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UCM Magazine: Fall of 2012 Table of contents Headquarters Highlights o Presidents Letter o Introduction of New Editor o Dean of Education o Transitions Doctorate Degrees Ongoing Columnists o Ministerial Mentoring: Rev. Tom Garry o Charter Corner: Rev. Doti Boon o Spotlight On: Rev. Bea Beachle o Pages of the Past: Revs. John and Sabara Watson It's What we do: Rev. Mary Garry, Th.M. The Sky is Blue: Rev. Richard Jelusich,

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present


Headquarter Highlights the Headquarters Staff

Some exciting things have happened at Headquarters this quarter, besides the demanding and necessary move after the sale of the building that had been home for an extended period. UCM had a significant financial savings through the efforts of Reverend Corry Gott who mobilized and managed the relocation and technical start up at the new location. Thank you Corry!! * UCM managed to relocate internally the entire Corless Library; great thanks go to the Reverends Janet Phares and David Skinner, whose review, sorting, packing, storing and transporting, made it financially viable. UCM thanks you from both sides of the veil!! *Reverend Sandy Clark received her Doctor of Divinity and honorary Doctor of Divinity Degrees were awarded to Reverend Ben Edwards, and Reverend Tom Garry. * Reverend Angela DeBry, D.D. has accepted the position of Dean of Education and will be a non-voting member of the Board. Registration has already increased in the Degree Programs and Ministerial Credentialing programs. * The Board approved the addition of two Trustee positions that will be filled by election May of 2013. * The Board approved and our President distributed a conflict resolution policy. * The Financial Audit results were distributed to the membership. UCM, like many non-profits in this challenging financial time, requests your additional financial support and affirmations for increased prosperity. *As an outgrowth of the audit, two new committees were developed, one to increase income, Reverend Mary Garry, Th.M., chair, and one to manage expenses Reverend Debbie Uharriet, chair. Both committees report to UCM Treasurer, Reverend Ben Edwards, D.D. * Reverend Felecia Mulvaney continues to edit and distribute, Sacred Times, UCM’s wonderful newsletter, if you are not receiving it contact Headquarters,, to be added to the list.

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 3.

Headquarter Highlights The Presidents Message Rev. Sandy Clark, D. D.

We are back on line with our magazine! Welcome to the first issue with our new editor Reverend Mary Garry, Th.M. This really is your magazine and I hope you will send in your articles, pictures, poetry and stories to share with all of us. As I was sitting down to write this greeting, I recalled something that was said many years ago at a reading I was having: that I would be writing, perhaps for a magazine. I recall thinking at the time, that will never happen. I did not consider myself a writer, nor did I have any desire to become one. Well, now look what has happened, I am writing for a magazine! As I have shared before in the past my limited belief and thoughts regarding how channeling was done was far from “reality�. I had the mistaken belief that you heard a voice in your head, having a conversation with you. Now, of course, I realize there are many ways to channel information, not just having a conversation in your head. I felt anyone was more qualified than I to share how to do things. I also felt they had better writing abilities. I never seemed to get very high grades in English, and it apparently had a lasting affect on my confidence, especially in regard to branching out into areas involving the written page. Now instead of writing about how to do something, I am sharing with all of you my experiences, and how I do it, or struggle with trying to accomplish it! I finally figured out that we all do things differently, what works for one, may not work for another. Now instead of trying to be an expert on a specific subject, I am sharing my current personal experiences. Perhaps something I am doing, or how I do it, will be of help to you. I believe that if Spirit wants us to do something, they will find a way for us to do it. Seems they found a magazine for me. With Light and Love, Sandy

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 4.

Headquarter Highlights Editor’s Introduction

Hello, My name is Rev. Mary Garry and I have volunteered to be the new editor of UCM's quarterly magazine. It is a daunting task, but one that I am excited to assume. My personal theme for the magazine is Serving those who Serve. I am trying to move in a slightly different direction. The magazine will have some of the tried and true elements like the message from our president, but also a greater focus on Headquarter activities. "Headquarter Highlights" it will include things like, the geographical distribution of our ministers. Special events taking place there; like this issue's article on our Doctorate Degree Awards. We are going to try having columns by "UCM columnists" offering a varied look at some of our multiple spiritual activities. Rev. Angela DeBry our past editor, is UCM's new Director of Education and that responsibility will be very demanding; but she has agreed to offer a column on Educational programs and all things related. She will also keep us posted on the growth of our student base. Rev. Tom Garry will leverage his long and rich history in managing a Charter, sponsoring students, regular Sunday Services, spiritual retreats, pastoral counseling, weddings and memorials to write a column for Ministers and their work. Rev. Doti Boon will pen "Charter Corner" a column on Charter activities, starting with her own Center for Creative Living. Rev. Bea Baechle will write our "Spotlight on Minister" featuring Rev. April Lussier this issue. Revs. Diane and John Watson will be keeping us connected to our history, by developing "Pages from the Past". They have most of the older Quarterlies and will search and select one for each issue. UCM has a rich past and we want to leverage and learn from it. We have several more columnists in the wings, and would also love to hear if you have any column ideas to offer. We will continue to include 1-3 articles of inspiration and will be looking for you the membership to help us by sharing your stories and wisdom. Please write and contact me if you have any questions, and we look forward to your submissions. A poem each issue could be very inspirational so all of you poets out there send something our way. We will try to make it inspiring, problem solving and full of light and energy, what we will all need to smooth the transition into evolving times. Please join with me in this effort. Together we can make them better each time.

