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December 13, 2013


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T oti b each o il sspill pill Toti beach oil >> Suspicions are that a business in nearby Prospecton dumped used motor oil in a skip SONJA NELL



N oil spill on the beach next to the Amanzimtoti Golf Course parking lot, turned into a messy business when no one would take responsibility for cleaning up the sludge. As dumping is a common problem in that specific spot, the municipality’s parks department apparently ordered a skip to be put there. Suspicionis are that a business in nearby Prospecton illegally dumped used motor oil in it. After the health department received a complaint regarding the dumping of waste material, including the used oil in the skip, Durban Solid Waste (DSW) removed the skip. During the process a lot of the oil was spilt on the beach and, to the Toti Conservancy’s dismay, left like that. “Apparently the skip was removed after the oil was sucked out of it, but DSW did not clean up the oil that has been spilt on the beach as it said it was not its job to do so. DSW claimed it was the job of the people in charge of the beach, which will be the parks department,” the Toti Conservancy’s chairperson Laura Taylor told the

Fever. “Being told something like this is completely unacceptable. It amounts to simply passing the buck and after six years of working withtheauthoritiesintheProspecton and Toti areas I am tired of the buck being passed from one department to another department. “I am a waste specialist, so I know that all it would have involvedisgettingabsorbentmaterial, soaking up the oil and then digging out the contaminated sand and throwing it into the skip. The contents of the skip would already

have been destined for a hazardous waste site as the rest of the load hadalreadybeencontaminatedby the oil. “For the local authority department that is responsible for the waste management of this city to simply walk away from doing this defies logic. Questions must be asked — did they then contact parks department and ask them to go and clean up the beach, or did they simply feel that their part of the job was complete and not bother with anything else,” Taylor asks.


Conducting a clean-up operation are (from left) Laura Taylor (Toti Conservancy’s chairperson), Wiseman Cele (Wateman supervisor), Sifiso Nhlonzi and Nkanyiso Mkize (Wateman employees).



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On Thursday, 5 December, the Fever went to take pictures of the site. At that stage no one from the parks department or DSW has stepped up to clean up the contaminated area even after Taylor conveyed numerous e-mails to the different departments in this regard. She had a meeting on site with DSW’s law enforcement division on 5 December and was assured that they will follow up on the illegal dumping on the site. They could not confirm however, which department will take responsibility for the clean-up or when it will take place. Taylor then called in Wasteman, a private company specialising in waste management and disposal, which sent out a team to clean up the contaminated area, free of charge. “We received a call from Taylor to assist in cleaning up the oil spillage and we immediately dispatched a crew to respond to the emergency. Wasteman is committed to our environment and the wellbeing of its sustainability. The spillage was cleaned up using Spill-Sorb Peat absorbent and biodegradable degreaser,” Jerry Haldane, Wasteman operations manager said.

ABOVE: Oil spilt onto the beach contaminating it. LEFT: The skip filled with oil, before it was removed.

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December 13, 2013

upper coast


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‘Meeting, waste of time’


Some of the 19 delegates from Uteca with members of Umdoni Municipality senior managers at the back.



THE meeting at Umdoni Council chambers on Wednesday, 4 December, between the Umzinto Testing Centre Action Committee (Uteca), the KZN Premier’s office and Cogta was defined by most present as “a waste of time”. It draggedonwithadiminishingparticipationas the 40 or so delegates dribbled out in groups or singly. The conclusion was that there had been a misunderstanding, but behind the scenes, it is evident that there is little sign of progress or unanimity at this stage. Uteca’s foremost demand is that Municipal Manager Xolani Luthuli be sacked and that it rejected the municipality’s response to its other six demands. The delegated chairman, Cogta deputy manager Tosh Makatini told the Fever that they “would have to go back to the drawing board”, but Uteca leadership has indicated that the mourning period for Nelson Mandela is deferring action at this stage.

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More than 1 000 arrested in SAPS sting FEVER REPORTER


HEKZNSAPSembarkedon a number of operations from 26 November to 1 December in preparation for the festive season. These operations included stop-and-search, roadblocks, tracing of wanted suspects, illegal-firearm raids and high police visibility operations. A total of 1 121 suspects were arrested for crimes ranging from murder, attempted murder, rape, business robbery, house robbery, hijacking, motor vehicle theft, assault, possession of unlicensed firearms, possession of drugs and petty offences. During operations, drugs, alcohol and knives were seized. A total of 55 firearms and 24 rounds of ammunition

A total of 1 121 suspects were arrested.


were seized. Police recovered rifles, pistols, shotguns and home-made firearms.Thefirearmswillbesentfor ballistic testing to determine if they were used in other crimes. The arrested suspects appeared in various courts around the province. The provincial commissioner, Lieutenant General Mmamonnye Ngobeni applauded the success of the operations that were conductedoverthepastweekend. “This is just a taste of what we canexpectoverthefestiveseason. We will be increasing our operationsthroughouttheprovinceand you can expect to see more police officials on the street. “We will limit the opportunity for criminals to commit crime or flee after they have committed a crime,” Ngobeni said.

Ugu water supply looks brighter this year SETON THOMPSON

>> ON 12 December 2012, a year ago to the day, Umzinto and its surrounds was battered by one of the strongest storms with heavy damage to the infrastructure, especially water reticulation. In the weeks that followed — peak festive season — the touristpacked coastal belt was deprived of a decent water supply for days, with many visitors packing up and heading home. That this could happen again continues to haunt the tourist-dependent local economy. The Ugu Municipality, which is responsible for our water supply, came under heavy criticism, particularly when it became apparent that other factors, which it could influence, were also responsible.

Ugu management and Umgeni Water have addressed the issue and the picture is brighter than a year ago. In terms of supply backup, Shami Harichunder of Umgeni Water comments that “provision has been made for ‘offtakes’ from the South Coast bulk supply system”. There are four large and 13 smaller suppliers and distributors of water in the region and all the main dams are full or close to it. Some private sector entities have upgraded their own resources. The Umdoni Retirement Village erected a large reservoir that ensures at least a 72- hour supply to its 550 residents. Another improvement over the year has been the extension of the low-pressure system which reduces the risk of pipe bursts which wereaveragingoneadaywithcon-


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The Umdoni Retirement Village’s 72-hour capacity backup water supply reservoir. sequent water losses, not long ago. “We have been concentrating on improving pressure management because that delivers the biggest bang for your buck in terms of water saving,” Ugu’s Gerhard van

der Merwe told a recent water conference. He added that when Ugu cameonthescenein2001,itinherited water systems “from a lot of little boroughs with their own way of doing things”.

‘Up to our necks in waste’ SETON THOMPSON

cycling, but could take years to achieve and we are already at an Registered Sports Chiropractor estimated 70% space consumed. That space is diminishing at six to THE Humberdale Waste ManageDr Claire Farrimond seven percent per annum,” says ment committee, which is answerWe are custom spray painters of note! M.Tech.Chiro.MCASA Holliday. able to the municipality, is conPhone 031 902 1413 or Cell: 083 210 3458 Quotes - Sat 8:00 - 12:00 By appointment only “If we take a chance and delay cerned that the lack of awareness 47 SCHOOL ROAD, AMANZIMTOTI things, we risk facing a situation, of the life expectancy of the dump Unit 4 Murrayfield Park, The Avenue East, Prospecton TEL: 031 903 4467 the only solution to which could be is about 70% exhausted and that Tel/Fax: 031 902 1412 Times: Mon-Fri 8am to 5:30pm conveying the waste to ni’s facilities. That could cost up to ing. The committee says that pre10 times as much,” says Interwaste’s Brett Boonzaier. “All we are asking for is to debate our case with the municipality at a decision-taking level,” says • SA and British Passports Carolyn Schwegman of • Bar Coded ID Books WEDDING PROFESSIONALS Coast Watch, a leading B.Sc. (Westville) B.Ch.D (W.Cape) • Extension of SA Visas local environmentalist • Holiday Visas On the Day Package R400 DENTAL SURGEON and committee mem• Permanent Residence 1 set of Gel Nails Shop 15, Southern Cross Centre ber.” • SA Citizenship Deluxe Pedicure Arbuthnot Street, Scottburgh “Speaker Sykes • Resumption of SA Citizenship Bridal Make-up Naidoo suggested to Tel: 039 978 1543 • SAPS Clearance Including Trial R525 Email: me that there should • Apostile be no impediment to Elize • BASIC DENTISTRY Elize van van Wyk Wyk doing so, but they have Shop 8 Scottburgh Centre, 154 Scott Street, Scottburgh C: 083 682 2369 F: 086 659 1886 C: 083 682 2369 F: 086 659 1886 • BRACES to understand that the C: 072 373 4113 | T/F: 039 976 2483 Email: Email: clock is ticking,” said | • IMPLANTS Schwegman. WE CARE FOR THE UNINSURED Same Day:- Minor scratch & dent repairs Hot rods, old cars, bikes, boats etc. Express Paint Repairs

Dr Andrew Jones



paration for phase two should be started. What concerns them is that the municipality does not seem to be in any hurry to consider this. When it has, lone voices have expressed opinions that “planned recycling and separate rubble disposal will extend the life to as much as 15 years”. Mike Holliday of consultants Anderson Vogt Consulting, acting chairman of the committee says: “There will be a saving with full re-

Dr. H. Mahabeer

Beach pavilion leases upper coast in muddy waters FEVER December 13, 2013


3 Athlone Park

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The interior of the pub and diner at Scottburgh beach pavilion, undergoing a controversial restoration at municipal expense. Completion is expected before Christmas.


raised suspicions of motive. Cllr Eddie Baptie told the Fever that “the municipality can call for new tenders if they don’t want to award the contract to the next highest bidder” whom, the Fever understands, was the previous leaseholder, Faurco Investments. Added to this, the DA has challenged the municipalitythatitisupgradingthepubatratepayers’ expense. The premises are in the course of an upgrade, but the municipality insists it is to restore it to acceptable standards andthatthecostsmaybesoughtfromtheprevious tenant. Meanwhile, Faurco as the favoured bidder for the restaurant has been reminded that its franchisestatusisaprerequisite.TheFeverunderstands that Wimpy is supportive of this pending a satisfactory assurance on the status of the adjacent pub. All in all, the makings of a stormy debate seem likely before any consensus is reached, with holidaymakers the victims. The new leases become operative in midJanuary.





