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Department of Sociology SUMMER 2012 Commencement Edition COMMENCEMENT CELEBRATION 2012

Commencement Celebration 2012 Wilson Plaza On Saturday June 16th students, family and friends gathered in Wilson Plaza to acknowledge and honor the accomplishments of the Class of 2012. Keynote speaker Kalpen S. Modi (aka Kal Penn), a UCLA Sociology alumnus, was introduced by Professor and Chair Stefan Timmermans. Modi provided an entertaining, yet insightful, speech offering advice to students as they embark on their lives and careers following graduation. He offered 5 tips he wished he had been given when he graduated: 1. No matter where you are going, if you are there on behalf of your job, dress appropriately. 2. Enjoy your journey, especially when you are doing things you don’t entirely want to do. Talk to people who disagree with you. Their perspective may change your mind for the better. 3. It’s okay if your interests change and people call you crazy. Everyone I know who was called crazy did something awesome. 4. Take risks. You only fail when you choose to give up. 5. If you’re in an uncomfortable situation, make sure you think before you speak.

Modi graduated from UCLA with a BA in sociology. After that, he ate beans out of a can and worked odd jobs to pay for gas to drive to auditions. Since the late 1990s, he has been a well-recognized actor and producer in television and film, most notably for The Namesake, House, the Harold and Kumar franchise, and How I Met Your Mother. From 2009 to 2011, Modi served as an Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement, where he served as President Obama's Liaison to Young Americans. He also worked on Arts outreach and on the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. He has also served as an Adjunct Lecturer in Sociology, Film, and Asian American studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Commencement Letter from the Chair Soros Justice Fellowship New Faculty Spotlight Comings and Goings Noteworthy News Life After College Giving

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Pictured here: Keynote Speaker, Kal Penn with Department Chair, Professor Stefan Timmermans

Sociology Departmental Honors left to rightKayla Butler, Talisa Hayes, Paul Klein, Kenneth Derieg, Jessica Martinez, Zsuza Berend, Eduardo Duran, Jean Jaughn, Tony Huynh, Nadia Basilio and Danielle Weinstein Left to right: Hannah Landecker, Vilma Ortiz, Judith Seltzer and Gail Kligman

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Commencement Celebration 2012 Wilson Plaza continued from page 1

Other speakers included the ‘Voices of the Class of 2012’: Beth DuFault, Nidia Gracia and Kathy Zhou. YouTube videos of the entire commencement ceremony, including Kal Penn’s speech, can be found on the Sociology website multimedia page UCLA's YouTube channel

‘Voices of the Class of 2012’ Beth DuFault, Kathy Zhou and Nidia Gracia

Hanna Landecker, Gail Kligman and Robert Mare

Left to right Kal Penn, Jeffrey Prager, Stefan Timmermans, Robert Mare, Zsuza Berend and Gabriel Rossman Grad Images® UCLA®




Letter from the Chair Dear Friends, Welcome to the UCLA Sociology Department newsletter. Since this is my first newsletter as chair, let me introduce myself. I am Stefan Timmermans and this is my sixth year as professor at UCLA. I am originally from Belgium and previously worked at Brandeis University. I work in the area of sociology of health and illness. I look at the introduction of new medical technologies and how they change how patients and health care providers experience health care. My forthcoming book Saving Babies? Examines how families respond when told that their newborn tested positive on a recently expanded newborn screening test. I am deeply honored to chair the department. The department remains deeply committed to providing the best education possible to our undergraduate students. With the higher education financing structures shifting from state funding to an increased reliance on tuition, we realize that strong relationships with our students and alumni are paramount for the future of UCLA. To be honest, we have not reached out as much in the past as we should have to our alumni community. But we are learning fast. As a first initiative, the department organized two alumni panels for our majors (watch the videos at www.soc.ucla/edu/multimedia). The purpose was to invite successful alumni to give pointers to our students on how to thrive in today’s competitive job market and to capitalize on a sociology education. The speakers included Michael Rouse, Vice President, Philanthropy & Community Affairs, Toyota USA, Inc.,; Neal Millard, Partner, Musick Peeler & Garett LLP; Meryl Marshall-Daniels, President, Two Oceans Entertainment Group; Mitchell Berman, CEO, XillianTV; Timothy Harris, Senior Vice President of Business Operations for the Los Angeles Lakers; Susan Kellogg, President of VF Contemporary Brands; John Kobara, Executive Vice President and COO California Community Foundation and Krystal Walden, Founder and CEO of Krystal Spa. We thank them again for their generous participation as role models. Our graduate program remains the department’s pride and joy. We have been exceptionally successful in attracting promising students and placing our graduate students in the best departments across the country and even outside academia (see information on our latest graduates in this newsletter). Graduate students are absolutely vital to our department. They work as teaching assistants with small groups of undergraduate students and they conduct some of the most creative and exciting research. With their diverse interests, they turn our program into a thriving intellectual community. I would like to thank the department’s hard working staff and the two vice chairs Abigail Saguy and Megan Sweeney for their help in keeping our departmental engine humming. We would love to hear from you. Feel free to e-mail me at Best wishes,

