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President’s Message Reverend Sandy Clark

Ten year’s ago this coming August I was installed as your President. As I stand here today, it does and it does not seem like ten years. As I have stated before, I had no idea when I became a minister with UCM in the 1980’s, that it would go anything beyond my finding, I hoped, my spiritual self. I was choosing to become a minister as my way of making myself whole. At the time I was a single parent, working in the corporate field, and was exploring my spiritual side, which was buried deep inside me and I wanted to bring that part of me out. My friends did not at all understand why I was becoming a minister, and they did not see this church as anything they could relate to. But I knew it was what I needed to do, and trusted that instinct. As you all know once we are on the pathway of Light we have adventures we never expected and I am no exception! I have always referred to UCM as Spirits church, and I do my best to be open to their direction, and they have given to me the opportunity to learn in ways I never expected. First, my vision of a person leading a church was not at all what I thought I represented. I also thought at the time you needed a calling, and let me clarify that in my naive way I thought some voice would thunder through my head with words of wisdom and that would be all I needed. Well it just dose not happen that way at all. Some hear words, some feel, some see, some just know, spirit knows how to communicate with each of you. You just need to learn to trust it, and not to expect it to be in a certain way. I have been extremely fortunate to have some supporting members who help guide me. I am not always happy to hear what they have to say, and as one comments I like to say no way too much. I am working on that, however without their Love and support I would not be the person I am today. I am extremely grateful to all of them. Some are now in spirit, and I feel them with me today. No one does this work alone, as they say; it takes a village and you are all part of that village. I often comment about some of the things I end up doing, indicating I must have misread the small print when I agreed to this lifetime, but really I did not. I probably assumed it would be a lot easier because all of you would be with me and if you could do it, so could I. At our 100th year celebration I made reference to UCM being here for what I intended was another 100 years, but I got my numbers wrong and committed us to 1,000 years! What we are doing is laying the groundwork for those upcoming 1,000 years. Last year I asked you to join with me in a guided meditation in the Gardens of Universal Church of the Master, where we weeded and cultivated the gardens representing each of the previous UCM presidents along with on for me. Today I ask that you take a deep breath and in your mind return to that garden.

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


In 1908 a group of like minded people formed UCM and began lighting the path for us to follow. In the garden you will see some of our members who began this church helping to keep the gardens fertile and growing. See how excited they are that the gardens have continued to grow and flourish. I would ask that you now personally thank them for the work they did so that we could be here today, for without them there would be no UCM. If you feel so inclined, take the plant or flower that is being offered to you and plant it. This is your commitment to the continued growth of UCM. In the past the gardens have had only pathways and plants, now there are fountains, benches, and places to meditate. In the center is a large white building similar to a palace with golden white light emanating from within. As you approach the building you hear Angels singing and music that truly lifts your soul. This is the loving energy you as UCM members send out to others with every beat of your heart. Take a moment now to look around, the gardens are lush, birds are singing, and the water in the fountain gurgles music. Take another deep breath, this is UCM, this is you. See how you have grown in this past year and how much you have to offer. You are a gift of Love. It is time to leave the garden and I ask you now to return to this room. Open your eyes, wiggle your toes, take several deep breaths. Look around you, see the Joy and Love in everyone around you, this is who you truly are and what represents UCM.

UCM Head quarters G arden

Again I remind you, we are abundant beings of Light and Love. We can achieve whatever we choose to achieve. Individually, we are formidable, collectively we are unstoppable. I thank you for using the tools available through UCM and helping UCM continue to grow. With Light and Love, Sandy

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


May the power of the stars above and the Earth below, Bless this place, this time, and all who gather here. In the name of the most High. Blessed be thy feet that they may walk gently on the earth And light shine on your path that you may walk without fear. Blessed be thy legs that they may stand firm for your convictions And dance with delight. Blessed by thy center may you hunger for peace and justice. Blessed be thy heart that you may always feel love and compassion for your Self and be open to receive the love and compassion of others. Blessed be thy lips and throat that you may always speak the truth. Blessed be thy nose that you may breathe in the sweet scent of the earth. Blessed be thy ears that you may hear the songs of life And the music of your soul. Blessed be thy eyes, that you may always see the beauty in yourself and The world around you.

I year s i h t f er Earli fication o : k r a i l cert nd C vere y for the er friend t e R a m n .H te fro a ceremo inisters for her th o n A g of eM part Licentiat a blessin with the ich is s a w d n h f our take e z rea py w one o a Sanche I was so ave a co ty of som . d r h it Juan d written if I could n the libe s. I share e a e she h g I asked have tak onal nam this year n s I i e s . bles d below oving per onferenc c e print and rem ut UCM g o n t i edit essing a rvice. l e t h is b S u n d a y S e at t h

Blessed be thy mind that you will seek knowledge, And act with wisdom. Blessed be they spirit with vision and wonder So you may celebrate all the tomorrows of your life’s journey. May the power of the One The source of all creation Bless you Now and always.

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


Accessing Your Goddess/God Box By Reverend Rebecca Thompson

When You’re Stuck in the Weeds We get stuck easily these days in what I call energetic weeds. These are fears/frustrations, uncertainties, despair/disappointments and stress. As with tending weeds you tug stress up and out, and then disappointments creep in to the same place. Before you know it, your spiritual garden, which had once blossomed with overflowing Love and Kindness, is now filled with large bushels of unwanted weeds! When I find myself stuck in the weeds and wondering what to do next, I write myself a note and leave it at reminder places to: “Look in your God Box.” Please know I use Goddess/God term to mean as broadly as possible: Divine Source, Divine Mystery, and All That Is - the space beyond the place of names. So, I have the “God Box” notes at home, at work and in the car reminding me of my profound discovery - perhaps not unique, but a discovery to me nonetheless - and I hope it’s helpful to you too.

CONNECT I discovered that St. Francis’ Peace Prayer is an ancient Living Program to Access Your God Box! Look at it with fresh eyes, you will see that it runs like a computer program and it starts like this:

“Lord Make Me a Instrument of Thy Peace.” When we upgrade this to today’s language and you allow yourself to really move into the “energetics of the program”, you will feel the Human Bio-Field move toward and become connected to something. As you consciously move into Source follow this connection and move more deeply into it:

“Make Me a Instrument of Source, or even better ~ Align Me to Source.”

FEEL Where within the physical, mental and emotional bodies do you hold your energetic weeds? Activating Source brings discovery of what is not aligned to Source. When you follow it energetically, you literally feel the misalignment as tight, constricted and the place to avoid.

