North Canadian River just south of Norman, the world-class venue offers more than 2,700 electronic games, more than 50 blackjack and poker tables, and off-track betting lounge. With an elegant hotel adjacent to the casino, it's all right here! Riverwind Casino also keeps audiences enthralled inside the Showplace Theatre, a state-of-the-art music and entertainment venue like none other in the region. From red dirt country fans to mixed martial arts' enthusiasts, the breathtaking performances leave audiences wanting more. Headliners of the upcoming concerts at Riverwind's Showplace Theatre include Bret Michaels on March 7, Joe Nichols on March 8 and Jamey Johnson on March 28. You never know what local legends you might encounter while at Riverwind. Award-winning country music star and local resident, Toby Keith once thrilled concert goers with a surprise visit to take the stage alongside county music legend Willie Nelson for a couple of duets. Don’t miss Chips ‘N Ales – the sportsbar at Riverwind for delicious dining with an authentic Olde England flavor. They serve hand-battered chicken, shrimp, Alaskan cod and hand-cut chips in a traditional London pub featuring rich, wood textures and stained glass. In addition to favorites Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Fried Pork Cutlet and the 50/50 Burger. Chips ‘N Ales features 15 plasma TVs, two projection screens and 27-inch LCD screens at every booth with independent channel selection offering most NFL games in a casual fireplace setting.

Riverwindcontinuesitstraditionoflettingpatronsand metro-arearesidentsknowwhatwinningfeelslike!For more information on concerts, hotel reservations and current promotions, visit or call 405-322-6000.


Oklahoma City KEY • March



isitors to Oklahoma City have the opportunity to view the Oklahoma History Center’s newest major exhibit, Oklahoma @ the Movies which showcases the creativity and innovation of Oklahomans and their legacy of creating, starring in, and watching motion pictures on the silver screen. The exhibit also explores film stories about Cowboys and Westerns, American Indians and Hollywood, African American movies filmed in the state, the film industry in Oklahoma, and the "Oklahoma Image" on screen.

As visitors enter the Inasmuch Gallery at the Oklahoma History Center, paparazzi click away at the most recent red carpet arrivals. Around the corner, the two story gallery opens onto a comprehensive collection of Oklahoma movie memorabilia and stories. Artifacts on display range from a script satchel given to Oklahoma City actor Rex Linn which was designed by Sylvester Stallone for the cast and crew of his movie Cliffhanger to the prosthetic heads of Thelma and Louise, designed by Steve LaPorte, an award winning special effects artist from Oklahoma City.

Tucked away behind the marquee to the Nickelodeon theatre is a section on Oklahoma City’s Film Exchange, a delightful nugget of Oklahoma’s history that is seldom noticed.

Historic theaters bridging decades of change are also featured in the exhibit, including the Coleman in Miami, the Poncan in Ponca City, as well as the many ornate marquees that still grace the streets of Oklahoma’s towns and cities.

Filmmakers, including all of the roles of crafting a movie, populate the “behind the screen” part of the exhibit. These stories focus on film industry pioneers such as cinematographer Buss Boggs (Oklahoma City); film editor Elmo Williams (Lone Wolf); producer Gray Fredrickson (Oklahoma City); writer S.E. Hinton (Tulsa); and academy award-winning directors Blake Edwards (Tulsa) and Ron Howard (Duncan).

Oklahoma’s vast number of actors provides the magic of the “on screen” section of the exhibit. This plethora of creative talent ranges from early cinema heroes such as Tom Mix and Will Rogers to the current roster of stars such as Ed Harris (Oklahoma City), Jennifer Jones (Tulsa), Alfre Woodard (Tulsa), Wes Studi (Nofire Hollow), Jeanne Tripplehorn (Tulsa), Brad Pitt (Shawnee), Tim Blake Nelson (Tulsa), and Chuck Norris (Ryan). The not-to-be missed exhibit, Oklahoma @ the Movies is scheduled to be open through May 2014. Artifacts and stories in the exhibit change periodically.