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HE finalisation of leases for some of the six business premises at Scottburgh beachpavilioncontinuestobefraughtby political and other ancillary issues. What was neededwastoreplacetheprevious,longstandinglistoflesseesbasedonhistorical,racialconsiderationswithnewleasesbasedonlyoncompetitive tenders and compliance with the terms of the tender. That was done with the awards almost equally divided among previous and new lessees.Unfortunately,subsequentdevelopments have intruded, raising suspicions and questions of compliance. The restaurant, the surf shopandtheminigolf-waterslidecombination went to previous tenderers and the pub and diner and ice-cream parlour to new candidates. The former clothing shop did not receive a successful tender. However, problems started when the preferred bidder for the pub and diner withdrew his bid, unable to raise funding. He then reversed that decision asking imed cli ig U N D E R STAN D to be reinstated For which was apparYO U R ently acceded to by municipal manageBy H EALTH N E E D S ! ’S C ment in the face of S WE LLNES objection by the Democratic Alliance We are a Women’s Wellness Centre, we cater SPECIFICALLY for councillors. Women. Offering general physical check-ups and maintenance for They argue that women, as well as pap smears and physical check for breast cancer. the bid terms preClinic Hrs: Mon-Fri. 08:30 - 12:30 or negotiable by appointment clude a “second Address: Ramdial Centre, Calendula Ave, Craigieburn, Umkomaas Sister Liebenberg : 039 979 5446 shot” and that the procedure has



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upper coast Service award FEVER earned December 13, 2013



At the handover of the award are (from left) Adil Nunkumar (CFO and general manager finance and administration), Umdoni Mayor Siyabonga Khwela and Colin Govender. PHOTO: SETON THOMPSON


>>ucnews1@feveronline. COLIN Govender, who started work as a truck driver with the Scottburgh Borough Council in 1983, celebrated 20 years with the local municipality where he is now a senior clerk in the supply chain management procurement department.

Pupil dead after bakkie overturns SONJA NELL

>> AKINGSWAYHighSchoolpupildiedwhen thebakkieinwhichhewastravellingoverturned on Wednesday, 4 December. The accident happened at about midday after the children received their report cards on the last day of school. The driver allegedly lost control of the

vehicle when travelling from north to south in Bernadotte Road, hitting the pavement and over turning. The pupil was flung from the vehicle and died on the scene. There were eight other school children on the back of the bakkie. Unconfirmed allegations that the bakkie was taken without permission and that two people fled the scene of the accident are doing the rounds.

Donating platelets for friend’s sick son SONJA NELL



ANY people aren’t familiar with what it means to be a platelet donor. Neither was Therese van Straaten until May when a friend’s young son was diagnosed with a rare type of lung cancer. Three-year-old Hanno Lewis from Toti has to go for chemotherapy every three weeks. After every cycle, his white blood cell count falls to such an extent that he has to receive a platelet transfusion. “I never gave a thought to donating platelets until little Hanno got sick. Now I go every four weeks, and although the platelets I donate might not even be used for him, at least I am contributing,” Van Straaten says. Platelets can only be stored for five days after collection, therefore regular and frequent donors are in demand. Platelets are small colourless cell fragments that circulate in the blood. When a blood vessel is injured, plate-

Therese van Straaten donates platelets at the platelet donor centre.


An early-bird Valentines Day treat this

Festive Season


lets collect at the site and form a plug to stop the bleeding. Van Straaten explains how the platelets are collected. “Your blood is drawn from your vein into a disposable kit and processed through a blood-cell separator where it is separated into different components by a spinning process called centrifugation. The platelets are removed and collected in a bag, while the remaining components are returned to your body. “It takes about three hours for the entire process. Unfortunately, the nearestplateletdonorcentreisinPinetown.” Van Straaten says that not many people are platelet donors merely because they don’t know about it and she encourages everyone who is healthy to consider becoming a donor despite the fact that its time consuming. “When you donate platelets, you give someone with cancer another laugh, another chance, another birthday, another day.”

Damage road ‘sanded’ over SETON THOMPSON

>> THE damage to the road surface wrought by recent rains in Gardner Road, Park Rynie has been filled in with sand. Residents are critical, pointing out that the next rains will probably wash it away and said that this is probably another sign of the lack of municipal funds.

A trench gouged in the tar by rainwater and filled in with sand in Gardner Road. PHOTO: SETON THOMPSON

Oops, gremlins crept into last week’s Upper Coast Fever … SETON THOMPSON >>

Love is in the air at Three Cities Square Boutique Hotel & Spa this Valentine’s Day as one lucky reader and their partner will win a two night stay over the Valentine’s Day weekend and a romantic Champagne and Chocolate evening for lovers at Cosmopolitan Restaurant. A delicious three course meal, live music and an ambiance of pure romance awaits you and your dear one on the day of love!


Send us a photo of you and your loved one this festive season using the CITIZEN JOURNALISM tool on and you could win! Entries close at midnight on 6 January.

For the record A GREMLIN crept into the story titled “Taxi drivers allegedly ‘hijack’ passengers in the last issue. Herewith the complete article. MARY (not her real name) is one of a number of people who are allegedly being “kidnapped” by certain taxi drivers on their way to and from work. Her preference is a private lift from her home in Mtwalume to her work in Ifafa. In her fifties Mary gets a lift between the bridge over the N2 at Mtwalume and her work and back again. Lately, the car has been allegedly “cut off on a number occasions” on the N2 by taxi drivers and Mary and other passengers have been told to get into the taxi. Asked why she doesn’t refuse, she told the Fever that a male passenger, who tried that was allegedly assaulted. “This is not an invitation — it’s an order,” she said. The practice appears to be a “Christmas feature” over about six weeks. Why that should be she is unable to say, but at as much as R64 a day to travel the

20 kilometres to and from work, she finds it hard to get by on her salary. Her private car lift costs her R10 a day as a “contribution to costs”. The Hibberdene police have interviewed Mary and she and her colleagues are hoping that action will be taken to stop the practice. However, she is concerned that there are allegations of a business relationship between some taxi drivers and certain members of the police. A lawyer confirmed that “unlawfully and intentionally depriving a person of liberty of movement or custody” is a definition of kidnapping. Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid issued this statement: “We have received reports that community members have been threatened when trying to use transport of their choice. However, nobody has made an official statement to police or opened a case. The allegations that police members are involved in these “business interests” have been communicated to the Port Shepstone cluster commander, Major General Thembi Ndlovu, and she urges anyone with information to contact her office on 039 688 1031. There will be a meeting between the taxi association, the SAPS and RTi at Park Rynie today (Monday, 2 December).

Accident accused postpones bail application SETON THOMPSON


GCINA Langa (32) is facing 15 culpable homicide charges relating to the Saicor horror crash a fortnight ago. He added to them by denying having previous convictions at his first court appearance on Monday 25 November. Challenged by Magistrate Bacharam in court on Tuesday 3 December, Langa pleaded misunderstanding, claiming he thought a conviction meant jail time. In fact, he had been sentenced to eight years for

December 13, 2013

upper coast




rape in 2007-2008, but the total sentence had been suspended. He also acknowledged traffic convictions adding up to R4 000 in fines. Bacharam told him that this infraction could cost him up to R40 000 or two yeears in jail. His latest appearance was billed as a bail application, but Langa, whose bandaged left elbow and limp summed up his remarkably escape from the carnage of the accident, elected not to proceed at this stage. Bacharam gave him a second chance to admit the previous convictions, but the bail application, if and when it comes, will be processed as a Schedule 5 rather than Schedule 1 application. This means that the court will apply a more rigorous process in determining the granting of bail.

Athlone Park

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THIS Friday is the 13th. Fever reporter SONJA NELL asked people if they are superstitious and if they take extra care on Friday the 13th.

WALLY ULBRICH ‘There are many people who believe that if a black cat runs across the road or if you walk under a ladder on this day they will have bad luck, but I don’t believe in it.’

GORDON CHAPETA ‘I’m not too sure. There must be something to it if so many people believe in it. However, you normally only see all bad things that happen in the movies. I’ve been okay so far with no major incidents.’


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‘I believe what you proclaim will come to pass. Therefore, I don’t believe that I will be unlucky or that anything bad will happen.’

STEFAN COETZEE ‘No, I don’t believe in it all. My girlfriend owns a black cat and nothing out of the ordinary has happened before.’

‘If I am to be honest then, yes, I am a bit superstitious. I do take a more precaution on the day and I am more aware of what’s going on around me. You never know what might happen.’


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JAPIE VAN ZYL ‘No, I don’t believe that anything bad will happen and I don’t really know anyone who is superstitious. Are there actually still people who believe that Friday the 13th brings bad luck?’

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December 13, 2013



upper coast

FEVER TELEPHONE (039) 682 1010 FAX 039 682 4819 (News) and (Classifieds) WEBSITE POST 23 Port Shepstone, 4240


True immortality THE world’s leaders have spoken, the world’s people have spoken and very little remains to be said that has not already been spoken, but that in itself deserves mention. Seldom if ever in recorded history, can one man — one person — have received such universal acclaim from his fellow humans. In a nation still divided on many issues, in a world that seldom agrees on anything, that is the ultimate measure of the man. Nelson Mandela has truly achieved immortality. It has been said we will not see his like again, but to those who aspire to it, remember it was achieved by dedication to right over wrong, to concern for others over self and to love and humour over hatred and acrimony.