Relax and Breath. The living program continues when you activate the well-spring of Source: “Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt; faith.” It’s a living program activating living, revitalizing, nourishing Divine Energy. Draw this into your garden of weeds and see/feel/sense what happens! As we connect to Source – we deeply realize that we are Love, we are Joy, we are Light. Through this conscious connection we remember and feel Source within us. It expresses the true nature of that Which We Are; yet we constantly play with that Which We Are Not.

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


What causes disturbance in your Field of Play? Just as movies and TV programs are fun to watch because they are filled with suspense, drama, and thrills; we play with aversion and attraction with our thoughts and feelings throughout the day - creating our next moment just as a movie script plays out in front of us. I like this, I don’t like that …

If we “watched” our thoughts from the outside we would see that we move very easily into the place of separation, of aversion:

Access ing Yo ur

I hate being late to work.

Godde ss/God Contin Box ued

I hate hitting every red light. I hate not having enough money. I hate my weight, my hair, my pain, and such.

These weeds are tight around us. They swirl about our Chakra energy points, and our various bodies - physical, emotional, mental, vibrational, etheric and spiritual. The various bodies then play out our responses to these weeds. Our response almost always leads to defensiveness - harnessing all bodies to respond: constricting tense muscles; headaches, heartburn, fatigue, grudges, mistrust, depression - and verbalizing words molded from injury, fear, doubt, anger.

ENGAGE At the first sign of these weeds, at the very beginning of moving away from Source, engage the living program: “Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith.” If you run the program first thing every morning, you will find that St. Francis’ living program also brings you to the deep realization/consciousness that we are not the weeds, nor the energetic vines of our dramas! Life continues to be ever expanding and changing, which gives us huge opportunities to recognize consciously that by fully connecting to Source: “Hope transforms Despair; Light transforms Darkness; and Joy is ever present and simply a single thought away.” I found you need space to work with Hope, Light and Joy! Believe it or not – these energetics are advance energetic program skills to run in the “face of despair, darkness and sadness.” You know people who are constantly sad, cannot find their Joy. They are still finding out how to vibrationally use their God Box. Perhaps you know people who can find Love, but perhaps they cannot find Pardon, which prevents them from being truly in Joy. Though it is there as the God Box contains this amazing essence - the true nature of Source - and the living program points the way; whether we realize it when we access our God Box or not. The ability to connect to Source gives you the ability to Console, to Understand, to Give.

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


Rev. Becca Thompson 408-206-4891 Weddings • Memorials • VortexHealing®

SURRENDER to EMPOWER The last part of the program is to let go – surrender Self:

“And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.” You actually have to surrender the little self who thinks it’s separate. Through the process of awakening, this little self dies. After the death of the little self, there is something that emerges that is No One, but All That Is. Living from this energetic space is what our Spiritual Masters call Enlightenment - Born to Eternal Life.

“Lord Make Me a Instrument of Thy Peace” Empower Your Way to Start Each Day! Namaste

Saint Francis of Assisi Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy. O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

A San Jose native, Rev. Becca Thompson works fulltime as an executive assistant at a large high-tech firm. As a wife and mother of four, she continuously strives to develop her spiritual self. Becca studied for two years at the Universal Church of the Master (UCM) they have an extensive, California accredited ministerial training program - and was ordained Reverend on January 25, 2009. Currently, Rev. Becca is a very active member of the Center for Creative Living (UCM Charter #801) church, UCM's largest charter. For many years Rev. Becca has studied several methods of hands-on healing such as Reiki and Huna. Her primary focus is working with divine energy consciousness, which began in 2006 when she took her first class in VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing. A Divine Healing art from the Merlin lineage, VortexHealing® is designed to transform the roots of emotional consciousness, heal the physical body, and awaken freedom within the human heart. Rev. Becca received her healing certificate in September 2010 and continues to study this truly amazing healing art. Rev. Becca Thompson is available for weddings, memorials, and healing session work. * VortexHealing® is a registered service mark of Ric A. Weinman. All rights reserved. This mark can only be used by certified VortexHealing practitioners who have also signed a service mark license agreement with Ric A. Weinman.

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


Bands of Power: the first Munay-Ki Rite By Ellen Henson and Susan Thompson

History Direct descendants of the Inca, the Q’ero withdrew to the high mountains in the time of the Spanish invasion. About 50 years ago, their elders initiated contact with the outer world to offer the sacred teachings kept pure for our times. As did their Inca ancestors, the Q’ero work with Light, Intention, and Energy. They keep alive mountain grids, and deep connections with earth, by sending and receiving these energies. Using these invisible energies, they maintain sacred spaces and stones in the Andes keeping both sites and connections alive via offering ceremonies, rites and intention. The Q’ero feed both with sacred energy. e.g., simply greeting the sacred mountains and sites each time they eat. Knowing everything has living energy, the Qu’ero actively stay connected to the Web of Light and Life. One way they do this is through sharing the nine Munay-Ki rites. The rites offer us, in our awakened connection with the live energy of the rites, a way to feed the sacred places of our world, and, ourselves.

Overview Alberto Villoldo studied with the Q’ero elders thus bringing us these initiation rites. He states in his book The Four Insights that, “The training of the Laika revolves around the insights - but the Earthkeeper’s training also has an energetic component, or a series of nine initiations, that accompanies them.” These nine rites of passage can help us develop a new architecture in our Luminous Energy Field (LEF), for they anchor each of the critical junctures in the process of becoming Homo luminous. The rites are the sum total of attunements that we go through as we transit from the body of a human to that of an angel. First given to ancient teachers by the archangels themselves, these nine steps are now passed on from teacher to student. When an Earthkeeper performs these rites on a pupil, it’s the lineages that transmit itself, leaping from the head of the master to the student as they lean into each other and touch, forehead to forehead. To transmit this rite, the Earthkeeper simply maintains sacred space and embodies the vibration of the level she wants to transmit.” Each rite develops a different connection with the elements, the directions, archetypal allies, healing lineages, mountains, angelic guardians, the times of peace to come and our creator self. Each rite is a form of spiritual connection and protection. Each rite has its own ritual.

