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Spring 2010

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Spring 2010


President’s Message Reverend Sandy Clark

Releasing Negative Entities using EBERT Reverend Cork Whitacre

The Astrology of the Anti-Christ’s Birth Elizabeth A. Barton

An Educational Vision Quest Reverend Angela DeBry

U.C.M. Announcements Welcome to New Reverends, Ministers and Healers

Fractal Colors Reverend Steve Waites

Transform Your Life During Spring Equinox Reverend Kala Ambrose

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15 UCM was founded in 1908 as a church in which members are encouraged to develop and exercise their spiritual powers. We discourage adherence to rigid dogmas and tenets, believing that each person must find and travel his/her own path in the Light, and that no single set of fixed rules is applicable to everyone in their spiritual quest.  


Reverend Sandy  Clark  

I and according to the Nielson TV ratings, quite a few others, watched the Super Bowl this February. Not at a party, but at home sitting quietly on my couch. Well almost quiet, I did scream when New Orleans made the interception and scored a touchdown. I did not have a vested interest in the outcome, either team could have won and I would have been okay. But there is something about rooting for the underdog. I like most people I know like to see the underdog win. There is something in that message that indicates if the situation is stacked against me; there is a chance I could still pull it off! I believe that is called HOPE, and I believe there is always hope. I subscribe to numerous email newsletters and others are forwarded to me by some of you. I admit some only get a glance unless something grabs my attention, but I do like to know what is being sent out even if I do not always agree with the information. Since the first of this year I have seen a lot of what I refer to as gloom and doom emails. Quite frankly I do not have time for that. I admit with all the rain we have been having, not seeing the sun has damped my outlook for a time, but you know what, the sun has come out again. Plus I always knew it was out there even if I could not see it. I admit things appear much brighter with the sun out, just looking out my office window on the patio everything is much sharper in color and appears to have more life in it. In addition there is more activity, the birds visit, along with the squirrels and an occasional cat. We can surround ourselves with items that we think will make our lives easier and brighter, and there certainly is nothing wrong in doing that. However may I remind you we have the power within ourselves to choose how we see. I can choose to see nothing but doom and gloom surrounding me, or I can choose to see the sunny side surrounding me, what I refer to as the Light. Easy for you, I hear you thinking, no it is not always easy. There are times, even days when I have to work at the seeing the Light. Some times just getting out of bed I sit and am grateful that I can get out of bed. There are times when I really have to tell myself, you have a family that loves you, a house, a job, reasonably good health, a car, food in the house to eat, and clothing in the closet to wear. There have been times when I have been grateful I had a tooth brush to brush my teeth with! Devastating events have occurred in the world, most recently the earthquake in Haiti. Many of us have had or are experiencing devastating events within our own families. Loved ones making transitions, illness, and loss of job, even homes. Each of us has had some tragedy or will have a tragedy in our lives. Mine was quite some time ago, but I can still recall the event and how I went into some sort of numb survival mode. I remember hearing huge metal doors closing in my head as if to keep everything out of my mind except what I needed to do at each moment. Looking back I now believe spirit helped me by protecting me and sending me helpers who made sure I ate, ran errands for me and took care of my immediate needs. I have always been grateful to spirit and those on this plane who helped me. It was definitely not the best of times for me which reaffirms to me that we are all protected, guided and that we all have the opportunity to choose the Light. May you see the Light surrounding you. With Light and Love, Sandy  


Releasing Negative  Entities  using  EBERT   By  Reverend  Corky  Whitacre,  CCHt   San  Jose,  Calif.    

The four-­‐step  EBERT  process  

EarthBound  Entity  Releasement  Technique,  EBERT,  is  a  four-­‐step  process  that  can  be  used  by  anyone   struggling  with  negative  energy  and  attachments.  In  the  EBERT  workshop,  students  learn  how  to  detect  the   presence  of  an  earthbound  entity,  detach  it  from  the  person,  place  or  thing  it  has  penetratred,  release  it   from  the  earth  plane  by  persuading  it  to  go  to  the  Light,  and  teach  the  “host”  how  to  protect  and  stay  clear  of   future  attachments.       The  four  steps  in  this  technique—detect,  detach,  release  and  stay  cleared—have  been  used  to  successfully   release  earthbound  entities  (EBEs),  extra-­‐terrestrials,  inter-­‐dimensional  beings,  debilitating  thought  forms,   curses  and  more.  Remote  EBERT  can  be  used  to  clear  your  family,  friends,  pets,  workplace,  home,   neighborhood,  sports  arenas,  amusement  sites,  hospitals,  jails,  battlefields,  and  any  place  where  anger,   hatred,  fear,  tragedy  or  mass  destruction  exists  in  the  world.     Typically,  an  earthbound  entity  is  the  disembodied  spirit  of  a  deceased  person,  retaining  all  the  physical,   emotional  and  earthly  baggage  it  had  when  alive.  As  long  as  the  spirit  stays  on  the  earth  plane,  it  will   continue  to  see  the  world  as  it  did  before  death.  The  entity  still  has  “free  will”  to  choose  to  go  to  the  Light  or   remain  on  earth.  If  it  chooses  to  stay,  it  becomes  an  earthbound  entity  and  may  roam  the  earth  or  attach   itself  to  a  living  being,  location  or  object.       Attachment  to  a  person  occurs  when  an  earthbound  entity  merges  with  the  subconscious  mind  of   a  living  person.  The  entity  may  exert  its  personality,  fears,  phobias,  addictions,  illnesses,   ailments,  physical  limitations  and/or  whatever  personal  agenda  it  has  on  the  unsuspecting  prey.   It  does  so  by  influencing  the  thought  processes,  emotions,  behavior  and  the  physical  body  of  the   victim.  It  may  lie  dormant,  simply  sapping  the  energy  of  its  host.  Either  way,  the  earth   bound  entity  is  a  parasite.  It  sucks  the  life  energy  out  of  the  mind,  body  and  soul;  the   very  core  of  the  living  since  human.       Historical  references  of  possession     Earthbound  entity  attachment,  the  full  or  partial  takeover  of  a  living  human  by  an  entity,  has  been   recognized  and  documented  in  every  era  and  in  every  culture  around  the  world.  Earthbound  entity   attachment  has  existed  the  dawn  of  the  human  race.  It’s  mentioned  in  folk  lore,  oral  traditions,  literature   and  written  history  of  both  primitive  and  civilized  cultures  throughout  history.  Early  writings  of  the   Chinese,  Egyptians,  Hebrews,  and  Greeks  show  that  mental  disorders  (and  really  bad  behavior)  were   generally  attributed  to  demons  working  through  and/or  within  an  individual.     Historical  accounts  of  the  Dark  Ages  are  full  of  stories  about  demonic  possession  and  the  ruthless  means   used  to  extract  it/them,  usually  killing  the  host  in  the  process.  Possession  is  defined  today  as  it  was   thousands  of  years  ago—an  invasion  by  a  demon  of  a  person’s  body  and  soul.     Shaman,  medicine  man,  and  the  clergy  have  historically  been  in  charge  of  “casting  out”  or  “exorcising”   spirits  using  rituals  ranging  from  verbal  incantations  and  incense  to  beating  a  person  with  sticks.  Jesus,  the  