Stefan Timmermans Professor of Sociology Chair

2012 Soros Justice Fellow Ana Muniz Ph.D. Congratulations to Ana Muniz Ph.D. She has been awarded a highly competitive Soros Justice Fellowship. She will be partnering with the Youth Justice Coalition to examine the spillover effects of gang injunctions on LA neighborhoods. In 2012 the Open Society Foundations awarded $1.5 million to a cohort of emerging and established leaders working to advance fairness and transparency in the U.S. criminal justice system. This cohort of Soros Justice Fellows includes investigative journalists, lawyers, academics, grassroots organizers, policy advocates, and filmmakers working on a range of justice reform issues at the local, state, and national levels. Working with a broad-based coalition in Los Angeles, scholar and activist Muniz will challenge the continued and growing use of gang injunctions. Individuals typically targeted by these policies are overwhelmingly black or Latino youth, raising serious concerns of racial profiling and criminalizing young people. Muniz, who has over a decade’s experience as a community organizer, has recently received her Ph.D. in sociology from UCLA. She is also the recipient of the Jacob K. Javits Fellowship, the Ford Foundation Pre-doctoral Fellowship, and the Diversity Initiative for Graduate Study in the Social Sciences Award. Muniz’s forthcoming publications include “Street Vendors: A Sign of Disorder? Defining Danger in the Era of Community Partnerships and Broken Windows Policing” and “On a Bike with a Pager? You’re Going to Jail! Origins of the Racial Criminalization of the Mundane in Gang Injunctions.” She is also turning her dissertation, “Disrupting the Social Control of Racialized Deviance in Los Angeles,” into a book for general readership.