Sad tidings stir different emotions Dear Fever, A GREAT leader and passionate peacemaker along with all the other attributes we today recall of past president, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the founder father of South African democracy. The sad tidings stir a different emotion in all South Africans today. The reason for the struggle icon’s life is not only well known, but extremely profound and sincerely appreciated all in many different ways. Personally, the sad passing of Madiba brings his love for sport to mind and in the backdrop of the turbulence in the South African game of politics today, the great leader is calling for “time out” as in a baseball or volley ball match. The man of the soil, Madiba, is calling the people of all political opinion to regroup,haveateamtalk,gathernewbreath and play for the team and not the glory. South Africa is more important than any political party or ideological persuasion. Frank Horn Amanzimtoti

In case there’s an



Crime Stop: 086 001 0111

SAPS Umkomaas: (039) 973 6112 Scottburgh: (039) 978 1900 Amanzimtoti: (031) 903 5311 Isipingo: (031)-913 3417 AMBULANCE Scottburgh Ambulance: 10177/ 039 976 1300 Netcare : 082 911 HOSPITALS Scottburgh GJ Crookes Hospital: 039 978 7000 Medical Centre : 031 904 7460 Kingsway Hospital: 031 904 7000 Toti Trauma 031 903 7777

FIRE Amanzimtoti: 031 361 0000 Scottburgh: 039-976-1202 / 082-891-9563 a/h Pennington: 082-891-9563 MISCELLANEOUS Eskom: 0860 037 566 Water Emergency: 080 131 3013 Water and burst mains: 0800 313 013 CCPO: 083 393 5066 Street Lights: 080 131 3111 ANIMAL RESCUE SPCA Emergency: 031-904-2424

A nation united in grief TODAY (5 December), South Africa lost the greatest son of its soil. Today the rainbow nation lost its father. Today, we are a nation united in grief. It is with deep and profound sadness that we say: Lala ngoxolo Tata. Asoze sikulibale (rest in peace Tata, we will never forget you). Our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers are with Madiba’s wife, Graca, his former wife, Winnie, his daughters Makaziwe, Zenani and Zindziswa, his grandchildren and his great grandchildren. May they find the strength to over-

comethepainofthisgreatloss.Andmay the entire Mandela family be accorded the respect they deserve at this time. May they be accorded the right to mourn in peace. The nation mourns with them. We all belong to the South African family – and we owe that sense of belonging to Madiba. That is his legacy. It is why there is an unparalleled outpouring of national grief at his passing. It is commensurate with the contribution he made to our country. Through his humility, moral convictionandboldleadership,Madibagaveus agiftforwhichwe,andsuccessivegener-

ations will be forever grateful. He gave us his vision of a free and inclusive South Africa and the unwavering belief that such a society could be achieved in his lifetime. He was, quite simply, the greatest South African that ever lived. We shall never see his like again. Let all South Africans join hands as we mourn Madiba’s passing and celebrate his life. Let us reaffirm his values and recapture his spirit in all we do. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Tata Madiba: 18 July 1918 to 5 December 2013.” — Helen Zille, DA leader.

Isonti project headline raises questions Dear Fever, YOUR recent headline titled “Isonti project to go ahead”, suggesting that 500housesatacostofR51.8 millionwill be built by ANC benefactor and collapsed Tongaat Mall contractor raises a few questions. The Umdoni municipal manager is reportedtobeconfidentthattheproject will be “of acceptable standards of workmanship and materials”. Acceptable to whom? He is reported to have said that the “contract is effectively handled by the governments Department of Human

Settlements”. Is this the same department who okayed the contractor to build a new Pennington sewer pump station a few years ago and left because the job was too hard? Hestressedtheneedto“getwhatwe pay for” (ratepayers know exactly what he means) and to watch for “collusion”. Well, really what is he suggesting? He stated there is a need for “outside inspectors and the testing of materials to SABS standards”. Further that “Measures are being put in place to ensure the necessary quality” and “that a team of engineers and in-

spectors was being assembled to perform the necessary oversight”. This suggests that hitherto no such measures have been in place and all municipal projects have been left to the constructors’ discretion. Has this been the case? I would imagine it prudent to ensure all “i’s are crossed and t’s dotted” before anything is signed — that penalty clauses, escalation charges and stuff are clearly itemised. And also that VAT is included. Nudge-nudge, know what I mean? Ian Birtt Pennington

Laat die man rus in vrede Beste Fever, NELSON Mandela, Suid-Afrika se voormalige president is uiteindelik oorlede na ‘n lang siekbed waartydens hy vir maande in ‘n “kritieke maar stabiele” toestand verkeer het. Die wêreld rou en wonder of sy goeie werk enigsins voortgesit sal word. Hyhetop95‘nvollewegehad,‘ninvloed en verskil in menige se lewens gemaak en sy stempel op die wêreld afgedruk. Sy nalatenskap is groot en almal sal altyd weet wie Nelson Mandela was. Die tragedie hier is die algehele sirkus

rondom sy dood en waarin sy teraardebestelling ontaard. Dit wil voorkom asof die man van sy waardigheid gestroop gaan word deur die skouspel wat tans aan die gang is. Hywas‘nmens,soosekenjy.‘nMerkwaardige mens miskien, maar tog net ‘n mens. Ek wonder terwyl ek na van die huldeblyke luister — is die mensdom werklik so desperaat vir ‘n god, want dit wil voorkom asof hulle die ontslape staatshoof wil verhef tot een. Dis dalk tyd dat iedereen ‘n bietjie selfondersoek doen en teruggaan na die

tekenbord. Miskien moet ons terugkeer na die basiese beginsels soos reg in die begin vir die mensdom uiteengesit is. Dis so maklik om verlore te raak in die leuens van die wêreld dat jy sommer heeltemal van koers af gaan en dan desperaat sal gryp na enige grashalm wat verbykom. Respekteer Madiba se nagedagtenis ensyfamiliewatinrouverkeer,maarhou assebliefopomaantegaanasofhyweer gaan opstaan uit die dood. Sandra Swart Doonside

Radios, puik idee Beste Fever, EK is verheug om op die Toti Crime Facebook blad te lees van die voorgestelde radio-sisteem om misdaad te help bekamp in ons dorp. Ek het vir 15 jaar in Pretoria gewoon en ons gemeenskap het in samewerking met die SAPS en die plaaslike sekuriteitsmaatskappye ons woonbuurte teruggeneem en veiliger gemaak deur middel van ons radio sisteem. Dit was gerusstellend om te weet datjyenigeoomblikvandiedagofnag iets oor die radio kon roep en “iemand” sou wel hoor en reageer. Selfs mense wat indringers in hul huise gehad het, kon slegs hul roepkode op die noodkanaal roep dan sou die kontrolekamer die adres opsoek en onmiddellik ‘n patrollie uitstuur. Wanneer my man weggegaan het vir besigheid het ek my radio permanent by my gedra. Ek het nie eers winkel toe gegaan daarsonder nie. Daar is min dinge wat ‘n mens so veiliglaatvoelasdiewetedatdaar“iemand” aan die ander kant van die radio is wat jou binne sekondes of minute te hulp kan snel indien daar iets sou gebeur of selfs as jy iets suspisieus waarneem. Dit het regtig fantasties vir ons gewerk en ek kan net dink hoeveel te meer hier in Toti waar ons die effektiewe CCPO het. Hoe meer mense betrokke is en op die radionetwerk registreer, hoe meer oë en ore is daar op die grond. Ek wil almal in die gemeenskap aanmoedig om by hierdie inisiatief betrokke te raak want ek weet uit ondervinding dat dit wérk. Moet asseblief nou nie verskonings uitdink oor waarom dit nie vir ons sal werk nie en moet nie dwarstrekkerigweessooswatsobaie mense partykeer is nie. Kry ‘n radio. Raak betrokke. Wees pro-aktief. Kom ons neem ons woonbuurte terug! Minette Pretorius Doonside


WiFi and KZN Slots for your entertainment

Fully Licensed

3 COURSE MEAL SUNDAY: Soup, Two Roast Meats, Potato, Rice & Veggies & Pudding – R45 • Beef & lamb Curry – R35 • Bunny Chow – R35 • Burger & Chips – R35 LOCAL • Christmas Lunch – R129-95 •BEERS•





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Crocworld nursery opens ON Sunday, 1 December, the official opening of the Izinyoni Nursery took place at Crocworld Conservation Centre. At the opening were…


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“Although the nation mourns, our prayers are with Madiba’s family at this time. What a great example of humility and walking a life of forgiveness and reconciliation. “Our prayer is that we may honour his memory by following his example of unconditional love, especially this Christmas, and may each of us know the freedom of walking into 2014 with these same values. — Ryan and Tammy Laubscher (senior pastor, Sweet Waters Full Gospel Church)


Geoff Nichols and Patty Mazzaro.



Messages of condolence “AS the people of eThekwini, we send our most sincere and heartfelt condolences to the family of our stalwart, former president Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela, who was called to rest on Thursday, 5 December at 8.50pm at his home in Johannesburg. “We had a special relationship with Madiba. On 27 April 1994, Tata cast his vote in Ohlange High (Inanda), the home of the founding president of the African National Congress, Dr JL Dube. “ThiswasaverysignificantgesturetousineThekwini, making our beloved Inanda, the birthplace of democracy. “On 16 April 1999, Madiba was honoured with the FreedomofthecityofDurban.Madibaistheembodiment of peace, love and democracy whose life has inspired generations throughout the world. “We will continue to walk on his footsteps in promoting and building a truly non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous society. “Lala ngoxolo Tata. Sizohlala sikukhumbula njalo.” — eThekweni Municipality Mayor James Nxumalo. “Madibaledbyexample,generatinggreathonour to our country and leaving a rich legacy. Our greatest acknowledgement to his passing would be to revitalise our efforts to follow in his footsteps and secure a great country for ourselves”. — Umdoni Councillor P. (Sykes) Naidoo (speaker). “On behalf of the Democratic Alliance at Umdoni and myself, I offer my condolences to Madiba’s family and to the rest of South Africa in honour of a great man.” — Umdoni Councillor Edwin Baptie (executive committee member).