most publicized  exorcist,  went  about  casting  out  demons  and  commissioned  his  12  disciples  to  heal  the  sick,   cast  out  unclean  spirits,  and  entity  attachment.     Modern-­‐day  example     Earthbound  entity  attachment  can  cause  a  person  to  feel  there  is  something  wrong  with   them,  when  in  reality,  it’s  the  negative  influence  of  an  entity.  For  example,  one  of  of  my   clients  came  in  complaining  of  low  energy,  low  self  esteem,  depression,  feelings  of  dread,   shame,  guilt,  regret  and  failure.  This  young  girl  was  confused  about  her  sexuality,  could  not   keep  a  job,  didn’t  want  to  go  to  school  and  couldn’t  stay  in  a  healthy  relationship.  She  was  a   bright,  attractive  girl  going  to  Alcoholics  Anonymous  and  Narcotics  Anonymous  meetings  to   get  her  life  together.     Once  in  trance,  we  found  seven  entities,  all  highly  dysfunctional  and  contributing  to  her     despair.  All  entities  had  died  of  drug  and/or  alcohol  overdose,  street  violence  or  suicide,   including  a  dominant  teenage  male  who  wanted  to  be  sexually  active  and  didn’t  like  her  being  with  men;  a   prostitute  who  was  very  ashamed  of  herself,  and  a  10-­‐year-­‐old  alcoholic  boy  who  had  committed  suicide.  It   was  particularly  difficult  for  the  client  to  release  the  boy,  because  she  blamed  herself  for  his  death.     When  a  person  has  lived  with  these  feelings  most  of  her  life,  she  may  identify  with  those  feelings  instead  of   her  true  self.  After  a  long,  emotional  session,  my  client  lovingly  released  all  of  her  demons.  Today  she  is   alcohol  and  drug-­‐free,  very  confident  and  studying  for  a  Master’s  degree  in  psychology.     How  do  we  know  what  happens  when  we  die?     Thanks  to  extensive  research  in  near  death  experiences  and  tremendous  improvements  in  medical   procedures,  hundreds  of  people  have  been  “brought  back  from  the  dead”  to  share  what  happens  to  our  soul   when  we  die.  We  know  we  have  the  choice  of  going  into  the  Light  or  staying  on  the  earth  plane.  If  we  choose   to  stay  on  the  earth  plane,  we  become  earthbound  entities,  stuck  until  we  find  our  way  to  the  Light.     If  we  choose  to  go  into  the  Light,  we  may  have  the  typical  death  experience.  This  includes  immediate  relief   from  physical,  emotional  and  spiritual  pain,  a  smooth  and  natural  transition  to  the  spirit  realm  with  no  loss  of   consciousness;  the  etheric  body  lifting  up  and  floating  out  of  the  physical  shell;  and  an  opportunity  to  observe   a  panoramic  view  of  our  lives.  A  bright  Light  filled  with  unconditional  love  is  always  near,  and  loved  ones,   guiding  spirits  or  angels  come  to  greet  and  assist  us  in  moving  to  the  Light.     EBEs  vs.  spirit  guides     Earthbound  entities  are  not  to  be  confused  with  spirit  guide.  Spirit  guides  have  their  own  source  of  energy   and  power,  which  comes  from  God/Goddess/All  that  Is,  our  divine  source.  They  do  not  need  or  want  our   energy  for  they  come  from  the  Light.  Entities  have  very  little  energy,  and  their  only  source  of  energy  is  what   they  draw  from  the  host.     Spirit  guides  are  not  judgmental,  critical,  intrusive  or  interfering.  They  give  advice  and  guidance  only  when   asked  and  have  no  earthly  needs  of  their  own.  An  earthbound  entity  may  be  very  egotistical  in  its  attitudes   and  judgments  and  often  satisfies  its  very  human  needs  and  appetites  through  the  senses  and  physical   apparatus  of  the  human.  The  earthbound  entity  has  its  own  agenda  for  living.  The  spirit  guide  has  no  agenda   of  its  own.  A  spirit  guide  has  no  residue  to  impose  on  a  person;  the  earthbound  entity  often  inflicts  its   ailments  on  the  host.  The  only  purpose  of  the  true  spirit  guide  is  to  serve  the  incarnated  being.         Continued on Page 10…      


The Astrology of the Anti-Christ’s Birth By: Elizabeth A. Barton If the Anti-Christ were born during our time, when would the birth have occurred? Before I can address this question, I must ask myself, “What is an Anti-Christ?” I know that the prefix anti- means “opposed to, against, in opposition to, contrary, or, in place of.” This brings us to the next question, “What is a Christ?”

First of all, it wasn’t Jesus’ last name; it was a moniker, a title, denoting his link to the prophecies in the Tanakh/Old Testament. The prophecy was that of a messiah arriving to guide humankind. The word Christ derives from the Greek “Christos” meaning to “anoint” or “the Anointed One” (