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New Faculty Member Edward T. Walker Edward T. Walker is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology. A native of Philadelphia, he received his doctorate in 2007 from Pennsylvania State University and comes to UCLA from the University of Michigan, where he held the position of Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellow in Health Policy Research. He previously served on the sociology faculty of the University of Vermont. Professor Walker's scholarly interests include organizational theory, social movements, public participation, and the non-profit sector. His work appears in such venues as the American Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Social Problems, and Public Opinion Quarterly and has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the American Sociological Association, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and other sources. He was recently commissioned by the Annual Review of Sociology to complete a review on “The Political Mobilization of Firms and Industries.” He is currently involved in a number of long-term projects. First, he is completing a book entitled Grassroots for Hire (under contract with Cambridge University Press) on public affairs consultants and the commercialization of public participation in the U.S., focusing especially on how major corporations adopt social movement-like strategies when faced with political challenges. The book builds from a national survey of the consultants that provide these services, as well as detailed archival searches of their activities and interviews with a number of leading practitioners. This study pulls back the curtain to reveal a powerful industry that is reshaping modern political participation on behalf of corporations, trade associations, advocacy groups, and other organizations. The study has implications for understanding the shifting boundaries between civil society and the marketplace in contemporary society. In an extension of this project, he recently completed an edited volume (with Caroline Lee and Michael McQuarrie) called Democratizing Inequalities, on how innovations in public participation may generate new forms of authority under the guise of “empowerment.” The volume includes contributions by Gianpaolo Baiocchi, Craig Calhoun, Nina Eliasoph, David Meyer, Francesca Polletta, Steven Vallas, and other leading political sociologists. Second, he is continuing his research on the field of low-income community organizations across the U.S. (with John McCarthy), and has been analyzing the rich data from surveys and interviews with these groups collected while he was on fellowship at Michigan. An initial report from this study, prepared with the support of the Neighborhood Funders Group and the ASA, has been published at Third, since arriving at UCLA, he has embarked on two new sets of projects. The first set builds from his time as an RWJF scholar and examines the contentious politics of health in the U.S. One study, coauthored with UCLA Sociology graduate student Christopher Rea, examines the roles played by the vaccine skeptic movement, alternative medicine, and environmentalism in parents’ decisions to exempt their children from school immunization requirements. Another project examines how firms in health industries engage in efforts to align their philanthropy with their market strategy, especially through funding patient advocacy groups. The second of these is a collaborative investigation (with Nicole Esparza and Gabriel Rossman) of entrepreneurial movements and the growth of the gourmet food truck sector in Los Angeles and eleven other urban markets. The study examines collective mobilization, the creation of new organizational categories, and the generation of collective identity in nascent industries. At UCLA, he teaches courses in the organizational theory, collective behavior/social movements, and statistical methods.

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The following Sociology Ph.D. recipients participated in this year’s commencement ceremony:

New Faculty July 2012 Stefan Bargheer Assistant Professor Pre-Magister in Sociology, Philosophy, and Economics from the University of Heidelberg Diplom in Social Sciences, HumboldtUniversity, Berlin and Manchester Metropolitan University, UK PhD, University of Chicago

Ka-Yuet Liu Assistant Professor Bachelor of Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong M. Phil, St. Antony’s College, Oxford Ph.D., Nuffield College, Oxford

Cristina Chin will be a postdoctoral fellow with the Asian American Studies Program at the University of Illinois, UrbanaChampaign. Her dissertation title is Hooping it up "JA style": Boundary making and community building within Japanese American youth basketball leagues.

Taekyoon Lim has accepted a position as Research Fellow at the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), located in Seoul, Korea. His dissertation title is Globalization and Power Struggle as Its Engine: Korea in FTAs with Chile and the US in a comparative perspective.

Yuval Feinstein will be an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Haifa in Israel. His dissertation title is Rallying around the Flag: Nationalist Emotions in American Mass Politics.

David Medina is currently Director of Research and Analysis at Alliance CollegeReady Public Schools charter network in Los Angeles. His dissertation title is Tracking Oppositional Identity among United States Youth.

Jaeeun Kim is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for the Study of Religion at Princeton. She will begin another year as a postdoctoral fellow at the Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center at Stanford starting October 2012. And then will be an Assistant Professor at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at George Mason University in August 2013. Her dissertation title is Colonial Migration and Transborder Membership Politics in TwentiethCentury Korea.

Erica Morales will be an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Missouri. Her dissertation title is Black Boundary Lines: Race, Class and Gender among Black Undergraduate Students.

Yana Kucheva will be a postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford Center of Poverty and Inequality. Her dissertation title is The Dynamics of Participation in Subsidized Housing Programs in the US.

Ana Muniz has been funded through the Open Society Foundation's Soros Justice Fellowship to establish a youth action research center at Chuco's Justice Center in Inglewood, CA. She will work with youth and other community members to conduct research on youth incarceration issues and transform this research into organizing strategies, policy, and art. Her dissertation title is “Expert” Racism: Police, politicians, the wealthy, and the production of racial boundaries in a Los Angeles neighborhood and beyond.