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


Bands of Power: the first Munay-Ki Rite Continued Reciprocity As well as passing on an energetic transmission each Munay-Ki rite brings balance and an opportunity for reciprocity. Reciprocity is far beyond the simple concept of balance; it is an overarching principle. More than a simple give and take, it is the understanding that EVERYTHING, absolutely everything, is alive, and, connected. The Q’ero term for reciprocity is anyi. It is used here as a dynamic centering point from which we are continually shifting and moving forward, with ease and grace throughout our lives. Anyi is being in alignment with our self, one another, our communities, our work, our play, our loved ones, the elements, the earth, and the cosmos. Anyi is being in harmony with everything and having harmonious, balanced relationships in all we do. Reciprocity is a heart-centered way; making it mental pushes it out of balance. Reciprocity allows for harmony, balance and release of attachment to outcome. As we let go, we are more in balance.

Reciprocity and the Bands of Power Receiving this rite plants a seed. Seeds each band is to connect with its correstrengthen connections with each element. ing outside while strengthening the conrelationship with an elemental focus. dream or meditate on it, draw the element through gratitude. Send it appreciation for

require nourishment. One way to nourish sponding element. It is important to Do this inside or outdoors; however, benection often provides a more direct Breathe it in, ask it for nourishment, into your appropriate band. Nourish it the gift it brings.

As the Bands of Power grow, they deepen the power of the elements and with perprotection through powerful allies: the eleof Power. With the Bands of Power in both directions, then regardless of the cirment, step, breath, and thought flows ing the peace and stillness of that point of

and strengthen both the connection with sonal power. This affords ever greater ments and Spirit weaved into the Bands place, and the connections working in cumstances of life around us, every mofrom anyi. Walk the world fearlessly becenter.

Bands of Power In this article the focus is on the first rite: the Bands of Power (also called the Bands of Protection). Five bands of Light are installed in your luminous energy field. One band for each element: earth, water, fire, air and pure light. Each acts as a filter, breaking down negative energies that come your way into the respective element so that these energies can feed you rather than making you toxic or ill. As the Bands of Power are always operating, negative energies bounce right off them. In a world filled with fear, these bands provide essential protection.

Alberto Villoldo states “Once this protection is in place and takes (~ 2 to 3 weeks) then you can dismantle the other forms of protections you may have unconsciously introduced into your life; your psychological protections, the body armoring; the things which keep you from experiencing life and which provide you with a false sense of safety. The Bands of Power provide a luminous protection which allows us to walk with safety, with grace, in the world

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


Bands of Power: the first Munay-Ki Rite Continued

Ellen Henson Ellen has been co-creating with Nature since she was a young girl. Along the way this has involved gardening, camping and hiking, star watching and communicating with a wide variety of Nature beings. Her degree in Chemistry aimed her to become a research associate involved in basic research of the eye for 15 years. This was followed by running her own catering business for 15 years. While involved in this form of service (and finally having enough people to cook for) she received her first attunement to Reiki, began making flower essences, became a hand analyst, started her shamanic studies and found the Life Insights Teachings. Now, a Reiki Master Teacher for over 10 years, Ellen teaches all levels of Reiki. An Essence Master and creator of the New Perspectives Essences she offers over 450 essences for personal transformation. An Advanced Accredited Life Insights Teacher she teaches both foundation level and graduate classes. Receiving the Munay Ki Rites in 2008 she has offered yearly trainings in them since 2009.

Susan Thompson Susan was drawn to study different philosophies and religions from an early age. While pursuing this interest, her studies pulled her to learn about various healing modalities as well. She has been a practitioner of yoga since the age of 19. She has a degree in Biology and supervised a Bacteriology Lab at Mass General Hospital. Susan has written two books on series characters created by women in mystery fiction. At her current job, she has been the Director of Human Resources for 13 years. Susan was trained in Bioenergy Balancing and has had her own practice since 1996. She researched the shamanic path of healing taught in the Spirited Plant Medicine program in 2005. She holds the energies of Third Degree in Reiki and is an animal communicator. In 2008, she received the Munay Ki rites, and has offered trainings in them since 2009. A continuing student of the Life Insights Teaching, Susan is a certified Exceleration Treatment practitioner, and is an Accredited Life Insights teacher (ALIT).

Ellen is also the founder of Animal Beacons of Light, an organization which donates stuffed animals to children of all ages around the world. These animals have been filled with the energies of Love, Joy, Comfort and Reiki. Now in their 11th year, the project has connected over 60,000 stuffies with recipients in ~60 countries. Ellen Henson A.A.L.I.T. , Essence Master Reiki Master Teacher, Hand Analyst Founder of Animal Beacons of Light 650-961-8777

Susan A. Thompson 408-245-3471

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present



Doub le Ed

By R ev. Ja

ne U nlan

“Why can’t she see this guy is no good for her?” my ten year old self wondered of my 18 year old sister.

ged S word , Gro d, pe wing n na up a me, J an s e Eli zabe th

“Well? What do you think of him?” she directed at me offhandedly with that dreamy little smile on her face. “I don’t like him. He’s not good for you.” I had her undivided attention then! She looked at me with that haughty older sister-knows-best stare as if to say, “What do you know? You’re just a ten year old kid.” Oh, I had seen that look before and knew better than to go against it. I clamped my mouth down on the retort I had been about to let fly; turned away shaking my head still wondering why she just didn’t seem to get what was so clearly obvious to me. After that incident, I started scrutinizing that guy’s every movement and word to see if I could figure out why I had this clear knowledge that he was not good for my sister. He said and did all the polite things at the appropriate times. I was confused, because he truly “seemed” like a normal, nice guy. Why did I absolutely know this relationship was a bad thing? At ten, of course, I just stayed confused, yet whole heartedly “knew” what I “knew” inside, but could come up with no concrete details why. I spent most of my childhood wondering why adults were so stupid. A true empath, “feels” things about places and people’s vibrations without necessarily having the added intuitive gifts of hearing or seeing the details behind the feelings. The whys. Consequently, an empath without the clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychic, etheric connection to other worldly guides and angels get strong, strong feelings without knowing what is behind the vibrations. Feeling crazy or confused can rule the day, because the normal five senses can be providing the brain with the exact opposite input to the intuitive empathic feelings thrumming through the core of the empath’s body and being. “Incoming!” my empathic self would shout. “Too much Incoming!” I’ve almost always had the experience of starting out feeling chipper when entering a Costco or big box store, mall, theater, crowded restaurant, party, club meeting, only to feel a slow draining of energy from my body, a lethargy that led to a headache, nausea, and the burning behind-the-eyes fever symptoms that overtook me the longer time I spent in one of these places. (Can I tell you how small boutiques and Mom and Pop grocery stores are my venues?) As I grew up, I noticed that when I came out of those people-filled, enclosed places into fresh air and a less crowded situation the “sick” sensations would magically lift from my body. “What is this? Why does this happen to me In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