Since the title Christ contains a focus on anointing, I also asked myself, “What was the composition of the substance used to anoint Jesus?” And, “Who anointed Jesus?” Did the Divine materialize and anoint Jesus with the essence of the Holy Spirit as many students of scripture have claimed? Over the years I have read that several people claim that the Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine, The Sophia, Divine Wisdom, the Shekinah. To us regular humans, anointing is usually done with a salve, oil or cream in a ceremony. Sacred oil is placed on the forehead/third eye, as an incantation or prayer is recited. This is done to bring the person into a sacramental frame of mind and spirit or to remove unwanted Energies. (Here is an old recipe for anointing…use wisely.) Therefore, if we combine Anti = “opposed to” with Christ = “receiving a holy sacrament” we get someone who is “opposed to receiving a holy sacrament.” Kind of sounds like a non-spiritual person…eh? In my estimation the Anti-Christ would be a person, male or female, who was self, absorbed; only thinking of his benefits, his work, and his mission. Not caring if he harmed other life, he would only care about his needs. The Anti-Christ would be able to experiment on animals and people, ignoring their pain and whimpers. He would not view life as a holy sacrament, which is to be honored and given respect. He would use it for gain. Every sign and horoscope has the potential to run the gamut for good and evil. But during our time, one astrological date sticks out from all the rest as to when this cold hearted, charismatic, academically brilliant monster came into existence. If the Anti Christ (AC) were born during our time it would have been on February 5th 1962. Here is how I came to that conclusion. February 5th is one of eight high holy days of the Ancients. The solstice points and the equinox points make up the Solar Cross in the Cardinal mode, while the cross quarters are made up of the 15th degree of the fixed signs; 15 Aquarius, 15 Taurus, 15, Leo and 15 Scorpio. In ancient Chaldea, the Magi*, the astrologer priests said the cross quarters were the “Pillars of Heaven”, and they assigned four stars to be the “Royal Stars, Watchers of the Gates.” The Royal star for the east was Aldebran - the eye of the bull, which marked the spring equinox. The Royal Star for the north was Regulus - the Lion’s heart, which marked the ancient summer solstice. The Royal Star for the west was Antares - the Scorpion’s heart, which marked the autumnal equinox. And the Royal star for the south was Fomalhaut - the mouth of the fish, which marked the winter solstice. Note: In the sky of ancient Chaldea the constellation Taurus was rising in the east, on the first day of spring. When you take the 4 cardinal signs and the 4 cross quarters composed of fixed signs, you get an eightpointed star or two squares, which equates to a union of opposite principles. The marriage of polarity as it manifests in this material world. In astrological terms, you have two Grand Squares. A Grand Square is composed of two oppositions squaring each other…not an easy aspect. The eight points represent the eight times of the year when the veil between the worlds can be lifted, it is a time for communicating with the other side and a time of immense power and High Magic…for good or evil. To maximize the output of High Magick, it has to done when the Sun is at the zero degree of the Cardinal points and the fifteenth degree of the fixed signs. (It is interesting to note the historical significance of these dates: Go look up the dates and times that governments have launched wars or occupations. An example would be the American attack on Iraq, which occurred in 2003 on the spring equinox.)


The animals of the cross quarters - the Bull for Taurus, Lion for Leo, Phoenix for Scorpio and Angel for Aquarius - play heavily in the symbology of the Occult arts, which derive in part from the Kabbalah. Look at the Rider Tarot card “The Wheel of Fortune.” (Scorpio is the only sign to have three animal symbols; a scorpion, the eagle and the phoenix. It is my opinion that Aquarius has two symbols, the human and the Angel.) In the indigenous Earth/Sky religions of the British Isles and Europe, this eight-pointed formation is also known as the wheel of the year. The roots of neo-paganism in America can be traced back here. Starting with the Winter Solstice the Pagan names for the eight points in the wheel of the year are: Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lammas/ Lughnassadh, Mabon and Samhain/Halloween. The 15 degree of Aquarius, Imbolc, is the one we are interested in. It is when the Goddess returns from the underworld carrying her new Son/Sun in her arms. She brings back the light from the darkness. She is the “LIGHTBEARER”. Imbolc is the festival of the returning Light, of purification and fertility. Imbolc is also known as Candlemas, Oimelc, Brigit, Brigid's Day, Bride's Day, Brigantia, Gŵyl y Canhwyllau. Imbolc was derived from the Gaelic word "oimele", meaning "ewes milk", and in Celtic Ireland was connected to when the ewes started lactating in preparation to birth their spring lambs. So let’s start weaving this information together… February 5, 1962, falls on the 15th degree of Aquarius. The day of the returning of the “Light” (spiritual enlightenment), the day named for “the preparation of the Birth of the Lamb,” the day of the light bearer’s return with the new light for the New Year. On this day in 1962, the sun rose then went into a total eclipse. The Light bearer burst out of the underworld, and then showed us her dark baby. Another name for the light bearer is Lucifer. Instead of the brilliant life giving light of the Sun, we have a dark Sun/Son rising! Now where on the planet did this total eclipse occur? The first link below will give you the path of the total eclipse. It started west of Mexico and went south of Hawaii. The first land the total eclipse touched was Dai Island of the Solomon Islands; the last part was East Borneo. Somewhere within the path of this total eclipse is where I surmise the Anti-Christ was born. It could be on land, a boat, or on a luxury cruiser. (Note: See ***in footnotes for more NASA Maps and Links for Total eclipse.) We do not know if this child is a female or male but we know s/he was born in the morning. Who knows? Perhaps there may be more than one; maybe there are twins, the proverbial “heir and a spare.” If s/he was born on a ship s/he can be a citizen of any country. Let’s return to Eclipse patterns. All eclipses run in a series called a Saros cycle. There are approximately 72 eclipse cycles of 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours in one Saros Cycle. The total eclipse of February 05, 1962 is in the Saros Cycle 130, which started on August 20, 1096 and ends on October 25, 2394 ( If the 1096 date rings with recognition…Yes, it was the month and year the first Crusade was launched. So will the AC be the leader of the last crusade? A brief review of the Crusades reveals that they had little to do with the love of the Divine; they had to do with politics, profits, and over population. The AC will also have little to do with the basic message of all the religions. …Love. S/he will play upon the self-righteous, the proud, the intolerant, and the fanatical…. Here is a sample of what one of these people will say: “I love you! But I am going to have to kill you to save your soul.” Talk about fuzzy logic! But wait. …there is more! This happened while all the classical planets conjoined in a rare astronomical Grand Conjunction. All were within 16 degrees of each other, in the sign of Aquarius. In my estimation, the perfect combination for the Anti-Christ would be a triple Aquarius, (Aquarius Sun, Moon, and Ascendant), born as the Sun was rising totally eclipsed. But alas, due to the time and place of the total eclipse this did not play out. What we do have is a birth at the opening of the Ancient South Gate, which released the Energy of the Chaldean Winter Solstice (15 Aquarius) by a Dark Sun on the festival of the return of Light. It reminds me of W.B. Yeats poem written in 1920, The Second Coming. Turning and turning in the widening gyre, The falcon cannot hear the falconer; things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, the blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity. Surely some revelation is at hand; Surely the Second Coming is at hand. The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out when a vast image out of Spritus Mundi Troubles my sight: somewhere in the sands of the desert a shape with lion body and the head of a man, A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun, is moving its slow thighs, while all about it reel shadows of the indignant desert birds. The darkness drops again; but now I know that twenty centuries of stony sleep were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle, And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? Continued on Page 15…


An Educational Vision Quest By Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D, D.D.