John O’Brien will be a Visiting Assistant Professor of Social Research and Public Policy at New York University Abu Dhabi starting this Fall. His dissertation title is Growing Up Muslim in America: Managing Multiple Cultures in Everyday Life. Chinyere Osuji is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. Her dissertation title is Marriage and Mistura: BlackWhite Couples in Rio de Janeiro and Los Angeles, CA. Marisa Pineau Marisa will be returning to Washington, DC to pursue a career in health policy. Her dissertation title is Liquid Gold: Breast Milk Banking in the United States. Rocio Rosales will be a Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, San Diego. Her dissertation title is Hidden Economies in Public Spaces: A Study of Fruit Vendors in Los Angeles. Forrest Stuart will be an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Chicago. His dissertation title is Policing Rock Bottom: Regulation, Rehabilitation, and Resistance on Skid Row. Jenjira Yahirun will be a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Population Research Center at the University of Texas, Austin. Her dissertation title is Intergenerational Relationships in Immigrant and NonImmigrant Families.

Left to rightDavid Medina, Yuval Feinstein, John O’Brien, Forrest Stuart, Taekyoon Lim, Erica Morales, Cristina Chin, Rocio Rosales, Kal Penn, Marisa Pineau, Yana Kucheva, Jenjira Yahirun, Chinyere Osuji, and Ana Muniz

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Noteworthy Achievements and News in 2012 Ladder and Emeriti Faculty

Ronald M. Andersen Dickson Emeritus Award, 2012 Created by a gift endowment from the late Edward A. Dickson, Regent of the University of California from 1913 to 1946, the award honors outstanding research, scholarly work, teaching, and/or educational service performed at UCLA by an emeritus or emerita professor since retirement. Stefan Bargheer Theda Skocpol Dissertation Award from the Comparative and Historical Sociology Section of the ASA, 2012

Jennie Brand ASA Sociology of Education Section’s James Coleman Award for Best Article Recipient, 2012 Jennie Brand Elected Council Member of the ASA Methodology Section, 2012

Mignon Moore ASA Sex and Gender Section’s Distinguished Book Award Recipient, 2012 Mignon Moore UCLA Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award, 2012. The UCLA Academic Senate Teaching Award increases awareness of UCLA's leadership in teaching and public service by honoring individuals who bring respect and admiration to the scholarship of teaching. By recognizing teachers for their achievements, the award gives parents, donors and others an idea of what makes UCLA "a beacon of excellence in higher education." There are only 5 awards given each year.

Abigail Saguy Elected Chair of the ASA Body and Embodiment Section, 2012

Donald Treiman Robert M. Hauser Distinguished Career Award by the Poverty, Inequality and Mobility Section of the American Sociological Association, 2012 Donald Treiman Career achievement's honored at The International Sociological Association’s Research Committee on Social Stratification and Mobility in Hong Kong, 2012 Roger Waldinger Distinguished Career Award from the International Migration Section of the ASA, 2012

Andreas Wimmer Elected chair of the Comparative Historical Section of ASA, 2012 Andreas Wimmer Best Article Award from the Mathematical Sociology Section of ASA, 2012

John Heritage Distinguished Publication Award from the Ethnomethodoology and Conversation Analysis section of the ASA, 2012 Gail Kligman Honorable Mention for the Barrington Moore Book Award for her book Peasants Under Siege, 2012 Hannah Landecker Fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies, 2012

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Melvin Seeman Dickson Emeritus Exceptional Service Award, 2012 Seeman served as a Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel for 25 years supporting and advising on the review process that is fundamental to the excellence of research and teaching at UCLA. His remarkable contributions ranged from analyses of particular promotion issues to the consideration of recommended changes to the policies in the academic personnel process. Over this period Seeman assisted at least five different Vice Chancellors successively and successfully until he “retired” from that role at the age of 93.