The Oklahoma History Center is located at 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, across from the State Capitol and is open MondaythruSaturdayfrom10to5.Formoreinformation,<>orcall 405-522-0765.


Oklahoma City KEY â&#x20AC;˘ March



re you looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush? If so, Pole Position Raceway in Oklahoma City is the answer! The all-new state-of-the-art indoor karting center is home to the fastest go karts in the area.

Pole Position Raceway has two full-size tracks that allow you to speed up to 45 miles per hour with family and friends, and do so with the comfort of heat and air conditioning. These are not the karts you remember as kids! These are real performance karts that are probably the closest you will ever come to driving a real race car. There’s also food, drinks, video games, pool tables, and much more.

One of the unique qualities of Pole Position Raceway is the SpeedSheet scoring system. Every racer receives a copy of the results sheet that shows average lap time, fastest lap time, overall position in the race, and how you rank against everyone that’s ever spun laps here at Pole Position Raceway. “It’s an incredible scoring system,” says Oklahoma dirt track legend Shane Carson. “It definitely adds to the whole experience.” Pole Position Raceway is loaded with authentic racing memorabilia and has more than a dozen flat screen televisions that play the latest sporting events. Because the karts use 20-horsepower electric motors, there are no toxic fumes so you’re not gasping for fresh air.

It’s so cool that seven-time AMA Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath calls Pole Position Raceway “the ultimate racing experience for family and friends!” If that’s not enough, X-Games Freestyle Motocrosser Kenny Bartram has said “I’ve been to a lot of kart tracks around the world and there is nothing like Pole Position Raceway.” Former Indy 500 racer Dominic Dobson says “I come to Pole Position Raceway every chance I get and I always have a lot of fun!”

Prices start at $9.95 per session and there are also three different race packages (Pole Position Challenge, Grand Prix and Super Pole) available for groups of eight or more. It’s also an excellent place for birthday parties, corporate team building events, product launches, bachelor parties, church groups, sports teams and more.

PolePositionRacewayislocatedoffI-44onthecorner ofN.W.36thandMayAve.Formoreinformationcall

S H O P P I N G • A N T I Q U E S • S P E C I A LT Y R E TA I L • W E S T E R N W E A R




1001NW10thSt• (405)602-8986 A true antique lover’s paradise, Verdigris has an ever-changing worldly collection of the unusual. Contributed to by multiple collectors, the treasures include everything from home furnishings to rare china, collectibles to architectural pieces, eclectic travel trunks to natural elements. Located a few blocks west of downtown /Bricktown, and only a couple of miles east of Meridian. Come explore this trove of treasures for yourself! You may just find something you can’t live without.



6432NorthWesternAvenue•840-4437 The Howell Gallery represents fine original art by regionally and nationally recognized artists together with exciting works by new emerging artists. Paintings in oil, watercolor, pastel, and acrylic mediums are featured together with bronzes, hand-blown glass, ceramic, stone and marble work, and unique wood turnings. Visit our gallery Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm or visit us online at



119N.Robinson •601-6110 200 Park For Her, on the corner of Park and Robinson boasts a large variety of clothing and accessories, including suiting, business casual, denim, jewelry, comfy casual, sleepwear and lingerie. 200 Park for Her is an awesome addition to the downtown lifestyle, and frequented by the women from OKC and beyond.


827NorthBroadway•231-0031 Located at 8th and Broadway in the historical Automobile Alley district, a few blocks north of downtown hotels. Whether you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive chardonnay for the hotel room - or a bottle of Dom Perignon for a celebration – they have it. The store also offers the traditional “liquor store” selection of spirits and almost every beer available in Oklahoma.