From 1908 until 1992 UCM taught its’ ministers through what some call the Socratic method. This was our Life Path Program; which continues to this date. An individual would find a UCM Minister who shared their theological philosophy and study with them for a minimum of one year to become a Licentiate Minister and a minimum of another year to become an Ordained Minister. We really do embrace and practice our belief that each person must find and travel his or her own path to the Light, and that no single set of fixed rules is applicable to everyone in their spiritual quest. The Life Path model seemed to fit the requirements of this time and allow a truly personal theological path. In 1992 we realized, through a lot of requests, that we needed a more formalized program for individuals who required degrees and from students who didn’t have a UCM minister in their area to study with. This need became our vision quest, “to create a formal theological degree program for an individual.” We worked on this program, first completing the undergraduate Associate and Bachelor of Theology Programs. We applied for and received the California Postsecondary and Vocational Religious Exemption #7472210. We then were able to complete our accreditation through The Accrediting Commission International, the largest non-governmental seminary accrediting organization.

The next big step was a graduate program and we wanted to complete this no later that 2008 as a part of our 100 year celebration. Happily we were able to roll out the Master of Theology Degree by our 2007 annual meeting and yes, we completed the Doctor of Divinity by May of 2008, fully accredited at our 100-year celebration.

The creation of this program represented a community vision quest for UCM. It is the intent of this program to facilitate individuals in their personal spiritual growth, by designing a comprehensive ministerial degree program that includes components of comparative religion, spiritual and holistic healing models, spiritual counseling techniques, and techniques for ongoing spiritual growth. We want you to walk your own Vision Quest and discover through the Degree Program your spiritual journey. You may take the program to become a Healer Practitioner, Licentiate Minister or Ordained Minister. You may also take the program for personal growth and a better understanding of spiritual teachings from around the world. We actually had a businessman who travels extensively for his corporate job take the program to better understand the different cultures he encountered. Your degree is what you make of it and how it works for you in your day-to-day life. We have graduates that work as drug and alcohol pastoral counselors, in hospice organizations, in the public school system to fight violence with special programs, as counselors and healers (holistically, and spiritually). We have graduates that became ministers and founded their own charters or who quietly work as solitary ministers however their heart calls to them. We have Christians, Wiccans, Hindus Buddhists, those that follow a Goddess path and those that just want to embrace the best of all paths. This diversity is the strength of who and what UCM is. Below you will find a basic overview of the requirements of both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs. These programs allow you to work at your own pace. We have ministers that work with you via computer, phone or regular mail. We will tailor our communication to fit your needs in most cases. For additional information we invite you to visit the website and click on the Education tab and then Degree Program. You may also learn more about our community in the Read Our Blog portion.


U.C.M. Remote Degree Program “Within this gathering of friends, we learn to listen to the voice within, the voice that asks. What’s next? Where is the meaning? What is my purpose? We are seekers learning to discover and share our visions, our purpose, and ourselves.” [Danetta]

Undergraduate Program Associate of Theology Degree Program 147 hours of study. Total class hours of study: 117 9 - modules of study with testing after each module, 13 hours each. Tests include essay and true and false. All essay tests will be pass or fail 30 - Hour Thesis - Pass or Fail Speech Course

Bachelor of Theology Degree Program 313 hours of study 9 - Modules of study with testing after each module, 25 hours each. Tests include essay and true or false questions. All essay tests will be pass or fail. Total class hours of study: 225 60 - Hour Thesis - Pass or Fail 20 - Hour Counseling Course 8 - Hour CPR certification

Graduate Program Master of Theology Degree Program 615 hours of study. Total class hours of study: 315 9 - modules of study with testing after each module, 35 hours each. Tests include essay and true and false. All essay tests will be pass/fail 300 - Hour Thesis - Pass or Fail OR 1200 hours Practicum. Combinations hours are considered.

Doctor of Divinity Program 615 hours of study. Total class hours of study: 315 9 - modules of study with testing after each module, 35 hours each. Tests include essay and true and false. All essay tests will be pass/fail 300 - Hour Thesis - Pass or Fail OR 1200 hours Practicum. Combinations hours are considered.

Reverend DeBry has been a member of UCM since 1988. She chartered Solar Cross “A New Beginning” Postsecondary School and Wellness Center along with a California Board of Registered Nursing continuing education program. Currently she is the Vice President of the UCM Board of Trustees and Dean of Seminary. You may reach her for questions at