Umdoni mayor’s Christmas message


Colin Campbell-Gillies, Karen Campbell-Gillies, Craig Campbell-Gillies and Keith Cunningham

CHRISTMAS is a day to give and receive, a time for peace and love. It is about thanks giving, hoping, and wishing for life’s very best. Councillors, management, staff and I wish you a very lovely Christmas and a splendid time with your family. During this festive season, some of us will be travelling home or to various holiday destinations. We urge you to drive safely, buckle up, take sufficient breaks throughout the journey and do not drink and drive — arrive alive. May this Christmas season bring lots of happiness to your life and may all your wishes come true. Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas holiday and prosperous New Year. Merry Christmas. — Umdoni Municipality Mayor Cllr SSI Khwela


Dr Elsa Pooley and Doug Cooke.

Foto van lyk onnodig Beste Fever, EK rig hierdie skrywe aan u koerant met die hoop dat u sal ag slaan op wat ek vra. Die ongeluk op Woensdag, 4 Desember, waartydens ‘n skoolkind van Kingsway High School oorlede is, het betrekking. Een van die ander prominente koerante op die dorp het reeds die volgende dag die berig asook ‘n foto op hul voorblad gepubliseer. En al is dit benoemenswaardig dat hulle so vinnig die nuus kon deel, dink ek dis uiters onsensitief om ‘n foto van die oorledene wat onder ‘n silwerkombersopdieongelukstoneellê,tepubliseer. Ek is nie baie bekend met mediawette nie


nyms are allowed, writers must still include their full names and contact details (which will not be printed) or letters will not be published. The Editor reserves the right to not run letters or to alter letters so that they are legible.

Tributes to “YOUmadeusloveeachotherandtoloveourcountry. God gave you to us for a reason. We love you Madiba.Restinpeace.Letusnotforgetourfather’s words: ‘No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion.’ — Nelson Mandela” — Councillor Jacob Pienaar (ANC). “Hamba Kahle Tata. The nation has lost its father and will at all times ensure your legacy remains that of selflessness and dedication to your people. — Toti Crime Stoppers.

upper coast

en kan myself dus nie vergewis van wat is toelaatbaar en wat nie. Maar ek is terdeë bewus van menslikheid en ekhoopdatukoerantniedieselfdesaldoennie. Nie in hierdie geval nie en ook nie in die toekoms nie. Dit is immers ‘n kind wat dood is en vir sy familie en vriende asook die gemeenskap is dit net absoluut tragies. ‘n Foto van die ongelukstoneelofdievoertuig,sonderdieoorledene daarop, sou voldoende gewees het. Dankie vir die balans wat u handhaaf tussen positiewe en opbouende berigte en realiteitsgebeure in u koerant. Fever leser, Amanzimtoti

Thank you for Hospice Christmas Carols Dear Fever, FORmetheChristmasseasonalwaysstarts with the Khanya Hospice Carols by Candlelight hosted by Umkomaas Primary School. Whatatreatitwasthisyear,puremagicand wonderfulsingingfromthelittleonesatschool to the “not so little” ones from Umdoni. It has to be said once again what a special little school this is. Congratulations all round. Maz Mazzaro, Umkomaas

December 13, 2013



upper coast


THE Amanzimtoti library is hosting a variety of fun activities to keep young and old entertained during the holidays. There will

Fun activities at Toti library be crafts from 10.30am to 11.30am for five to 12-year-olds and storytelling from 11.30am to 3.30pm (unless indicated otherwise) for all ages. 12 December: make a modge podge vase

and storytelling performance 13 December: make Christmas decorations and storytelling performance 14 December: storytelling performance from 9am to 12.30pm 17 December: make a Christmas place-

mat 18 December: make a pasta necklace 19 December: make a glitter star 20 December: make Christmas wreath decorations Parents are welcome to donate any re-

lated materials for these activities. All activities are free. Budding poets and storytellers are welcome to participate in the storytelling. For more information call 031 311 5882. — Supplied.

Party time for many less fortunate SETON THOMPSON



HE Inkanyezi Foundation’s fourth festive season party at the Umzinto town hall for children from the sub-economic housing areas surrounding Umzinto, hosted some 300 children although the final number was well in excess. “How do you turn away children from such backgrounds?” an Inkanyezi member asked. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, the parable of the loaves and fishes was invoked and everybody had a great time. Chairman Rufus Veeriah

said: “Inkanyezi means a star, and that is what we try to be. We seek to guide and support the vulnerable and children from poor homes are among the most vulnerable. We hope to show them that getting an education is incompatible with drugs and alcohol. If we succeed, then our children become the stars. “But, to do this is expensive, time consuming and hard work, and 2014 will likely be even harder. We need everybody to join us and make an even bigger difference. Thanks to all our sponsors, too numerous to name, but they know who they are.”

Pastor Leslie Nagan (left, programme director) and Sponido Cele (deputy programme director) lead the children in games.


Some of the more than 300 children at the Inkanyezi party.

RIGHT: Inkanyezi committee members at the party (front) Diran Makanjee (left) and Rufus Veeriah and (back, from left) Pastor Leslie Nagan, Logan Govender and Lungile Bhengu.


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Local art on display at mall



THEUpperSouthCoastArtAssociation,orToti’llyArt,willbe holdingasaleandexhibitionof its members’ work at the Galleria Shopping Mall from 14 to 30 December. This will be an ideal opportunity for people to buy quality artwork, which will be on sale at reasonable prices. Buying is not essential though, just go along and view the creations on display. The exhibition will be at entrancefour,secondfloor,opposite Woolworths, open from 9am until 9pm every day. Part of the sales income will be donated to a local charity. — Supplied.


R19 999

WAS R22 999

Genuine Leather Uppers Coffee, Black, Grey.



Local artist Ritha Fenske creates a piece of work.


Glory days remembered The Durban soccer vets (front, from left) Gavin Laing, George Barratt, Danny le Roux, Graham Kydd, Willie Brookes, Bobby Chalmers, and (back, from left) Derek Cowden, Charlie White and Johnny Louch.

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>> SOME 50 years ago, they were household names in South African sporting circles and particularly in the then Natal. Now, somewhat stouter in shape and greyer on top, the former Durban City soccer heroes reunited for Danny leRoux’s80thbirthdayonSaturday,30November in Pennington. With two former Springboks among them — Danny and George Barratt — the nine veterans chatted over a few cold ones, recalling such events as pushing a Durban City bus by hand in front of the city’s mayor of the day. Their current comrades in Bafana Bafana andtheclubsoftodayshouldbegratefultothem for at least one thing — they introduced professionalism to South African football.

“Not that it helped us much,” Danny ruefully told the Fever. “We were paid £4 each (R8, but probably worth about 20 cents today) for a win, £2 for a draw and a taste of a beer on the home journey, if you were lucky, for a loss. None of us could survive on that, even in those much cheaper days.” They were also much better at scoring goals than their counterparts of today. Bobby Chalmers scored 335 of them in his career and Les Salton scored 59 in one season When Durban City beat Johannesburg City 17-3 in a match, Danny and Les Salton each got hattricks. For good measure, they repeated it somewhat later in a 12-3 victory for Durban United against Cape Town City. Danny reckons that if today’s footballers want to emulate them, they need to have more integrated teams.

Kuswag nuus KUSWAG Skool het op Vrydag, 25 Oktober ‘n Graad 1-oriënteringsoggend gehou vir voornemende Graad 1-Kussies van 2014. Leerlinge het tyd spandeer in Graad 1-klasse terwyl ouers in die saal al die inligting ontvang het wat nodig is vir die nuwe skooljaar. Die doel van die oggend is om die leerlinge meer op hul gemak te maak. Hulle ontmoet die Graad 1 onderwyseresse en neem aan aktiwiteite deel in die klas waar hulle moontlikgaanwees.Hopelikisallesdanniesooorweldigend in die nuwe jaar nie. — Verskaf.

Umkomaas Primary news

December 13, 2013

Kuswag Skool se Graad 12 leerlinge het die skool amptelik op luisteryke wyse tydens ‘n saalbyeenkoms gegroet. Die leerlinge het ‘n vertoning van foto’s gewys wat die pret en plesier, werk en woelighede van Kussie –wees, saamgevat het. Elke leerling het ook kans gekry om die klok, wat hulle gelui het met hul aankoms in Graad 8, weer ter afsluiting te lui.

upper coast




Kuswag skoolhoof Linda Scholtz en Kuswag Graad 3 leerling Vincent Viljoen by ‘n spesiale Kuswag-verwelkomingskoek wat sy mamma laat bak het vir die nuwe ‘Kussies’ en hul ouers.



Veilige hawe vir wesies

plaaslike projekte

>> R2 500 aan Amanzimtoti Cares gegee PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Sheyhil Gurunand — Umkomaas Primary dux of the school.

ON Friday, 29 November, Umkomaas Primary held its annual senion prize giving, honouring and acknowledging the achievements of the intermediate phase children and in particular, Grade 7 pupils. Butch James, former Springbok and Sharks flyhalf was the special guest and gave the children inspiration and guidance about following a dream and making it a reality. The dux award went to Sheyhil Gurunand, with Rishen Archary winning the runner-up award, sports boy of the year, as well as best all round boy in Grade 7. Alessia Taverna was placed third and also won best all round girl in Grade 7, while Georgia Pereira was placed fourth and won sports girl of the year. Weareextremelyproudofthehigh standards that these children have achieved and maintained. Well done to all the prize winners. — Supplied.