To reach me, we are bi-coastal so it is easier to connect via e-mail : In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 5.

Headquarter Highlights Dean of Education Rev. Angela DeBry, H.H.D, D.

UCM An Exceptional Education Program 1908 – Present – And Beyond

It has been my pleasure to be an active part of the UCM Education Program first as a sponsoring minister and charter holder to becoming a part of the amazing group of individuals who worked tirelessly to create the UCM Theology Degree Program. Over the last 12 years due to the focus on creating the Degree Program most UCM Members associate me with the Degree Program. They forget that I was first a sponsoring minister. Most also are not aware that while working to develop the Degree Program I still worked with individual UCM Ministers, who requested, to facilitate them in creating their personal Sponsoring Minister Credentialing curriculum designed to meet their particular goals, interest and objectives. The UCM Education Program has and will always encompass both the Theology Degree Program and the Sponsoring Minister Credentialing Program. This is and always will be our greatest strength. We offer an unique flexibility to our students. As Dean of Education I would like to share with you my specific Vision, Mission Statement and Brand for the UCM Education Program. Remember that Program includes both the Theology Degree Program and all the amazing work done by our Sponsoring Ministers and their individual Ministerial Credentialing Programs throughout the years and into the future. Vision: To provide each individual we teach with a personal path to their spiritual education. Mission: To provide a two tiered multi-faith educational path that includes an accredited Undergraduate and Graduate Theology Degree Program or a personalized Ministerial Credentialing Program taught by a sponsoring UCM Ordained Minister. Brand: Diversity, inclusion, understanding and acceptance through education, spirituality and personal responsibility.

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 6.

Dean of Education Continued

The UCM Education Program has always been for the student to choose the path that works for them. Our job as ministers and educators is to serve. What we provide is the safe place, unconditional love, flexible tools, knowledge, experience and joy that guides our students to their personal spiritual path. This is who we are and what we have always been. As the world changes we develop additional tools to meet those changes but the fundamentals of service remain the same. Our service, our flexibility, our multi-faith approach are what give us the capacity to move forward into the 21st Century. Once an individual passes through the UCM door or picks up the telephone to speak with UCM Headquarters it is not about us it is about how we may serve their needs.

Some individuals call because they are interested in the Degree Program but after speaking with a staff member they may determine that the Ministerial Credentialing Program with a sponsoring minister serves their needs better. Once we determine a little about their beliefs we then refer them to a sponsoring minister in their area. We have also had individuals call regarding sponsorship and when they find out we have a Theology Degree Program this fits their requirements better. When an individual reaches out to any UCM member whether they are a student, Licentiate Minister, Healer Practitioner, Ordained Minister, or staff member at UCM Headquarters, we serve. Whichever path to the ministry that an individual at UCM has chosen, the Ministerial Credentialing Program or the Theology Degree Program, we serve. Go to our website and it says In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present. WE SERVE! Universal Church of the Master believes that each person must find and travel his or her own path to the Light, and that no single set of fixed rules is applicable to everyone in their spiritual quest. In providing our unique Education Program we serve humanity, we serve the intent of our founders, and we serve all those who are drawn to our unique approach to education, spirituality and religion. We invite you to become a part of this unique organization and its' exceptional Education Program.

Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D, D.D.

Dean of Education

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 7.

Headquarters Highlights Rev. Angela DeBry, H.H.D., D.D. Dean of Education

The following have completed the UCM requirements for their certifications:

Healer Practitioners Melissa Wren Lisa Fairrington Rheisa K. Barres

Licentiate Minister Colleen Mondor Patricia Caldera Blanca Chavez Carolyn Keyes Joy Reichard Karen Lane Debbie Winnette

Ordained Ministers Suzanne Angeli Lore Coufal DiAnna Fortner Ronnie Grigsby Julie Hawkins Ellen Pearce Maria Jacquelyn Sendak-Zavaleta Vicki Whitney

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 8.

Gone On - Is Not Gone We, who are the members and ministers of this UCM family, understand the continuing existence of those who have crossed over from this spiritual plane. We draw guidance and inspiration from those who have described this spiritual path through the vibration of their consciousness and we are grateful for our connections with kindred souls on both sides of the veil. May remembering strengthen us in our commitment to loving service to Humankind. The list is longer this issue as it has been a year since our last magazine. by: Reverend Marylou Hostetter

Transitions Minister Gail Robinson Reverend Carolyn Fabisch Minister Florence O'Neal Reverend Vicent Wilson Reverend Sally Crawford Reverend Douglas Hall Reverend Eva Landsdowne Reverend Earl Carson Reverend Theresa Bell Reverend Elsa Beekman Bailey Reverend John Harrison Reverend Linda McDonald Minister Gail Robinson Reverend Patricia Pfromer

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 9.