Continued from Page 5… Releasing Negative Entities with EBERT

A  spirit  guide  does  not  attach  to  a  human  and  cannot  be  exorcised,  although  it  can  be  dismissed.  Spirit  guides   are  usually  more  spiritually  evolved  than  the  humans  they  mentor,  and  consequently  are  at  a  higher  vibrational   level.  Earthbound  entities  are  not  spiritually  evolved.  They  cannot  generate  their  own  energy  and  have  such   low  vibration  they  are  often  undetected  by  spirit  guides.     When  do  EBEs  attach     Earthbound  entities  may  attach  anytime  from  immediately  after  their  death  to  hundreds  of  years  later.  The   newly  deceased  spirit  may  hover  or  float  near  the  scene  of  death—the  hospital,  battlefield,  accident  site  or  any   place  of  death.  It  may  later  describe  rushing  to  its  home  to  be  near  the  family.     Attachment  to  any  given  person  may  be  completely  random,  even  accidental.  Most  of  the  time  no  connection   can  be  found  between  the  earthbound  entity  and  the  host.  The  attachment  is  simply  a  result  of  an  accident  of   time  and  location.  The  surprised  entity,  oblivious  of  the  spiritual  reality,  unaware  of  any  other  place  to  go,   simply  gives  up  and  settles  in.     From  the  standpoint  of  the  living,  we  are  vulnerable  any  time  our  aura  is  vibrating  at  a  reduced  rate.  The  aura  is   an  electromagnetic  force  field  that  surrounds  our  body.  Every  living  thing  on  this  earth  has  an  aura.  When   energized,  the  aura  acts  as  a  shield,  protecting  us  from  most  psychic  attacks,  negative  energies,  attachments,   etc.  Dr.  Edith  Fiore  explains  how  the  aura  works  in,  The  Unquiet  Dead.     Most  surgical  anesthetics  leave  you  completely  vulnerable  and  open  to  the  penetration  of  an  entity.  Trauma  of   various  kinds,  either  emotional  or  physical,  can  create  a  temporary  collapse  of  the  aura’s  system.  Similarly,  all   huge  emotions,  such  as  panic,  rage,  desperation,  can  be  responsible  for  the  collapse  of  the  defense  system.   Physical  shocks  are  also  among  common  causes  that  may  allow  an  entity  to  penetrate.  Intoxication  by  any   substance,  taking  medications,  unconsciousness,  giving  birth,  or  being  sexually  assaulted  are  other   circumstance  that  can  weaken  the  aura  and  make  people  susceptible  to  attachment.     Think  of  your  aura  as  your  etheric  immune  system.  You  can  keep  from  physically  catching  a  cold  by  building  up   your  resistance  with  a  proper  diet  and  vitamins.  You  can  strengthen  your  resistance  to  earthbound  entity   attachment  by  keeping  your  vibration  raised  and  your  aura  strong.  Just  as  most  people  don’t  know  where  they   pick  up  a  particular  “flu  bug,”  an  earthbound  entity  attachment  may  be  a  complete  surprise  to  the  average   victim.     Keep  your  aura  strong     One  of  the  things  you  can  do  right  now  to  strengthen  your  aura  is  surround  yourself  with  golden  white  Light.   This  is  the  Christ  Light.  Think  joyful,  loving  thoughts.  Sing,  laugh,  play,  do  things  that  empower  you  and  make   you  happy.       Most  of  all,  stop  judging  others  or  yourself.  Love  unconditionally,  with  no  strings  attached  and  surround   yourself  with  positive,  joyful,  interesting,  adventurous  people.  Like/love  yourself  the  way  you  are  right  now.     You  can  also  keep  your  aura  strong  by  avoiding  the  following  things  that  weaken  the  aura:     •   excessive  negative  emotions,  such  as  anger,  rage,  panic,  fear   •   depression,  sadness   •   being  startled   •   drug/alcohol  overdose  and  abuse    


• anesthesia,  even  mild  doses  of  pharmaceutical  drugs   •   severe  illness,  even  long  term  illness  that  is  not  severe   •   violence,  hostilities,  wars,  battles,  assaults   •   hate,  hateful  thinking,  contemplating  revenge  and  evil  deeds   •   emotional  or  physical  trauma   •   physical  shock  such  as  a  blow  to  the  head   •   any  condition  that  creates  unconsciousness   •   fatigue,  especially  exhaustion     About  Corky  Whitacre     Rev.  Corky  Whitacre  has  been  a  practitioner  of  various  alternative  healing  techniques  for  more  than  25  years;   including  hypnotherapy,  EarthBound  Entity  Releasement  Technique,  Neuro-­‐Linguistic  Programming,  Time  Line   Therapy,  spiritual  counseling,  empowerment  and  motivational  coaching.     She  uses  regression,  issue-­‐specific  hypnosis,  reframing,  clearing  of  the  past,  forgiving  of  the  past,  losing  the  guilt   and  judgment,  affirmations  visualization,  and  earth-­‐bound  entity  release  to  allow  clients  to  set  and  accomplish   their  goals  and  eliminate  habits,  ideas,  beliefs,  language,  self  image,  etc.  that  obscure  the  path  or  get  in  the  way   of  successfully  reaching  their  goals.  Her  practice  is  dedicated  to  actually  removing  obstacles  that  prevent  the   client  from  the  possibilities  available  to  them.     After  completing  certification  classes  in  1985    Palo  Alto  School  of  Hypnotherapy,  Corky  became  a  certified   clinical  hypnotherapist.  She  created  the  EarthBound  Entity  Releasement  Technique  in  1993,  studied  Neuro-­‐ Linguistic  Programming  (NLP)  and  Time  Line  Therapy  with  Alexis  Stone  in  1990,  and  began  her  UCM   ministerial  training  with  Father  John  Lawrence  in  1980.  She  became  an  ordained  UCM  minister  in  2004.  

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emotional, mental and spiritual changes in their life. It is Alexandria’s “desire to promote spiritual healing and facilitate others on their journey” as she steps into her role as a Minister.

Canadian Ordinations: On September 27, 2009 UCM Trustee Reverend Richard Jelusich ordained three of his students who

Reverend Claudia Orr is a Reiki Master and has completed the three-year healers training with Reverend Jelusich. She is a very dedicated and compassionate individual who works diligently to help lift the spiritual awareness of others. She believes ministry is a life of service. She wants to be of service.

Reverend’s California Reverend Sheryl Hodgins was ordained November 12, 2009 with President Reverend Sandy Clark as officiant. Sheryl was a Reiki student of Reverend Fran Brown from 2001 to 2009 at the Reiki Center for Healing Arts in San Mateo. California. When Reverend Brown made her transition, Reverend Clark stepped in to assist

had been participating in his Healer Training for the Whole Human Being Classes in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Reverend Kim Beckett is an experienced and gifted healer that applies her spiritual vision through her art of touch. Her talents include massage therapist, energy worker, and Traeger Practitioner. She is also a student of the Native Spirituality and has studied with elders and shamans both locally and in Mexico. It is her “desire to continue on her spiritual path as well as assist others on their spiritual awareness journey, and be of service to humanity and all life”. She applies her ministry through her healing gifts. Reverend Alexandria Grice is a gifted massage therapist and healer that applies her gifts in a supportive and proactive manner. She focuses on those who have been injured through accidents, are expecting a newborn, or are experiencing physical,

Sheryl in completing her requirements for Ordination. Sheryl has dedicated her spiritual focus to the practice and teaching of Reiki healing. She has also devoted

12 12

her time and support as a member of the Board at the Reiki Center as well as many other supportive rolls. “It is not the function of God’s teachers to evaluate the outcome of their gifts. It is merely their function to give them” she quoted from A Course in Miracles, which she has facilitated and has practiced for many years. Reverend Hodgins is continuing the work of her mentor and teacher Reverend Fran Brown by continuing the Reiki practices and Reiki teaching at the Reiki Center for Healing Arts #2 UCM #823, which she now holds the charter for.