Warner Prep senior news


Nokuzola Biyela (links) en Tokkie Ellis by twee van die huidige inwonertjies van die Haven of Love babahuis.




Die DSBF oorhandig verskeie tjeks aan organisasies wat die fondse gaan aanwend vir projekte waarby die gemeenskap kan baatvind.




IE Durban Suid Besigheidsforum (DSBF) het op Woensdag, 20 November ‘n funksie by Ollie’s Pub and Grill gehou waartydens tjekoorhandigings gemaak is aan verskeie instansies in die Toti gemeenskap. Chairmaine Roodt, voorsitter van die DSBF het die oorhandiging van die skenkings behartig. “Die DSBF het onlang ‘n golf dag gehou. Die doel is om besighede betrokke te kry met die insameling van fondse en dan weer terug te gee aan die gemeenskap. Een van die doelwitte van die DSBF is om die gemeenskap op te bou. “Diegolfdagwordeenkeer‘njaargereëlenelkejaar word daar vir verskillende nie-winsgewende organ-

isasies van hierdie fondse geskenk,” sê Roodt. “Hierdie jaar het ons R10 000 bewillig vir Saphire Coast Tourism. Die besluit was geneem omdat Toti nie ‘n strand program vir Desember bymekaar kon sit nie, want daar is nie fondse nie. Die kommer is dat ons dorp afhanklik is van toerisme en veral vakansiegangers wat na ons strande toe kom. “As daar niks gebeur om dit aantreklik of lekker te maak vir die vakansiegangers nie, sal hulle net eenvoudig elders gaan. Hoe meer mense ons in die dorp kan kry gedurende vakansie tye, soveel beter vir al ons besighede. “Dit is ‘n domino-effek - as die besighede goed doen, skep dit werksgeleenthede ensovoorts.” ‘n Verdere R5 000 is tydens die geleentheid geskenk aan die Fan Foundation, R2500 aan die Kingsburgh Tennis Klub en R2 500 aan Amanzimtoti Cares.

Toti’s high jump SA champion SONJA NELL



Grade 5 pupils had a lot of fun and got very dirty during their trip to Twinstreams.

Jade Norton and Catie D'Abbadie ready for a paddle.

HIS modest, calm and confident manner and his talent and hard work ensured that 15-year-old Magnus Francke brought home gold for KwaZulu-Natal. Magnus, a soon-to-be Grade 10 pupil at Kuswag Skool, was capped the boys’ sub-youth SA champ in high jump at the SA Athletic Club Championships in Potchefstroom on 23 November, where representatives from across the country battled it out on the athletics field. His father Wernher says that he is more nervous than his son during an event, while Magnus says it comes easy to him. “I’m not stressed at all which helps a lot in a tough competition like this. I’m calm because I know what I can achieve and I know what to do. It just comes naturally,” says the confident youngster. He admits though, that he is still surprised and in shock about winning gold and the title of SA champ as it is such an honour.


Magnus Francke achieved gold at the SA Athletic Club Championships in Potchefstroom recently.

The height of 1.81 metres brought Magnus gold, however his personal best is 1.83m which he achieved at the Afrikaans Skole event at Kingspark earlier this year. Magnus trains with training partner Jordan Alanthwaite, himself a talented high jumper at Kuswag Skool and they mainly focus on resilience training and jumps. His mother Magda believes that the Lord guides him and that his faith has contributed to his success. “We are proud and will always support him in any way we can. He is a good boy and his faith strengthens him and carries him through,” Magda says. A young man with a gold medal in the trophy cabinet obviously has huge aspirations for the future. “I want to come first at the SA Athletic Schools Championships next year. I’m keeping a close eye on the 2016 Olympics Games and it might just be within my reach to represent South Africa at the 2020 Olympics,” Magnus says.

DIE Haven of Love babahuis lyk soos enige ander creché, met die verskil, die babas gaan nie saans huis toe nie. Hullehet(nog)nie‘npermanentehuis en liefdevolle ouers om heen te gaan nie. Hulle bly by die babahuis totdat daar vir hulle ‘n geskikte familie gevind word. Hierdie is slegs vir hulle ‘nplekvanveiligebewaringtotdiehof besliswaarheenhulledanmoetgaan. Tokkie Ellis wat die Haven of Love Babahuis in Illovo Glen bestuur, versorg soms tot 10 babas op ‘n keer. “Daar word babas by ons geplaas wat verwaarloos of mishandel is en daaroor uit hul ouers se sorg geneem wordasookweggooi-babasenwesies — veral vigswesies,” vertel Ellis. “Hulle bly gewoonlik vir ses maande by ons totdat al die regsprosesse afgehandel is en dan is hulle gereed om aan te beweeg na die volgende fase in hul lewens. Dit is meestal pleegsorg of aanneming.” Die babahuis is gerieflik ingerig met bababedjies, helder mure, mooi beddegoedengenoegspeelgoed.Ellis en haar personeel, en soms ook vrywilligers, gee aan hierdie weerlose mensies die nodige versorging, liefde, aandag en koestering, maar volgens Ellis is dit moeilik om finansieel by alles uit te kom. Die moeilikste deel van Ellis se werk is egter om af te sien van die kinders wanneer hulle geplaas word. “Die eerste keer was die moeilikste, maar dit word beter. Ek vind berusting daarin dat hulle dan beter af is by ‘n liefdevolle gesin wat hul die nodige tyd, aandag, liefde en finansiële versorging kan gee.” Alhoewel hulle ‘n toelaag van die staat ontvang, is dit nie altyd genoeg om al die gate toe te stop nie. “Ons wil graag ‘n beroep doen op individue en besighede om betrokke te raak en ons te ondersteun met borge. Elke bietjie help en geen bydrae is te gering nie. Dit sal werklik help om die oorbruggingstydperk in hierdie kindertjies se lewens makliker te maak. Vrywilligers wat belangstel om met die babas te speel en tyd te spandeer is ook meer as welkom,” sê Ellis. Kontak Tokkie Ellis op 082 812 0689 vir meer inigting oor hoe om betrokke te raak by die Haven of Love babahuis.




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Studded pumps

Boys Tanks



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Long Sleep Pants Sleep shirts

R39.99 R10.00 R29.99 R29.99 R39.99 R39.99 PJ Set PJ Set PJ Set PJ Set


Traderoute Mall, Lenasia : 011 8525599 | fordsburg, 49 lillian rd: 011 4922079 | berea shopping center : 031 201 3824| galleria mall, shop g39 : 031 9045370 | stanger, 41 king shaka rd : 032 5512399 | Durban, West st/ 30 Mark lane: 031 3017192 | the ridge @ Shallcross : 031 4096767 |hammersdale : 031 7711655 | edendale : 033 3980414 | pinetown : 031 7012311 | JOZINI : 035 5728049



December 13, 2013

upper coast




KUDLULA emhlabeni kukaMnuz Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ngeledlule, kufana ncamashi nokucisha kwelambu ebelikhanya emhlabeni wonke. Ubufakazi bokuthi uMadiba ufana nelambu elikhanye emhlabeni wonke, yizikhalo ezizwakala kuwo wonke amagumbi omhlaba, kukhala zonke izigaba zoluntu ezihlanganisa osaziwayo nabantukazana, izingane nabadala, abadla izambane likapondo nabadla imbuya ngothi. Bambalwakakhuluokuthiumasebewushiyile omagade ahlabayo kunyakaze umhlaba wonke njengoba kwenzeke kuMadiba. Emva kokuba esechazwe wonke amagalelo akhe ambeke esicongweni

Licishile ilambu elikhanye umhlaba wonke

sentaba wabonwa umhlaba wonke, kunenseleloegqolozelewonkeumuntu ethi: “Yikuphi okufundile wena kuMadiba ozokulandela?” Nanxa kungekho okungabalulekile emlandweni waleli Qhawe, ngokwami ukubona, okubaluleke ngaphezu kwakho konke, ukuqeda ubandlululo phakathi kwendlu emnyama iyodwa ngoba asikho isihlava esedlula leso njengamanje. Intuthuko ibambezeleke nje, yingoba ukucwasana phakathi kwabamnyama kusemi ngenhla. Simfisela ukuthi aphumule ngokuthula ubaba uMadiba. Laba abalandelayo ngabambalwa abaphawule ngokudlula emhlabeni kukaMadiba. UNkk Pinky Mkhize ongumengameli weNafcoc KwaZulu-Natal uthe: “Phakathi kokuningi uBaba uMandela abefisa ukukubona kwenzeka, ukuthuthuka kwabahwebi abamnyama. Ubeyithanda ngenhliziyo yakhe yonke inhlangano yethu iNafcoc, ehlale esikhuthaza ukuthi siqhubeke nomzabalazo wok-

uthuthukisa abamnyama kwezamabhizinisi okungumkhankaso esiphezu kwawo namanje. Ngebhadi usishiye singakafinyeleli esifisweni sakhe ngokuphelele. Kodwa noma kunjalo sithi ‘Hamba kahle Baba Madiba. Ungasikhohlwa. Uyibekile induku ebandla. Zonke izizwe ziyawazi amagalelo akho!’ ” UMnuz Mthokozisi Mbiko uthe: “Angizange ngilale ngosuku engezwa ngalo ukuthi uTata akasekho emhlabeni. Ngezwa emsakazweni ukuthi useshonile ngaze ngalala ngehora lesine ekuseni. Ngathuka ukuzwa lezindaba ezibuhlungu ngoba ushone ngesikathi ngingalindele, into- nje engingayisho ngaye ukuthi ubewusizo kubantu abaningi ikakhulukazi esizweni esimnyama wasikhipha ezweni lokuhlupheka.” UNksz Gugu Sibiya uthe: “UDkt Nelson Mandela ubeyiqhawe, wakwazi ukusilwela ezweni lamaBhunu waze wanqoba waphinde waphatha wayiguqula iNingizimu Afrika yaba