Degree Student Graduations 2012

The history of academic regalia is somewhat vague but thought to have been adopted in the 12th and 13th centuries. In the early development of Universities the dress of a scholar, student or teacher, was clerical. Most scholars of this time had taken ecclesiastical vows, and would have been tonsured, (shaved head of a monk). Long gowns were worn and were often required for warmth in the unheated monasteries, where ancient texts were maintained. Hoods, and later skull caps are thought to have been cover for the shaved head. The UCM education program follows a sacred trust; that education throughout many ages was preserved, protected and held by priest, priestesses, wise men and women of many wisdom traditions across our earth. We at UCM continue that amazing tradition in each student we sponsor, mentor or who graduates from the degree program. Remember always when you step onto this path you serve more than yourself you serve a tradition of sacred and ageless wisdom traditions. This year we are happy to announce the graduation of one Doctoral Candidate Reverend Sandy Clark, D.D. and the conferring of two Honorary Doctorates to Reverend Benjamin Edwards, M.S., D.D. and Reverend Tom Garry D.D.

Reverend Clark, D.D. received her Licentiate Credentials 7/28/1982 and her Ordination Credentials 7/21/1983. She created a UCM Ceremonies Book and has served on the UCM Board of Trustees as Secretary June 1988, Secretary/Treasurer January 1992, Secretary/Trustee May 1994, Vice President/Trustee August 1994, President August 2001 to Present. As President she has taken UCM from a very private organization to a very open forum and has supported UCM moving into the 21st Century. She, as the chair of the UCM Board has accomplished significant movement in her last term of office and visions much more in her new term. If you ask Reverend Clark, D.D. she will tell you that this is “Spirits Church� and that she holds the sacred space through which each of us may grow and thrive. It is through this inclusive approach to the membership and board that some great progress has been made: Graduate and Undergraduate Degree Program, UCM Canada, Budget Review, Community Outreach, Social Networking, UCM website and more. Congratulations President, Reverend Sandy Clark, D.D. thank you for your past and ongoing service to Universal Church of the Master.

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 10.

Reverend Benjamin Edward, B.S., M.S., D.D. Reverend Ben Edwards holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, M.S. in Counseling and has been a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor since July 1986. He received his Licentiate Credentials April 16, 1987 and was Ordained November 14, 1988. Reverend Edwards, B.S., M.S., D.D. has served UCM faithfully for 25 years and has been a member of the Board of Trustees for 16 years, 1996 to present. As treasurer for the Board of Trustees, Reverend Benjamin Edwards, D.D. works with Reverend Clark, D.D. and Reverend Mary Garry, Th.M. to define areas where cost can be cut while maintaining our outreach and core of competency. He presents the financial status at board meetings and is in the process of developing with Reverend Clark, D.D. and Reverend Mary Garry, Th.M. a more streamlined reporting system for simplified and expeditious financial reporting to our members. Reverend Edwards, D.D, is rebuilding the UCM chart of accounts to clarify a more detailed cost to our members. He is also working with a committee to review and revamp our By-Laws. Thank your Reverend Benjamin Edwards, D.D for your ongoing commitment and service to UCM.

Reverend Tom Garry, D.D.

Reverend Tom Garry, D.D. and Reverend Mary Garry held UCM Charter #11, Center for Infinite Growth from July 1981 to December 2008. They reopened their charter in 2011. Reverend Garry, D.D. served on the UCM Board of Trustees for 14 years, 1994–2008. He served as Vice President of the UCM Board of Trustees from 2002-2008. Subsequent to graduating from High School in New York City, Reverend Garry, D.D. attended Pratt University in New York with an art major. Concurrently he studied as a private student with the Renaissance Art Consultant for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ultimately he became a teaching assistant for this consultant, Andre Fazekaf Ph.D. Reverend Garry, D.D. worked for Bank of America, in international banking, excelling in his ability to understand and be understood by international non-English speaking bank personnel. After coming to San Francisco, he moved to Local Loan Company, where he managed an office in San Mateo. Reverend Garry, D.D. retired from banking after making the personal decision that he wanted to direct most of his life activity to the pursuit of greater spiritual understanding and healing. Reverend Garry, D.D. came to the Universal Church of the Master, in 1981, after his ordination he chartered the Center for Infinite Growth; was founding president of the South Bay Regional Ministers Group, initiated classes in the ministry of UCM, ordaining so many local students that he was affectionately known as “Mr. Sponsor”. The Center for Infinite Growth, offered Sunday Services, spiritual retreats, ongoing classes, Afternoon’s with Spirit, and community support activities for over eighteen years. Congratulations Reverend Tom Garry, D.D. for your wonderful and ongoing contributions to Universal Church of the Master. We thank you for all that you do. In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 11.

Headquarter Highlights: Exemplary Service Award : Reverend Angela DeBry, H.H.D, D. D.