an E

mpat h

The Double Edged Sword, Growing up as an Empath Continued As a pure empath, I’ve learned that I make a very good hermit. Because I get incoming vibrations off every person I encounter, every building I enter, from weather shifts, off the very ground I walk on, and from earth events around the globe (like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.); I have too much incoming most of the time. It’s like being inside a pinball machine and being constantly hit by random balls coming from every direction. (It’s a wonder I can function sanely at all.) I remember the first time I was in Washington, D.C. walking with my husband on the sidewalk outside the justice department. A wave of nausea hit me so hard and so suddenly that I had to sit on the curb with my head between my legs until the worst of it passed. Now that’s some intense vibrations! (No comment on what that says about that institution.) Then there are the times when I “go down” for no reason. Nothing is troubling in my life at the time, yet suddenly I feel so fluish and tired that I literally have to go lie down on the couch or go back to bed. There is no functioning on those occasions. “Turn on the news,” my husband says, as I lie, frustrated, by not knowing why I feel so badly that day. The last most vivid time that happened was the huge Tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004. I was in bed for three days during that disaster. Weird?! I don’t even want to talk about what happened to me when the twin towers in New York City went down. Growing up, I was the sickly kid, and got progressively sicker throughout my my husband and I, being at our wits ‘ to nature where there were less people San Jose, I might have a better quality this box among a bazillion other box air, nature! Suburbia is killing me!” I psychic I visited said that living in the taking years off my life. Teaching class sucking the emotional life out of me, I quit teaching because of health issues country setting. Here, near the land, bits, foxes, space… I have healed. Here, much incoming. “Yee Ha!” Now, I alive. Here, in the country, I feel ers and give to them. So, yes, I make a Rev. Angela DeBry jokingly says, “A soliformal practicing Wiccan.

for that matter the sickly adult. I adulthood from odd maladies until end, thought if we moved nearer than the suburban metropolis of of life. “I feel like a caged tiger in houses. I need space! I need dirt, would tell him. And it was. One crowded metropolis was literally after class of 35 high school kids, was not helping, either. Eventually, (no fooling!), and moved to a more the hawks and owls, the jackrabI can breathe and live without too don’t spend my life trying to stay healthy enough to reach out to othgreat hermit as an empath, or as tary witch,” even though I am not a

While all the above seems a bit negative, the Gift is I can feel people’s angst and reach out to comfort them or give them a simple smile. As my empathic abilities have increased and intensified through the years, I learned it brought with it the gift of being able to detect and eliminate unwanted entities in people and buildings. (I much prefer buildings.) My husband calls me a “Ghost Buster.” When grandchildren can’t sleep for any obvious reason, my kids call me to clear them. Usually, they’ve picked up some unwanted negativity at preschool. I can feel when a friend is going through “something” (again, I can’t always identify what that something is), but when I call to see how they are doing, they are usually checking in or out of a hospital in some crisis situation. People call me all the time, saying they or a family member hate going into a room of their house. “Could you come over, see what it is, and clear it, please?” These are the gifts I can give to my fellow man as an empath. Compassion is the ultimate gift an empath easily “gets” how to give to others.

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


The Double Edged Sword, Growing up as an Empath Continued “PROTECTION! PROTECTION! PROTECTION!” This is the key to managing the double edged sword of the empath. After taking spiritual classes all my life and after having many wonderful teachers, beginning with my wise-woman mother, I have learned a few protection techniques that help me weave my way through my forays outside my country oasis. Below are some of the techniques that I use: Be careful where you allow yourself to go. Follow Miyagi’s advice in The Karate Kid movie to “not be there.” Judiciously choose which populated and enclosed places are worth the effort of the massive protection techniques you will have to employ. Prayer of Protection

The light of God surrounds me; The love of God enfolds me; The power of God protects me; The presence of God watches over me; Wherever I am, God is.

Unakite stones… for a long time wearing one of these on the left side of my body (in my bra) was all I needed to go anywhere and not pick up vibrations, even New York City. However, as earth’s vibrations changed, these stones had to be used in conjunction with other techniques. These are powerful vibration protectors even though you rarely see them listed as such. (Thank you, Angela, for this tip that worked for years!) Put yourself in the center of an imaginary white light bubble. Put yourself in a beam of white light that goes deep into the earth and high into the sky. Fill your body with green healing light; Next, with the pink light of compassion; Next, with the pure white light of Creator around the outside of the body; Next, with 5 (five) concentric circles of gold and silver light, each one encompassing all the layers of light before it. So far, this latest technique is the most effective for me and has not failed me yet.

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


The Double Edged Sword, Growing up as an Empath Continued

That being said, as my vibrations and earth’s vibrations have intensified over the last couple of years, what worked at one time, can suddenly stop working, so be flexible and creative. Protection techniques have needed to change to continue to be effective. Sometimes one technique works or two together. In the middle of intense vibrational places, like nursing homes, hospitals, etc., I have to use all the techniques, simultaneously. My most effective tool has been to find work and a home away from crowded situations. It takes energy to use the protection techniques, so working in a low stress environment, like I do, out of my country home, has allowed me to feel well enough occasionally to reach into the community and help others in need of empathic healing gifts. (How about that? Sure beats being sick all the time!) While I currently do not, cannot channel information from the other side…am not currently a clairvoyant, clairaudient, etc. I have learned to manage the empathic challenges. I have been told through a friend’s channeled sessions with the ascended Master, White Eagle, that being an empath is the hardest of all the types of intuitives to live through on a daily basis, because the constant bombardment (even while sleeping) is unlike any other bombardment the other types of intuitives face. Whether or not that is true, the empathic life with careful management can be a balanced effective double-edged sword, straight, true, and effective. “Good luck to all you other empaths out there.” Sincerely, Jane Elizabeth Or as UCM knows me, Reverend Jane

Rev. Jane Unland,D.D. Jane has been a UCM minister for about 13 years. She has a healing practice called Natural Healing by Jane where she specializes in house/office space clearings and blessings, detoxifying foot baths, customized ceremonies, drum circles, and Reiki/intuitive personal healing sessions. She is currently doing some writing for future publishing about her journey through Celiac disease, growing up an empath, and a daily positive self talk book. Jane also serves as an instructor for the UCM Degree Program and was instrumental in its' development.