Florida Certification On October 25, 2009 in St Petersburg Florida, Reverend Jacqueline Hinz of The Temple of Love and Healing UCM #759 held a ceremony to present Licentiate Certification to three new ministers. Here in the words of Reverend Hinz is a little bit about each of them. Minister Howard Eisner Jr. first came to the Temple in 2008 from Orlando Florida as a retired schoolteacher. Howard is a healer and receives songs and lectures intuitively. He has the gifts of clairvoyance and clairaudience. Howard has studied healing and quantum touch, taken classes in psychic development,

because he is a hugger too. Minister Barbara Sue Hopkins is a certified nurse’s assistant. She is one of a few selected for the Chaplain Training Program for Community Chaplain Service with hospitals, hospice and nursing homes in our community. Barbara formerly studied with Rev. Tom McQuade for ministerial training and in April this year came to finish her studies with me at the Temple of Love and Healing. She studied has psychic development and tone frequencies and sound healing. Barbara works at guiding people spiritually and listening to them. Barbara also guides and encourages al-non and narc-non support groups. She heals and receives intuitively, writes and speaks. Barbara has blossomed here; she has many more years to serve and will continue to learn so she is only going to get better. Minister Doris Iola Logsdon formally studied with Reverend Helen Williams and Reverend Eileen Hull Both her teachers have passed on. At this time Doris takes care of her totally disabled mother and her father. Doris owns a successful dog walking business, and whatever else she does with dogs they are well taken care of. Doris is a Reiki Master and knows her herbs. She follows Native American teachings and she is intuitive. She does full moon ceremonies, sweat lodges, and pipe ceremonies. Doris is a member in good standing, volunteers at the Temple as a healer and does the yard work. She has a heart of gold and has demonstrated her reliability and dedication. She will continue to study and apply herself to the path she has chosen.


professional development and improvement, and Tones for Living. Howard has always sung in a choir. Here we made him a soloist. One would think being a schoolteacher being up here wouldn’t scare him, but it is different up here, and now he had to sing all by himself. He took to it though, and we all enjoy him. Howard also has learned to lead us in meditation and prayer. He also serves in pastoral care with the ill and injured. Howard is just a wonderful man that laughs with the rest of the members here and is always eager to learn and help out around here. Howard will be an 13 excellent addition to UCM and The Temple of Love and Healing and we welcome him with open arms 13

Healer Kathryn Mikel received her Certificate of Healing in October of 2009. She completed the Accelerated Healer Development Program with Reverend Eve Wilson. She works as a Licensed Counselor and has been studying various religions

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and spiritual practices for most of her life. She has had a calling to be of service for many years.


A Foundation for Love By Eve Wilson Seek love first within your own heart. Find it in the little things in your days and nights. Find it in the bathroom mirror, when you look into your own eyes and remember that the eternal and divine is within you and within everything. Love is a way of being and a way of interacting with life, where you make every act significant and every moment a gift to the creator. If God lived within you (and he/she does) what would God do today? How would he/she respond to your circumstances? Love yourself when you are angry because anger is fear that we aren’t loved and safe. So, open to that place within yourself where you recognize that your fear is a child and love yourself where you are small and wounded. Forgive yourself for being unkind when you feel this way. You are precious and divine. Give thanks for the things in life that stress you out, they are your greatest teachers. They ask you to find muscles and courage and power that you didn’t believe you owned. Being God in human form, all things exist within you in potential, but you may need to work harder to realize some gifts that you haven’t already mastered. Remember that you are eternal and unbreakable and a one of a kind gift of the creator. Listen to the still, small voice within. If it tells you that something is not what it seems, honor your inner wisdom. If it seems too good to be true, give it time, wait for it to reveal itself fully. If it feels right, but looks wrong, investigate further and ask is this perhaps a step in the right direction, but perhaps not what I ultimately desire? Don’t believe your eyes and your ears if your inner self tells you otherwise. Within you is the ability to know the truth, even though you don’t know how you know. Trust this; it is your most precious gift.  Pay attention. You are a precious gift of the divine and every moment, every circumstance, every act is an opportunity to master the gift that is your life. Be thankful for that. It is only through living through the days and nights of our lives that we realize the innate power that we possess. Being yourself is the only opportunity you have to know God. If you try to be what someone else wants you to be, if you judge yourself for being different, you miss the point and you waste your time. You are exactly perfect in each moment, exactly as you are. Who you are right now is the foundation for who you will be tomorrow. You 14 don’t have to be the pinnacle of perfection in an   ultimate sense. Build on what is genuine and you will 14   find fulfillment, joy and love. This article was written with

Reverend Milton Smith

Reverend Milton Smith made his transition on September 22, 2009. He was 77. Originally from Indiana, his family moved to California. He was ordained in 1985 and established Spiritual Light Church UCM #794. Along with his mother Reverend Mary Smith, they conducted church services, healing services and classes. His health prevented him from being active the last few months of his life, but he received many cards and greetings from his church friends. Over 100 of them attended his Celebration of Life sharing wonderful memories and singing the country songs he asked for. He wanted a party, and he got one. Reverend Norman Breen

Reverend Norman Breen was Ordained in March of 1993 and began his ministry with the Center for Creative Growth and Reverend Tom Garry here in California. He also was an astrologer who shared his insights with us in articles he wrote for our magazine and his newsletters. He taught metaphysical classes, and had focused on a prayer ministry for the past few years. For a while he lived in Arizona, but moved back to Turlock, California to be closer with his family. He had a smile for all of us, and wanted to serve. Reverend Kenneth Keck

Reverend Kenneth Keck made his transition on December 22, 2009. He was ordained in 1988. He worked closely with his wife Reverend Ollie Foster Keck who holds the Spirit of Grace UCM #766 in Sacramento, California. Reverend Keck spent his time providing lectures for Sunday services, holding weekly message circles and teaching ministry and psychic development classes. He officiated at weddings, christenings, and funerals. He also wrote the quarterly newsletter for the church. He was a gifted Reiki Master and healer. He once wrote “I have a busy, fulfilling life” A memorial service for Reverend Keck was held in Citrus Heights in January.

Fractal Colors by: Reverend Steve Waites Lets talk about color. Color imparts meanings in two primary ways, natural association, the colors of nature would be a good example, and psychological symbolism, which includes everything from traffic signs to the brand name marketing found in every store across the land! Symbolism and its associated use of color are big business. Multinational corporations know this, and spend enormous amounts of time and effort, perfecting the latest marketing image, which they hope, will elicit the required mood or emotional response. Often times, the judicious use of color can forge a powerful subjective link between our emotions and memories. For example, Green’s relationship with nature naturally conveys the inherent dynamic of growth and freshness, whereas Red usually signifies an action item!  