President Rev. Sandy Clark, D. D. Is shown awarding the Certificate for Exemplary Service Award to the new Dean of Education, Rev. Angela DeBry, H.H.D., D. D. At the conclusion of the Doctoral Awards dinner.

Reverend Angela DeBry joined UCM as a student of Reverend Tom Garry, D.D. in 1987 receiving her Licentiate Certificate in 1988 and became ordained in 1989. Rev. DeBry started a UCM chartered church, Solar Cross, "A New Beginning", also creating a post secondary school and Wellness Center, along with a California Board of Registered Nursing continuing education provider certificate. Reverend DeBry is a Certified Pastoral Addictions Counselor of the National Association of Forensic Counselors.

Reverend DeBry has served on the UCM Board of Trustees from 1999 to 2011. She has served in multiple capacities including vice president. During that time she led, researched, developed and implemented an accredited Graduate and Undergraduate Theology Program. Angela will tell you that she was supported by many individuals during that activity, and indeed she was, but it was her inspiration, research and perseverance that carried the project.

Angela also helped mightily to develop our "social networking" footprint and was the editor of the UCM magazine. That effort was substantial as this fledgling new editor has become abundantly aware. Angela supports my foray into the editorial work as warmly and effectively as she supports the degree students, ( I was one of those too). UCM is blessed to have her, and welcomes her back to us in the non-voting role of Dean of Education and honors her Exemplary Service Award.

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 12.

Ministerial Mentoring Reverend Thomas Garry, D. D. President and Founder Center for Infinite Growth

My call to the UCM Ministry came to me in 1979 and my ordination followed in 1981 at the conclusion of my basic studies. We received our church charter under the name “The Center for Infinite Growth”, UCM #11 and offered Sunday Services, teaching ,spiritual and metaphysical principles, sponsoring candidates for this ministry and the practice of spiritual healing. Reverend Christine Uharriet was the first to join us and became a member of our founding board of trustees. She continued to offer her gifts of teaching, messages and prayerful monthly services. All my spiritual work has been done with the help of my wife, Mary who became a UCM ordained minister in 1986. I agreed to write this column to encourage others of like mind to experience the joys of teaching and preparing other ministers as well as the blessing of offering traditional community services such as weddings, memorials, and pastoral counseling. We saw the power of a chartered church with a long history allowed us to do things that might not have been available to an individual. We had the opportunity to outreach the Consulate in Sudan to facilitate the uniting of an Ethiopian family whose brothers were trapped in a refugee camp there. The goal of this column will be to provide support, inspiration and alternatives for UCM ministers, new or experienced. I would welcome your input or requests for discussion of topics that would meet your needs. You can reach me at tpmg1111@charter .net. After the inception of the UCM church in the early part of the twentieth century a tradition began uniting sponsors and students for this young church’s ministry. Preparation was being created to define the gateway and form teaching practices for aspiring ministers. These traditions described the lessons and procedures evolving into course material in these instructional methods. The results were codified in the “New Text of Spiritual Philosophy and Religion” and “Minister’s Guide and Service Book” Both authored by our second UCM president Dr. B.J. Fitzgerald. Although the language has become dated, the concepts remain current. One thing they found was that partnerships between teachers, licentiate candidates and ordination candidates developed relationships of spiritual intimacy. That partnership continues as we support the ongoing student and teacher within us all.

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 13.

Charter Corner: By Rev. Doti Boon, Founder and Pastor of The Center for Creative Living Welcome to the Charter Corner! I am so excited to have this space to talk about UCM’s charters! Quarterly I will be sharing information, news and suggestions on why you should form a charter, the advantages and what to do to increase attendance! Whether you are interested in forming a church, a study group, healing center or Goddess circles – you will find helpful suggestions in our new updated UCM magazine. Please provide me information about your existing charter! The Center for Creative Living – UCM # 801 in San Jose, California is a very active and diverse charter. We have Sunday Celebrations every Sunday from 10:00 to 11:30. Each service starts with a prayer by our Associate Pastor, Rev. Donna Zehner. Then I channel a guided meditation (accompanied by Rev. Janet Childs on the guitar, Min. Carolyn Keyes on the flute and Rev. Ronnie Grigsby on drums). Rev. Janet and Rev. Ronnie are also our very gifted soloists. Twice a month our CCL choir performs. This is an amazing group of singers directed by Kathy (Kat) Silas and Rev. Anne Corbin. Their exquisite choice of non-traditional spiritual songs and wonderful blended voices make for an incredible sound from only 12 voices. Our sermons are given by active members of our community. Christian, Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, Hindu, Pagan, Druid and Moslem talks were given over the course of this year. It was so delightful when our Goddess group presented a Seder meal for Passover! The upcoming holidays are very special when our sanctuary has four altars and a Holiday tree. The altars represent, Yule, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa! We also have a nourishing meal after each Sunday service and have stockpiled blankets, water and food supplies in our warehouse to provide a safe place for folks in case of an emergency. My vision for CCL is to furnish a place for people of all religions and faiths to gather and learn about the spiritual essences of each religion, celebrating their similarities, UCM allows me to do that. Since UCM is a spiritual based church rather than a dogmatic leader, we are allowed to follow our own path and represent ourselves, follow our beliefs and share them in community with other like minded folks. We provide space for the quarterly all day AIDS rejuvenation Retreat for those suffering from HIV+ and AIDS – and their care givers-affiliated with the Centre for Living with Dying. CCL’s latest endeavor has been to help establish a space in Accra, Ghana for homeless street kids and children without funds for school uniforms and books. Presently we are helping 28 kids. Our best outreach and informational publication is our CCL Insights, which is compiled once a week by Rev. Corky Whitacre, who is also a UCM Trustee. Rev. Doti Boon, Pastor Center for Creative Living – UCM #801 1460 Koll Circle “C” San Jose CA 95112 www.centerforcreativeliving-UCM