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


Recently someone called a friend of mine to tell them I had been psychically attacking them! Of course my dear friend immediately walked into to my office to ask "what's going on"? Well, that is what I was wondering. The person screaming PSYCHIC ATTACK had been living at my house rent-free for two months after I had rescued him/her from sleeping in his/her car during a snow storm. So I was a bit perturbed and wondering what exactly a psychic attack involved.

Psychic Att


ck By Rev . Doti Boon, UCM C harter

Wow! Since I had no idea how to attack someone through my psychic abilities I turned on the computer and “Google” How to Psychically Attack Someone. There are numerous articles on How to Defend Yourself Against Psychic Attack but not an abundance on how to do it. I was questioning if someone feels attacked does that mean they also know how to do it? Was I in danger of being the recipient of some psychic attack from this person? Imagine my relief when I read in an article by Eileen Nauman, the following:

“When a person comes to us and tells us they've been under attack for years or decades, what we're really dealing with is a person who is potentially schizophrenic or who has suffered a chronic psychotic break from reality.” The article went on to say that if you feel you are being attacked or attached, the first thing is to address your fear. So, I went and looked into the mirror to see my fear. Hmm! Nothing there. Then, I decided to talk to my favorite hypnotist, Rev. Corky Whitacre to see if there was any hidden fear from Psychic Attack deep within my psyche. Nope. No unresolved fear! Most of my fears had been resolved years ago through therapy, past life regressions and inner child work. The only thing I still tend to fear is elevators. So far the only attack I have received from this is the feeling of heart pressure after I walk up and down ten flights of stairs. But, it made me think about how fear is so demoralizing and defeating. I realized that a lot of people are being run by fear. Fear of the future, fear of money, relationship or security loss, fear of getting pregnant, fear of getting a disease, fear of dying. I started looking at all the fears demonstrated by my clients and was amazed when I understood how vulnerable folks are to being psychically attacked because of their fears.

Fear will leave you wide open to people who enjoy preying on others.

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Psychic Attack Continued. There are opportunists who take advantage of the week and make them victims. Have you ever had a boss that made you tremble in fear? How about relationship problems with a love interest who has threatened to leave if you don't keep a cleaner house, learn to dance, etc. did that give you fear? Ever sat next to someone on an airplane that complained bitterly about everything and when you got off the plane you felt sucked dry? Probably your fear of flying sat you up for that. There are so many wonderful ways to protect yourself from psychic attack or to rid yourself after the attack occurs. But, remember the best protection is not letting attacks happen at all! Stop being afraid of life, people, situations, God, or whatever sparks fear in your solar plexus. The minute you feel that little tingling in your body just stop and recognize that fear is the governing part of this. Release the fear and you unplug any negative cording a person, a crowd or a situation is presenting. Group assaults are usually about power struggles. It could be jealousy, envy, or wanting to get even. Most people reading this article are interested in the metaphysical community. And just because you run in a spiritual circle doesn't mean that someone might not be frustrated with you. Stay in your truth, surround yourself with kind and loving friends and family and don't get scared. The greatest psychic attacker is yourself! Learn to love yourself! Love is the strongest protector of psychic attacks. At church (Center for Creative Living) we quite often sing a song that goes "I Love Myself The Way I Am, There's Nothing I need to Change. I'll Always Be The Perfect Me There's Nothing to Rearrange". Say that sentence three times – or until you believe it. This is one of the greatest ways to keep from being attacked. Not because it is mystical or magical, but simply because it drives away the fears of not being good enough. You are a child of God, and you are perfect. Now, take that love and turn it outside. Beam it across the room, around the building and out into the Universe. Anyone can send you negative or unhealthy energy. But, when you bombard it with love – it doesn't stick, the negative can't adhere and becomes completely dissipated. Let go of Fear, Love Yourself, Love Others and Love God, the perfect receipt for Psychic Protection. And remember – if you ever try to send negative thoughts out they will return ten-fold.

Rev. Doti Boon Greeting Earthlings, I am the founder and pastor of the Center for Creative Living. I channel spiritual readings for people five days a week in my office at my office/wellness/center/sanctuary in San Jose, California. Sundays I change hats and put on my ministerial stole for Sunday Celebrations. Having been raised as a member of a family that changed religions regularly, I was baptized an Episcopalian went to Methodist Sunday school, became a Catholic and attended catechism, my parents became Bahai’s and my mother married a man who was Jewish. My brother was a Buddhist. And after working with the Divine Feminine energies I became a minister in the Science of Mind Church; studying with Rev Gwen Bellamy and Lela Henderson. Since the tenets of this church did not allow me to do hands-on-healing or channeled messages from the pulpit, I searched for another church family and found myself a home in the Universal Church of the Master. All my religious training and philosophies added together became the foundation of the Center for Creative Living. When you add the time I spent doing stand-up comedy in San Francisco, the wonderful experience of working in Hollywood as a para-legal for attorneys on the Sunset Strip, doing modern dance, and having a radio show for nine years (KEST) you get a hint of the unique sort of sermons and people you will meet at Sunday Celebrations.

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The following have completed the UCM requirements for their certifications: Licentiate Minister Sheila Everett Licentiate Minister Marilyn King Licentiate Minster Rhonda Turner Licentiate Minister Sheelah Gott Licentiate Minister Joan Brntzel Licentiate Minister Stuart Mark Sanders Reverend Janis Day Hill Reverend Virginia Essene Reverend Sabara Dian Watson Reverend David Dupree

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Reverend Barbara Paradisi Reverend Peggy Richmann Reverend John Brooker

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Essences for Protection and Upliftment in Times of Stress By Ellen Henson

Certainly, at some point in your life, you’ve been to a place where, simply by being there, you feel your spirits lift. Outside, there might be the sound of water, birds, or light dancing with shadows on leaves, the brilliant colors and fragrance of flowers, the expanse of open sky or the wind rhythmically tossing tree branches back and forth. Inside, there might be a piece of hand-rubbed wood or stone calling you to reach out to touch and hold it, a painting evoking a sense of deep peace or joy-filled tears, a bowl of fruit recalling the love of your grandmother, or the silliness of a line of rubber ducks making you smile. In each of these cases you have been affected by the “feel” of the place. Nothing physical or chemical is taken into your body, yet you are affected by vibrations of light, sound and color. As these frequencies reach your body, they affect you. You go into resonance with them. This upward shift of mood allows you to notice options you might have missed, patterns in yourself you could shift and reactions in others you could respond to differently, even love which has been offered and not seen. Life feels better. You have come into balance. Essences can bring this “feel of place or experience” to you. You can change your patterns of thought, emotion, connectedness, and even body. When essences are made, the frequency of the flower, place, etc. is bound to the holding liquid through a co-creative relationship between the intelligence of Nature and the conscious intent of the essence maker. Although often referred to as flower or gem essences, these solutions can be prepared from trees, stones, locations, etc. The purpose of this process is to create subtle energy infusions which act beneficially on a person’s energy fields and bring them into resonance with higher frequencies. Once these solutions are created, the affect of any aspect of Nature is available to raise your spirits - even when you can’t access them in person. Using this partnership between the power, beauty, gentleness, and support of Nature, along with the conscious direction of the human co-creator produces essences, which can be, in the words of Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz (Flower Essence Repertory), “used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development and mind-body health”.

