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Mules in the Pros Mules in the Pros

The Mules have had 20 players suit up in the professional ranks in the Continental Basketball Association, the Pro Basketball League of America, the United States Basketball League, the Basketball Association of America, and in Europe. In the 95+ years before Head Coach Kim Anderson, there were six that made it to the professional ranks. Joel Barkers

Aris Thessolonikki (Greece) 2011-12

Armando Becker

F, Pittsburgh Piranhas (CBA) 1995

Alonzo Brooks

F, Ehingen (Germany) 2007 TG 1837 White Wings (Hanau, Germany) 2008-2010

De’Andre Byrd

SVD 49 - Dortmund (Germany) 2009-2010

Jim Gibbs

F/Coach, Tulsa Ranchers 7-3 as coach (PBLA) 1948

John Gibbs

C, Tulsa Ranchers (PBLA) 1948

Clete Helms

C, Louisville Colonels (PBLA) 1948

Esian Henderson F, (Tunisia), 2010 Levice (Czech Republic) 2011-12 Michael Hicks G, ALM Evreaux (French) 2006 G, Selcuk Universitesi (Turkey) 2007 SKS – Polpharma – Pakmet Starogard (Poland – Top Division) 2008 New Yorker Phantoms - Braunschweig (Germany - Top Division) 2009-2010 Polpharma-Pakmet (Poland) 2011-12 LaKeith Humphrey Theo Jones

G, CSU Brasov (Romania) 2007 C, St. Louis Bombers (BAA) 1947-49 C, Baltimore Bullets (BAA) 1949

Alex Moosmann

G, RSV Eintracht Stahnsdorf (Germany), 2010

Manny Richardson

Alex Moosmann (2008-10) led the nation in assist-to-turnover ratio at 4.32, and hit 50.1 percent from three-point range as a senior.

G, Memphis Fire (USBL) 1994

James D. Martin

Darryl Sommerset

Sanijay Watts (2008-10) was the MIAA Player of the Year as a senior. He also earned first-team All-American honors after averaging 21.7 points and 9.5 rebounds a game.

F, (Germany) 2008 Battle Creek Knights, 2011-12

Sanijay Watts F, SOBA Dragons Rhoendorf (Germany), 2010 USC Heidelberg (Germany, Pro A), 2011-12 Wadale Williams Kevin Wollbrinck

G, TG 1837 White Wings (Hanau, Germany) 2008-2010 France, 2012

Zack Wright G, S.U. Braunschweig (Germany) 2007 Es – Chalon – Sur – Saone (France Pro A) 2008 LeMans Sarthe Basket - LeMans (France - Top Division) 2009-2010 Rethimno (Division 1 - Greece), 2011-12 Joe Young Battle Creek Knights , 2009-10


Wadale Williams was the Mules point guard from 2005-07, leading UCM to the Final Four as a senior.

22 MIAA Titles • 3 National Championships

Zack Wright led the Mules in scoring during his only season at UCM. He led UCM to the Final Four in 2007.

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