Color is also a very important component when it comes to coloring fractals. Fractals may be thought of as being like really complex geometric shapes, consisting of lots of data! Much of the data needs to be discarded or at least modified so that the resulting image is more pleasing to the eye. This composition has pastel shades for the background. Psychologically, pastel shades are meant to have a calming effect. The pink may remind us of Valentines Day, which is all about love, and Yellow is often associated with Easter, and the apparently tenuous connection between baby chicks and Easter Eggs! As for the rest, well I'll just let you, the gentle reader decide... Minister Steve Waites became a UCM Minster on Sept 10th 1997 and graduated with his Bachelor of Theology Degree during the UCM conference in 2004. Steve is currently working on his Master of Theology with UCM and is doing his master’s thesis on fractals. He often tells me that fractal study has been like a mission from God for the last two years. For those interested in more fractal data please go to the UCM website and click on read our blog. From the blog click on the general topic icon to the right and you may read more about Minister Steve Waite’s wonderful fractal information and amazing journey. Minister Steve Waites has also posted some other examples of his work on Kala Ambrose's website


Continued from Page 7… Astrology of the Anti-Christ’s Birth Since we do not know the exact location of the birth, I cast a chart for Kia, on Saint Isabel in the Solomon Islands. Feb 5, 1962 at 11:11 AM, -11 time zone. 07S33, 155E26. It will give you something to work off of. The reason I chose this place was because it was the first large, inhabited piece of land that the eclipse touched. This location gives the Anti Christ an Aries Rising and an Aquarian stellium in the 10th house. And you thought you had a tough chart! Book of Revelations I went to a lecture at the San Francisco Astrological Society, Astrologer Don Cerow of talked on “The Astrology of the Book of Revelations”. This lecture was one of the most fascinating, groundbreaking talks on Astrology I have ever been to. His book on the subject will be available soon. Go to his website for more information. He talked about how the old prophets were predicting the birth and death of the Piscean Age in the Book of Revelations, and how the seven stars in “the scroll” that attaches the two fishes of Pisces are what the old prophets called the Seven Seals. The first star or seal is called Piscium Alpha and the last Piscium Omega. . Alpha and the Omega are mentioned only three times in the Bible, all in the Book of Revelations. To decipher their predictions you have to know the Divine Science of Astrology! The Age of Aquarius: The constellation of Pisces is 39 to 41 degrees in length. See this link for an example of measuring constellations: It doesn’t fit into the neat 30 degree sections of a chart. Both ends of Pisces overlap the adjacent constellations: Aries on one end and Aquarius on the other. If you are wondering why the Ages go backwards from the Age of Aries, to the Age of Pisces, to the Age of Aquarius it is due to what is called, “Precession.” ***. As a sign precesses backwards, the degrees of that sign get smaller. Jesus was born at the end of the Age of Aries, 00 Aries 00. As Don pointed out, Jesus was called the Lamb of God and is often pictured holding a lamb. The ram is the symbol for Aries. As the last part of the constellation of Aries stopped touching the constellation of Pisces, Jesus Christ was born. The age of Aries the Ram was over. As Aries reduced by degree, it was like a ram reducing in age and becoming a lamb. Jesus was holding the symbol of the dying Age in his arms. (As for the birth of Jesus see one interpretation; Chart of Jesus in the footnotes.) According to Don’s work, in our time, the first part of Aquarius the water bearer will touch Pisces on February 11/12 of 2013. It will come in with the energy of youth, as all Ages do. Turmoil and major Earth shifts will occur as the 8th seal, represented by the star Piscium Omega, is opened. The beginning of the end of Pisces goes into play. The true confluence of Ages will begin. Two rivers of Energy will pound and intermingle. Aquarius, the water bearer, will bear the brunt of what was manifested during the watery Piscean age. And a new prophet’s Energy will be born. But the Age of Aquarius without a Piscean influence will not happen until 2597. *** Remember that the constellation of Pisces overlaps Aquarius. At some point due to precession the fixed star Fomalhaut**** will be activated. When it does, the time of healing will commence. Currently Fomalhaut is around 3 degrees of Pisces. Fomalhaut, the mouth of the fish, is the major star in the constellation of Pisces Austrinus. ***** This fish constellation was said to be the mother of the two Piscean fish. Aquarius is pouring what many think is “the 5th element of ether” into this fishes mouth. Since Aquarius is an air sign why would he be pouring water? If it is not water but the fifth element, maybe what Aquarius is doing is healing the wounds we have inflicted on our collective souls during the Piscean age? One can only hope that this is the case. Conclusion: Is the Anti Christ on our planet at this time? Are these the End Times? We are about to collide with the Aquarian Energy for the first time on Feb 12, 2013; even though we have felt the approaching Energy probably since the 1840’s. Kind of like riding white water rapids. Always starts off slow. Since we live in a polarity universe, when one side of the cart is tilled to an extreme, another equal but opposite force will be born to bring the world into balance…like the spirals of hurricanes…or weird images in the night skies over Norway. These are the ways and challenges of our plane of existence. The Great Age of Pisces is starting to end and the Great Age of Aquarius is manifesting. The way of life as we have known it will end. Yes, these are the end times…. the ending of an Age, and a way of life, but not the world. Is the Anti Christ here? I don’t know. What about the chart? Hundreds of people were born on that day, but few under the total eclipse. If it is not the Anti Christ’s chart, whom does it belong to? Probably it belongs to one of the minions of Chaos, born to bring us to the brink of destruction prior to the rebalancing. As Jesus and the people of his time had Tiberius, so will the Aquarian Age pathfinders and prophets have theirs. The last crusade is forming. The evil we face as I see it is our collective ignorance, intolerance and imbalance with nature. I do believe that there is a gathering of forces greater than our third dimensional human bodies can understand and I truly believe other dimensional beings are gathering for the show. Whether it is angels or aliens, contacts are on the increase. With our solar systems Sun coming out of a dormant solar flare period, the Earth shifting will be activated. Remember, think locally, love the land and all animals, know your neighbors and prepare. The government will not be there to give you help but your neighbors will be. The hope is in the image of Aquarius feeding the mother of the Piscean fish. Love is the answer.


Footnotes: * Magi the plural of Magus. Magi was the name given to the three wise men in the Bible. Yes, they were Chaldean Astrologer priests. It is probably why they slipped through the net the King had set for them. ** Note: You can move and zoom into various parts of this awesome map that NASA made. To open the following links, place your cursor over the link, hold down the control button and click your mouse. This next link is for you eggheads (said with fondness!), it is the Besselian Elements for the Feb 05 1962 Eclipse. This link is a world graphic of the Eclipse. ***If you are wondering why the great ages move backwards, it is called Precession. We move backward through the zodiac 1 degree every 72 years.