Min Zhou Elected chair of the ASA section on International Migration, 2012



Noteworthy Achievements and News in 2012 Current Graduate Students

Marie Berry Dissertation Fieldwork Fellowship for International Studies, UCLA International Institute, 2012 Marie Berry Jean Stone Dissertation Research Fellowship, UCLA Center for the Study of Women, 2012 Deisy Del Real, National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2012

Shanna Gong Pacific Rim Research Program Graduate Fellowship, 2012 Jay Johnson Boren Fellowship, 2012-13 Hasan Mahmud Kawahara Fellowship, Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies (UCLA), 2012

Sarah Morando American Bar Foundation’s Law and Social Science Dissertation & Mentoring Fellowship, 2012 Sarah Morando American Dissertation Fellowship from the American Association of University Women, 2012 Sarah Morando Employment, Instability, Family WellBeing, and Social Policy Network at the University of Chicago’s School of Social Service Administration Grant, 2012 Sarah Morando Graduate Student Paper Award from the journal Law & Social Inquiry, 2012

Laura Enriquez National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, 2012 Laura Enriquez UC MEXUS, Dissertation Grant, 2012 Yuval Feinstein Winner of the Elise Boulding Student Paper Award, 2012

Sarah Morando UC MEXUS, Dissertation Grant, 2012 Tara McKay Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowship, 2012 Tara McKay National Science Foundation, Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, 2012

John O’Brien Best Student Paper Award from the Association for the Sociology of Religion, 2012

Yuval Feinstein Best Doctoral Student Paper Award from the Nationalism Section of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, 2012 Yuval Feinstein ASA Sociology of Emotion's Section's Outstanding Graduate Student Paper award, 2012 Neil Gong National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2012 Neil Gong Honorable Mention, Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Diversity Fellowship, 2012

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Mirian G. Meux National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2012

Caitlin Patler University of California Humanities Research Institute/UC California Studies Consortium Graduate Student Research Travel Grant, 2012-13 Caitlin Patler Law & Society Association Graduate Travel Grant Recipient, 2012 Caitlin Patler UC California Studies Consortium Graduate Student Research Travel Grant, University of California

Michael Stambolis-Ruhstorfer Chateaubriand Fellowship (Humanities and Social Sciences Division) from the French Embassy, 2012 Sylvia Zamora Distinguished Student Scholar Award from the ASA International Migration Section, 2012 Sylvia Zamora James E. Blackwell Graduate Student Paper Award from the ASA Racial and Ethnic Minorities Section, 2012 Sylvia Zamora Haynes Lindley Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Award, 2012



Alumni Panel Life After College: Where My Sociology Degree Has Taken Me

“Life After College: Where My Sociology Degree Has Taken Me” was a career discussion panel that took place on May 24, 2012, featuring four UCLA Sociology Alumni. The panel included Michael Rouse (Vice President, Philanthropy & Community Affairs at Toyota USA), Neal Millard (Attorney, Musick, Peeler & Garrett LLP), Meryl Marshall-Daniels (President, Two Oceans Entertainment Group), and Mitchell Berman (CEO, XillianTV). Below is a quick overview of what they are doing today, and how a Sociology degree from UCLA has helped them. Michael Rouse: “The background I got at UCLA has prepared me well.” Michael Rouse is vice president, Philanthropy and Community Affairs for Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), U.S.A., Inc. He is responsible for corporate philanthropy, community relations, internal publications, executive communications, social media, department strategic and long-range planning, and the Toyota Video Production Center. Rouse earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles, a teaching credential from the University of California, Berkeley and a master's degree in business administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills. Currently, he serves on the boards of trustees of the California Science Center Foundation, the Torrance Cultural Arts Center Foundation, the Torrance Memorial Medical Center Foundation, Stop Cancer, the United Negro College Fund, and the advisory board of the Torrance Education Foundation. Neal Millard: “The education you get at UCLA opens you up to so many things.” Neal Millard practices in the area of international finance and real estate, representing foreign and domestic financial institutions. He also practices in the area of education, representing private and public institutions of learning. Prior to joining Musick, Peeler and Garrett LLP, Mr. Millard was a partner at White & Case and at Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue where he was the national head of that firm’s lending group. Mr. Millard has spoken for the Practicing Law Institute, Continuing Education of the Bar, CLE International, and the Bank Lending Institute. He is currently an Adjunct Professor of Law at the USC Law Center where he teaches international finance.