1400S.Agnew•-239-2104 4312W.RenoAvenue•943-5600 Cross Bar Gallery features handcrafted furniture, art, saddles, and tack from the American


Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014

West. Now with convenient locations near the Fairgrounds and in the Stockyards, almost all products sold by Cross Bar Gallery are made in the U.S. Check out custom artwork by G. Harvey, Martin Grell, Bruce Green, and Kenneth Wyatt, jewelry by Bob Berg, bronze sculptures by C.R. Morrison, and over 200 Brazilian cowhides. Open Monday through Saturday 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday Noon to 6 pm at 4312 West Reno. (Closed Sunday at 1400 S. Agnew.) Visitors may also shop online at


1316S.Agnew•Stockyards•604-9800 Oklahoma Native Art and Jewelry is Oklahoma City's premiere Native American unique arts store. In the heart of the Stockyards, it houses the rare works of over 63 well-known Native American artists and craftsmen. Authentic Native American and Western artworks including sculpture, jewelry, kachinas, Cherokee baskets, handcrafted pottery, patinings and more.


124ESheridan•Bricktown•235-4410. Come and Enjoy a wonderful shopping experience at Painted Door, where everyone will find the perfect gift for themselves and that Special

S H O P P I N G • A N T I Q U E S • S P E C I A LT Y R E TA I L • W E S T E R N W E A R

someone. From inside Nonna’s Euro American Ristorante and Bar, the entrance to Painted Door is located next to the Grand Staircase, or just enter through the “Painted Door” off Sheridan Avenue. Specialty gifts and accessories at their finest!

styles in western wear, the best in name brand choice. Teners is truly one of the most unique western stores in the country with a complete selection of quality western wear.

1007N.BroadwayAve.•4052364600 Whether you are looking to outfit yourself or your home, Rawhide is prepared for you. The store features the highest quality items in luxury Western home furnishings such as lighting and furniture made from naturally shed antlers or heavy authentic iron. Also available is high-end European framed furniture with rustic hair hide and tooled leathers to complete the look. Many furniture items available are made from reclaimed barn wood which provides a rich look with a little history of America attached. As you explore Rawhide you will also find beautiful handmade boots and handbags, fine turquoise jewelry, silver engraved buckles, embroidered clothing and rich leather shirt and jackets.

1901N.W.Expwy•842-4424 Dillard's, Macy's, and J.C. Penney. Features 140 specialty shops including Abercrombie and Fitch.



4141WestReno•947-1990 Experience the finest in Southwest interiors and high-quality Mexican furniture with upholstered, iron and other pieces. Santa Fe Company features a wide variety of lighting, rugs, tableware, pottery, artifacts, art, bedding, other items for the home, in addition to jewelry and gifts



812S.Meridian•947-6831 It’s your country, your way at Sheplers and We’ve been providing the largest selection of traditional and fashionable western wear since 1899. Sheplers carries all of the brands you know and love. For work, play or every day shop Sheplers for your kind of country.


4320W.Reno•946-5500 I-35and12thStreet Moore•793-0900 3309NorthKickapoo Shawnee•275-8010 Since the 1930’s Tener's Western Outfitters has offered cowboys and cowgirls the latest


Oklahoma City KEY • March 2014




MemorialandN.May•755-6530 Dillard’s, Macy’s, Sears and J. C. Penney’s, as well as numerous specialty shops, Retro food court in front of a multi-screen theatre.


7624WestReno •787-3700 Located on I-40, The Outlet Shoppes offers a variety of 85 stores including Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, Nike, Coach, and Disney. Dining options include local favorites Smashburger, City Bites and more! Free Wifi and phone charging stations are available in the Food Court.

With a menu combining traditional and nouveau sushi, sashimi and nigiri creations in addition to a full menu of non-sushi entrees including Prime Steaks and fresh fish that is delivered daily, there is something for every palate. The menu is the creative and ever-evolving centerpiece of the multi-sensory dining experience.

The full service bar provides lybations for any taste. Selections include; Saki, fine wines, hand crafted beers and a wall haunted with spirits. In the Raw has become synonymous with great food and a good time.

