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In Gratitude

Friends and Supporters

The School of Public Affairs gratefully acknowledges the following alumni, friends, students, faculty and staff, and foundation and corporate partners for their donations.

Dean’s Leadership Council $100,000 and above John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation* David I. Fisher and Marianna J. Fisher*

$50,000 and above Kellogg Foundation David A. Leveton, Director of the Ann C. Rosenfield Fund New York Academy of Medicine Sasakawa Peace Foundation* Southern California Grantmakers Wallis Foundation

$25,000 and above Compagnia di San Paolo Council on Social Work Education Inc.* Calvin B. Gross and Marilyn B. Gross* Mark Kleiman* Robert Bosch Stiftung GMBH Foundation The Ahmanson Foundation The Gerontological Society of America*

$10,000 and above Brookings Institute Meyer Luskin, BA ’49 and Doreen Luskin, BA ‘53 Victoria M. Mutsuko Brown, BA ’80 Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development* Ronald Allen Rodriguez and Jo Ann Damron-Rodriguez, MSW ‘88, DSW ‘90 The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation

$5,000 and above Asia Research Fund* Corday Family Foundation* Torang Jahan, BA ’95 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc.

$2,500 and above Astrid Beigel, MA ‘67, PhD ’69* Ira E. Bilson and Alberta Stahl Bilson, BS ’58 Loma Linda University* Michael R. Peevey and Carol Liu* Robert F. Schilling and Sheryl L. Miller* Sidney Stern Memorial Trust Taylor & Francis Group Ltd.* Henry L. Taylor, Jr. and Claudette L. Taylor

$1,000 and above Richard L. Abrams and Jane S. Abrams Andrea Christine Abrams and Arnold Abrams Amgen Inc. A. E. Benjamin, Jr.* John F. Cooke and Diane F. Cooke Laurie Marie Eddleston, MSW ’04 and Ian Eddleston Mari Hatta Gregg W. Perloff, BA ’74 and Laura Perloff, BA ‘73* Allan S. Pollock The Marilyn S. Broad Foundation, Inc.* United Way of Greater Los Angeles Mary Jane Varley and Jo C. Sherman* Martin Wachs and Helen Wachs*

$500 and above Accenture Foundation, Inc. Ernst & Young LLP Brian E. Gross, MA ’02 and Darren A. Nebesar* David Michael Henderson and Susan T. Henderson Stanley Ray Hoffman, BS ‘66, MA ’72 and Linda Johnson Hoffman, BA ’71* Arthur Peter Lombardi, MPA ’67 and Lindsey D. Lombardi H. Pike Oliver, MA ’74 and Rosemarie Sills Oliver David Robnett George Matthew Shannon, Jr. and Linda Ann Shannon, BA ’76 Thomas Edgar Smith, Jr., MA ’76 and Lorraine Cordaro Smith* Ryan Thomas Snyder, BA ’79, MA ’85* Judson Stull, BA ’71 and Jill De Wees Stull, BA ’71, MED ‘74* Claude Alva Townsend, BA ’49, MSW ’51* Phillip Harry Warren, JD ’79 and Elaine Casey Warren, MA ‘78

$250 and above Zainab Ali, BA ’07 Da’Nene Rebecca Anthony, MSW ’06 James Ralph Brueggemann, BS ‘68, MS ’71, JD ‘75 and Diana Hissey Brueggemann, BA ’70 Jannah Dacanay Maresh, BA ’03 Michael Estrada, MA ’81 Bruce Steven Glickfeld, BA ‘69, JD ’72 and Madelyn Janet Glickfeld, BA ’70, MA ‘76 Monica Harris, MSW ‘88 Thomas Frederick Holm, MA ’76 Cheryl Jackson, MSW ’90 Lucia Kagan Nancy Jean Kingston, MPH ’74 Dr. Florabel Kinsler, MSW ’54 Linda F. Kutner, BA ‘84, MSW ’88 and Scott David Kutner, BA ‘81, MA ‘85 Sandra Chen Lau, MA ’98* An-Chi Lee and Sywn-Tien Shirley Hsiao, MA ’79 Tuey Jean Lee, BA ‘66, MSW ’74* Cynthia Lim, PhD ’98*

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris* Javier Mariscal, MA ’89* Michele Louise McGrath, MA ’90* James L. Meltzer and Rose Linda Meltzer, MSW ‘91 Linda L. Menar and Robert Michael Menar, MSW ’70 Michael S. Metcalfe, MAR ’70 and Eloise Lopez Metcalfe, BA ‘64, MA ’83, PhD ‘92* Michael Brandman Associates Paul Allen Oliver, BA ’09 Brian Deane Taylor, BA ’83, PhD ’92 and Evelyn Ann Blumenberg, MA ‘90, PhD ‘95* Waiyi Tse, JD ‘02 Katherine Casey Warren

$100 and above Laura Elena Aldrete, MA ‘96 Karen B. Amarawansa and Attala L. Amarawansa Michael W. Arthur and Dellene Arthur Joan R. Ballon, BA ’84, MSW ’86 Pat Benjamin and Mark Benjamin Paul G. Bower and Elreen Thurlow Bower, MSW ‘87* Thomas Wayne Brock, PhD ’92 Jeffry P. Carpenter, MA ’71 and Masako H. Carpenter, MA ’75, MBA ’77* Kimberly Jo Clary BA ’84, MSW ’86 W. D. Coggins, MSW ’55 and June Constance Coggins* Rose A. Cohn, DSW ’79 Stephen Keith Commins, BA ’71, PhD ’88 and Sharon Meares Commins, BA ’72 John Robert Coombs, BA ’57 Stephen Risdon Crosley, MA ’06* Brenda Ball Cuthbertson, MPP ’99 Franklin Winston Dabby and Karen Weber Dabby Linda Dach-Kaufman, BA ’68 and Rob Kaufman, MSW ’86* Jane Pesante David, BA ’70 and Thomas Gene David, BA ’70, MA ‘72* Gwendolyn Elizabeth Davis, MSW ’03* Maria Perry Eaves, BA ‘45, MA ’45 Maria Isabel Elgueta, MSW ’81* Christopher J. Elias, MPP ’08 Harvey Alan Englander, BA ’72 and Donna R. Black, JD ’75 Christopher A. Fierro

* denotes Renewing donors who have sustained their support over the last two consecutive fiscal years.


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