In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 14.

Our Spotlight On column is written by Rev. Bea Baechle whose consulting business “ The Write Focus” and her years as editor of multiple spiritual magazines make her a special blessing for UCM and this editor.

Spotlight on Reverend April Lussier Reverend April Lussier knows that her journey to the UCM ministry has truly been divinely guided. Although active in the youth group of her United Methodist church and part of a “God Squad” in high school, becoming a minister was never something April desired or wished for. “I wouldn’t have fit,” explained April, who in her formative years didn’t know any female ministers or anything about the divine feminine, Goddess energy with which she so strongly resonates today. She had more questions than answers about what she perceived as contradictions in the Bible during her teen years, and as an adult, felt more confusion about fundamental dogma than a sense of comfort. It wasn’t until the mid-1970's when April discovered metaphysics in Toledo, Ohio, that she realized people had access to a deeper spiritual knowledge than the limited information she had been exposed to. A great sense of relief filled her being, because she had always known there was something more. By 1978, she decided to relocate and continue her path in Northern California. There she met her husband Lee, who has always supported her spiritual path. Finding UCM through CIG “I felt like something was missing in my life, and that I needed a spiritual community out here,” said April, who sought out a community that wasn’t as restrictive as the traditional church she attended in the Midwest. She was moved to search through the Yellow Pages. “Who would have thought metaphysics would be listed in the Yellow Pages? It was not mainstream even here in California at the time, but there it was, ‘Center for Infinite Growth,’ listed under Metaphysics,” said April with a laugh. She phoned Reverend Tom Garry, who invited her to check out his center, UCM Church Charter #11, and the rest, as they say, is history. April began attending CIG services in 1983, frequently receiving messages that she would become a healer. “I didn’t want to be a healer,” remembers April. “I wanted to be a psychic.” But Spirit had additional plans for April. In 1992, when her father was dying, she remembers telling him, “I’m going to become a minister. It was one of those momentary conversations when you know you’re not talking. It surprised me and him!” Shortly thereafter, April began taking ministerial classes with Tom, who honored her path. Reverend Lynn Rogers exposed her to the Goddess, and Reverend Carol Fitzgerald deepened her love of the Goddess traditions. “I felt really grateful that because of UCM’s freedom from dogma, I’ve been able to follow my own spiritual unfolding without critique and restrictions. Blessed be!” She also earned her bachelor’s degree in theology through UCM, where the individualized educational program fostered great discussion and contemplation as she sought answers.

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 15.

Connecting With the Divine Feminine

April’s life choices before entering the ministry greatly influenced one of the key focus areas of her path: empowering women and honoring the Divine Feminine aspect of a higher power. In addition to devoting much of her energy raising two active boys, Brandon and Kyle, she became an advocate for mothers and children by encouraging breastfeeding as a Le Leche League leader and promoting alternative educational choices such as home schooling. Her deep desire to connect with women eventually led her to a Goddess circle one evening, accompanied by a pregnant friend. She was intrigued with the concept of the Goddess, but when the facilitator of the circle mentioned children and babies were not allowed in the circle, April knew the world needed a different Goddess circle where new mothers and children were welcome. “I was literally pushed into it, because of that position taken,” said April. “That’s how the divine works. I didn’t feel ready, I didn’t feel competent, but the call was out there. If there is a feminine aspect of the divine, children need to be a part of it. It took me on the path really to explore and become versed in ceremony.” These early roots of gathering women and children into her home evolved into the ongoing Goddess circles that April now holds every six weeks through the “The Wheel of the Year Sabbats” on or near the eight high holy days in the Goddess/Pagan tradition. Since she didn’t have sisters of her own, April fosters a sisterhood, a sense of connectedness and nurturing that feeds her circle participants in a very unique way. An excerpt April wrote for the book Tapping into God describes why she practices Goddess Spirituality as an honoring of the Divine Feminine: “She has existed over eons of time in many forms and with many names. Her ever-present aspects of maiden, mother, queen and crone/wise-woman are my source of inspiration, guidance, strength and healing. She is the spark of Divinity within me, for I am in female form. I am her and she is me, interconnected in the Divine energetic web/grid with all that exists. “The Goddess is the creatrix of my life experiences, birther of my creations, whether it is a child or an idea. She is the passion that moves me to action. I see the Goddess within all women, every girl child, mother and old woman. Her reflection is in the women of the past and future. Her body is that of the earth, the stars, and the moon. She is the voice of change, the healing hands of compassion, the allowing that comes with unconditional love. She resides in the physical and the etherical, in the past and present, in the transcended and mundane.” In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 16.