izwe lenkululeko. Konke lokho kwenza saba namalungelo, sesikwazi ngisho ukukhetha izikole esifuna ukufunda kuzo ngenxa yakhe. Ngibuhlungu kakhulu bengisabheke ukuthi aphile ekuguleni abenakho, ukuze eluleke uMengameli wezwe ukuthi agxile ezindabeni zoMnotho ayeke ukunaka izinto eziseceleni.” UNksz Ntokozo Mbongwe uthe: “UDkt Nelson Mandela ngiyamhlonipha ngokulwela ezemfundo kulelizwe. Ukufa kwakhe ngibona ukuthi kuhlelwe uNKulunkulu ngoba konke lokhu kwenzeke izikole sezivaliwe ngicabanga ukuthi ukwenze lokhu ngoba engafuni ukuthi kuphazamiseke izingane ezikoleni nezihlelo zakhona njengomuntu owayeyibeka phambili imfundo.” UNksz Linda Mthembu uthe: “Angikholwa ukuthi kukhona oyoke abe namagalelo afana nakaBab‘uMandela. Umhlaba ulahlekelwe kakhulu ngokushona kwakhe. Kuyangijabulisa ukuthi ngizalwe esaphila, ngalithola ithuba lokumbona ngawenya-

ma.” UNKK Lydia Mzoneli ongomunye wosondonzima kwezamabhizinisi uthe: “Ngithandazela ukuthi uNkulunkulu amemukele ngezandla ezifudumele. Ngibe nenhlanhla yokuba yingxenye yethimba lenhlangano yabahwebi iNafcoc elike lathola izeluleko kuMnuz Nelson Mandela ngamasu okuthuthukisa impilo yabantu abansundueNingizimuAfrika.Ubengesiyena umholi nje, kodwa ubefana nobaba wawo wonke umuntu.” UMnuz Sifiso Mkhize uthe: “Kungiphathe kabuhlungu ngendlela engachazekiukushonakukaTatauMandela. Ukwazile ukuhlanganisa zonke izinhlanga.Iningilethungabealikholapho likhona ukuba akazalwanga. Izingane zethu sezikwazi ukuthola imfundo esezingeni elifanayo nezinye izinhlanga ngaphandle kokubandlululwa. Siyohlale simkhumbula. Sengathi angahamba kahle alale aphumule ngokuthula.”

I-ANC esifundeni sasoGu ibonga abavalelisa kuDkt Nelson Mandela


Abaholi be-ANC esifundeni soGu, kwesokunxele uMkhulumeni wayo uMnuz Sipho Dlamalala, uNobhala uMnuz Mzwandile Mkhwanazi nephini likaNobhala uMnuz Lindani Mzotho bedlulisa amazwi enduduzo emndenini wakwaMandela namalungu e-ANC emva kodlula emhlabeni kweqhawe lomzabalazo wenkululeko eNingizimu Afrika, uDokt Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ngoLwesine olwedlule. Leli qhawe ladonsa ejele iminyaka engama-27 kodwa emajele ehlukene, kodwa emininti kunayo yonke layidonsa eRobben Island. Kuthe seliphethe umbuso leli qhawe, lashumayela ivangeli loxolo nokubuyisana ezweni lonke waze wahlonishwa ngendodo yoxolo iNobel Peace Price.


>> Ubuholi be-ANC oGwini oluseNingizimu neSifundazwe saKwaZulu Natal buthi buyijabulele kakhulu indlela abamabandla ezenkolo, omasipala bendawo kanye nomphakathi nezinye izinhlaka ezilusukumele ngakhona udaba lokudlula emhlabeni kwengqalabutho yomzabalazo wenkululeko esidlulile emhlabeni, uDkt Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela ngokuthi benze izinhlelo zokumkhumbula nokukhalisana nomndeni wakhe, izwe ne-ANC. UNobhala we-ANC oGwini, uMnuz Mzwandile Mkhwanazi uthi kusukela kuzwakale izindaba zokushona kukaTata wesizwe uMadiba, babe nomhlangano ophuthumayo njengenhlangano yeANC ukulungiselela izinhlelo zokubhodla emswaneni nokukhalisana nomndeni wakwaMadiba neANC kanye nokuthi bagubhe impilo yaleliqhawe. “Sithi asibonge omasipala bethu abahlanganise inkonzo yomthandazo ngoLwesihlanu eSt Martin de Pores School ePort Shepstone emva kokuzwakala kwezindaba zokudlula kukaMadiba. Sibonge abezenkolo abasamukele kahle njengobuholi be-ANC ngesikhathi sivakashele zonke izinkonzo kubo bonke omasipala basoGu lapho abantu bekhulekele i-ANC njengoba ilahlekelwe kakhulu ngokudlula emhlabeni kowabangumengameliwayowokuqa-

la wohulumeni wentando yabantu ngo 1994 futhi owayesebenzela abantu njengesichaka sabo ehola i-ANC . Wasebenza ngokubambisana nabanye abaholi bayo ngezinga eliphezulu lokugcina uxolo nokubuyisana emva kwesimo esabe kade sinodlame ezindaweni eziningi ezweni,” kusho okaMkhwanazi. Eqhuba uthe badlulisa amazwi enduduzo kwaMadiba futhi bathi imisebenzi yakhe mikhulu kakhulu, iyohlale ikhunjulwa kakhulu ngokuthi ushumayele uxolo ezweni lonke. “Umengameli wezwe uMnuz Jacob Zuma umemezele isonto lokuzila nokukhuleka, kanti zonke ezinye izinhlelo zeqembu zimisiwe ukuhlonipha okaMadiba. Inkonzo enkulu yokukhumbula okaMadiba izoba seMoses Mobhida Stadium eThekwini ngoLwesihlanu kanti sihlele amabhasi azoya lapho sicela abantu baphume ngobuningi babo. Sinamabhasi ayi100. Kule nkonzo kuzobe kukhona abavela kwamanye amazwe abangama-50. Kusasa abantu basoGu bazohlangana ePort Shepstone Civic Centre lapho kuzobe kunenkonzo enkulu. Sicela abantu bafike bevunule ezamabandla abo ahlukene. Amagatsha eANC oGwini azoba nemilindelo ebusuku ngoMqgibelo. Kukhona amabhasi azoya emngcwabeni eQunu ngeSonto, kodwa abantu abangeke baye bonke lapho abanye bazoba seMoses Mabhida stadium eThekweni enkonzweni

yomngcwabo naseTB Molefe stadium eGamalakhe lapho kuyobe kune- Public viewing screen, kusho uMnuuz Mkhwanazi. Omunye wabalwela inkululeko oGwini , uMfu Danny Chetty, uchaze uMadiba njengomuntu owabathuma ukuthi bashumayele ivangeli loxolo nasezikhathini ezinzima. Uthe ukhumbula uMadiba ethi izikhali aziphoswe olwandle esho ngesikhathi isimo sezepolitiki sishubile KwaZulu-Natal. USihlalo wophiko lwamasosha iMKMVA e-ANC oGwini uMnuz Cyril Shezi, uthe uMadiba ubengumkhuzi wabo njengomengameli we-ANC nomengameli wezwe wangaphambili futhi ubafundise ukuhola abantu ngokuthula noxolo nokubuyisana. Inhlangano yabameli iNational Association of Democratic Laywers (Nadel) oGwini ngomlomo kaNobhala uMnuz Xolile Ntshulana, nayo idlulise amazwi ozwelo emndenini wakwaMadiba nasezweni. “Ukudlula kaTata uMandela kusho ukulahlekelwa kwamazwe amaningi, hhayi iNingizimu kuphela. Ubengumuntu ozithobile kakhulu futhi ewuhlonipha umphakathi. UMadiba, uWalter Sisulu no-Oliver Thambo nabo abangasekho emhlabeni, basifundise ukuthi uma ungummeli kumele ushintshe izimpilo zabantu zibe ngcono,” kusho okaNtshulana. OkaNtshulana usho kanjena nje phela okaMadiba naye ube ngummeli obelwelaamalungeloabantuneNingizumu Afrika ekhululekile.

>> Crossword Solution 131 Across

1Brasstacks,8Sauna,9Company,10Dwindle, 11 Until, 12 Blench, 14 Seldom, 17 Sober, 19 Somalia, 21 Disease, 22 Fives, 23 Split hairs.

>>Sudoku Solution 131


2 Routine, 3 Stand, 4 Ticket, 5 Compute, 6 Slant, 7 By all means, 8 Side by side, 13 Curtail, 15 Deliver, 16 Assert, 18 Basis, 20 Mafia.

WINNER 101: D. Schaefer Congratulations! Your name goes into the monthly prize draw.

December 13, 2013



upper coast


WINNER 101: J. Alston Congratulations! Your name goes into the monthly prize draw.