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pliftme U d n a ction e t o r P r s fo Essence ed Continu

f Stress o s e m i nt in T

Some examples of essences and their uses are listed below. These examples come from New Perspectives Essences. These essences can readily be used to promote spiritual connection, upliftment, and protection in times of trauma with its surrounding distress.

Basil lets one walk through the world with one’s true power emanating out for all to know.

Borage opens one to courage - the kind of emotional courage required to show up, to keep on trucking, to take the next breath.

Following the Flow is that continuous, full flowing, never ending, fully abundant Source of life. It shows one how to go with the currents and make one’s own way through the River of Life which surrounds us.

Jacaranda brings one a sense of light, wing-ed beauty; iridescent, effervescent lightness, and an airiness of spirit.

Miltoniopsis helps one be brave and courageous, with flair and panache, especially when one is stepping forward into a new role.

Morea/Water Hyacinth combines the softness of pastels with the softness of the nursery to create a deep, innate sense of safety to be here.

Mountain Mahogany brings surprising softness. It is for keeping the heart open and responsive even as one remains firm of purpose, especially where tough love is wanted.

Nasturtium, Cherry Red connects one with Spirit, vitality, life’s pulsating force, bursting forth out of groundedness.

Pearl allows one to be comfortable with deep emotions. Rooting offers a sense of deep rootedness far into the Earth and assists with grounding in day-to-day life.

Searching the Heavens shifts one out of the methodical sweeping every spot to find detailed information and assists one in going directly to what is needed to help with pinpoint focusing.

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Essences for Protection and Upliftment in Times of Stress Continued These essences can be used singly, or combined in various different ways to address any area of life. For example, your husband has had a serious accident just as you are offered a more time consuming position at work. You now need the extra income from your new job and you know you’ll be spending extra hours on hospital visits along with your attempts at keeping up with all your husband did as his share of the partnership. What to do? One could begin with Searching the Heavens to quiet your mind, letting suggestions bubble up from within. “Oh yes, his sister offered to do all our laundry. The local grocery could deliver when she’s there.” Adding Pearl, and Jacaranda allows you to feel your feelings as they arise and know the touch of Spirit in your life. With Basil or Miltoniopsis added you can freely shine in that new position. And Nasturtium, Cherry Red supports your life’s vital forces as you work with this new configuration of your life. For your husband consider Borage, Rooting and Mountain Mahogany for the courage to stay present and endure what changes the accident brought to his body. The security Morea/Water Hyacinth offers, allows deep healing to take place. Following the Flow allows support in finding one’s way with grace and ease. Essences provide life-enhancing support for all our levels of our existence, so that, regardless of our circumstances, we are able to engage fully in every area of life and to express our uniqueness and our creativity from the highest soul level possible. What a gift from Nature.

Ellen Henson Ellen has been co-creating with Nature since she was a young girl. Along the way this has involved gardening, camping and hiking, star watching and communicating with a wide variety of Nature beings. Her degree in Chemistry aimed her to being a research associate in basic research of the eye for 15 years. This was followed by 15 years of running her catering business. While involved in this form of service (and finally having enough people to cook for) she received her first attunement to Reiki, began making flower essences, became a hand analyst, started her shamanic studies and found the Life Insights Teachings. Now, a Reiki Master Teacher for over 10 years, Ellen teaches all levels of Reiki. She is an Essence Master and created the New Perspectives Essences - over 450 essences available for personal transformation. An Advanced Accredited Life Insights Teacher she teaches both foundation level and graduate classes. She carries the Munay Ki Rites and offers yearly instruction. Ellen is also the founder of Animal Beacons of Light, an organization which donates stuffed animals to children of all ages around the world. These animals have been filled with the energies of co-creation Love, Joy, Comfort and Reiki. Now in its 11th year, the project has connected over 60,000 stuffies with recipients in ~60 countries. Ellen Henson A.A.L.I.T., Essence Master Reiki Master Teacher, Hand Analyst Founder of Animal Beacons of Light 650-961-8777

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I'm sure everyone in this room is always positive and upbeat! You are never depressed or overly stressed or tired. Never use drugs (pharmaceutical of course) or drinks alcohol, or get angry or vindictive, etc. And, everyone knows that, "Nothing bad happens to you if you surround yourself with White Light" (which, of course, we all do, at all times). And, there is no such thing as evil or mean and nasty things that go bump in the night, unless you create them from your own fear. And, negativity is just a state of mind. And, so on. I'm guilty of perpetuating these myths myself, in the guise of keeping it simple and not scaring the neophytes away from metaphysics. Did you hear this one? "You don't have to worry about negative vibrations unless you work with negative energies (none of us would even think about doing that!). And, how about, "anyone who thinks they are being attacked, well, that's just their insecurities and fears playing on their imagination". I've even heard someone say, "Stop being such a drama queen and fluff that aura." But, truth is ...all of these things do exist and the brighter your Light shines the more of a target you become. Just imagine yourself as a beacon, a tall light house, on a stretch of deserted beach ... getting brighter and brighter. All these low level spirits are floating around looking for fresh meat and there you are. They follow you around waiting for you to slip up, forget to fluff your aura or in some way your vibration weaken or slow down and zap they are in like white on rice.

You say, "OK, OK, that is EBERT stuff, what about this class"? This class teaches you how to protect yourself so evil never enters your realm. We attack one another all the time and don’t even know it! When you speak, your breath has an energy which gives your words "life," never ending life at that. So, if you say something joyous and uplifting or mean and hurtful the energy stays in the collective unconscious (until you move it, I will tell you later how to transmute energy) The baser emotions like, fear, hate, lust, deceit, etc. are heavy and sticky where the more virtuous emotions like, love, devotion, joy, etc. are lighter and less adhesive. So, it takes nice to neutralize mean than vice versa. The same laws apply to your thoughts. Humans are so powerful! Yet, we just give our power away and then complain about people taking advantage of us. We throw energy around like it's nothing. Driving in traffic; what happens when a driver gets angry, or, you cut someone off, or, a car is going slower or faster than you think they should be going?