Spotlight On, continued

Multifaceted Spiritual Path

Creating and facilitating ceremony for her Goddess circles provided practice for channeling and trusting Spirit more, but she sought a more tangible tool than her words and a hug when someone was in distress. “My big struggle during those early years was that I didn’t get visions, I didn’t sense anything. People would say, ‘Get ut of your own way,’ but I didn’t know how to do that,” explained April. So she studied several healing modalities—including Reiki, Matrix Energetics, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)—to expand her toolkit beyond the beautiful rituals she creates for her women’s ceremonies and sacred community ceremonies. Yet it’s the Vortex Healing® Divine Energetic Healing that April has been studying since 2008 that provided the biggest turning point in April’s ability to serve beyond counseling and ritual. “You can’t do the work without having the transformation happen to you,” said April of the clearing that occurs with each VortexHealing® transmission. “I’m changing, my family’s changing. It’s not just my thinking that’s changing; my whole energetics are changing. And I have something more to offer.” “I’ve come full circle, with the capacity now to dialogue with the divine through questions and to heal through my Vortex training,” noted April. “When I think back to 30 or 40 years ago, I never thought this was where I would be.” Today, April describes herself as not only a UCM minister, but also as an ecofeminist wise woman, a metaphysical divine energy healer, and a sacred ceremonialist. Her most rewarding moments come when she can witness someone’s empowerment and know that her work has played a part in it. “That’s probably what feeds me most,” she says. When asked if she had any words of advice for new ministers or anyone considering the ministry through UCM, April responded, “Follow your heart, don’t let the inner critic interfere, and find a community that can support you to discover your own unique divine expression and divine gifts. Don’t put yourself on a timeline; persevere. I was a licentiate minister for 13 years, and that worked for me. When I was really cognitively ready and decided that I wanted to be ordained, I was.” Blessed be! Contact Reverend April Lussier, Th.B. via email at For additional information visit her website at

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 17.

Rev. April Lussier’s Services: Divine Energetic Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Hawaiian Shamanism, Goddess Honoring Rituals Intentional Sacred Ceremonies for Rites of Passage Weddings/Handfastings Land or Home Clearing/ Blessings Divine Feminine Sabbat Ceremonies Sacred Web (a woman’s support group)

Goddess Spirituality Retreats (GSR) Triple Goddess Rituals Monthly Co-ed Peace Mediations

Pages from the Past By: Revs. John and Sabara Watson UCM has a rich and wonderful past, our goal in the magazine is to maintain a connection to that past and its teachings. We are very excited to have the Revs. John and Sabara Watson volunteer to manage this column. As many of you may know John is the son of one of UCM’s Presidents Birdie Peterson. He has saved many of the earlier articles and he and Sabara have agreed to review and forward them to us for sharing. The first is from Rev. John Brooker From his contribution to the UCM Centennial Book. “ I have been a student of mind/body relationships for 50 years. I joined the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain in 1950 and became a healer. In 1960 I came to America and continued my studies and offered classes, though I had no specific church affiliation. During my classes I became acquainted with some UCM ministers. They shared with me the tenets and philosophy of UCM, which encouraged my spiritual growth. I was ordained a UCM minister in 1977 and for ten years held UCM Charter #677 Gateway Center. My main emphasis of study has been what happens when we die. I wrote Darkness into Light, which is an explanation and overview of the Rescue Work I do with those souls in need, and the problems some people have in transition. It has been a wonderful experience for me to follow Spiritualism teaching, and to serve mankind in God’s name. John made his transition on April 20, 2011. His article follows.

Exploring Outer Planes By Rev. John Brooker In this human state of awareness, there are unique qualities of experience, that make life on earth seem very attractive to someone in spirit. Many souls are attracted out of curiosity because they can experiment and materialize situations they have thought about at higher levels of consciousness. The limitations imposed in this third dimension creates an intense learning atmosphere. Conditions such as gender, environment, culture, and personal physical limitation creates needs and drives that force the emergence of the learning process. The result is growth through enlightenment and understanding.

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 18.