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Transform your life during the Spring Equinox by: Reverend Kala Ambrose Spring Equinox also known as the first day of Spring, has an official date of Saturday, March 20th 2010 at 1:32pm Eastern Time. The Spring Equinox marks a seasonal cycle of rebirth, where the knowledge cultivated from the Fall Equinox (a focused period of self-introspection and reflection) blossoms into creative action.

There are tremendous transformational powers available during the equinox and solstices during these three-day periods (the day before, equinox or solstice day and the day after). When we understand the transmutational properties available during these cycles, we can create great change in our lives. In order to know what we must transform, we must understand the past experiences reflected upon during the Fall Equinox, which then allows us to regenerate this information into wisdom and enhance who we are.

We can not fully understand what we have not experienced. Through the action of applied knowledge and experience, we develop the inner wisdom to answer such questions. By doing this, we honor the people and experiences who impacted us on our path, and in honoring these things, we make them sacred and of great personal value. Thus, on Spring Equinox, these carefully planted seeds from the Fall, can now bloom into new life for each us, and we can begin again. It is with this knowledge, that we can change our future. This is created by refocusing our attention on what we truly want to manifest and then actively creating the right atmosphere and attitude to bring it to fruition. Spring reminds us of our ability to be reborn and this is one example of the greatest gifts we were given here on earth, which is the abundant, creative and transforming energy found in nature. We can connect with nature to assist with our growth and development. Ancient schools taught how to observe the powerful events occuring in nature to connect with the energy here on earth (below) with the energy from the higher planes (above). This act brings forth the balance and growth of the As Above So Below teachings. These teachings included a series of rituals designed to assist students in connecting with each powerful and sacred festival of the year. Some of these rituals have been adjusted for modern life, (such as in ancient times, there were pools where students went to purify in the water each evening, rather than showering as we do today). Presented here are activities you can do on each of three days of the Equinox, to release the energy within you, connect with the energy of the Equinox and transform your life. The Equinox ritual consists of two parts, the outward celebration and the inner rebirth. The Eve of the Equinox: Reflect upon the seeds (thoughts and goals) you planted during the Fall Equinox and New Year. Consider the lessons and experiences of the past six months and decide what is hindering progress with your goals. Ask yourself — What important seeds of truth need to be revealed this spring, in order for me to truly know myself and step into my power-filled being? It’s time to awaken from your period of hibernation, inactivity and self-introspection and put these thoughts and plans into action! To awaken your higher self and activate your growth cycle, begin the Equinox ritual by taking a shower. As the water flows over your body, imagine all negative energy being removed and washed away from you. As you dry off, visualize white light around your body and say out loud, "All That Happens, Happens for Good – Divine Order is working through me now"!


Day One of the Equinox: It’s time for Spring Cleaning. Clean your house and remove clutter. As you clean each room and the items in it, do so with reverence and appreciation for the abundance in your life. Cover your home in loving energy as you clean, picturing you and your loved ones in each room, feeling happy, content, joyful and relaxed. By this evening, you are ready to smudge each room with white sage to purify and cleanse each room. End the day with the shower and ritual from the equinox eve. For more information on how to consciously change the energy in your home, read my article: 5 steps to consciously change the energy in your home Day Two of the Equinox:

This day is what people refer to as “Equinox Day”, It is the day to Celebrate Rebirth, Renewal and Abundance. It is a time to toast to plans of action and growth, ie, “a garden in bloom”! Celebrate with rituals including creating and sharing Equinox baskets with loved ones and friends. The day culminates with dinner to celebrate renewal, rebirth and the magic of the seasons and life and all the wonder it brings, along with sharing dreams being brought into fruition this year. This is a powerful day to put plans into action.

In ancient times, this was celebrated with an outward and inward celebration: •

Exoterically (outwardly) – people celebrated with egg hunts, (a symbol of the earth and rebirth), by giving and decorating with bunnies, (a universal symbol of fertility for both body – act of creation with birth and mind – turning thoughts into fruition) and by giving baskets, (a symbol of abundance). A special dinner with family and friends is also common to celebrate the return of Spring and renewal.

Esoterically (inwardly) - people took action on the seeds (goals) that they planted during the Fall Equinox. Spring presented the time and divine opportunity to step forward and create oneself anew with the tools of Gratitude, Abundance and Creativity.

Day Three of the Equinox: Celebrate the renewal of Spring and the Divine Feminine. This is the time to emerge from Introspection and Self Observation, into Spring Renewal and Focus on Action, Creation and Celebration. The Equinox is a time to focus on a balance of exoteric and esoteric, and introverted and extroverted events. Suggestions to activate your creative side and bring new perspective and balance include: Planting flowers in the garden, taking on a new creative project (preferably something new you have not done before), decorating your home; saying thank you to the Universe for the Abundance of OPPORTUNITY in your life, accepting new challenges in order to grow and step closer to your goals, embracing the future; and spending time with people in your life who will encourage you with your dreams and aspirations. The Spring Equinox is a great time to jump start your goals. Now is the time of Action! It has never made sense with the Julian calendar, that one would create new year resolutions in the dead of winter on January 1st. Your dreams were planted as seeds of thought in the Fall and now is time to tend to your garden and bring forth beautiful blooms of creativity. Decide Now what actions you will take immediately and where you wish to be and proceed from there. May the journey into the sacred garden grow in delight with each step!

Kala Ambrose is an award winning author, intuitive and talk show host of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show. Described by her guests and listeners as discerning, empowering and inspiring, she speaks with world renowned authors, artists, teachers and researchers delving into metaphysical, holistic and paranormal topics. Kala's book, 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled delves into the mysteries of ancient Egyptian mystery schools and explains their wisdom teachings. Kala lectures on Esoteric Teachings, Developing Business Intuition, Working with Auras, Chakras and Energy Fields, and Wise Woman Wisdom (also known as the Divine Feminine). Kala writes a column as the National Metaphysical Spirituality Writer for Kala's Guided Meditations CD's include a Sacred Site Trilogy of Spirit of Hawaii, Egyptian Mystery Temple and Tibetan Mountain Journey. More info: Join Kala in July 2010 as she teaches at the prestigious Omega Institute for a weekend workshop entitled: Energy Anatomy: Exploring and Healing Your Aura and Chakras.


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