LocatedinLowerBricktownintheCentennial Building on the Bricktown canal at 200 S. Oklahoma, ITR is serves lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday. For information or directionscall405-702-1325.


Oklahoma City KEY â&#x20AC;˘ March 2014


Oklahoma City KEY â&#x20AC;˘ March 2014

f you’re looking for a steak that will linger in your memory, Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse should be your destination. As soon as you walk in the door, you’ll know you have come to the right place. It looks and smells like a steakhouse should and features a remarkable value for great food and excellent service.


The atmosphere is sizzling steakhouse; always busy, always something going on. It is the place to go when you’re aiming to impress. The flashy, bustling Bricktown location makes it a regular stop for locals and conventioneers. The bar is packed nightly with businessmen in dark suits, young concertgoers, sports figures, sports fans and everything in between.

Named for baseball great Mickey Mantle, the restaurant serves Prime Steaks, Fresh Seafood and Fine Wines in a warm and inviting setting. Simple food is the best, and the hardest to produce. Mickey Mantle’s menu focuses on a high-quality ingredient base, flavorful and fresh every day. While steaks and chops in the Mickey Mantle’s tradition are headliners, equal billing is given to seafood and lighter fare.

House specialties are too many to list, but stalwarts include their carefully edited selection of prime beef that includes a “Cowboy Cut” Bone-In Rib-Eye Steak; Prime Peppered Filet Mignon pressed in cracked peppercorns with cognac pepper sauce; Prime New York Strip; Tournedos Oscar topped with Crab, Classic Sauce Béarnaise and Asparagus, and a brilliant 30 oz Porterhouse.

Along with its mouthwatering selection of Prime Steaks, Mickey Mantle’s also serves the Freshest Seafood in Oklahoma City. From Shrimp Scampi and the Cedar Plank Salmon Filet to Pan Seared Ahi Tuna, Lobster and Alaskan King Crab Legs, there is something on the menu for every taste.

Mickey Mantle’s also offers an extensive wine list with over 150 quality selections focusing on American wines chosen for their compatibility with the menu, a judicious selection of lesser-priced wines, all served in delightfully thin wine glasses.

The professional wait staff, groomed to be both attentive and courteous, add to make this one truly unforgettable dining experience. The service is exceptional – from helping to choose the right cut, preparation and degree of doneness – to making knowledgeable selections and pairings from the wine list – the service is impeccable.

Mickey Mantle’s Steakhouse is located at #7 Mickey Mantle Drive in the historic Bricktown Entretainment District. The restaurant, open for dinner daily at 5 p.m., offersafull-servicebar,opendailyat4:30pm,privatedining rooms and valet parking for guests. Reservations are recommendedandmaybemadebycalling405-272-0777.

In September 1992, the Bricktown Brewery opened its doors, ushering in a new golden age of urban dining to the OKC scene. Nearly 20 years later, the Brewery has been adrenalized with a new look, new menu and new focus on delivering great food, great beer and a great experience for visitors to Oklahoma City.

The building, which Bricktown Brewery calls home, was once a candy factory, and they say that ghosts of the Oompa-Loompas who are buried in the basement haunt guests who don't leave a good tip. So be aware.and act accordingly.

Bricktown Brewery is located at OneNorthOklahomaAvenue(corner of Sheridan and Oklahoma). For informationanddirectionscall 405-232-2739.


Oklahoma City KEY â&#x20AC;˘ March




ROBINSON AT PARK AVENUE DOWNTOWN 405.601.6110 M - F 10-5:30 • Sa 11- 4

Oklahoma City KEY March, 2014 Issue  

KEY Magazine, Oklahoma City, Events, Sights, Shopping, Dining, Nightlife and Much More!

Oklahoma City KEY March, 2014 Issue  

KEY Magazine, Oklahoma City, Events, Sights, Shopping, Dining, Nightlife and Much More!