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Muscle Testing - power of negative suggestion. Here is how I demonstrate the power of negative thoughts on the Environment: I get eight volunteers. Have them stretch your dominate arm straight out in front of your body. Think pleasant, positive thoughts while I push on your arm and try to push it downward resist the pressure with all your will and keep your arm stiff. Then I ask someone, one single person, to go outside and think a negative thought. Then muscle test again. What happened? They are all weak When a car drives by with the music blasting and the whole car is vibrating (and everything within ½ a mile is vibrating too), what is the first thing everyone does? Look in that direction and curse. What do you think and say? How does that impact the environment (remember the previous experiment)? What do you do at work when someone receives "undeserved" recognition like a really great promotion with a huge bonus - when you did all the work? Maybe all they did was play golf with the boss. Do you bless them and send that person White Light? Malicious gossip is like sending a curse to that person. Everybody in the office gets in on it. All your friends and family, everybody you tell the story to agrees with you...what an awful person they unfair it is, etc. Then the office gets polarized and you start hating to go to work and you are tired all the time, your neck hurts or your hemorrhoids start acting up (you've been saying that person is a pain in the neck or pain in the butt). Occasionally you find a person who is manipulative, controlling and domineering. Emotional power used to manipulate others that is considered a psychic attack.

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


The Truth about Evil continued So, here you are, you sweet thing you, on a committee or project or for some reason you can't get out of being with this person. You must interact with them and be nice too. And this person who is going out of their way to make your life miserable, and enjoying it way too much (or, are you just imagining their joy in your discomfort?). Then you notice you can't stop thinking about them, you feel tired, headachy, unable to sleep, having nightmares, having a sudden run of bad luck ...maybe this person is thinking of you too.

tacre About Corky Whi

actitioner of cre has been a pr ta hi W y rk Co v. Re es for more e healing techniqu iv at rn te al us rio va py, Earthuding hypnothera than 20 years; incl e, Neuroasement Techniqu Bound Entity Rele y, spirTime Line Therap g, in m m ra og Pr Linguistic ivationwerment and mot po em g, lin se un itual co al coaching. pnosis, n, issue-specific hy She uses regressio g of the the past, forgivin of g rin ea cl g, in re-fram ations d judgment, affirm an ilt gu e th g sin lo past, release to rth-bound entity ea d an n, tio iza al visu their goals t and accomplish se to s nt ie cl w lo al language, ts, ideas, beliefs, and eliminate habi th or get in at obscure the pa self image, etc. th als. Her reaching their go ly ul sf es cc su of the way obstaactually removing to d te ca di de is e practic ssibilities client from the po e th t en ev pr at cles th . available to them s in 1985 certification classe After completing y bepnotherapy, Cork Hy of ol ho Sc to Palo Al st. She ical hypnotherapi in cl ed ifi rt ce a e cam ement ound Entity Releas hB rt Ea e th d te ea cr inguistic Pro, studied Neuro-L Technique in 1993 y with d Time Line Therap gramming (NLP) an inisbegan her UCM m d an , 90 19 in e Alexis Ston nce in Father John Lawre terial training with inister in ordained UCM m an e m ca be e Sh . 1980 d of d to the UCM Boar te ec el as w d an 2004 11. Trustees in May 20

Is it possible this person pushes all your hottest buttons and you are over reacting to an old hang up or some emotion you thought you released in that workshop last year? But, no, here it is in your face again. Or, it could be your fear of being out of control, etc. Since the beginning of time some humans just have a need to take hostages and enslave others: Sex, money, terrorism of all types, religion, physical strength, physical and emotional intimidation, etc. Can scar you! Energetic abuse, verbal abuse (words can harm you); unspoken thoughts, beliefs, and emotions/feelings all disrupt your positive energy force. Be mindful of where your energy comes from and how you "spend" it or give it away. How do you hold it and use it? What drains it and sparks it? Many problems in family relationships are rooted in power struggles. Parents quite often use every type of control you can think of, including guilt, fear, tears, threats, etc. We could talk about this one all day. Are you aware of your boundaries and who or what gets through? The world is full of people we don't even know, demanding our attention and energy. They are trying to move us emotionally, to influence us to buy their product, vote for them, give them money or time, to endorse their plan, give them praise and encouragement for whatever. Even if we don't want anything to do with them we must use our energy to get away or tell them NO! Have you ever tried to close the door on one of those magazine sales people? EarthBound Entity Releasement Technique, EBERT, is a four-step process that can be used by anyone struggling with negative energy and attachments. In the EBERT workshop, students learn how to detect the presence of an earthbound entity, detach it from the person, place or thing it has penetrated, release it from the earth plane by persuading it to go to the Light, and teach the “host� how to protect and stay clear of future attachments.

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In 2008 at our UCM Centennial Conference the Education Committee was able to announce the completion of our Doctor of Divinity Degree and its accreditation with ACI our accrediting bureau. John F. Scheel, Ph.D. is the President of ACI and during our on site review for the Doctoral Component of our accreditation program he stressed that we really needed to be careful with our protocol for issuing Honorary Degrees. We knew we had a candidate that we felt had been a true beacon of spirituality within many communities. So this year at the ACI Conference Reverend Sandy Clark, President, talked with Dr. Scheel regarding our candidate. As Dr. Scheel read the biography and accomplishments of this amazing woman he looked at Reverend Clark and said, “You have to give her an Honorary Doctor of Divinity”. I would like to take this time to share with you our first Honorary Doctor of Divinity recipient and all she has done throughout her life. I have known her some 30 plus years. We met when we were 10, just kidding! Born in Denver, Colorado in 1928, as Venice Varner, Virginia attended high school there and went to the University of Colorado for a B.A. in Social Sciences and Psychology. She taught in elementary schools as a civilian teacher in several overseas Air Force bases and then obtained a Masters Degree from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles in 1954. Although enrolled in a Doctoral Program in the 1970's she never completed this degree, choosing to do hospice work instead. Virginia was listed in 1974-75 edition of Who’s Who of American Women and also five other notable biographical publications, including Who’s Who in America 2007. Virginia has been in public school education for over 30 years, 22 years of which were at college or university levels. She was on the faculty of the University of Oregon, San Jose State University (California), and was, until early retirement, with a California community college district doing reference work, teaching students the research skills of self-sufficiency, and developing independent study courses. There she taught courses ranging from Instructional Technology and Librarianship to Comparative Religions, Endangered Species, and Sociology of Death and Dying. Currently, her courses are spiritually/ecologically oriented. Virginia has been a grief and bereavement volunteer for over ten years. She also co-founded the Casa Serene Hospice unit (San Jose, California) where she helped train the hospice staff and gave spiritual support to dying patients and their families. For this work she acquired ministerial credentials with Unity-and-Diversity Church. Virginal was honored for her spiritual writings and years of service. She was honored as a priest in the Church of Antioch and as a Bishop in the Madonna Ministry.