Monthly Winner: Gerhardus Horn

13 December EDITION



Weekly winners are announced and stand in line to win the monthly prize of R200. One name is drawn in the last week of the month to determine the winner. You can post entries to Upper Coast Fever, P.O. Box 23, Port Shepstone, 4240, or deposit into the entry boxes in Athlone Park - Pick n Pay, or Pick n Pay, Scottburgh. Closing date: one week from date of publication. Across

1 Item of bric-a-brac (5) 4 Escapist (7) 8 Hackneyed quotation (3) 9 Narrow-minded (9) 10 Try (7) 11Rousetofurthereffort(5) 13 Careless (6) 15 Dismal (6) 18 Passage between rows (5) 19 Canadian province (7) 21 Mix with other people (9) 23 On strike (3) 24 Leather factory (7) 25 Quick (5)

PRIZE VOUCHER BY PICK N PAY ATHLONE PARK How to play: Fill in the missing numbers on the grid so every horizontal row, vertical column and every 3x3 square contains the numbers 1-9, without omitting or repeating any. Submit your completed grid in one of two entry boxes situated at Athlone Park Pick n Pay, Amanzimtoti or Scottsburgh Pick n Pay or you can post entries to Upper Coast Fever, P.O. Box 23, Port Shepstone, 4240. The first correct entry drawn weekly, will go Into the monthly draw. Only one entry per person per week. No registered letters or faxed entries.


1 Sailors’ curved sword (7) 2 Morally good (9) 3 A narcotic drug (5) 4 Cross out (6) 5 Legal stoppage of trade (7) 6 To spoil (3) 7 Athletics team race (5) 12 Involving long effort (9) 14 Portend (7) 16 Just so! (7) 17 Appease (6) 18 Useful attribute (5) 20 A forest tree (5) 22 Metal container (3)





SHOULD you want to hand deliver your crossword or Suduko entries, you can do so at the ‘Fever’ offices at 323 Kingsway Road, behind the Dafco building, Amanzimtoti.




031 903 9480

Auction raises funds for seniors’ home





HETrashtoTreasureLadiesCharityAuction raised R3 650 in aid of the Jabulani Senior Citizens’ Home’s “Wooden Deck Fund”.

The auction was held the Moringa Conference Centre recently. Each woman had to take an unused item to be auctioned. “Some of our exhibitors such as Harmony Health and Beauty, Beads Baroque, Adventure Bootcamp, Zulu Rum, Easy Art Printing & PSG Konsult not only exhibited at the event, but donated prizes for the auction and lucky draws,” said Jolene Els, Moringa Conference Centre and Take Away Sales and Marketing Manager. The wooden deck at the Jabulani Senior Citizens’ Home is unsafe and is in desperate need of repair and it the only place where Jabulani residents can enjoy the sea view. “Our next charity auction will be held in conjunction with Valentine’s Day and we encouragethepublictorecommendacharitytobenefit from it,” Els said.

Clubs and Meetings


Cars Wanted


A munoj 3x1



083 587 7111


Bakkie and cars wanted in absolutely any condition





Noloyiso Nkqeto / Bright Khumalo, Ugu District Municipality, 96 Marine Drive Oslo Beach 4240, P.O Box 33 Port Shepstone 4240 Please copy all correspondence to the contact person below. Contact:Josette Oberholzer

Ph: Fax: Email:

031 765 2942 086 549 0342

157 Metro Heel & Key Cars Wanted General Sales Cars Wanted



Electrical Appliance Repairs

WHAT NOW? Electrical and aircon Repair and maintenance

Contact Giel: 083 653 4304 Ben: 079 875 1103

Bakkies & cars Dead or alive voetstoets. R5000 - R80 000 082 451 0986 O-OO11/2aa

SPOT CASH For all Bakkies & Cars


From R5000 to R99000 VOETSTOETS


083 570 6314 084 736 8266 BBM: 28C05002


Shop 12A, DSM Mall, Johan: 071 255 2611 Lock combinations changes done

• Transponder keys from R350 • Heels & Soles fitted

keys cut while you wait!!!


POT S HBakkiesWANTED A & Cars – Dead or Alive. C TONYS CAR SALES 3X2 Voetstoots R5000 – R100 000. Will beat any offer

084 205 2938

Adele du Plessis: 031 903 9481 Debra van Schalkwyk: 031 903 9482 Sonja Nell: 031 903 9483

Notice is hereby given that application for Atmospheric Emissions Licence will be made to Ugu District Municipality in terms of Section 38 (3a) of the National Environmental Management: Air Quality Act, 2004 (Act No 39 of 2004) for the purpose of conducting the following Listed Activity: sub-category 5.8: Macadam Preparation. Much Asphalt (Pty) Ltd proposes to operate an Asphalt Plant on Portion 582 of 1666 Park Rynie at the Park Rynie Interchange, Ugu District. The process will involve the heating and mixing of aggregate and bitumen to produce hot pre mix asphalt. Interested and affected parties desiring to object to the above licence may do so within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of publication of this notice. Written representations setting out the grounds for objection must be lodged with the designated Air Quality Officer

157 073


Fever’s new phone numbers Switchboard: 031 903 9480 Fax: 031 903 3753 Corrie Lotter: 031 903 9484 (Wednesdays)


073 846 3027


At Moringa’s Trash to Treasure charity auction, Tracey Molosovich (left) and auctioneer Jolene Els.

A munoj 3x2

“alive or dead” From R5000 to R70 000. “Voetstoets” Beat any offer!

079 084 5618 083 570 6314 BBM PIN : 28C05002

For all your classified adverts THATCHING please phone Audrey on

031 903 9480


or visit our combing office at Also do repairs and

323 Kingsway, Amanzimtoti between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday

For more info contact Phumlani:uppercoast 079 293 7903 or email on




Winner — category: Best SABC PBS Radio Programme and Best DJ award, Umhlobo Wenene, presenter Bulelani Koyo.

December 13, 2013

upper coast


Nacma winners


Winner — category: Best Community Radio station award, Inkonjane Community Radio Station, presenters Ncebe Marawu and Xolile Njiva. NACMA acknowledged and presented the following award categories:








Ishaad: 084 274 7867

Lynn: 071 491 4495

Bongani: 072 204 7064

Manqoba: 073 552 3535

Best Choir Large NCF, winner, Mathews Singers Best Choir Stand­ ard NCF, winner, Sweet Sounds Best Choir Champ of Champs NCF, winner, Gauteng Choristers Best Conductor Standard NCF, winner, Mr. T Sibiya Best Conductor Large NCF, winner, Mr. M Matthews Best Soprano SASCE, winner, WC Sbongile Mtambo Best Tenor SASCE, winner, KZN Mfanafuthi Mngoma Best Baritone SASCE, winner, KZN Sphamandla Mgwaba Best Mezzo SASCE, winner, EC Miss S. Piyose Best Platinum Choir SATICA, winner, Mangosuthu Technikon Best Gold Choir SATICA, winner, Fort Hare Best Silver Choir SATICA, winner, Medunsa Best Conductor SATICA, winner, Tsepo Matlala Best Choir POL­ MUSCA, winner, Best Choir DBN, Mr Sakhile Mzobe Best Pianist (2012 mominees), winner, Mr Juan Burgers Best SABC PBS Choral Radio DJ, winner, Bulelani Koyo, SABC Umhlobo Wenene Best SABC PBS Choral Radio Pro­ gramme, winner, Umhlobo Wenene, Ikhwayara Ezihamba Phambili Best Community Radio Station, winner, Inkonjane FM Best Provincial De­ partment of Arts & Culture, winner, Eastern Cape Lifetime Achieve­ ment Award, winner, Dr Sam Shabaala Best department of Correctional Service Choir, Westville Choir Best choir Melting Pot, Clermont Choir Founders’ award, Old Mutual Transnet KZN Premier — Supplied.

FEVER DIARY >> LAST Thursday of every month: dementia and Alzheimer’s support group for families and carers. Completely confidential. At the Scottburgh Library from 9 am. Inquiries: Evelyn on 083 393 7275. >> Last Thursday of every month: Parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays (PFLAG) support group meetings

071 088 1341 or 039 975 3442. >> Dance Basics, a ballroom and LatinAmerican dance studio in Durban, is offeringbeginnerclassesforthephysicallydisabled. Inquiries: Janelle Yunnie on 084 474 0531 or e-mail dancebasics >> Every Sunday a service is held at the Sanctuary of the Great White Light in Barrow Road, Umkomaas at 10am. All wel-

from 6pm to 7pm at the Amanzimtoti Library activities room. Inquiries: 084 700 2536 or e-mail pflagtoti@ >> Last Saturday of every month. Pennington Peoples Market & Car Boot Sale at Relton Hall Pennington from 8am until 1pm. New traders welcome. To book a table or space for the car boot sale, contact Rebecca or Lorraine on

come. Inquiries: 031 903 8108. >> December 11: The next Scottburgh Community Policing Forum to be held. Please make an effort to attend. The SAPS is outnumbering the community, which these meetings are intended for. If you can’t attend, forward your concerns with possible solutions. >> December 16: Christmas market and family fun day. Relton Hall grounds, Pen-

December 13, 2013



upper coast


nington.Inquiries:LorraineandRebeccaon 071 088 1341 or e-mail pennpeoplestea

Hospice Tree of Light

Pret kleuterakademie opedag


Reuben (links) en Liam van Straaten het heerlik gespeel en die pretritte terdeë geniet by die opedag.




IE iPlay Kleuterakademie wat eersdaagssydeureinTotioopmaak het op Saterdag, 7 Desember ‘n pretbelaaide opedag by die Toti Rugbyklug gehou. Tydens hierdie geleentheid kon ouers meer inligting aangaande die skool kry en die eienaar Lydia Vermaak en haar personeel persoonlik ontmoet. Die jongspan het van al hul energie ontslae geraak op die speelgoed en is besig gehou met springkastele, trampoliens, treinritte en ander speletjies. Die iPlay Kleuterakademie is in Kingsway 309 geleë en beloof om ‘n Afrikaanse kleuterskool van gehalte te wees.


People are invited to drive to 7 Winder Street, Umkomaas to have a look at the Hospice Tree of Light. People donated a ‘globe’ to Hospice in memory of a loved one who has died. Hospice offers free palliative nursing care to people with life-threatening diseases and support to their families. Hospice have three shops where people can donate clothes, garden furniture, bric-a-brac, cutlery, crockery, furniture and what have you to give away. Hospice can be contacted on 039 973 0277/1783.