Exploring Outer Planes, continued

To create an optimum atmosphere for this new experience, it is usually necessary to eliminate or sublimate — all previous memory of past life experience. Previous experiences could influence the present incarnation and inhibit the desired learning. When possible, a suitable entry point to this dimension is selected to ensure the realization of the hidden agenda. Sometimes an entity will be too impatient to wait for the best situation and will incarnate into a life that is frustratingly unsatisfying. Upon entry, an entity may be surprised by the severity of the restrictions of the physical world. Previously, he has not had to feed the form – nor protect it from the environment. Sleep was never a necessity in the other planes, and the limitation of movement in this plane requires much adjustment on the part of the incarnating soul. There are many confusing and contradictory messages coming to the new being that some find overwhelming: Some find it easier to withdraw and return to spirit. Once the entity has adopted the intense concentration necessary to maintain presence here, much of the frustration is overcome and the person settles into the restricted third dimension existence. The higher self constantly pushes the entity to seek the desired experience and, at the same time, reminds him of his spiritual heritage. It is this subtle influence from the higher self that creates the seeming conflict between the person’s desire for self-expression and self-denial. Fortunately, there is access to other planes of consciousness, that allow the person to experience both earth and spirit simultaneously. The most obvious example of extended sensitivity of awareness is the dream state. The dream world is as durable as this one. It has rules, which must be observed, and the dreamer quickly realizes that this first, outer ring of consciousness responds to the thoughts of the dreamer. It is an ideo-plastic world, and the dreamer can create a suitable universe for the release of repressed thoughts about recent earth experiences. In the dream state, the dreamer may be aware of the fact that he is dreaming and has the ability to change the environment around him. Sometimes fantasies are played out at this level, thus allowing the dreamer to relieve some of the pressures of life. Most dream experiences are spontaneous, but the ability to leave the body with full consciousness may be achieved through training. Thus, astral projection is a natural outcome of dream state activity. This article is a description of the levels of awareness encountered in the astral plane and is not a “how to” process of disengagement. Upon release from the physical body, you will see the dreamers. They are very much locked into the physical world, as they are still dealing with the affects caused by situations on earth. Their need to continue dealing with things from the earth plane makes them mostly unaware of where they are. They may suddenly disappear from view and become a faint haze as only the astral counterpart is seen. The next group is those who have died and are not yet aware of the fact. These entities are still focused on their recent life and have yet to make contact with those who are waiting for them. Many of these souls are looking for help and may be denying their death, or refusing to go with those loved ones that are around them. Close to this group are those who know they are no longer on earth, but who have discovered they can create whatever they want. They create fantasy worlds of things they lacked on the earth plane. They have wonderful clothes, gold, money, cars, homes and other things – which they become extremely possessive of.

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 19.

Exploring Outer Planes, continued

They try to protect this stuff and mentally keep everyone else at bay. They are very creative with their defenses, using dogs, fences, snakes, guns and many other disguises to keep out intruders. They are allowed to live this illusion for a while, and then are brought to the light by guides or by a rescue circle. The next group of people to be met is usually the greeters who receive souls who come to the spirit world and are seemingly lost. These greeters will help all beings become established and will help them make appropriate contacts for advancement. Children who have no one in spirit are cared for by these beautiful beings and are taken to levels where they grow up in the company of other children and are able to watch their earthly family until they come to join them. Out-of-body experiences in these inner planes, commonly called the “emotional desire� planes, will teach the traveler much about survival and the created conditions man has to contend with until he outgrows his need for material things. Within the experience of all who leave the body is the spirit-world proper. This level is where all those who have died go when they realize they are dead and are looking for guidance. There is a golden white light, which is seen just ahead of the entity. When the person looks ahead, or asks for help, they become aware of this light. This light is a radiance of love coming from those who have advanced to a position where they have learned to express love, and their radiance is like a beacon for those in transition. At this level, the traveler can meet with his relatives and guides and can learn the lesson of the oneness of all life. He can see the reasons for his incarnations and can often help some of the trapped souls who are looking for help. Within this spirit-world, there are many levels of experience, and much time is spent here learning the lessons of the previous incarnation and preparing for the next trip, if one is planned. Once free of the restrictions of the physical, there is much to be explored and enjoyed; much to be learned and experienced; and much service and help to give to others who are coming over from the earth. There is very little understanding among religious groups of the true conditions to be found on the astral plane. Many souls believe they must wait for Jesus to come for them: Others think they have to sleep and await awakening by some angelic being. If only knowledge of survival were universal, there would be much less crime and fear in this world.

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 20.