In Service To Humanity 1908 - Present


Virginia also founded Singles in Service, an alliance for those persons wishing to start charitable activities in their local areas which no other agency or organization has identified and supported. She is a founding board member of the Creative Health Network, Palo Alto, California, and also presently serves on the board of the Harmonious Earth Community Foundation (New Mexico). Virginia has been lyricist for four recorded popular songs: Caliente, Hyano Cucarumba, Esclava, and Peru. The song Peru was used as part of a musical background for the movie, Terror in the Jungle. When she visited Israel in 1984.., at Capernum on the Sea of Galilee and at Qumran (site of the Dead Sea Scrolls) she experienced the energies of Jesus and eventually became a channel for the inspired book, New Teachings for Awakening Humanity. Virginia is President of the Board of Directors of The Share Foundation, a non-profit organization through which its printing project S.E.E. Publishing Company has brought forth ten books. 1. New Teachings for Awakening Humanity. 2. Secret Truths for Teens and Twenties. 3. Cosmic Revelation. 4. Descent. Of the Dove. 5. New Cells, New Bodies, New Life! 6. You Are Becoming A Galactic Human, 7. The Hathor Material: Messages from an Ascended Civilization. 8. Energy Blessings from the Stars. 9. Earth, the Cosmos and You; Revelations by Archangel Michael. 10. Anna, Grandmother of Jesus: A Message of Wisdom and Love. Virginia works both independently and with others. She has brought forth cosmic Information for seminars and lectures throughout the United States, Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and South Africa, and does personal counseling or readings upon request. She is devoted to the development of community cooperation and to the support of children and teenagers who represent the spiritual evolution of humanity. Her most recent focus is seeding the kind of sacred spiritual community designs presented in Earth, The Cosmos and You by Archangel Michael. Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D, D.D. Photograph by Clyde Chesney

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Synchronicity By Reverend Angela DeBry

In the late 1980’s when my children were about ready to leave the nest for college and such my darling husband looked at me and said it was not my turn. He knew that I had chosen the electronics field for the salary it provided our family. He also knew how deeply interested I was in Holistic health and all things spiritual. As a child of the 60’s I had an abundance of credits from college but never really stated a major or minor as I found school great fun and interesting. Like the good little type A that I am the journey had a two prong path, a degree in Holistic Health and a spiritual home. I found UCM through Reverend Tom Garry. I went to a meditation at Center for Infinite Growth and on the altar they had religious items from pretty much every sacred path on earth. I was hooked. He and his wife Reverend Mary Garry probably wanted to kick me out, the crazy lady with all the questions. Bless them they chose not to. Within a few days I had signed up to study with Reverend Garry in CIG’s Life Path Program. Reverend Tom Garry guided me through my Licentiate Credentials ,Ordination to Reverend, and Tom guided me through the opening of my own Charter with UCM. Tom and also Mary supported the creation of the UCM Accredited Graduate and Undergraduate Degree Programs, my personal UCM board project.

New CIG Board Members, Reverends Bea Baechle & Michael Genzmer.

Tom and Mary opened Center for Infinite Growth, UCM Charter 11, July 6, 1981. Due to some personal challenges they chose to retire their Charter for a time. As they have moved through these challenges last year they were able to reinstate UCM Charter 11, November 11, 2010. This year Reverend Sandy Clark presented Reverends Tom and Mary with the actual copy of their charter at the closing ceremonies of the conference May 15, 2011.

Photo by Clyde Chesney

I know they have not been away, but truly welcome back their reinstating of Charter 11. In life there are individuals that appear on your path when and where you need them. Reverend Tom Garry was this person for me. Though Tom is probably the most humble person I have ever met he carries a great beacon of Love and Light that shines on all his students. Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D, D.D.

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Elizabeth Barton As long as I can remember art has been an integral part of my life. My maternal grandfather was an extraordinary artist. He created in many modalities, but he specialized in clay, charcoal and oils. On bright summer mornings my grandfather would take my brother and me to a certain place located on Bear Creek near Trail, British Columbia, Canada, to dig clay. We would take the clay back to his studio and put it is big ceramic vats, and then we would pound and purify the clay until it was ready to be made into sculptures and bowls. I recall him taking me out into the forest to visit “Green”. We would sit and count how many different colors of green we could see. Of course as the light changed new colors of green were born. In my childhood many hours were passed counting colors. Due to this I have a special love of light and how it displays the Divine when touching nature. The other two people who influenced my artistic ability were my mother and my uncle Alan. He taught me philosophy, religion and abstract art. One fun thing we would do together was draw emotions and smells. My mother would put a small replica of a great work of art next to my bed and I would live with it for two to three weeks. Then we would discuss the effect and affect the piece had on me; what I liked about it, etc. Once the painting was by El Greco, I had a visceral disdain for his work until she explained that the elongated figures were either due to a stigmatism or that he was subtly protesting the use of the rack as a torture device. Now when I look back on that time I realize that she got in interested in politics as expressed through art in a very ingenious way. Thorough out my life I have taken classes in photograph and ceramics but it was my Grandfather, my mother and my uncle who was my muses and teachers. They taught me to see the Divine. As my uncle Alan would say, “It is the Art of Living well that is at the heart of life.” The biggest influence outside my family was Michelangelo’s observation that the finished art piece was already within the marble. This concept rocked my teenage brain but started my understanding that the art piece makes itself; all you do is listen to the Divine within. This is how I take my photographs and make my Wands and do my other artwork. Peace to all! All the lovely flowers and abundant scenes of nature through out this magazine were proved by Elizabeth. Elizabeth also contributes a monthly Astrological Update for the UCM Blog. Thank you for all you do.

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Issue 8, Summer 2011  

Spiritual Protection & Upliftment

Issue 8, Summer 2011  

Spiritual Protection & Upliftment