Meryl Marshall-Daniels: “[UCLA] has been the thread in my career.” Meryl Marshall-Daniels is a past Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, an organization dedicated to promoting creativity, diversity, innovation and excellence in the advancement of the telecommunications arts and sciences. Current initiatives include the creation of S.T.A.R.T. Communications and the Family Screening Events which use television to develop media literacy. Marshall-Daniels is a member of the 199899 class of Senior Fellows of the UCLA School of Public Policy and Social Research. She has lectured at UCLA, Peter F. Drucker Graduate School of Management and the University of Texas. Marshall-Daniels has moderated and participated on panels sponsored by Aspen Institute, the International Documentary Association, Prix Italia, Arts Inc. Leadership America and the National Association of Television Program Executives. Meryl Marshall-Daniels is licensed to practice law in the State of California and admitted to the United States District Court for the Central District of California. Mitchell Berman: “You are in the best major you possibly could be to prepare you for any job. Sociology has been the foundation of everything I have done... Right now, is the greatest time to be a Sociologist.” Mitch Berman is Chief Executive Officer, XillianTV, the next-generation television network operating company, combining the familiar consumer experience of television with the unlimited capabilities of an IP delivery network. Formerly, Berman was the Corporate Vice President of Global Marketing for C-COR (NASDAQ:CCBL), where he led the global marketing strategy for the company's video on demand, digital ad insertion, optical transport and operations support software products. Please view this video, along with many others, at the UCLA Sociology Department website:

Professor Gail Kligman Professor Gail Kligman’s new book Peasants Under Siege (co-authored with Katherine Verdery) has won an honorable mention for the 2012 book award of the Political Sociology Section of ASA. Congratulations Prof. Kligman!

In 1949, Romania's fledgling communist regime unleashed a radical and brutal campaign to collectivize agriculture in this largely agrarian country, following the Soviet model. Peasants Under Siege provides the first comprehensive look at the farreaching social engineering process that ensued. Gail Kligman and Katherine Verdery examine how collectivization assaulted the very foundations of rural life, transforming village communities that were organized around kinship and status hierarchies into segments of large bureaucratic organizations, forged by the language of "class warfare" yet saturated with vindictive personal struggles.

Read more about this and other faculty publications at

Professor Kligman is pictured here with this year’s commencement keynote speaker and UCLA Sociology Alumnus Kal Penn Grad Images® UCLA®



GIVING The UCLA Sociology department has been training the next generation of sociology teachers and researchers. Our graduate students win professional awards, publish in the leading journals, and obtain jobs in other top sociology department. The competition for promising graduate students is strong and requires financial resources. You can help! We are pleased to announce the “Next Generation of Sociology Leaders” fund to support our talented graduate students. Funds received by the department will go to the direct support of graduate student research through a formal application process emphasizing need and merit. Funds will be used for direct research costs and conference travel support. You CAN make a difference in a student’s life at a critical point in time. In addition, we have established the “Sociology for the 21st Century” fund to support undergraduate students in Sociology. As with the graduate fund every dollar received by the department will be used to support undergraduates in their pursuit of a meaningful education in Sociology. One way we are using these funds is to ramp up the undergraduate Honors Program. Individualized attention to undergraduates through the Honors Program allows students to learn research methodology in more depth and to push students beyond the traditional boundaries of learning. These highly motivated students are the ones who will move into leadership positions after their education and you can know you had a part in providing some of the stepping stones to their success! There are few funds available to undergraduates for research or conference support so here, too, you can make a significant difference in an individual’s education and life trajectory.

You may also contribute to the Sociology Chair’s Discretionary Fund. These funds strengthen our ability to attract and retain top faculty and to train the best graduate and undergraduate students. They support a variety of academic endeavors such as our active colloquia series, our faculty-student working groups, and departmental conferences. We provide research seed funds for promising, high-risk research projects. Annual gifts above $1,000 to the Chair’s Discretionary Fund, in addition to providing vital funds to our department, also qualify the donor for membership into the Chancellor's Circle or Chancellor's Associates (gift above $ 2,500).

Thank you for your support!

For additional information and to donate, please visit: NetDonate.aspx?SiteNum=342

Laura Orrico and Forrest Stuart

KEEP IN TOUCH We look forward to hearing from you. Email us your updates at

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