It’s What We Do: UCM Hands that Helped By: Rev. Mary Garry, MT

One night in June there was a homicide in San Jose, some people called a gang shooting, because a young man was wearing the wrong color shirt, in the wrong part of town. Unfortunately he wasn’t from the locale, so he didn’t know the rules that would cost him his life. A car pulled up and stopped. A man in a white tee shirt stepped out of the car holding a gun in front of him. He approached the young man wearing the “wrong” color tee shirt, placed the gun on his chest and fired. As the young man crumpled to the ground, the shooter, jumped back in the car and it sped away.” As onlookers ran away from the scene, a lone figure, a UCM minister, Rev. April Lussier, moved in the opposite direction toward the fallen young man. She ran to the wounded man, knelt down on the sidewalk and cradled his head above his chest. When later asked, “what were you thinking?” April said, “all I could think of was he was some mother’s son.” She sat with that mother’s son, knowing almost immediately that it would be a fatal wound. She whispered words of comfort, encouraging him to look for the light and the Lord, reminding him that he was loved. As she prayed for his easy journey home, Rev. April heard his last sighing breath and felt his spirit leave is body. Rev. Lussier shared this story at a Sunday Service of The Center for Creative Living, a UCM charter church. CCL pastor, Rev. Doti Boon led the congregation in a prayer for everyone; the young man that had gone home too soon, the shooter, our own minister, Rev. Lussier, who had unexpectedly been the conduit for this young man’s transition. The following Monday UCM minister Rev. Janet Childs facilitated a critical incident stress debriefing for April, to help move that powerful, painful experience to its higher place. This type of debriefing is the focus of Rev. Child’s ministerial work at the Centre for Living with Dying, a Bill Wilson Affiliate. That Monday evening, the Center for Infinite Growth (CIG), another UCM charter church held one of its summer series of meditation and prayer. With Rev. Lussier’s permission Rev. Childs shared some of the debriefing with the community present. Rev. Tom Garry, CIG president, immediately redirected the focus of the meeting to address this tragic event. All of the ministers present meditated and prayed for the victim’s smooth transition, for his grieving family, for the shooter, the witnesses and Rev. April. Early the following morning we received a call from one of the UCM ministers who attended our Monday night meeting. Rev. Debbie Uharriet, a funeral director had just received a frantic call asking her to lead a Rosary for a young Latino man who had been murdered a few nights before. That’s right; it was the young man and the family that we had prayed for… We sent a note out to all of the ministers that had been in attendance to update them and ask for prayer.

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 21.

When making a welfare status call to Rev. April, the initial intervening minister, we shared the wonderful synchronistic events that had followed. She was excited and wondered if it might be possible to attend the Rosary. That decision needed to be made by the UCM minister leading the Rosary so we gave each minister the other’s phone number. They agreed that Rev. April would come to the Rosary. Rev. Debbie would meet with the family and assess whether it would be too emotional. The family was overjoyed to have the opportunity to talk to her and hear the story of their son’s final moments. They had wondered about the stranger who had helped their son, but had been unable to find her name. With Rev. April’s approval, Rev. Uharriet shared the story via an interpreter with all of the supporting friends and family present. What a powerful evening! Rev Lussier worked with the mother in mourning, and Rev. Uharriet worked with the step-father in how and when to talk to the other children. What wonderful access for spirit! We are a small community of ministers, yet in response to this one tragic event: · Three UCM ministers, responded to an unexpected tragic event providing, support, love, teaching, comfort and debriefing to a grief- stricken family and their community. · Two UCM Charters pastors, Rev. Doti of The Center for Creative Living, and Rev. Tom Garry of The Center for Infinite Growth, allowed themselves to be moved and respond to the need of that present moment, mobilizing their charter communities to prayer and support. · One UCM ministerial student, appreciating the synchronicity of events shared how she was moved by the power of what UCM Ministers and Spirit could do together. What a teachable moment. · Dozens of UCM ministers prayed and channeled for healing and right outcome following a tragic event. UCM ministers and charters, with the credentials to validate our credibility in our jobs and locations, shared gifts developed through our study and practice to make a difference in the life and death of this young man as well as the lives of his family, his community and our own UCM Community. As Rev. April summed it up, “The divine coordination for the UCM ministers to create a loving container to hold this young man and his family from beginning to end was so beautiful and significant” That, dear ones, is what I believe spirit will want from us as we go forward in a world faced with multiple challenges. It will be the role of each light worker to step up and use their developed talents to give comfort where we can, calling in Divine Intervention for the greater good and healing. How that work is amplified when we work lovingly and supportively together.

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 22.

The Sky is Blue By Rev. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.

My father used to say: “The sky is blue wherever you go.” Fortunately for me, I did listen to my father’s many sayings and observations about life. I realized, over time, how wonderfully wise he was; how my dad saw opportunity everywhere. Every moment contains a precious drop of total consciousness. It is ours to choose how we wish to spend it, to react to it, to savor it. Many teachers speak of how life is to be cherished; that it is a rare opportunity to be here on Earth and to celebrate life. If you cherish each moment, no matter the task, you are exercising your ability to be present, non-attached, remain in a sacred space. If you have the disposition to hold the sky blue wherever you go, you have increased the opportunity for harmlessness and compassion to root and flower in others. The choice is yours. Consider what one of my teachers has said about the task at hand: “It does not matter what the task is that needs to be undertaken, how ‘trifling’ or how ‘important’. Whether sweeping the garden or straightening out the shoes in the entranceway, the world operates by people doing the things that must be attended to at any given moment. No matter how boring you think a task is, things that must be done should be done. The reason a task is boring to you is because you are looking at things from the standpoint of a worldly attachment. From the standpoint of the Absolute, all action is the same.” As blood and breath must circulate and are precious to life, so also are you wise to observe how holding the “blue sky” within you is precious to your soul. Holding such a view allows the light of your soul presence to stream forth, unimpeded, as the light from a star emanates in all directions, touching all material matter in its path and illuminating it. Given in love and in service, Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.


from Karma and Reincarnation – Hiroshi Motoyama, Ph.D., Ph.D., p 115

In Service to Humanity 1908 to Present 23.

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