Weiss Toti

Das Auto

Home of Pre-Owned Vehicles at Competitive Prices


Mikaela Lotz geniet haarself gate uit op die springkasteel tydens die opedag.

401 Kingsway, Amanzimtoti - Tel: (031) 903 5301 WE BUY GOOD SECOND HAND CARS FOR CASH! 2012 GTI 2.0 TSI DSG

R309 990

R109 990

2011 Honda Jazz 1.3

R89 990



Torsos and mistletoes Full house, alloy wheels, leather, sunroof, xenons, front LEDs - Bal. of S/Plan to 90 000km

2009 Audi S3 SportBack

R255 990

A/c, p/s, e/w, c/l, r/cd, airbags - 51 000km (2 x To choose from)

R219 990

2010 GTI 2.0 TSI DSG

2012 Audi A4 1.8T Multitronic

R279 990

Full house, alloy wheels, leather, sunroof, xenons

2010 BMW 118i

R117 990

Choice of 15

A/c, p/s, airbags, ABS - From 23 000km 8 x Polo Vivo Autos Available @ R129 990 each

R179 990

2010 Dodge Caliber 2.0 SXT

155 990


Choice of 2


2012 Polo Vivo 1.4 Trendline 63kW


SAVE R38 000

Full house, alloy wheels, front & rear PDC leather, xenons

A/c P/steering - 79000km

Santa’s voice and torso under appraisal. PHOTO: SETON THOMPSON

Bodywork gets expert close-up analysis.


Full house, leather, alloy wheels, sat navigation 31 000km - Bal. of M/Plan to 100 000km


IF Pennington was viewed as a quiet, staidseasidevillage,thatthoughtwas quicklydispelledwhentheManInternational Spectacular with Damon Baird hit the town on Friday night, 6 December. The occasion was a ladies night, billed as the Christmas Spectacular Show, at Relton Hall. The ladies took that title with a broad interpretation as Daniel, Brad, Gino, Cuan and others strutted their stuff and showed off their torsos to screams of fun and joy.

2010 Cherry Tigo 2.0TXE

R134 990

Full house, alloy wheels, cruise control 68 000km - Balance of M/Plan to 100 000km

A/c, p/s, e/w, c/l, r/cd, airbags, alloy wheels, leather - 62 000km

2011 Toyota Hilux 3.0D-4D D/Cab R309 990

2007 Nissan X-Trail 2.0 4x2

A/c, p/s, e/w, c/l, r/cd, leather, nudge bar, side steps, roll bar - Bal. of S/Plan - 29 000km

A/c, p/s, e/w, c/l, r/cd, airbags, mag wheels, towbar, rear PDC

R115 990


Full house, leather, sunroof 28 000km

* Terms & Conditions Apply. Finance subject to bank approval. Prices exclude “On-Road” charges. E&OE

‘View’s better from up here.’


Muzi: 078 725 1641

Ricky: 078 389 8081

Visit our Website: Francois: 072 824 5454

Pierre: 074 794 0731

December 13, 2013

upper coast FEVER SPORT


Final flurry from surfers


Gavin Roberts (Lizzard) congratulates Under-16 girls’ winner Chanelle Botha and finalists Teal Hogg, Cana Foster and Jade Mets with Granola girl Paula Eltringham.

Sarah Baum of Athlone Park was in a class of her own in the Umhlanga Lizzard Nature Valley Surf Festival. PHOTO: KZN SURFING



URFERS ended the year with a bang at the Umhlanga Lizzard Nature Valley Surf Festival at Umhlanga’s main beach at the weekend. Held in two-three foot contestable waves with slight north-easterly winds, surfers were able to turn on their performances and win the many prizes on offer. SarahBaumofAthloneParkwasontop form and won both the open ladies’ and Under-20 girls’ divisions as well as the Hurricane Blowing Up prize with top scoring rides while Chanelle Botha of Warner Beach took home first place in the Under16 girls’ division. Ex-Scottburgh surfer Slade Prestwich cleaned up in the men’s competition, winning both the open and Under-20 divisions as well as the paddle battle. Southern KwaZulu-Natal masters men’s riders Frankie Oberholzer and Gary vanWeirengenmadethefinalandfinished second and fourth respectively. Simo Mkhize of Umzumbe surfed really

well, posting two high five-point scores in the final to finish second behind Salt Rock ripper Shane Sykes. Mkhize’ssurfinghasimproveddramatically and he is showing a lot of strength on his backhand turns. He also proved that he is good at wave selection and throws a lot of spray on his turns, which impresses the judges. Josh Smit of Athlone Park won the Zigzag Expression Session following some entertaining aerial antics, Calvin Goor won the Under-14 boys’ division and Karl Steen clinched the Under-12 boys’ division. Gavin Roberts from Lizzard was thrilled withtheevent,saying:“YetagainUmhlanga produced the goods. The weather held out and the waves were fun for the surfers. “It was also great that all the surfers had free Granola Bars and Haagendazs ice cream all weekend - that was a real treat.” Final results: Under­12 Girls:

1.Gaby Lailvaux (Westbrook) 2.Kelly Medley (Umhlanga) 3.Courtney Sim (Durban) 4.Olivia Izzard (La Lucia) Under­14 Girls: 1.Gaby Lailvaux (Westbrook) 2.Sophie Bell (Salt Rock) 3.Christy Gilmour (Durban) 4.Kelly Medley (Umhlanga) Under­16 Girls: 1.Chanelle Botha (Warner Beach) 2.Teal Hogg (Umhlanga) 3.Cana Foster (Umdloti) 4.Jade Mets (Umhlanga) Under­20 Girls: 1.Sarah Baum (Warner Beach) 2.Heidi Palmboom (Bluff) 3.Teal Hogg (Umhlanga) 4.Nicole Pallet (Dbn North) Open ladies: (R5000 cash from Na­ ture Valley plus Mozambique holiday worth R5000) 1.Sarah Baum (Warner Beach) 2.Heather Clark (Port Shepstone) 3.Nicole Pallet (Dbn North) 4.Lynne Mackey (Durban)

3.Davey van Zyl (Glen Ashley) 4.Gavin Roberts (Scottburgh) Masters Men: (R5000 cash from Varsity College) 1.Paul Canning (Durban) 2.Frankie Oberholzer (Warner Beach) 3.Carl Roux (Umhlanga) 4.Gary van Wierengen (Warner Beach) Bells Girls’ Highest Wave Score ­ R2500: Gaby Lailvaux and Teal Hogg Nature Valley Paddle Battle Men: Slade Prestwich Eco Paddle Battle Women: Teal Hogg Zigzag Expression Session: Josh Smit (Athlone Park) Hurricane Blowing Up: Sarah Baum (Athlone Park) Clayton Surfboard Best Grom: Sean Ruggeri

Under­12 Boys: 1.Karl Steen (Durban) 2.Saxton Randall (Durban North) 3.Christian Brand (Umdloti) 4.Sean Ruggeri (Durban) Under­14 Boys: 1.Calvin Goor (Umhlanga) 2.Liam de Villiers (Richards Bay) 3.Tide Lee Ireland (Durban) 4.Jaime Irvine (Umhlanga) Under­16 Boys: R5000 Cash from Sykes 1.Shane Sykes (Salt Rock) 2.Simo Mkhize (Umzumbe) 3.Richard Kidd (Salt Rock) 4.Bevan Willis (Umdloti) Under­20 Boys: (R20 000 bursary from Varsity College) 1.Slade Prestwich (Durban) 2.Davey Van Zyl (Glen Ashley) 3.Shane Sykes (Salt Rock) 4.Richard Kidd (Salt Rock) Open Men: (R10 000 cash from Lizzard) 1.Slade Prestwich (Durban) 2.Dan Redman (Umdloti)

Other prizes included a Clayton Surfboard, Hurricane Surf Products, Lizzy products, Rudy’s Ding Repair Kit and products from Nature Valley. Full results can be found on www.kzn

Spearos relish Summer Game Fish Open competition this Monday HIBISCUS Underwater Club will host the Summer Game Fish Open competitionnextMonday,16December.The competitionareaisfromDurbanHarbour to Hibberdene and only game

fish will be weighed (minimum weight of 2kg, gutted not gilled). The winner will walk away with R5000 while spearfishermen who finish second to sixth will all win Rob

Allen and Spearmaster equipment. The competition starts at first light and concludes at 1pm. The weigh-in will take place at Park Rynie Ski-Boat Club at 3pm.

VW Polo 1.4 hatch back comfort lie 5door, 2011, Grey, 109000km, Manual Full service history Smash n grab, alloy mags, electric windows front and rear, central locking, aircon

Halfway Toyota Scottburgh 31 Stevens Road, Scottburgh TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY


Contact: Russell 083 654 0148

len’s Dive Factory in Durban and on the Hibiscus Underwater Club Facebookpage.Alternatively,contactPaul at 082 782 0268 or Cabri at 084 208 6409.

Entry is R280 per diver, which includesat-shirtandR35mealvoucher, and all entrants will be in line to win a lucky draw prize. Entry forms are available at MTD Scottburgh, Rob Al-

Toyota camry 200si 1990 Red Automatic Aircon, power steering, cd front loader, ce ntral locking

R129 000

R49 000

Chev Aveo 1.6LS 5door 2011, White 82500km, Manual Full service history aircon, power steering, central locking, cd front loader

Toyota fortuner 3.0d-4d 4x4, 2011, White, Manual Full service history Full house

R99 000


R330 000 Photograph this image with your Cell phone camera to access all the AUTOMARK vehicles online NOW!

Upper coast Fever 13 12 2013  

Upper coast Fever 13 12 2013

Upper coast Fever 13 12 2013  

Upper coast Fever 13 12 2013