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BALANCED ANESTHESIA WELCOME TO WELLNESS UPCOMING EVENTS In this issue of Balanced Anesthesia, we will discuss the importance of incorporating wellness activities into your days and weeks in nurse anesthesia school. Also, learn a little bit about two of the members of the Class of 2015 who are focused on maintaining their wellness during school. We also have a new recipe for you and discuss healthy snacks that are easy to whip up at the crack of dawn before coming to the OR.

WE NEED YOUR INPUT! We are looking for ideas to get everyone involved in their own wellness journey. Spring and summer are coming faster than we think and we are looking for some outdoor ideas in particular! Interested in meeting up at a dog park? Golf outing? We want your input! Now that you’ve gotten the first semester under your belt it is time to start incorporating some health-focused activities so you can enjoy the career you are working so hard for. Also please let Kris know if you are interested in participating in a sand volleyball league or a softball team (the more people we have signed up the easier it will be to cover for when people have to be on call or work late shifts). Also, let the Wellness committee know if there are any other ideas for activities!

Kristen Weckenbrock, RNSA 2, enjoying her winter break.


WELLNESS COMMITTEE MISSION STATEMENT The Wellness Committee has been established to encourage physical and mental well-being as well as productivity in the clinical area. The Wellness Committee will strive to provide opportunities for the purpose of decreasing overall stress level through physical, social, and artistic means as the adverse physiological and psychological effects of a prolonged increased stress level are well known.

BALANCED ANESTHESIA WELCOME TO YOUR NEW LIFE Welcome back to another semester, and congratulations to the class of 2013! The spring semester will bring new challenges to the junior and senior classes, but we’ve created a list of tips to help keep everyone going this semester.  Phone a friend- if it’s your first time at a new clinical site or a case that is new to you call an upper classmen or a classmate that can give you some help. Also, don’t be afraid to call someone if you need to get something of your chest.  Work smarter not harder- it’s been shown that students are most productive is they study for 90 minutes sessions with a half hour break in between study sessions.  Work it out- being active for 20-30 minutes a day helps with not only health benefits, but also memory and retention of new material.  Eat well and sleep well- Eating balanced meals and getting a good night’s sleep helps maintain your immune system, learning, and well-being.

RECIPE CORNER TOMATO BASIL SOUP What is more comforting than a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup? Well this is an upgrade over the canned tomato soup. Ingredients  2 tbsp olive oil  6 cloves of garlic minced  2 medium onions  2 stalks of celary  6 basil leaves  4 cups canned tomatoes (whole or diced)  2 tbsp butter  2 tbsp flour  ½-1 cup of vegetable or chicken broth (as needed)  Salt and pepper to taste Sauté onions, garlic, and celery in a large pot until soft (about 5 minutes). Add canned tomatoes use a potato masher to crush them. Add basil and simmer for 30 minutes.In a separate saucepan melt butter and then add flour. Stir constantly until golden brown. Then add broth, and whisk until mixture is smooth. Add broth mixture to the pot with the tomatoes and stir until the soup thickens. Once well stirred use an immersion blender or put soup in a blender to create a smoother texture. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add a ¼ cup of cream to the soup before blending if desired.


MEET ALEX FILLMANN, RNSA 1 Alex Fillman, RNSA 1, is originally from Cincinnati but has spent the last 8 years in Cleveland after moving there for nursing school. WC: What is your nursing background? AF: Undergraduate I went to Case Western Reserve University, I stayed in Cleveland and worked for a little over 4 years in the SICU, as well as PRN jobs in areas like general ICU and PACU WC: What made you choose nurse anesthesia? AF: In high school they had us job shadow to get an idea of what we wanted to do. I initially shadowed a nurse SDS, but since this wasn't hands on, she sent me to shadow a CRNA in the OR where I saw a live donor kidney transplant. I knew that was what I wanted to do WC: What do you do for stress relief from anesthesia school? AF: Finding a group of friends has really helped with my stress relief in school. It's nice to have people to talk to and go out for a drink after a rough day. Not only are they beneficial socially, but I have a gym buddy now and have been trying to work out after sitting all day in classes. In my other "free time," cooking and trying new recipes has always been a stress relief for me, and it has been interesting trying to find some great stuff on a budget WC: What are you most looking forward to in anesthesia school? AF: Graduating! But I am most excited about pieces of the puzzle coming together and feeling more confident in what I'm doing.

Class of 2015

MEET MELISSA OZARZAK, RNSA 1 Melissa Ozarzak, RNSA 1, is originally from Sylvania, OH but has lived in Cincinnati for the past 8 years. Read on to learn a little more about her! WC: Where are you from? MO: I'm originally from Sylvania, OH but I've lived in Cincinnati for the past 8 years. WC: What is your nursing background? MO: I got my BSN from UC, and worked in the CVICU at UCMC for 3 years.

Melissa Ozarzak pictured on left

WC: What do you do for stress relief from anesthesia school? MO: I like to run to relieve stress. I train for half marathons with Bob Roncker's running group, so having a non-anesthesia activity is always fun. WC: Do you have any defined goals for anesthesia school? Willing to share? MO: My main goals are to graduate (some days this seems harder to attain than other days), and to keep a balanced life. I have certain grades I'd like to get, but I also want to keep running and keep in touch with my friends outside anesthesia. WC: What are you most looking forward to in anesthesia school? MO: Right now, I'm most looking forward to the part where everything "gets easier". People keep saying that, but I'm not yet convinced.


SUNRISE-WORTHY SNACKS Being in the OR for eight hours and then having class or having class for eight hours can be tiring and its tempting to grab a snack out of the vending machine. Here are some snack ideas that are healthy and more satisfying, and also give you the pick-me-up to get you through your day. Also these won’t need to be microwaved or take a lot of preparation.      

Trail mix- it’s a good mix of protein and fiber Granola bars- portable and simple Apple and cheese or nuts- well balanced snack and easy to throw together Humus and veggies- good source of omega fats and a little protein Yogurt and fruit- low fat and low in sugar Hard boiled eggs- good source of protein

HAVE A FEW MINUTES TO YOURSELF? It is hard to find time to yourself in nurse anesthesia program. And if you do find that you have some free time it can be hard to remember what to do with it! We have some ideas for you!    

Day trip to Perfect North to hit the slopes Snowball fight with your kids, nieces, nephews, or anyone else you can find! Movie and hot chocolate night Find a Polar Bear Plunge and take a dip for charity while having some fun Go skating at the ice rink downtown. It’s open until February 14, 2014!

    

Start training for a 5K to get back in pre-anesthesia school shape Go for a hike Take a walk through Ault Park Go visit the new animals at the zoo during Zoo Babies month Get some last minute tickets for a Reds game

Balanced Anesthesia, January 2014  

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